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  1. So what is the foot print of the Max? I have an M&P 9L performance center with the core multi plate system cut into it. I don't think S&W supplies a plate for any of the romeo optics
  2. I have a Performance Center 9L that has the Apex FFS/T kit in it ... and it's fast , really fast. I still use it occasionally for steel matches. On the draw I am actually faster with the 9L than I am with the Shadow 2. I don't know if it's the weight or the hump on the back side of the grip , but for some reason when I draw the S2 I fish a bit, the muzzle always comes up. It does not with the M&P. I'm 6', 210 pounds and do plenty of arm work at the gym so It's not uncomfortable or too heavy anything like that, I haven't figured it out yet. If I could get my double taps as good with the M&P as the shadow 2 I would use it a lot more in matches. I also tend to get light strikes with the M&P ever since I put the Apex package in , that always worries me. I never do with the shadow 2. Your allegiance to any gun is useless, shoot whatever you feel you shoot best. I see plenty of guys at matches using polymer guns that light it up every week. isn't the Sig X5 polymer? I see those everywhere now. I'm even thinking about getting another SRO and putting it on the M&P, that's how much I like that gun
  3. lots of clearance room on the shadow 2
  4. not on my M&P (yet) but on my shadow 2. I compared the dot on the SRO to a buddy's RMR and they are both similarly bright. I have a 5MOA SRO so my dot got bigger than the RMR dot and seemingly brighter , but I attest that to being a bigger dot. I've got about 800 rounds through mine so far with zero issues. the adjustments haven't budged and the dot is crystal clear. the only issue I do have with this thing is turning it off, there are so many modes on it that if i don't push the buttons just right it takes me a bit to turn it off LOL and I always turn it off when not in use. Still using the battery it came with too (I carry batteries with me in my range bag, so if it starts to fade I could change it between stages at a match if need be) I will probably be getting one for my performance center 9L as soon as they become readily available.
  5. never tried a dovetail mount but I had a venom on my Performance Center 9L that is optics ready, used the supplied plate and also had to shim it (raise the back end up) not enough range in the elevation. I'm starting to wonder if it's the way the mill the slides though as I've had to other optics on that gun as well and they too needed shims. I have had had 3 different optics on my Shadow 2 and had no issues with elevation range (and 2 of those optics were on the M&P at some point and did need the shims, the venom and a Shield mini sight)
  6. up to 600 rounds and the settings screws have still not budged. we shot at 5:00 last night till about 7:00 and I saw no deviation with the dot. My transitions are really starting to fly using this optic So far so good.
  7. CZ Custom shop milled my Shadow 2 slided and lightened it for CO weight. it's been awesome they did a great job. Their RDS plate system has been a godsend , I started with a Shield/Jpoint mini sight, went to a Vortex Venom and now have a Trijicon SRO on there. think about your optics choice before making a decision.
  8. well I've put about 600 rounds through my Shadow 2 with the SRO 5moa on it and I've not experienced any issues with it yet at all. The elevation windage screws have not budged (marked them with a silver sharpie), the dot is nice and bright and actually looks a little smaller when I bring down the brightness settings, so that's a nice bonus I wasn't expecting. It's very easy to find the dot with this optic, but last night I went back and forth between using my M&P 9L with a Shield mini sight 8moa optic (that I use almost exclusively for steel challenge) and I found it no more difficult to find that dot on the draw. Transitions are where the SRO really stood out, my transition speeds with the SRO were blazing last night compared to the Shield/Jpoint.
  9. I installed my 5Moa on sunday, I've put about 350 rounds through it so far and the adjustment screws have not budged(marked with sharpie) I'm going to shoot and another 200 on Friday and again on Saturday and recheck them. so far so good , mine looks OK so far, the dot is nice and clear , everything is working as it should. I'm shooting my own Ibejehead 147 rounds hitting PF just at 130, so they're not +P rounds or anything close. I may shoot some factory ammo that's hotter this weekend as well and see if that makes anything move. Hopefully I'm all set.
  10. if you've got one
  11. Me 5 , I'm already on my 3rd optic on my Shadow 2 started with shield/Jpoint mini sight Vortex venom Trijicon SRO The RDS system has made this very easy and cost effective for me.
  12. to mount on a CS RDS plate the screws are too long. The SRO ships with 6X32 x/12. It even says in the manual you may need a different length. (not CZ specific) well on an RDS plate you do , you need 3/8'th's length Amazon sells sets of them in different lengths for $9.00. GregJ found these as well http://jagerwerks.com/rmr-sro-screws-t10-torx-wrench/ if you're going to mount an SRO onto a CZ RDS plate get in front of it and get the correct screws (while you're waiting for one to become available) Nick
  13. kmanick

    S2 with SRO

    some quick pics I took last night as I was installing this thing
  14. kmanick

    S2 with SRO

    just got my 5 moa SRO mounted on my shadow 2 tonight. Going to Zero it tomorrow night and run some drills with it will post thoughts and Pics then
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