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  1. What size is the wave spring ? If I was to purchase some from a supplier.
  2. I believe the minimum barrel length is 10" for IDPA. This could change because I think PCC is still a provisional division.
  3. I'm using 4.4 of WST with a 124gr lead roundnose @ 1.125 in a Yankee hill barrel. Accurate with minimal recoil.
  4. I only saw accuracy improvement with 115gr PD hp's in a G17. With 124 and 135 gr the KKM groups were basically the same as stock.
  5. Spinta has stainless Glock 17 barrels on sale for $84.95. Seems like a great price. Anyone have any experience with their barrels?
  6. N-320 is another great choice for 9mm minor!
  7. I was using N320 and have no negatives about it but the price. That being said, Prima V is definitely my new powder of choice for 9mm.
  8. So I can drop an empty mag with a round in the chamber and not get a PE or the new FP?
  9. What about reloads, do they need to be slide lock reloads?
  10. Coated 135's are my favorite. Load with N320 or Prima V and have some fun!
  11. N320 or Prima V wth a 135gr coated bullet is a great combo. Soft shooting, clean and of course good accuracy.
  12. You can also add other powders and primers to your order at Graf's and still get the free hazmat! !
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