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  1. So I wanted to do an update if anyone was curious... I went ahead and sent the RO back to Springfield. They had to re-cut the barrel (too short), re-polish the feed ramp and also tune the extractor. I took it out last night and shot 115 FMJ, 124 FMJ and 124 HP with absolutely no issues running factory and Dawson 10rd mags. I am very pleased they took care of it. The total turn around time was about 3.5 weeks. Thanks for all the suggestions and input. Now to begin setting up my rig and trying it out in a match very soon. Thanks again
  2. no, I appreciated it. Read it and then went on an extractor rabbit hole for a few hours. wow... lol
  3. I was wondering that too.. However Frank Glenn Custom is local to me. I reached out to him, he said bring some of my reloads and $25. He will chamber/ream out the barrel for me. That will rule that part out. So if issues afterwards then its the extractor or mags? I am trying to be able to run my same reloads in all my USPSA guns. If that makes sense.
  4. I just did what you said and the bullet will not fall out. I can beat the slide super hard and it doesn't fall out... Thanks for the reading material That's true. I did however shoot Speer Lawman 124. Out of the 3mags or so. It was having fail to eject issues and the magazine would not last round open. I am using the 2 factory magazines that came from Springfield.
  5. Thanks for the response, Its just crazy to think that my barrel is that much different than my buddies... Guess I could crank the OAL down.. Will have to learn how to adjust extractor tension. lol Thanks
  6. Yes I did. well, not all of them but a bunch when I was reloading. But they all worked in my friends Range Officer that is 100% stock still.. I also case gauge every round when I load.
  7. So I have been on here talking about my new Range Officer and that I am a newb with 1911's. I'm purchasing all goodies to get running in SS matches. I went to shoot it at the range yesterday for the first time with my reloads and roughly 59/60 rounds either failed to eject, failed to feed or got stuck in the barrel... 130pf, 1.124 115gr, 124gr and 147gr berrys HBFP... These are the rounds I shoot in my shadow 2 for a few years now. I also shoot these exact rounds in my buddies RO for about 10 magazines worth flawless. Even though my RO is new, I am not the original owner so I don't think I can send it into Springfield... Possibly the barrel needs "reemed" out... Super bummed.. saved up over a year for this gun. Any thoughts? Thanks for reading
  8. Thanks for the reply. What brand did you use? There is diff some play in the lockup. Will check it at 25yds. Yeah it took me a good month of coming up with my pet load for my production gun. Heres to hoping my 1911 likes it at 25yds. haha.
  9. Setting up my new Range Officer for single stack and was curious if replacing the barrel bushing actually helped with accuracy and "sloppiness" She shoots true but I will step up my game for the $20 if it's worth it. haha. Just hoping to feel some opinions on it. If so, what brands do you recommend, still a 1911 newb. Thanks!
  10. I also just checked and it appears it does NOT have the ILS. That made me happy!
  11. I really really appreciate all the responses. Being my first 1911 I am really seeing that it's like the AR-15 of the gun world. So damn many aftermarket parts and it's hard to choose. I don't wanna waste money on the wrong stuff. I was asking around some of the guys last night shooting SS to hold their guns and that helped. I'm gonna do .180x.90 for the dawson. Techwells are super popular here in AZ but the S&A you suggested looked really nice and cheaper. I gotta pull it out of the box and see if it has the ILS... if so, it's gone. lol Thanks again!
  12. Hey guys! Was hoping to pick some of your brains. I currently run a CZ Shadow 2 for production class (B shooter), purchased a range officer in 9mm and so excited to play with single stack but it is my first 1911 and new with them. I am going to go with Techwell TGO magwell, Techwell slim agressive grips (I have small hands) and a Dawson front FO sight. I also need an ambi as I am a lefty. I like the DAA Racer pouches as I use them in production and CRSpeed Belt. I also like the Dawson Supreme mags. What size FO did you guys use in the front. .090? and I assume the .180 factory height will be fine with my 124gr? Do I need to add a full length guide rod? Recommendations on an Ambi? What size mainhousing spring? Any other springs to replace? Thanks for your time!
  13. Thats what I was exactly looking for. Thanks a ton for posting! Cruising through the 112pg rules now.
  14. Howdy, I have been shooting steel at my local club for the last 3 months or so and recently got my USPSA membership. I registered for a "level 1" USPSA match for this Sunday. I am curious, I find out what the difference is between level 1,2,3, classifier? Any help out be great to help me clarify. Thanks and happy shooting! Weev-
  15. I am currently shooting my Shadow 2 in production and I love it but it doesn't make the 46oz weight limit for carry optics. I have a few buddies trying it out and thought it would be cool to build a CO gun and try it out with them for something other than production. I don't reload and don't have the scratch for the STI I want, so I figured CO its the perfect poor mans open gun. Any thoughts on a CZ for carry optics? Thanks for reading
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