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  1. Thanks for the input guys I ordered a 500 pack and will do a follow up post soon as I get the new 1050 set up and run out some test loads.
  2. I've seen people run blues for 9 major I was curious if anyone has tried black bullets. They seem to be the only manufacturer with product in stock and shipping in 3 days... despite the RONA. Thanks for the advice.
  3. Definitely going to try and the vinegar and iso wipes open guns with popple holes make a mess. Thanks for the advice guys!
  4. Super excited to try them out soon as new 6moa dots come in so far they seem like a great deal!
  5. I like to feild strip my open gun around 300-500 rounds. Swear there's less recoil when there's about 50-100 rounds through the gun. Full disassemble every 2k goes through the ultra sonic every 6k.
  6. The smoke is very low nothing like titegroup, even though the birntates ate similar. They are night and. day different as long as you don't over crimp and rin one of the more popular coated bullets. Like gallant, blues or sns.
  7. Same burn rate at titegroup but softer like n320
  8. You could also try adding a blue Wilson combat shock buff. Just 1 amd it takes done of the snap out of the gun.
  9. I have seen great benefits to clean shot, cheap,clean and consistent. It's very easy to build off of for load data. I have ran it for 2 years in both prod and limited shooting coated bullets around 30k. I noticed less than 100fps between 115° and 50°. Slower when it's hot but not enough to matter if loaded 10 pf over what you need for minor or major. Works great with coated bullets best I've tried so far. -Doug
  10. EGW gives me the most confidence in a trigger kit but it's not as easy to split super fast as the Extreme engineering.
  11. I've decided on jared's thanks guys!
  12. Currently building a 9 major but don't know what comp works best. The only 9 major gun I have shot was an Atlas. Those comps are for sale but are pricey. Thoughts or experience would be appreciated before I buy the comp.
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