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  1. Cfish

    PCC minimum barrel length

    I believe the minimum barrel length is 10" for IDPA. This could change because I think PCC is still a provisional division.
  2. Cfish

    WST LOAD for PCC

    I'm using 4.4 of WST with a 124gr lead roundnose @ 1.125 in a Yankee hill barrel. Accurate with minimal recoil.
  3. Cfish

    Need pet load data for KKM G34 barrel

    I only saw accuracy improvement with 115gr PD hp's in a G17. With 124 and 135 gr the KKM groups were basically the same as stock.
  4. Cfish

    Spinta Glock 17 barrel

    Spinta has stainless Glock 17 barrels on sale for $84.95. Seems like a great price. Anyone have any experience with their barrels?
  5. Cfish

    How to pick a powder

    N-320 is another great choice for 9mm minor!
  6. Cfish

    Federal Small Pistol Magnum Primers

    It sure has been a while!
  7. Cfish

    Top 3 pistol powders

    Prima V N320 7625 WST
  8. Cfish

    More 9mm to avoid

    Definitely crap!
  9. Cfish

    Noble sport prima V, the best for 9???

    I was using N320 and have no negatives about it but the price. That being said, Prima V is definitely my new powder of choice for 9mm.
  10. Cfish

    2017 Rule Change Basics Shooters Should Know

    So I can drop an empty mag with a round in the chamber and not get a PE or the new FP?
  11. Cfish

    2017 Rule Change Basics Shooters Should Know

    What about reloads, do they need to be slide lock reloads?
  12. Cfish

    Looking for 135gr

    Coated 135's are my favorite. Load with N320 or Prima V and have some fun!
  13. N320 or Prima V wth a 135gr coated bullet is a great combo. Soft shooting, clean and of course good accuracy.
  14. Cfish

    Noble sport prima V, the best for 9???

    You can also add other powders and primers to your order at Graf's and still get the free hazmat! !
  15. Cfish

    G34, coated lead, which weight for "best accuracy"?

    Don't overlook the 135's.