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  1. Have the moa in a Roth XB3G and have been experiencing random fail to feeds. Looks like my lifter is not going all the way up. Wish I had my original trigger group back except you have to send him your lifter to have it altered.
  2. I’m going to have to contact JP again, been over two weeks since I submitted my rifle builder.
  3. Everybody showing out of stock. Looks like I’m s#!t out of luck
  4. Anyone know a good retailer which might have gmr15’s. JP said they are 6 months out on builds. Submitted my rifle builder and Ive been waiting multiple weeks for them to contact me for payment. Been spying that mbx which is in stock at Shooters Connection but I really want to jump onto the JP bandwagon. Also planning on a CTR02 really soon.
  5. Genesis came out to my department range the other night and I got to play with a 10” breacher and a 16” full size. Both ran everything we fed them. Impressive weapon. Apparently they are coming out with a higher capacity mag.
  6. Took my new vr80 out for the first time with expectations of several malfunctions until it’s broke in with 2-300 hot loads. Only mods right now are mil spec buffer tube, stock and grip. I also removed the bolt stop. I shot 50 rounds of Federal Premium Target 8 shot 1245 FPS through stock 19 round and 5 round msgs. To my surprise I had zero fail to feeds and fail to ejects. Unfortunately I had several light primer strikes, about 10. Anyone have suggestions?
  7. Any reason why I would be hitting 4” right at 25...dead on at 10
  8. My Roth is giving me some headaches but not sure if it’s gun or MOA lifter. Ejects shell fine, feeds onto lifter then gets hung up as it attempts to feed into chamber. Slight push of the shell towards the receiver will send it forward and into chamber. Love the gun but it’s costing me seconds. Doesn’t always do it so I’m confused. Don’t think it’s me, at 220 lbs I think I have enough ass behind the gun. Any experts out there got any ideas?
  9. I would like to run my Legion in both USPSA carry optics and 3gun tactical optics. Thinking of having two slides one with RDS and one iron sights. Does anyone know of an aftermarket slide which will fit the X5 Legion?
  10. Sig legion slides with rmr mounting footprint ??? Who’s making this
  11. Anyone tried a standard als with the barrel plug removed?
  12. Trying to find a safariland holster which will fit the x5 legion. I prefer the als but I’m pretty sure they don’t make one that will fit.
  13. Can anyone confirm if a P320 x5 legion will work in a Safariland gls pro fit holster.
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