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  1. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    It does feel different. It's more rounded for one thing. I don't have a TSO to compare it to, but on all my 75 series guns I put Lok Palm Swell grips on them. I don't need to change the grips on this gun. If just "feels" right. The checkering is definitely better. This gun won't move from your hand. I would say there is more girth than a Shadow 2, although I'm not sure bout height under the bore. It seems similar or slightly less.
  2. I ran into the same problem. I believe the instruction tell you to make sure and use them as a set. Try that. I think it'll solve your problem.
  3. I use a 10 lb on my carry optics guns, and on my production S2, and don't feel a ton of difference in recoil. I haven't shot the Syntec, but I would try a different load to see if it makes a difference. I suspect the syntec load is a better warmer than needed to make USPSA minor
  4. This may be a dumb question, but you are using the right side safety that came with the extended left, and not the one that came with the flat, right?
  5. jripper

    AO1 LD Review

    I got my A01 LD CZ two weeks ago, since being on back order from January. I finally got around to shooting it yesterday. Before I shot it, here's my take on the gun: It's freaking heavy! At 51 ounces, I expected this. However, it balances very well. It doesn't feel like I"m fighting to keep the gun up on target. It feels very stable. The grip panels are VZ and feel perfect for me as is, with the new grip frame. On a shadow two, I use a Lok Bogie with the palm swells, so I have fairly large hands. I can reach the double action fine, but If you have any smaller hands than mine, a reach reduction kit may be in order. It has a very nice beveled mag well. I usually run a extended mag release, but I did not have a problem hitting the standard release on this gun, but there again I"ve got monkey thumbs. The single action is the best I've seen on a CZ out of the box yet. There is pretty much no hammer caming, and very crisp, breaking just an ounce or two over 3lbs. This is no doubt due to the sear being pinned directly to the frame. The double action was around 8lbs, and while I've seen much worse, it wasn't the best out of the box I've seen either. Upon disassembly I found that there was no polishing of the trigger bar of sear/sear cage contact areas. I felt that for the price point of this gun, it should have received some attention before shipping, but it is supposed to be a "Production" gun, so oh well. The front sight is a fiber optic, and in my opinion, too wide for the rear. Most all that come on factory guns are, so nothing too surprising here. The rear sight is flat black, and the dovetail when compared to a Shadow 2 sight I had lying around, is larger front to back. The front sight is cross dovetailed, not the standard CZ length wise dovetail pinned sight. The sear cage is not standard, as it appears to be milled steel. The hammer and sear pins are also different, being unidirectional, and with a recess in the frame for the larger end, and are firmly fit into the holes. No retaining pin on the hammer as per the 75. Before shooting, I installed a 11 lb hammer spring, 11 pound recoil spring, extended firing pin, and polished some of the contact areas. When reinstalling the sear, I made a slave and assembled the sear cage out of the frame, which made the whole process of reinstallation pretty easy. I did not remove the hammer yet, but will be doing so later, as I plan to install a Cajun gunworks race hammer and sear in the future. The gun already has a short reset disconnector installed, and it appears the hammer strut is polished and needs no work. This work got my double action down to 5lbs 14 ounces or so, and single was 2lbs 14ounces, both give or take a ounce. The double action was considerably smoother, although not yet as nice as I'd like. I'll be working on that. I do want to point out how nicely this thing was made. Man, it's nice. I took it over to TK custom, and let Tom and Eli check it out. They were both impressed. And this says a lot coming from some of the top revolver smiths in the country. Excellent machining with almost no tool marks. A true thing of beauty. Yesterday, I got around to shooting it. First, I really like the mags. The P09 series mag load easy, followers don't tilt, and I was able to load them into the gun fully loaded at 19 rounds without extra effort. I was shooting my typical USPSA load of 3.2 grains of vv n320 behind a SNS 147 grain coated bullet, with federal primers. This has been a accurate and reliable load for several years in all my other CZs. I first benched the gun at 25 yards using a MTM plastic pistol rest. Not the best rest, nor am I very good at bench shooting. Most of the groups hovered around 2". However, I would often have one flyer enlarging the group. I shot one group close to 1 inch with 3 bullets in one hole. I truly believe this gun is capable of doing this every time. Just this shooter is not. My impressions are: Damn it's soft! So mild to shoot. My normally mild loads were extra mild. I also shot 50 rounds of 115gr federal range/target through the gun. Although they were louder, they were not much different in regards to recoil and flip. This not the case in my S2. Although it is not by anyway harsh recoil in the S2, the difference in loads is much more pronounced. At the end of the day I shot 50 rounds of Federal Range and Target through my EDC P10 C. The difference in the two guns made it feel like I was shooting a .357 mag. The weight makes the gun very forgiving. I do not have a holster yet, so I was not able to do any draws. But I shot some accuracy drills and some speed drills. I did a drill similar to what was shot at the SNS 400 recently. 4 head shots on a cardboard USPSA and 4 on a A zone only steel plate at 18 yards. I bombed this stage at the SNS. But the weight and stability of this gun really made it easy to land the head shots. At 8 yards a double tap on the A zone plate was effortless. Aim once, pull trigger twice, two hits. I did some transition work. I didn't time this but I didn't feel that the extra weight was a handicap in any way. Plate rack at 25 yards was pretty easy to hit. In fact, I started overrunning my self, going too fast on the trigger, as the gun just hung there on the plate. I put over 400 of my reloads through it, and 50 of the federal range and target with no issues what so ever. I did notice the primers on my reloads seemed a little flatter than when fired from my S2. Not exactly sure why. There were no signs of primer flow. I'll chronograph some ammo in the near future to see if there is much difference from the S2 to this barrel. Is it worth the money? Well. It's with out a doubt the finest 9mm pistol I've ever owned. I love my S2s and are pretty much flawless and feel they are very well made pistols. However, the A01 LD is better made. Considerably better. I don't really know how much better of a pistol you can buy. I think it will be a great USPSA production gun, bullseye gun, or just a damn nice target gun. When the trend is for 50 ounce steel griped ST/SV frame limited guns, a 50 ounce production gun makes sense. I need a holster, and some actual match time to determine if it really works better for me than the S2, but so far, it looks promising. I don't regret the purchase, and once I have worked out the double action, I'll be perfectly content with it, and it'll in my collection whether it becomes a match gun, or just a damn nice piece to own and shoot.
