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  1. sheepdog566

    Think I found my next new project

  2. http://www.recoilweb.com/official-details-on-aimpoints-new-acro-p-1-sight-138156.html
  3. sheepdog566

    Belt Setups

    Love my ELS added ratcheting buckles from https://www.ratchetingbuckles.com
  4. sheepdog566

    Xtreme 200 plated

    Yes glock 35, magazines have TTI extensions and springs
  5. sheepdog566

    Xtreme 200 plated

    Seen bullets nose diving in magazine and fail to feeds with bullets jamming into top of chamber
  6. sheepdog566

    Xtreme 200 plated

    I’ve been fighting my new glock. Seeing a multitude of different malfunctions. Don’t know if it’s my ammo, my recoil spring weight, or my barrel. Probably a combination of them all.
  7. sheepdog566

    Xtreme 200 plated

    Anyone using xtreme 200 plated. I tried the bbi 200’s but they would not reliably feed in my kkm glock barrel.
  8. sheepdog566

    FTF assistance

    Changing bullets solved my issue. The bullet ogive of the acme bullets did not work in my Glock. Switched to extreme bullets and had no problems. Got BBI 200’s on the way to try them.
  9. sheepdog566

    Sandblasting silicon carbide

    Might help with a heat gun, thought of that myself but haven’t tried it. I usually apply with a index card then smooth out with a foam brush.
  10. sheepdog566

    Let's see some pcc's

    Just finished mine...Ordered a bmiller carbon fiber magwell and need a taccom buffer.
  11. sheepdog566

    Sandblasting silicon carbide

  12. sheepdog566

    Sandblasting silicon carbide

    The difficulty is getting the JB weld to lay smooth and flat. Once that’s accomplished it’s cake from there. I usually poor a pile of silicone carbide out and dip the grip in it working around the grip. Press the grip into the pile and sprinkle on top. Let dry for 24hrs then brush excess off with a tooth brush.
  13. When does registration open for this event.
  14. sheepdog566

    Magwell question

    How does one get one of those?
  15. Haven’t heard any discussion on drum magazines. Are they not used because they are a little bulky. how bout this https://gunmagwarehouse.com/kci-glock-9mm-50-round-drum-magazine.html