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  1. Extended mag catch https://www.jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPGMR15-EMC Short stroke kit https://www.jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPSCS2-9SS-4/5K
  2. This one? https://www.odinworks.com/XMR_p/acc-xmr.htm
  3. I am not finding any aluminum mag wells for this rifle. I've only found: https://www.titanrocket.com/product-page/jp-gmr-13-magwell https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Techwell-PCC-Magwell-JP-GMR-13-P4945.aspx The Taylor Freelance mag well says that it's Foxlock system doesn't work on a GMR-13. I can go get one of the plastic mag wells. I'd prefer aluminum.
  4. I loaded 1500 last weekend. I stopped because I ran out of lockable space to store it.
  5. I should have a new GMR-13 in a week or 2. I have a few 33 round mags. I figure I need 2 +10 base pads and a mag well. What brand for mag well? How about base pads? I hate the TT ones I bought for my CZs. I think I'll get a couple G17 mags for classifiers. Anything else? I don`t want to do much else until I get trigger time. Any other must haves?
  6. Does anyone make a 14.5 (Or 14.7) barrel for a Scorpion with a pinned/welded comp?
  7. I bought a used 870 Wingmaster. I have to rack it harder than other pump shotguns I've owned to ensure it ejects. Are the some things I can do to improve the ejection? It never fails to extract, the hull doesn't quite make it out of the load port.
  8. I went as a B Production shooter a year ago. They didn`t demand i shoot Weaver. I learned some gun fighting things. But it didn't make me a beyter shooter. It was fun. One of these days I will take a rifle class there.
  9. I think the competitive advantage would kick in only of one gun was thought be good one one kind of stage and the other was better on another kind. I'm not concerned. As the P10's primary purpose is as a carry gun, I am leaving the trigger stock. The Shadow, a 91030, is better on any stage, with the possible exception of a draw to one shot.
  10. I have a P10C, with a DPP, that I bought for carry, but want to use as back up for my Shadow in Carry Optics. I want to build 2 23 round mags. It's not clear to me what the right mag tube is. I think I need the standard CZC 10 coil spring and follower and this base pad: https://czcustom.com/p09-ext-base-pad-140mm-flush-fit.html I've seen lots of posts about magazine compatibility for the P10 series. Is this the right mag for the P10C for extended capacity? https://gregcotellc.com/cart/cz-factory-mecgar-actmag-c-173/cz-p09-duty-9mm-19-rd-factory-magazine-11620-red-follower-p-1405.html?zenid=qh6q74fe1krcn056gtaoeeqrj1
  11. I have loaded both the Acme and SNS 147 FP. I could find no difference but the shade of red.
  12. How about an XCarry?
  13. Won't this leave an over-insertion problem?
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