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  1. jripper

    Guy shot himself during “make ready”.

    Follow up to this thread. There was no law suit, and the shooter actually asked if he could come back to that club and shoot. That a boy for taking responsibility for you own actions!
  2. jripper

    Anybody running a CTS LS-P?

    I have one, I am considering having it become a accu CTS and getting the magwell beveled.
  3. jripper

    75 LS-P or Accu Shadow Lite for Production

    I have a LS-P which I shot for one season. Loved it. I like the weight and grip of the s2 better, but the LS-p is a solid choice if you want a lighter gun.
  4. jripper

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    I'm used to shooting a Shadow 2 in USPSA, so I don't know if a 41 ounce 22 is going to be a huge problem for me.
  5. jripper

    Solo 1000!

    I've got to dig out my old data. I haven't used it in 3 or 4 years at least. Anyone load Solo in 9mm under a 147 coated? Looking for USPSA minor load. I think I was shooting 125s when I was using Solo.
  6. jripper

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    No. It's only because it forces me to shoot faster so I can get to the Porta Potty quicker.
  7. jripper

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    I think that's what I've heard too. My brother has one, and I think he only runs standard. But, I don't trust his opinion
  8. jripper

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    If I eat Mexican the night before the match, my splits are much faster.
  9. My shadow two was shooting some sub 2" groups at 25 yards, close to 1.5" with an 8moa dot from a bench. That's as good as I can physically shoot a handgun from a rest. Can't ask for much more.
  10. jripper

    Bullet weight vs the timer

    Don't forget to factor in the wind speed and barometric pressure
  11. jripper

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    I found an optic ready model available new. I hadn't seen them for a while. I'm just trying to justify buying it. Is it OK to shoot high velocity ammo through them, or standard only?
  12. jripper

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    I was looking for an excuse to buy one :)
  13. Does anyone shoot a model 41 smith and Wesson for steel challenge? How do you like it. Any issues?
  14. jripper

    LRP in pistolas

    Small rifle primers fit in small pistol brass, but not large rifle/large pistol.
  15. jripper

    Interesting (non-scientific) study (45acp)

    It's pretty horrible. What brand ammo uses this? I find it in my brass I buy from the indoor range.