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  1. Don’t think the x5 is available in sigs LE program. I hear they Limited to the standard p320 and the m17
  2. Looking to make a jump to carry optics. Originally I was going to buy a x5 legion and springer plate with sro. Wondering if it’s worth while and maybe cheaper to buy a standard p320 through LE program have it milled for sro and buy legion grip module.
  3. https://www.nraila.org/articles/20171016/spokane-police-to-use-suppressors-to-protect-hearing
  4. No matter what break you use your probably going to lose some hearing, especially if your standing next to the rifle which is getting in the work. My department just outfitted all rifles with cans because it was cheaper than the L&I payouts.
  5. After seeing the screws of my dads glock 17 mos continually back out and strip and watching the screws of an officers Glock 17 mos shear off at a red dot instructors school....I would definitely go with milled.
  6. Coles back in stock, ordered and received. Pretty impressed so far can’t wait to shoot it.
  7. Cole components hasn’t had stocks available for some time. Any idea if they are still in business.
  8. Anyone have feedback on the strike industries adjustable collar gas block?
  9. Received and installed mine today
  10. Still waiting for mine which I ordered on Black Friday. I told them no rush since I’m ass deep in snow and can’t shoot anyways, but I’m getting impatient the closer I get to shooting season.
  11. Is cole components still operating. I want one of their blue anodized stocks but they are never in stock.
  12. Is that a meeeh review so far or you still evaluating
  13. My MOA is ordered, hopefully arriving soon
  14. Has anyone who has the Roth xb3g receiver put sights in the dovetail groove. I know they use a LPA cut but exactly which sight fits best for the contour of the receiver. Pictures would be great.
  15. Home Depot Husky 12” zip top tool bag 10 bucks.. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-12-in-Tool-Bag-82004N11/203224030
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