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  1. sheepdog566

    Best 3-gun stock

    Is cole components still operating. I want one of their blue anodized stocks but they are never in stock.
  2. sheepdog566

    Benelli M2 AutoLoad Lifter

    Is that a meeeh review so far or you still evaluating
  3. sheepdog566

    Benelli M2 AutoLoad Lifter

    My MOA is ordered, hopefully arriving soon
  4. sheepdog566

    Roth XB3G

    Has anyone who has the Roth xb3g receiver put sights in the dovetail groove. I know they use a LPA cut but exactly which sight fits best for the contour of the receiver. Pictures would be great.
  5. sheepdog566

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    Home Depot Husky 12” zip top tool bag 10 bucks.. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Husky-12-in-Tool-Bag-82004N11/203224030
  6. sheepdog566

    It’s been asked before but I’ll ask again 24or26

    Sold my sporting clays gun to buy my first benelli m1. Went with 26” just in case I wanted to go out and shoot a round of clays. Usually shot 30”+ barrels in clays guns because I thought they swung smoother. Decided to stick with the 26” just in case I go shoot clays, but I sure liked the quickness of the 24”.
  7. sheepdog566

    It’s been asked before but I’ll ask again 24or26

    Guess I’m nervous about keeping the 24 and not liking it, but it does feel quicker. I think the shorter barrel would also help in barrel dumps. That is if I take off the plus 2 and run a 10 round tube.
  8. I just received my Roth performance shotgun but they shipped a 24” rather than 26”. No worries Roth said they would make it right. I threw up the 24” and it feels pretty quick, but usually shoot a 26” with a 12 round tube. Anyone have a preference with positive or negatives for both. What are most the big shots using these days.
  9. sheepdog566

    New frontier Arms lower

    Anyone experiencing excessive magazine play in the NFA lowers. Finding my magazine tilts causing malfunctions. Usually magazine base tilting towards buttstock causing bullet to fail to feed.
  10. sheepdog566

    Silicone carbide grip

    JB is what u usually use but it’s difficult to spread and make smooth. Was hoping there was something out there that spreads easier
  11. sheepdog566

    Silicone carbide grip

    It would be very difficult and time intensive to remove. Grinding it off would be a pain in the ass. Especially trying to grind it without damaging the frame.
  12. sheepdog566

    Silicone carbide grip

    Just got a new glock 24 and I am starting to tune it up. I’m planning on removing the finger grooves and doing a silicone carbide texture. In the past I’ve always used jb weld epoxy, but it drys quick and is difficult to spread evenly. This time I want to do something different with the lines of the texture which will require more detailed taping and epoxy application. Anyone used a good epoxy which is easy to spread and slow to dry? Probably asking a lot for it to be durable too. ?
  13. sheepdog566


    Just ordered a new RCI M2 to replace my M1 which I handed down to my boy. I used IC and LM Carlson in my M1 without issues. Plan on doing Carlson again maybe skeet and LM this time. 75-100 a choke seems a bit excessive
  14. sheepdog566

    RCI M2

    I’m on the fence right now looking at tti and rci...anyone have any experience with the difference in how each company opens the loading port. It looks like tti might open things more forward than the rci.
  15. sheepdog566

    RCI M2

    I’m trying to decide... buy a m2 and send it to rci or buy the whole gun from rci...having difficulty finding a good price on m2 field 26”.