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  1. is the window the same size on th STS2 as it is on the RTS2 ? and would the same mounting plate work for both? I think this is the right plate C-More Mounting plate
  2. sweet!!! which model C-more is that on there, is that the STS2? I have a Venom 6moa on mine, I like it but I don't love it , I could be persuaded to try something else
  3. I just did this drill for the first time yesterday, really exposed some issues. I switched from Production to CO and I didn't realize 1/2 the time when I transition I'm staring at the dot and trying to move it to the next target instead of snapping my eyes to the target and bringing the dot up to it. kind of humbling Got this week off , hopefully the weather will cooperate and I can run this dril a few days in a row. I'm surprised I'm shooting steel challenge as well as I am , this should get me up to another level.
  4. beautiful day here today in Mass, ran this drill PM'ed for Part 2
  5. Nice!! I had CZC do mine and I recently switched my slide back to the stock one and I was a little surprised at how much softer shooting my stock slide felt on there. Lightening it up definitely added a little kick to the recoil that I had not really noticed until going back to the heavier slide. My milled slide is totally tuned for my reloads now though and I can't imagine ever going back to shooting production I've gotten so used to using an optic that I'm thinking about having my carry EDC M&P 9C 1.0 milled so I can throw on a Shield mini sight 4MOA that I have sitting around.
  6. kmanick

    New Shield

    I have one of the Performance Center 9L's that came with the optic and it was a shield Mini sight. I have an 8Moa version of it on there now and use it for steel challenge. I just recently bought a 9C 1.0 and was going to have it milled for an optic but I may check out one of these new shields instead. I had no Idea these were in the works
  7. I went back and forth on this for a while and realized the 2 fits my hand a little better, so I got a second slide from Stuart and had the CZC shop mill it and lighten it. Now I stick with the same gun and swap slides depending on what mood I'm in. My buddy has a Target II and is on the fence about doing the same thing with his.
  8. ^ this , I have 2 of these mounted on M&P's they are narrow and sit very low, but still give a good sight picture
  9. kmanick

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    not sure exactly, funny I just checked the boxes of both of my Venoms (a 3MOA and a 6MOA), the 6moa box does have the little GLOCK MOS baggie in it , the 3 does not. Yes 3.5 sounds correct, we can ask Stuart at CZC , I'm sure he knows
  10. that would be a "hell no" I installed the APEX forward set flat trigger on my Performance Center 9L. I was ready to sell the thing and that Apex trigger set turned i into a joy to shoot.
  11. kmanick

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    Yes I had to get specific screws to mount my venom onto the plate from the CZC shop. Stock bolts were too short. I'll have to check under the Styrofoam to see if I even have that Glock MOS packet FYI I also needed a shim to get the back of the optic to come up a bit, I out of elevation adjustment. with the shim on this now it's dead on at 35 feet. isn't it great though now that it's on there.I love mine 6MOA target acquisition is so quick. I have had to do only very minor re-zero even after shooting 3000 rounds with it on there. It's holds zero quite well
  12. kmanick

    Optic Ready CZ Shadow 2

    I got a 2nd slide and had CZC mill it and lighten ti. I also have the Venom 6MOA on mine, I love it, so effortless to shoot. I ended up removing the FO from my front sight as it was distracting me. I only use the CO slide for competition and I found that I'm much faster without a front sight on there. good luck with it and Enjoy the hell out of it
  13. kmanick

    Accu Shadow 2 for CO?

    + 1 on getting a 2nd slide from Stuart (thank you) I had CZC do the milling and lightening on mine and it's considerably lighter than my stock S2 upper I didn't really notice it that much until I decided to swap the stock slide back on last weekend. I have my OC slide tuned to work with my competition ammo though so I don't feel any additional "kick" ....unless I use off the shelf ammo, then I can feel the difference. I love being able to go back and forth between OC and Production while using the same lower.
  14. kmanick

    CZ P10C OR cowitness

    Id on't know about the P10C but with a shadow 2 I have been able to get a co witness easily with the shield RMS and the Vortex Venom. but I sue my S2 for competition so i actually removed the fiber Optic from my front sight. It was distracting and I find that I'm much faster without it. I did not change my front sight. I had CZC mill my slide so I am assuming it will be similar to the millind done on the P10C. the shield mini sights sit very low (I have an 8moa on my M&P performance center 9L)
  15. I would go with the 2.0 I have a 1.0 Performance Center 9L which is supposed to be the cream of the crop and I still dropped in a KKM barrel (non ported) and the Apex FSS kit. Now with the 8moa shield mini sight on it it's a fast tack driver. I wish it had more frame weight to it like the 2.0's do , at this point that's my only complaint about it. it's become my USPSA CO back up to my CZ shadow 2, but I still use it for steel matches, it's too much fun to shoot to not use it.
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