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  1. I personally would put in a Cajun Hammer/sear kit, along with the short reset parts. It should make a significant difference in the trigger pull.
  2. Couple of questions: Did you change hammer/sear? Is this a SP01 or a SP01 Shadow (is there a firing pin block)?
  3. Cajun sells a starter punch for removing trigger pins. That's what I used. I think any proper sized center punch will work. Once you have it started with the center punch, you can take it the rest of the way with a regular punch. I replaced my trigger pin with a Cajun floating trigger pin and reduced trigger return spring.
  4. I have an accu shadow and an A01ld. They are both very accurate guns. The A01 trigger can be tuned to, in my opinion, a better level than the rest of the 75 family due to the sear cage being pinned to the frame. And the weight of the A01 helps stabilize it when shooting off hand. I'm not sure any of the three listed are any more inherently accurate than the other, it comes down to how well they fit your hand. TSO, Accu shadow and the A01 all have different grip frames.
  5. I did that once too LOL.
  6. Sure thing. I just found a roll pin similar in size to the sear pin, and cut it to the length of the sear cage. Makes is just about as easy as a 75 shadow to reassemble. I do agree that the lifer spring is a little more difficult to remove, but otherwise don't think it's any harder to work on than a regular shadow.
  7. Make a slave pin to replace the sear pin. You can assemble the sear cage assembly out side of the frame using the slave pin. Makes reassembly much easier.
  8. jripper

    A01 LD for Limited

    I don’t believe these exist yet. Czc has had a problem sourcing suitable barrels
  9. Ok. Got it. It think I was getting confused on felt reset vs mechanical reset. Thanks
  10. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/fire-control/cz-75-pre-b-disconnector-shorter-reset-drop-in.html
  11. The Orange should already have a short reset disconnector.
  12. I'm going to disagree about with you. It significantly affects reset.
  13. Like the name implies, the shorter reset disconnector definitely reduces reset. I have used both the cajun and the cz custom. Both are good. You can get a cajun that you fit for absolutely shortest reset possible. But I've found that the drop in ones are just about as good.
  14. Shorter reset. It should reduce the take up on the single action somewhat too. Both the CZC and the Cajun Gunworks work well.
  15. Pretty much no one makes all the components for every gun they make. All it takes is one major component supplier, like say a barrel manufacturer who is making the barrels for the guns, to be shut down by Covid, and the whole thing is done. Especially for a new product where the component may be proprietary.
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