  6. Interesting. Mine had minimal pre-travel. I agree on the grips. They feel perfect for me also. I feel for the price point the trigger, even though easily fixed, should have been polished up to start with.
  7. It rained yesterday, so instead of shooting, I took the A01LD apart. First off, there are a few differences compared to a 75/shadow CZ. The safety is a tumbler type, which was pretty tight and took a little effort to get out at first. After removing the safety, you can see the sear pin, which goes all the way through the frame and sear cage, i.e. pinned directly to the frame. This results in the sear cage having zero movement when installed, and I'm sure the reason the AO1 ld has the best single action of any CZ I've handled out of the box, with almost zero hammer camming. The top of the sear cage looks like it has been milled down a bit, I assume due to a differences in tolerances from A01 to the 75. It also looks like it's a forged part, although I may be wrong on this. The hammer and sear pins are unidirectional. One end is larger than the other, and appears to be a tight fit into the frame. There is no retaining pin on the hammer pin. I did not remove the hammer yet, as I didn't need to do so for what I was doing. From what I can see, it appears that the hammer strut is polished and does not need any attention, but as I stated I did not take the hammer out yet. Once removing the sear cage, you are going to have the sear and sear spring loose. I made a capture pin so that I could reassemble this before I installed it into the gun. The sear, sear spring, and hammer all appear to be cz 75 parts. The trigger, trigger pin, and stirrup all disassemble like a standard CZ. The trigger stirrup does look like it is of better quality than some I have seen, but that may be a luck of the draw. The stirrup and sear cage have not been polished, thus resulting in a stagey feel to the double action pull. Before my work, my DA pull was about 8lbs 4 ounces, and single was 3 lbs 1 or 2 ounces. The double had a distinct "hitch" in it. I polished the parts as per regular procedure, as there was no polishing done. While I understand it is supposed to be a "Production" pistol, at the price point I would think this would be done already. But, it did not bother me as I do l like to tinker with my guns. The hammer spring comes out as normal, but there is no mag break, and the spring cap is of different design. I replaced the stock spring with an 11 lb, and put in an extended firing pin. I reassembled the trigger and replaced the pin with a Cajun free float which I had in the parts box. I assembled the sear cage using the slave pin I made out of some bulk roll pins I had. By assembling this outside of the gun, reassembly was pretty painless. I drove the slave pin out with the sear pin, and worked fairly smoothly. All else assembles as normal. So, my finished project has a smooth double action pull of just under 6 lbs, single action is 2 lbs 12 ounces give or take. Next post will be with my shooting impressions. If the weather gets better, I should have some time Thursday or this weekend. to try it out.
  8. I don't have a holster yet. I'll be looking towards USPSA production when it makes the list, so I'll be checking with Red Hills Tactical. It's not on there yet, so I'm not in a huge hurry for a holster.
  9. I'll definitely want one of those. It's a little short for my liking.
  10. I had a friend putting in a Cajun order, through the parts in with it.
  11. So I've got one now. Not fired it yet. The single action is extremely crisp, pretty much no hammer camming on break. The double is smooth, with the exception of a small hitch about 3/4 of the way back. I've run into this before, and I think I can fix it, but I'm a little anxious about disassembly, as I understand the sear cage is pinned direct to the frame. Anyone had one apart yet? I ordered a 11 lb hammer and extended firing pin from Cajun, and going to install that to see how it feels. Will shoot soon. It's very well made, that's for sure!
  12. Let me know what you think when you get some rounds downrange. I have handled one and was very impressed.
  13. Does anyone own a A01 LD yet? I've had one on back order for a while now, and I'm starting to see a pictures of a few out and about. I'd like to hear first hand reviews. Are they worth the money?
  14. Does anyone make a extended magwell that will fit the Gen 2 PSA glock mag 9mm lower? The gun runs great, but a larger magwell would be a big help. I can't find anything online for this gun.
  15. I actually wasn't there, but was told this by people who were there. I think that there should be a safety briefing for new shooters, and this should be covered under that.
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