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Found 118 results

  1. I bought a used 2011 and I am trying to find a 9mm barrel but nothing looks quite the same. link to the pictures because I can't post them due to the size limit. https://imgur.com/a/8HFXGFl
  2. I recently tuned my 140mm 40 mags with Taran Tactical Springs, followers and base pads. The SVI tubes loaded to 21, the STI mags loaded to 20. All worked well. Went to tune 170mm 9mm mags all nothing went right. The small taran tactical follower would allow a round to slip past when attempting to load to capacity?? then it was a mess coming back. I tried the standard follower and they worked, but could not get 30 rounds in any STI Mag. I Switched back to the Grams follower, with Taran Tact. Spring and they worked but could not get more than 28 in an STI tube. I have several SVI tubes with Grams followers that take 30? Has anyone else had any luck with the Taran tactical small follower?
  3. Folks: I am going to change the rear sight on my 2011. I need to know if you drive it out left to right or right to left when looking at it from the hammer. Thanks much, Machine
  4. Is a Brand New 2011 STI Trubor for $2325 a good deal? (shipping is included) Thank you!.
  5. Just got a new STI DVC shot about 300 rounds total and worried about the contact that is happening between the barrel and the slide. It looks as though the barrel it’s twisting a bit when it’s unlocked and contacting the slide on both sides of the hood extension of the barrel. I’ve included a picture of where it’s deforming the slide a bit. I contacted STI and they said don’t worry about it, and this is normal with the tight tolerances they have with their fitting. This just doesn’t seem right to me so thought I’d check here with many more guys who have a lot more experience than I do. The gun functions well, no misfeeds, failure to go into battery etc at all.
  6. Thinking about changing out the stock recoil spring on my 40 cal Edge with a 12 lb one to keep the muzzle from nosediving so much. Any thoughts? Thanks, Darrell
  7. I'm trying to find reloaded ammo for sale in .40. I'm looking for something that is tuned down to meed the requirements of powerfactor for that load. I would reload but due to the lack of time and knowledge of how to reload are the things that are holding me back. Does anyone know of any place to buy?
  8. Hello to all of you. I'll be getting a new STI DVC open. It will be 9mm and I plan to shoot 9mm major. I have experience reloading, but not 9mm major. I'm looking for suggestions as far as OAL, powder and qty to begin loading major for this gun. I'm planning on using 124gr round nose RMR bullets. My first approach was going to be using the maximum suggested powder qty found in reputable reloading books for 9mm + 1gr. Any recomendations are welcome.
  9. I have a STI Trubore and a zigracker and am looking for recommendations for a gunsmith that has good quality and a quick turnaround to install my zigracker. I live in Montana and while it seems most of the gunsmiths around the area are fair in price and do good work, a quick turnaround is not in their vocabulary
  10. I just purchased one of the new STI DVC Limited Islands in 9mm, so I figured I’d post a quick review. This is my first 2011, and will replace my Glock 34 for 3 gun. After a few months of research and reading through countless posts here, I was between an STI DVC, CK, or Atlas gun. When I came across the DVC Island on Gunbroker, it seemed like a good compromise between the features that I wanted and cost. I really liked the concept of a sight tracker, which previously limited me to an Apeiro or custom gun. This seems to be a good middle ground between those 2 options, although CK and Atlas definitely offer an amazing value for non sight tracker guns. The DVC Limited Island is a limited production gun (like the DVC Limited DLC), and is essentially a hybrid between the DVC Limited and Apeiro. It has a 2 tone finish, with the slide and frame tumble blued and the barrel, magwell, and hammer matte silver. I received the gun last week and made a few observations. Pros: The action seems pretty smooth (although I don’t really have anything to compare it to), and the trigger is awesome coming from a Glock. I measured it at 2 lbs 15 oz on my digital gauge with a very short reset. I also really liked the texture and double undercut on the Extreme Shooters grip. I don’t mind the blued finish, but I figure that I can always have it refinished in the future. Cons: Unfortunately, I noticed a few minor issues. Once I took apart the gun, I noticed a large machine mark/groove on the right side of the island portion of the barrel (see pictures). There were also some minor wear marks on the inside of the slide where the finish appears to be worn off, which I found unusual for a new gun. I should also mention that the island barrel is an STI, not a Schuemann barrel. While I was hoping to be surprised, the STI barrel is what I expected. At the range, I was very happy with how the gun handled. Although I didn’t notice a huge difference in sight tracking/follow through, I think the island barrel still has its merits. It definitely shoots really flat. After putting about 150 rounds through the gun, however, I ran into a problem. I was having some issues zeroing the gun, so I checked the front sight. Sure enough, the sight was very loose and could easily be moved from one side of the dovetail to the other. Based on some other posts that I read, this seems to be a common issue with the DVCs. I contacted STI on Friday, and was told that I would hear back from them on Monday. I really like the gun, but it’s very disappointing to have to send it back already. I was mostly concerned about the front sight issue, but I’ll also see what they can do about the machine mark on the barrel. It’s minor from a cosmetic standpoint, but I’m concerned about long term wear on the slide. I’m cautiously optimistic that STI will be able to get everything fixed. If not I may send it elsewhere to get it tuned/fixed, but that could bring my total investment into the custom gun range. Hopefully I’ll be sharing an STI customer service success story later this week. As long as these issues are specific to my gun, the DVC Limited Island could still be a good option for those looking for a sight tracker but not wanting to go the custom route. I would love to hear from anyone else who buys one of these so that we can get more information and help future buyers make an informed decision.
