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Found 14 results

  1. Is a Brand New 2011 STI Trubor for $2325 a good deal? (shipping is included) Thank you!.
  2. I clean the extractor every time I shoot my STI Trubor Open gun... A while ago I noticed that the sides of the firing pin spring were wearing, so I replaced it with a Wolfe FP spring that came with a recoil spring... Didn't think much about it but I started having a small amount (maybe 1 out of 200) light strikes... When I checked the Wolfe spring with the OEM STI spring, I noticed that the Wolfe FP spring was much longer that the OEM STI spring... See attached picture. I'm using a Dawson extended firing pin spring and have never had light strikes with them in my limited guns... I check the primers after I finish reloading and they all look good. Is there a preferred firing pin spring for STI Open guns?
  3. Any knowledge for upgrades to a brand new 2011 Trubor?
  4. Any suggestions for Pistol Powder for 9mm Major USPSA open division? *currently using HS-6.
  5. Does anyone have a picture of a 9mm major primer should look like after its fired? I have a little flatness to my primers but I'm at 8.3 grains of hs-6, OAL 1.155, 115 JHP V2s Everglades ammo. I'm shooting out of my brand new Trubor. I'm getting about 175 PF. Is this a sign of too high of pressure? My brass still fits into a case gauge after it's been fired so no bulging has occurred in the brass.
  6. Any good pistol powders but HS-6? Using for USPSA open division.
  7. A couple problems have occurred since the purchase of a brand new 2011 STI Trubor. (these problems always occur during competition and not practice) Bullet Everglades Ammo 115 JHPs Winchester Primer HS-6 Powder - 8.3g OAL - 1.165-1.167 PF - 172-175 Problems 1) My first encounter of a problem is when the gun completely jammed during a steel match. I ran about 25-35 rounds before shooting this match. After shooting 2 rounds, the slide completely locked. I tried to release the slide lock, no budge. I took the mag out, I tried to charge (wouldnt move) and release the slide (wouldn't move) , no budge. I tried to move the slide forward to its natural position (pushing the slide forward while holding down the slide lock lever), no budge. About 4-5 other shooters were trying to release the slide. After about 10 mins, the slide released and went to its natural position. (It was really rough when i was charging the slide a few times) I then tried to shoot the same stage again, after the first shot, it happened again. I don't know what the heck is going on at this point. I stopped using the gun and used another shooters to finish off the match. After the match, I disassemble the gun, reassembled the gun and then the gun was able to shoot 30-40 rounds without a problem. (I stopped shooting and went home) 2) I shot a USPSA match Saturday and my first stage, this same problem occurred BUT, the gun almost cycled completely. What I mean is that after my first shot, the gun was stuck right before chambering another round. i pushed the slide forward (with ease) with the next round and shot. I don't know whats going on with that but it happened twice. 3) Empty shell casings getting stuck between the Optic and the slide. After shooting a round the casing will get stuck so that the slide couldn't chamber another round. costing me 5 seconds each time. Is this because of the ejector? Do I need a gunsmith to work with it? I don't want to move the C-more optic side ways. (not a fan of that). 4) Shooting and hitting slide lock with one bullet in the mag. I shouldn't be going to slide lock if i still have 1 bullet in the magazine. Magazines STI 140mm Magazines with Gram guts. I get nervous for each match and each stage because I don't want these problems to occur but they do and costs me a lot of time. Any suggestions? You all are pros and i just started shooting open! If you need pictures, i could demonstrate whats happening for each one. If I didn't describe each one in detail, just ask questions! Thank you guys for all of your support!
  8. I was wondering what Dawson Precision Tool-less Guiderod to purchase for 2011 Trubor, Dawson Precision Guiderod 1911 5" Bull Barrel Tool-less Guiderod 1911 5" bushing barrel tool-less I don't the difference, LOL. Thanks for helping out! ps if there any "better" guiderods
  9. Hello! A friend told me about this forum and its a great way to get information about problems to get a solution! Just got a brand new 2011 STI Trubor so ill be having a lot of questions in the near future! thank you guys for the support!
  10. Hi all, I have been working up a load for a new trubor in 38 super. The gun is stock standard. When pjtting rounds over the chrony i had an interesting stoppage. The slide locked half open, at first i thought the next round being fed into the chamber had caught on the feed ramp and jammed it open but after dropping the mag the slide stayed open. I pulled back on the slide and it has no tension from the recoil spring. I could push and pull the slide and it just stops where ever its sitting when i let go. Somethings binding the spring possibly, when i move the slide i can feel what i think is the guide rod head? grinding against the barrel, well something is binding up but im not sure quite what. When i pull the slide to the rear, insert the paperclip into the guide rod hole and push the slide foward the jam goes away, the spring unbinds and its like its never happened. On another occasion i disregarded the paper clip and just pulled the slide stop out and took the slide off, in the hope of trying to see what the hell was happening but.... when the slide comes off everything is as it should be! Almost like there was nothing wrong to begin with :/ When this malfunction happens i notice that the hole that you put the paper clip into has rotated, when everything is running correctly the hole sits at the 12 and 6 oclock position. When it binds up the hole is at the 1 and 7 oclock position. The guide rod is turning, i suspect the guide rod head is jamming itself against the barrel and dust cover somehow, there by siezing it in place while its compressed. Does this sound logical? If so what could be causing it? I will point out that i suspect the end of the guide rod is just contacting the comp when the slide is pulled right back, there is no daylight visible between the two and there is a very slight wear mark on the rod but not alot of wear on the comp. I guess these two parts are not meant to be getting that cozy? This malfunction happened to me 5 times today during a 100 round break in on the gun shooting bill drills. Everything ran fine for the first 47 rounds and then it all went pear shaped. Long winded but i tried to explain it as best i can. Any ideas?
