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  1. well several guys is kind of an overstatement, the majority of the negative feedback is coming from the "friend" of the same guy that posted here having problems on his X-5 I wouldn't jump ship quite that quickly, Trijicon is good about fixing problems when they exist
  2. I have a 5moa on order with these guys........still waiting
  3. following as well. I have a 5moa on order but they haven't received them yet so changing to a 2.5 is still an option. I currently use a Vemon 6moa and I like that sized dot for USPSA and steel
  4. No CMore but just about everything else
  5. yes I'm interested in this as well. I have a 5moa on order (still waiting ) and I'm wondering for USPSA if the 5MOA is the way to go? going on my shadow 2 for CO
  6. it's pretty amazing you even caught this. Anyone ever check their RMR's to see if this happens with those as well? At what distance are you zeroing this thing ? I thought these were made on the same platform as the RMR. Having one on order as well, this is concerning
  7. I switched the mag release on my S2 over (I'm also left handed) I heated up the screw first and pushed down like a mother while unscrewing and it actually came out with not all that much difficulty .
  8. I have one of these on order for my shadow 2, I'm really hoping I don't have any issues like this with it.
  9. last august they told me 4 weeks , got it back in 2
  10. do any of you shoot Hopkinton the first saturday of every Month? (USPSA)
  11. I have used several brands in my Venom and JPoint and seen no difference between them
  12. Hey Neighbor, another Mass hole here
  13. I compete with a CZ Shadow 2 milled for CO in USPSA and an M&P 9L 5" performance Center with Apex flat trigger FSS kit in Steel challenge carry an M&P 9c v1 or a shield 9. thinking of getting the 9C milled for an optic
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