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  1. So I was able to squeeze 20 in the Dawson follower mags. And they ran. But no way I’m going to reload with them
  2. I have a couple of Dawson .40 2011 "plus 1" magazine followers. However, they don't seem to "Plus 1", even with a plus one base pad. I know the easy answer is a grams follower, but has anyone used these and succeeded in adding a round to a .40 2011 mag?
  3. jripper

    Nationals Promo

    This is for CZ USA not CZ custom, correct?
  4. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    The CZ custom web sight shows the A01 ld extended safeties are in stock.
  5. Another great Illinois section is in the books. This match is continuing to grow each year. Good variety of deceptively hard stages. And of course sand, lots of sand. Thanks to Ryan, Dave, Eric and all my fellow staff that worked the match. Thanks to all the shooters who reset, pasted, and worked to keep things running smoothly. Hope to see you all back next year.
  6. I can say in almost 20 years of shooting USPSA I have never shot a stage with a big tree directly in the middle of the shooting area before. My luck a bird will s#!t on me during my run. Or I'll be attacked by a rabid squirrel.
  7. Right, You may need to clip a coil or so. I wouldn't recommend it unless you're having problems with extraction.
  8. This is looking to be another great match!. There is a good variety in the stage design. Looking forward to it!
  9. Midway did carry the extra power extractor springs. Some shadow 2s have this issue, and I believe it is due to the fact that the recess for the extractor spring in some guns was cut incorrectly The extra power spring should fix it. You may need to trim a coil or so off.
  10. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    Ok. That makes sense. Thanks
  11. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    Great! It looks like there is a small disc of something covering the screw. Does that just come out ?
  12. jripper

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    Oh yeah, just a reminder, the front sight on the A01 is pinned on. I didn't realize this and sheared the pin off getting the sight off. No harm, no foul, but felt stupid.
  13. jripper

    Shadow 2 or A01 LD?

    I actually bought the Kimber cut one, at .200 tall Fit perfect
  14. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    I've got over 1000 rounds through the A01 so far. I'm really loving this gun. I've done some accuracy work, along with transitions drills, el pres, etc. The mag well has a big bevel, and my reloads are probably .25 to .5 faster than with my S2. The weight doesn't seem to bother me in transitions or draws. The weight really helps on strong and weak hand shooting. It's very stable, and my hits were better, and easier than with my S2. I shot a team competition with it at a tactical training center, and my team came in second. Bot first and second place teams were shooting CZs, btw. I've ordered a Cajun hammer/sear set, and am going to see if the hammer will smooth out the double action just a bit as I've polished everything I know to polish, and it still has a little hitch in it. I'll also switch to the 8.5lb hammer spring, as I only use federal primers anyway. My wish list for this gun: wider safeties and an extended mag release, the later I know is in the works. Know I'm just waiting for it to be USPSA production legal. Awesome gun at any price.
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