  11. I'm officially making the move to (as I've read many other open shooters call it) "The Dark Side". A Little Background: I've been shooting Limited Major for about 14 months, starting with a Glock 35, and switching to a CZ 75 Tactical Sport back in April. My life can pretty much be defined in two parts: life before my Tactical Sport, and life after my Tactical Sport. I've posted plenty of pics and info in the CZ pic threads, so I won't go into any more detail than saying I've made most of the "upgrades" (you could argue the TS doesn't need any) you can make via the Custom Shop, and some grip/frame modification and Cerakoting. The gun has been phenomenally reliable and shoots soooo good. So naturally, since I have an awesome pistol I love, it's time to buy another. I had initially planned on shooting Limited for another year, but as this year was wrapping up, I got impatient and decided it would be WAY more fun to just take the plunge. I've put aside just over $3,000 at this point, and I'm ready to make a purchase. I looked at all kinds of options, and I've whittled it down to a Czechmate... or an STI Trubor. I'm probably 90/10 on my choice. The Czechmate is an obvious choice for me for a LOT of reasons: It's built on the exact same gun I'm shooting currently. Aside from learning to pick up the dot and a much different recoil impulse, I would theoretically have a shorter learning curve, and going back and forth from Limited to Open would be easy. All the parts and upgrades I have for my TS (mag extensions, extended safety, etc.) could transfer back and forth between the two guns. It's an awesome value. I wouldn't need to purchase additional mags, etc. My TS is so phenomenally reliable (and I have a lot of working knowledge of the platform) and I can't help but assume the Czechmate would be as well. I want to shoot 9mm Major, and these forums seem to indicate the Czechmate runs very well in 9mm Major. An STI 2011 is obviously enticing for a number of reasons, but these are the major considerations that still have me on the fence: Absolutely ridiculous amount of aftermarket support, knowledge, and market share in shooting sports. Based on the survey data that USPSA published in Front Sight from the 2014 Nationals, everyone and their mom shoots the 2011 platform, including the most successful shooters in the sport. Therefore, they MUST be awesome... right? However, I have also heard a fair amount of negative things about some of the (arguably) "lower end" STI's like the Trubor that you don't hear about in custom 2011's, Infinities, etc. I won't get into the things I've heard (and witnessed at matches) but I do have a silly belief that spending this kind of money on a competition gun means it should run and run and run. Based on the background I provided, can you guys give me some input on my choice? If you think the 2011 is the platform to go with, please explain to me why. Basically, I'm buying a Czechmate unless some experienced STI owners can convince me here that the Trubor (or similar) is the better choice. One last thing: I know spending some more $$$ can get me a 2011 that will run like a sewing machine. However, at this point in my life, $3k is what I have to work with. Also, I wouldn't be opposed to shooting a used 2011 open gun, but they seem to be in pretty high demand, and I don't want to sit around too long waiting for that "perfect deal".
  12. Ok, been looking and picked up a used trubor with about 1000 rounds. Now a few questions I am currently shooting limited with a Para P-16, lightened slide, 12lb recoil spring, 180 gn bullet. First thing I want to do is buy a Cheely setback mount to get the dot lower. OK, the proverbial question, 115 or 124 bullets? Which ones to try first? Or do you buy a couple of each and try each one? Based on reading the 115's "slap" might be close to what I currently shoot. I have 10 pounds of WAC so I want to stick with that as well. Then this winter I am hoping that with the setback mount I can still get a racker installed on the slide. Also I have read that some recommend replacing the guide rod with a one piece, what is the theory behind that? Can't wait to get some rounds down the barrel. Steve
  13. I fit an STI trubor barrel to one of my 9mm 1911's. I'm using this for Bianchi Cup. So, the 9mm ammo is running minor PF. I haven't been able to get the barrel to group very well. Shooting at 25 yards from a rest I'm getting 2.5-3.0 inch groups. My old barrel (6" Schumann AET 1:24 gain twist) got around 2" but I had to run the loads hot around 145 PF to get it to group. The ammo I've been using is made from Starline brass, Zero 115 and 125 gr JHP and Titegroup. I've tried both weights and from 4.0 to 4.7 gr of Titegroup. I've tried OAL from 1.09" out to 1.170". All group about the same. Today I tried some 125 gr. Zero JHP .357" revolver bullets. The group dropped down to 1.5" at 25 yards. I then shot a couple of the old loads and some more of the new just to see if I was having a "good day". Same results. The old loads with the .355" bullets are 2.5-3.0" groups and a bit wild, but the .357 bullets are 1/2 the group size. I tried some coated lead in 115 gr. .357" diameter and some 135 gr. .356" diameter. These groups were better than my old loads, but not quite as good as the .357" JHP. Before trying the above I slugged the barrel and got a diameter of .3555". Anybody else found that they need to run oversize bullets in the STI trubor barrels to get best accuracy? Chris
  14. So as all I've of you know I recently bought my first open 2011, a STI Matchmaster. Well....I did it again. I know from experience with other platforms I've used in open that if you can count on one thing and one thing only its the fact that something, at some point, is gonna go wrong. Parts break, and you'd better have a backup gun if your paying to shoot big matches. Enter my new TruBor. I bought the TruBor so I could not only have a backup gun but also so I could have a chance to compare the shorty (MM) to the TruBor (full size). I figured as long as I was getting a chance like this my experiences could help others caught in the predicament of "first open gun, shorty or full size". So, I thought if start a thread, comparing the two styles, from the viewpoint of a new (to 2011's) open shooter. I'll update my findings as I go. I have parts on order to get the trubor up and running. I am also gonna compare to the sight options I'll be using, the RTS vertical, and the 90 degree CMore. I think some could benefit from what I find, at least I hope. Once the testing begins I'll update.
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