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  1. Smitty79

    9mm loads for Blue Bullets

    I just loaded 2000 3.4gn HP38, 1.12 OAL Blue Bullets 147 FP. Mixed brass Fed primers. They run 138 in my Shadow. I loaded hot so I’d also make power factor in a 4” gun.
  2. Smitty79

    Safe table

    I apologize. I was dead certain that USPSA didn't mind local rules that didn't affect beep to last certain. It's always good to check the rule book.
  3. Smitty79

    Safe table

    Local clubs may have different rules. USPSA only restricts local rules during the stage.
  4. Smitty79

    Basic OWB Holster for M&P 2.0 9mm Compact?

    I bought a standard Blade-Tech holster for a 4.25” gun and it works fine.
  5. I have seen that and have tried that. This isn't the problem. This is an issue when adjusting the camming pin. In my case, the case insert slide is running into the platform. Anyone from Big Blue out there?
  6. I am getting back to loading on my 650 after a long hiatus and moving it from my old house to a new one. In setting it up, the case insert slide isn't pushing the case far enough into the shell plate so the sizing die doesn't line up when it comes down. This is not an issue with the camming pin. At full insertion, the camming pin isn't touching the pistol side of the slide cam. The inward motion of the case insert slides is being stopped by the case insert slide contacting the platform in the location on the picture. It causes the case insert slide to twist a little on part of the platform it sits on. It seems that the normal case insert adjustments aren't going to fix this problem and the needed adjustment is somewhere else. Any hints?
  7. Smitty79

    Basic OWB Holster for M&P 2.0 9mm Compact?

    I’ve bought a pancake holster. I am astounded Blade-Tech doesn’t have one of their basic OWB holsters for these guns.
  8. I don’t see the standard Blade-Tech holster for the M&P 9mm Compact 2.0, the Glock 19 equivalent gun. On the BT web site. Does anyone have a similar holster to recommend?
  9. Smitty79

    S&W Specific Forum?

    I have a Shield and an M&P 2.0 Compact. What S&W specific forums does the Benos brain trust recommend? Use case is more defensive, though I do plan to shoot BUG with the Shield.
  10. I need to get one of these.
  11. Smitty79

    Mailing ammo to yourself for matches

    Fly Alaska Airlines. They have a 50# limit. 700 rounds of 124 gn is about 23#.
  12. Luckily, I’m flying Alaska. They allow 50#. Thanks for feedback all. Going with a 24 in Samsonite without a cloth expansion.
  13. I’ve never flown with my guns. I’m looking for a good hard side suitcase that’s: 24 inch has 4 wheels has TSA combo lock I figure that will let me pack clothes, pistol & backup and 500 rounds. Any recommendations?
  14. Smitty79

    How to reload a Stock II/III like a boss

    Now we just need Angus and Stuart to do for Shadows. Dave at Cajun Gun Works should try this too.
  15. Smitty79

    IDPA Mag Pouch for Shield in BUG?

    These work IWB?