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  1. I've had zero issues so far with th eon eon my M&P or the one on my shadow 2 . a couple of thousand rounds through each .........so far so good.
  2. Same here, knock on wood , both of mine (5MOA) have been rock solid so far. About 4500 rounds with the Shadow 2 and about 1500 on the M&P 9L. both still using the "stock" batteries they came with as well.
  3. I've got about 5 thousand through my Shadow 2 with the SRO and about 2,000 on my M&P 9L and have had zero issues so far (fingers crossed) I did not shoot as much this summer as I would've liked but so far so good. I do have a Vortex Venom that has about 6500 rounds through it and is still going strong. It's now on a Ruger mark III .22 so i expect it to last quite a while
  4. please keep us updated, I currently have the SRO on 2 of my guns, but the Xl and the Max look very appealing to me. I've had very good luck with the SRO's so far , no issues at all and the one on my shadow 2 has seen a good amount of action
  5. kmanick

    SAO vs DA SA

    that *thumb rest [generic]* is not production legal is it? I bought a type 3 disco almost a year ago and never put it in. just didn't seem to be a mod that would be a game changer for me. I use an M&P 9l with the apex forward set flat faced trigger for steel. that trigger has zero take up and I thought my S2 trigger needed that , but ...............that feeling passed
  6. yes I have a couple of the range panda covers , they are solid
  7. god .....I was probably up to 7-8000, it's on my Ruger Mark III competition gun now. Actually if the window was taller on the venom I would've stuck with it, that was really the only complaint I had with it. Vortex should take notice of what these other RMR companies are doing and make a competition targeted optic.
  8. 4500-5000 on my Shadow 2 1500 on my M&P (which will be going up shortly) zero problems so far with either, very much liking this optic (coming from a Venom 6MOA)
  9. I have 2 of these ....Nice find they are solid
  10. my 2 SRO's each have a couple of thousand rounds through them and so far so good
  11. Vortex Venom on my CZ shadow 2 147 reloads right at 132PF, about 8,000 rounds no issues at all. I replaced it with a 5MOA SRO and put the venom on my Ruger Mark III competition .22. I've got about 3000 rounds with the SRO and so far so good. I have one on my M&P 9L as well with about 1500 rounds through that one and again no issues. The M&P is my back up gun for USPSA and my main gun for steel challenge, so the CZ sees a lot more work. I regularly shoot "off the shelf" factory 147 and 124 through the CZ at practice sessions as well, so It may be tough to decipher if softer loads extend life or not , because I mix it up all the time.
  12. I'm glad you posted this. take the grief with a grain of salt , all points mentioned are legit. I have a performance center 9L with an SRO on it and I thought about tricking it out and using it in open too. I've been talked out of it, no matter what I do to a polymer gun I'd be better off getting something like a CZ Czechmate if I don't want to drop really big$$$. I appreciate what you've done here and there are some guys on the M&P forums that have also tricked out their 9L's (although they have added an optic mount so the optic is no longer on the slide) and do pretty well with them. I think this would be a fun project but in the end an equal shooter with a real open gun has an unfair advantage over you. I'd make this the next investment if you want to continue down this road. frame mount for optc on M&P
  13. SAO would put you into open (I myself looked at exactly what you're thinking last summer) I have a flag faced trigger on my M&P 9L and love it. currently I don't think there i sany option out there that would allow a flat faced trigger on a shadow 2 that does not turn it into SAO
  14. 11 on mine, SRO for optic , our own 147 reloads minor (130pf), shoots pretty flat. I had a Vortex Venom on their before, I'm not noticing any difference in slide movement or tracking
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