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  1. I also have both guns. The grip is different. I like it, but as previously mentioned, it is larger. If you have small hands it's probably not for you. It is super accurate. I also have the SD version, and I think of the three guns it's my favorite. about 4 ounces lighter, with the superior construction and accuracy of the LD.
  2. A01 ld has forged frame and slide vs S2 cast frame, bull barrel, sear cage pinned directly to frame (which results in crisper SA trigger) and uses P10F/P09 mags. It also weighs about 51 ounces unloaded.
  3. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    I'm using p09/p10 mags with the czc basepads.
  4. jripper

    Moving to CZ?

    Short answer: weight, quality, single action trigger. Locally I've seen several people jump ship from CZ to a X 5 legion. I won't myself. CZ firearms are quality products. Over the last 5 years the amount of gun related malfunctions I've had during matches from a CZ I could easily count on 1 hand. A tuned CZ single action trigger is awesome, just short of a tuned 1911 imho. The g34 is light weight. Weight absorbs recoil, makes it easier to shoot. The steel q 4 just feels horrible, not balanced at all. I haven't dealt with the x5 legion myself. They
  5. Federal is the softest bar none. I’m not 100 percent sure you need to run them in a tso exclusively. Winchester are probably 2nd softest and I suspect would run fine in it
  6. I have a A01ld and have shot a tso in 40. They are both great guns. The single action in the A01ld is pinned directly to the frame and is the best I’ve seen on any CZ. While I’m sure you’d be happy with a tso the A01ld has a forged frame and slide excellent single action and is my all time favorite cz.
  7. Make sure the lifter spring under the trigger bar is in position.
  8. I'm thinking hammer spring. Or maybe it's really dirty. If it looks grimy you might do a full detail strip and clean.
  9. I am currently shooting an AO1 ld in USPSA Production, and have a AO1 ld in .40 on order for limited. I just sold one of my S2 optic set ups, and am trying to decide if I should replace it with the AO1 LD optic ready or the SD (Short dustcover). Does anyone here have a SD? Have they shot It next to a LD? Thanks
  10. I shot my first USPSA match last weekend with the A01ld. The weight did not any negative way effect my shooting. It is extremely stable, and second shots are extremely quick and effortless. I really like the S2s and ran them since basically they came out, but the A01ld is made so much better. Everyone that has shot it loved it.
  11. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    Just ordered my extended safety and mag release. Any word on updated production numbers?
  12. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    Any word on the current A01 ld production numbers?
  13. Not at that price point. It's hard to get a 2011 in that price range. If it has a 1911 trigger, and a more ergonomic grip, then that is a big improvement over a TSO.
  14. Well there you go! Thanks So, a great, mid priced option for USPSA limited in .40.
  15. I think flush fix 2011 mags (126mm) only hold 15 .40s. I heard that 21 is possible with a 140mm.
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