  11. I shoot a 9mm STI Trubor in Open... The firing pin spring is starting to wear on the sides... I'd like to get another FP spring, but I don't want to use a super long, super heavy Wolff spring. I use Wolff variable rate recoil springs, so I have lots of the firing pin springs that come with their recoil springs... I don't understand why anyone would want an "extra power" firing pin spring? Doesn't that just make it harder for the hammer to push the firing pin into the primer? More resistance from the spring? Plus, they are super long. What's a good firing pin spring for an STI Open gun?
  12. Wasssup guys. Just scored a sweet deal on an STI Steel Master. I was looking to get one for the local club non uspsa matches and steel matches and also for 3 gun open division. A local guy contacted me and offered me one for 1200$ that has only 3k rounds and has been tuned by the illustrious Eddie Garcia. Also came sporting an RTS2 and with one 140mag with grahams guts and dawson follower. so i am pretty happy with it. My question is this, i have am extra PT grip laying around from when I upgraded to the PT EVO and was thinking about putting on this gun. I am not shooting steel challenge with it, it will only be for 3 gun and uspsa style and tuesday night steel matches. What is everyones thoughts on doing this? thanks for any and all input Jon
  13. Maybe I did something wrong,but when I went to STI website only 1911 SS they had was the DVC 1911. What happened to Trojan and all the others?
  14. I am new to 2011 pistols and need suggestions on what works for left handed shooters when it comes to mag release engagement. I have tried simply hitting the stock and an oversized release with my trigger finger but it's not smooth and certainly slow..... I just received a mitchell right side mag release but my hands are too small for my left hand thumb to reach it.... Is my best option using my support hand (right) thumb for depressing the right side mag release????
  15. I am about to start the process of buying all the parts to build my first 2011 with the help of a gunsmith buddy to build. I need Ideas on where to find the best deals and what parts are worth spending the money on and what aren't. I'm basing it off an Sti lower and blank upper unless i can find one premilled that looks cool. Thanks in advance for the help
  16. New to the forum. Just picked up a STI DVC Limited in 40 to shoot USPSA. Shot predominantly production that last couple years but made the jump to Limited. Zero'd the gun and chrono'd to make 170 PF. The gun came stock with a 14 lb. recoil spring. Can i go with a lighter recoil spring and still have reliability? Any suggestions on what weight recoil spring? I amend to the 2011 platform so unsure of hat i can and cannot do....also anybody use shot-buffs in their guns? Thanks for the help.
  17. Hello everyone. I am new to competitive shooting and have a question concerning STI mags. I hear the guts of the mags aren't up to par for most shooters and they are changed out. what does everyone use or recomend to change them out to? Currently running STI EDGE and STI EXECUTIVE both in 40cal. Any information would be helpful.
  18. Hello, all. New to this forum, but have been mining it for information for years. Recent transplant to the Richmond VA area by way of south west Missouri. B class Limited Minor shooter who came to his senses and switched to Production. Looking forward to what I can learn from here.
  19. Howdy, I have spent the last 21 years as a forensic scientist specializing in firearms (long before anyone ever heard about CSI!). Anyway, I have owned a number of handguns over the years (Glock, Colt, Sig, Ruger) and have enjoyed all of them. I’m finally getting interested in shooting USPSA and really like all that I have read and watched about STI firearms (particularly the Edge and Tactical). I hope to purchase one of these in 9mm Luger. I’m here to learn from others in this great community and hope to contribute meaningfully as well. Thanks! Darrell
  20. For a 9mm 4.25in commander I'm looking to get it shooting as smooth as possible. I already got a Harrison FPS. Now I'm looking at recoil springs. There are a bewildering number of recoil springs which all claim to somehow reduce the felt recoil (I'm assuming by extending the impulse) while not increasing front sight dip when the slide returns. These include:- Nighthawk/Bob Marvel Everlast recoil system- DPM triple spring recoil reduction system- Sprinco Recoil Reducer- EFK dual action spring- Wolff Variable power springs- STI RecoilmasterDo any of these (or any other system or setup) actually keep the gun flatter during recoil? Do any of the variable rate, or multiple spring setups actually help slow the slide when moving reward, but then don't slam the slide home with the same force?Lastly, what would folks recommend for the setup mentioned above? I also have this same thread going on 1911forum with some interesting responses here: https://forums.1911forum.com/showthread.php?p=11229570&posted=1Thanks!
  21. Hello All, I bought an STI LS9 on GB a few months ago. I want to update the springs in the gun but I haven't found any info on them and STI discontinued them. Any one have some experience with them? Thanks!
  22. I'm looking at a STI 2011 longslide build with a 5 chamber 7 port comp. My smith has come back saying that there are feeding issues with the 40 Super and 2011 frames. Most likely magazine related. Ive seen quite a few older STI's in 40S that supposedly run fine. Any trick to get them running reliably?
  23. I just bought a used STI DVC Limited 9mm. The gun is in great shape, but I noticed that the TIN finish is gone from the feed ramp and underside of barrel hood. I wonder if this wore off or did some enterprising individual think this area needed to be polished?
  24. Anyone have one of the new STI DVC Classic single stacks? I see there are some for sale, but I haven't seen any reviews by anyone yet. Thanks.
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