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  1. I've spent most of my USPSA shooting time shooting Production. I'm almost a super senior and I use glasses that have my dominant eye focused on the front sight and my other eye focused on infinity. I switched to carry optics and I use glasses were both are focused on infinity. That works great when shooting. But I don't get a clear view of the magwell on reloads. Should I get glasses with closer focus for the non-dominant eye to see the magwell better?
  2. Thanks. Cases are extracting from chamber but not ejecting from receiver.
  3. I have and M&P 15-22 with about 500 rounds through it. It goes "bang" with every type of 22LR I feed it. But the the only ammo that extracts reliably are the high velocity CCI. Mini-mags and Stingers have been flawless. Aguila Super Extra and Remington Thunderbolt fail to extract 1 round in 4. Is there something I can due to tune it to run well on non-CCI ammo? I have buckets of it.
  4. I have a cheap Barska spotting scope. At 60 power, the optics are good enough to see 223 holes out to 300 yards. This is plenty for me. I don't shoot that far very often. The problem is that the eye box is such that I have to lift off my safety glasses to see through it well. The eye relief is too close to the eyepiece. I tried adding a mount for my iPhone 7. That didn't work. I'd like a scope/iPhone mount combination to use for 223 out to 300 yards where the combined cost is <$200. Help please.
  5. I want to dry fire when the rest of the family is sleeping. Even with my Pocket Pro 2s on minimum volume, it wakes people up. Is there an iPhone app that can make the beep go to a bluetooth ear piece so that only I can here it?
  6. JP hand guards seems way heavier than it needs to be. I want reliability. But shaving weight would be nice. I have a 14.5 in barrel with a pinned comp. I'd like something near full length. Recommendations?
  7. I'm a fan of m&Ps and like shooting BUG.
  8. I have some red dots on rifles with various levels of success. I have an astigmatism and all of the 2 MOA dots are a bit of a star, regardless of what my optometrist does. I've read that holographic sights are much better for astigmatism. I have an ancient EoTech, and it's definitely better. It's heavy and has terrible battery life. I want something better. I've heard good things about Holosun holographic sights and was thinking of getting an HS510C. This would go on a defensive AR. If I like it, I'd get one for my PCC also so that all my sight pictures are the same. Are there better options?
  9. I don't understand this. The cases were cleaned, then dried, then deprimed and loaded. Why would that cause failures?
  10. I'm one of the guys who's been helping the OP. A point he missed is that we tried to fire several of the failed rounds several times. None of them went back on restrike. When I was running harder primers on my lightly sprung CZ, they always went bang on the second try.
  11. I took MAG40 last summer from Mas Ayoob. He teaches isosceles and Weaver.
  12. Smitty79

    DPP Screws

    I was pulling off my Delta Point Pro to change out the extractor on my Shadow. I stripped out the head of one of the screws. What size are these so I can buy replacements after I get the gunsmith to remove the script screws?
  13. That's a terrible rule I should have read. No way I will play with speed loader.
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