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  1. I've decided on jared's thanks guys!
  2. Currently building a 9 major but don't know what comp works best. The only 9 major gun I have shot was an Atlas. Those comps are for sale but are pricey. Thoughts or experience would be appreciated before I buy the comp.
  3. I have the exact same safety, didn't think to trim down the right side... thank you great idea!!
  4. yes it is for a para 2011 p 16
  5. Is there any difference other than size between the different manufacturers? I want to put a *thumb rest [generic]* on my new 2011 but not sure which 1 to get.. Thanks for the help
  6. okay thanks I won't be putting mine in untill the rule changes.
  7. I ordered 1 as well soon as I saw them available.
  8. hmm mine looks nothing like that time to break out the dremmel.
  9. where can I get one of those extended mag releases?
  10. I agree with everyone and already dryfire religiously. I was curious if I was missing something and I'm not as it seems from the consensus.
  11. Since all the changes to prod are afoot, while shooting a stock 3, what besides what was leagle before ie hammer and springs can be done to help give an competitive edge.
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