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  1. I have some red dots on rifles with various levels of success. I have an astigmatism and all of the 2 MOA dots are a bit of a star, regardless of what my optometrist does. I've read that holographic sights are much better for astigmatism. I have an ancient EoTech, and it's definitely better. It's heavy and has terrible battery life. I want something better. I've heard good things about Holosun holographic sights and was thinking of getting an HS510C. This would go on a defensive AR. If I like it, I'd get one for my PCC also so that all my sight pictures are the same. Are there better options?
  2. I don't understand this. The cases were cleaned, then dried, then deprimed and loaded. Why would that cause failures?
  3. I'm one of the guys who's been helping the OP. A point he missed is that we tried to fire several of the failed rounds several times. None of them went back on restrike. When I was running harder primers on my lightly sprung CZ, they always went bang on the second try.
  4. I took MAG40 last summer from Mas Ayoob. He teaches isosceles and Weaver.
  5. Smitty79

    DPP Screws

    I was pulling off my Delta Point Pro to change out the extractor on my Shadow. I stripped out the head of one of the screws. What size are these so I can buy replacements after I get the gunsmith to remove the script screws?
  6. That's a terrible rule I should have read. No way I will play with speed loader.
  7. I've been thinking about getting a snubbie for New York reloads. I regularly shoot IDPA with carry gear. So I'd like a revolver that works there too. 9mm as I reload 9mm. I'm not going to shoot 357 mag from a snubbie. I see no good reason to add a caliber for no increase in effectiveness of 38 Special over 9mm.
  8. I run 2 cups of 9mm brass at a time. I haven't looked at whether speed makes a difference.
  9. My worst stoppage problem on my 650 is that about 3 times in 500 rounds a case is fed primer up. I see it most of the time. But correcting is annoying. What are likely causes and how do I fix it?
  10. Having a stage with multiple options, that aren't mistakes, adds to the fun. It makes me happy to have to think more. This is one of the reasons why your matches are so good.
  11. I need to see if I can talk him into this.
  12. He needs to shoot a match that his Production dad and CO brother shoot. He’s going to borrow my PCC for a first match and go from there.
  13. I took a friend of mine and his two adult sons to the range last week. I had 10 different handguns for them to try. All are now interested in action shooting. Dad wants to shoot Production. Youngest son loved a dot gun and wants to do CO. The oldest son loved shooting my S&W 625. I can help Dad and one son with semiautos. But I only have a 625 so that I can show newbies how a revolver works. It's fun to shoot, but I don't have time to practice with it to get good and use it in ICORE. What is a low cost entry level kit for USPSA revolver? The 2 revolvers I see people use in USPSA are 627 and 929. Always a performance center or other heavily smithed gun. These things are near $1500. Is there anything OK competitive that could be entry level price? You can get a very nicely set up Production Glock for $800. (I can't believe I said that. I'm a CZ guy and spend way too much money) I assume a standard USPSA belt is fine. Is a basic Blade-Tech holster OK for starting and buy a race holster later? What's the right clip rack for a 627 or 929? I assume I can find a thread on what clips to use in here someplace when I get that far. Is the 929 a better starter gun for a new guy on a budget? Decent 9mm ammo is cheaper than 38 special and way cheaper than 38 Short Colt.
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