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  1. Smitty79

    Better Belt for Heavier Shooter?

    At 330 lbs I used DAA and CR Speed. Both excellent. Get the BOSS. It`s worth it.
  2. My iphone doesn't have an audio port. If I use the audio to lightning adapter, the app detects a connected chrono. It doesn't detect any bullets crossing the chrono. I have the same problem when I plug the chrono into a Samsung tablet. I had been using an old iPad. But the audio port isn't working anymore. Any hints on how to get things working so I can chrono ammo? I really don't want to go back to pencil and paper. Do I need to go buy a G2 or some other chrono?
  3. I took a hand gun class at Frontsight. They are still teaching Weaver stance. I've heard Gunsight does the same thing. Of the big defensive shooting places, Sig Academy, Thunder Ranch..., who teaches modern technique?
  4. I moved a year ago. In my old house, my garage had a concrete wall or the side of the hill in 3 directions. I always felt it was safe to dry fire there. My new house, not so much. Right and left in the garage are one layer of sheet rock and then an exterior wall. "down range" has 9 layers of sheet rock and an exterior wall. I am only comfortable dry firing in one direction when no one's home. Luckily, I work from home with a flexible schedule and my son is the only other person who lives in the house. I can dry fire most of the time when he is at work. Long ago, I bought a Blade-Tech "IDPA" kit for Glock 19. In addition to the mag pouches and holster, it had this barrel replacement part. I'd love to find something like this for a CZ SP-01 Shadow, an M&P SP-01 Shadow and a CZ P-10C. Anyone seen something like this for those guns?
  5. I just bought something from a member. When trading PMs with him, I was getting email notifications from both an old email address and my current one. I couldn't find the old email address anywhere in my profile. Does anyone know where to look to see where alternate email addresses might be?
  6. Smitty79

    Routine Maintenance M&P 2.0

    I carry an M&P 2.0 4 inch or a Shield, both in 9mm. I have started shooting both in IDPA. All stock but sights. I know whats going to break and what to carry to matches or change proactively for my USPSA guns. What should I have in my range bag and what should I change for round count for M&P's?
  7. Smitty79

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    I'm almost a super senior. The bigger gun, when I don't need it, makes a day at the range a chore. I want to take some fantasy gun camp classes with a gun I can set up just the way I want it. I've shot a 14.5 barrel gun. It's more fun than the big gun. I have a 16 inch gun. But it's a cheapie, no FA, A2 front site that I hate, things like that. I'm not enough of an AR gun smith that I want to play with that gun to make it just right. I want something that's the right gun for the job. I'm happy to own 3 uppers and 2 lowers. Besides, something
  8. Smitty79

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    Keeping the long barrel capability is a nice, but not necessary thing. I look at this as a way to get both capability on the cheap.
  9. Smitty79

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    Will be rifle only match. I won't be planning on winning. It will be more for as a way to get some "stress inoculation" when shooting the rifle. I shoot USPSA to compete, though not very well. IDPA, CCP or BUG, for run time on carry guns. This rifle will be used in local practical rifle matches for run time on a gun with main use case of defense.
  10. Smitty79

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    Long ago, I shot 3 gun at matches that went out fairly long range. I picked up a JP-15 with an 18 inch barrel and all was right with the world. I stopped shooting 3 gun, as I had more fun shooting pistols and hate practicing reloading shotguns. I'd like to use the lower, to shoot an occasional rifle match, that don't go past 200 yds, and as a defensive rifle. I am thinking a 14.5 inch barrel with a mid length gas system with a key mod 13 inch handguard. I'd like a fairly light weight very reliable upper that comes in around $1000 out the door with a charging handle, BCG and BUIS. This rifle will not have a magnified optic. Would this upper fit on a JP-15 lower and meet my needs? I understand I may have to replace the buffer spring to make it run well. Recommendations for buffer are helpful. I know how to make my handguns run. I don't want to tinker with rifle set up too much.
  11. Smitty79

    Make Slide Not Lock Back

    These are available on Amazon. Just ordered a bunch. Thank you!
  12. Smitty79

    Make Slide Not Lock Back

    I have recently added IDPA to my competition schedule. I shoot a Shield in BUG or an M&P 2.0 Compact in SSP/CCP. I want to make a dry fire mag that doesn't lock back on empty to help with reload dry fire. What follower modification to I need to make to get this to happen?
  13. Smitty79

    Leupold Delta Point MOA dot size?

    I like the triangle. Big dot for hoser stuff. Sighted in on the apex for tight shots.
  14. Smitty79

    Reaming Shadow Barrel

    I have 3 Shadow uppers. The barrels in the first 2 run my Acme 147 FPs at 1.13 just fine with at least 15 mils of distance to the rifling. For the most recent one, I'm in the rifling before the case hits the end of the chamber. I went to the gunsmith to get the rifling moved back so I can shoot the ammo that works in every other 9mm I own. He says that he can make the chamber longer but can't just ream the rifling back some and he's concerned about head space. Also, it seams if he's moving the chamber length, not the rifling, I'm just going to exacerbate the bullet contacting the rifling before the case hits the end of the chamber. What do I do?
  15. Smitty79

    How Many Points Down?

    I recently started shooting IDPA and I'm trying to figure out how good, of a sight picture, is good enough. Shooting the 5X5 classifier, how many points down to people typically shoot at master and expert for BUG? I can shoot Master time. But I do it with double digit points down which puts me in Sharpshooter. I'd be interested in what people think of points down on the long Classifier also. That one is punishing with my almost stock Shield.