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  1. Does anyone make a extended magwell that will fit the Gen 2 PSA glock mag 9mm lower? The gun runs great, but a larger magwell would be a big help. I can't find anything online for this gun.
  2. I actually wasn't there, but was told this by people who were there. I think that there should be a safety briefing for new shooters, and this should be covered under that.
  3. The indoor range we shoot at has a required safety meeting for any new shooters before shooting their USPSA match. Most clubs in the area ask if there are any new shooters at the start of the match, and do something similar, along with squading them with experienced shooters willing to help. I don't think this guy was a brand new shooter, but brand new to 1911/2011. He didn't put the safety on when he holstered, although that obviously didn't make the gun go off by itself. I safety class would be a great idea, although I'm not sure about a 3 day pass or fail.
  4. I just got this: This email is in regards to your Drop Ship product for the Accurate Solo 1000 Smokeless Gun Powder 8 lb. I apologize, we have been contacted by the Manufacturer stating that this item is out of stock. At this time, we have refunded $166.97 back to the original credit card this purchase was made with. It takes about 24 hours for this transaction to be finalized and reflect on your MidwayUSA account. It is at the discretion of your financial institution to issue the credit to your personal account and may take up to 30 days. I apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.
  5. What bullet weight are you working with for 310? Are you going for USPSA minor?
  6. Oh, Yes, well in this case I agree. 310 is probably too quick for 9mm.
  7. I hadn't shot it since it became the nationals. Was going to try to do it this year. Bummer. I think shot a bunch of them early on, before SS was a USPSA division. It was fun, and inventive. The early matches were using USPSA guidelines, but since it was not a sanctioned match, they could do some things that were not legal in USPSA, like shooting with pick up guns and such. I vividly remember a stage called Tank Commander, where they had a moveable tube in a wall. All shots had to be fired through the tube. All steel stage.
  8. We get a great turn out for this match, with a good number of M's and GM's. And there is a reason. It has become a top notch sectional match, with stages above and beyond what one normally sees at this level. I remember shooting Illinois Sections that were nothing but an overgrown club match. These recent matches run by Ryan Clouse and Kyle Smith have been awesome!
  9. This was on Single Stack Society's face book page Monday: The 2019 Single Stack Classic Match has been cancelled. Rising costs have made it prohibitive to continue to produce the Match. We thank all past competitors, staff and sponsors for their participation and support. This facebook page and the 1911 SSC website will be closed on November 30th. Sorry to see it go. In it's prime, it was a great match. Met a lot of good people there.
  10. Thanks for the chart! That'll give me a good starting point, assuming of course it does show.
  11. I load 3.2 n320 at 1.12 OAL for 130 pf out of my S2. When I shot my S1 with .2" shorter barrel, it chronoed 128 pf.
  12. That is a sound starting point. Depending on barrel length and gun related factors, you may need to bump it up a little, but chrono first.
  13. So, two weeks out from order and I'm still waiting. I'm starting to think it was some kind of inventory glitch at Midway.
  14. Too fast? Do you mean burn rate? Tight Group is actually lower (faster) on burn rate charts than N320.
  15. Follow up to this thread. There was no law suit, and the shooter actually asked if he could come back to that club and shoot. That a boy for taking responsibility for you own actions!
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