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Found 85 results

  1. I bought a used 2011 and I am trying to find a 9mm barrel but nothing looks quite the same. link to the pictures because I can't post them due to the size limit. https://imgur.com/a/8HFXGFl
  2. I watched he reveal last night on shooters mindset show. Considering this instead of a custom open build. I dont even know where to start with questions. What do do you guys think? From Facebook Ordering for the Special Release of the first 28 Honcho Guns opens at 12:00pm eastern time. To order send us an email with your contact information and which model you’d like to order. The first 28 time stamped emails received after 12:00pm EST will be accepted. These special editions include “Red Carpet Service” where you will be able to follow along with your build with an inside look via pictures, videos and interviews with Honcho himself. Here is what each of the models include: Honcho 3Gun $4,850 Complete Pistol with 9mm Barrel Stainless or Aluminum EVO Grip BAM Magwell by EMG Customs 40cal Barrel Sight Block 3 Port Comp Vortex Viper 6moa RMR Rear Iron Sight Shielded Ambi Safety 7 Complete MBX Magazines 1-170mm Big Stick 9/38SC 3-140mm 40cal 2-140mm 9/38SC Custom Patriot Case A Whole Lot of Awesomeness Honcho Race Ready $6,850 Complete Pistol with 38SC Barrel Stainless EVO Grip BAM Magwell by EMG Customs 40cal Barrel 9mm Barrel Sight Block 3 Port Comp Vortex Razor with Side Mount Rear Iron Sight Shielded Ambi Safety 7 Complete MBX Magazines 1-170mm Big Stick 9mm 3-140mm 40cal 3-140mm 9mm Custom Dual Layer Patriot Case Everything You Need to Kick Butt
  3. Bul Radical Evo
  4. Long story short. I've got a local gunsmith that's going to fit the barrel slide and frame and I'm going to try to do the rest of the work with some help from a family member. Looking for suggestions on parts. Eventually I'd like to turn this thread into a build log and update it a long the way. Right now im in the research stage of my build but I think I have a few things figured out: Caspian 5" slide Bar-Sto 5" bull barrel Pheonix trinity frame Polymer grips ( planing on an evo ) Egw ignition kit Caspian extractor SV medium flat trigger SV extra wide ambi FGW grip plug This is what I'm thinking so far just throwing it out there for advice or things you all have learned in your experiences building on the 2011 platform. Gonna piece it together slowly and availability on a lot of the parts I'd like is hit and miss. I'd rather have a Schumann/SV 5" bull barrel but no one has them. PT is currently 6-8 weeks out on frames and is working from a list. Kind Regards, AndyG
  5. Is a Brand New 2011 STI Trubor for $2325 a good deal? (shipping is included) Thank you!.
  6. Just got a new STI DVC shot about 300 rounds total and worried about the contact that is happening between the barrel and the slide. It looks as though the barrel it’s twisting a bit when it’s unlocked and contacting the slide on both sides of the hood extension of the barrel. I’ve included a picture of where it’s deforming the slide a bit. I contacted STI and they said don’t worry about it, and this is normal with the tight tolerances they have with their fitting. This just doesn’t seem right to me so thought I’d check here with many more guys who have a lot more experience than I do. The gun functions well, no misfeeds, failure to go into battery etc at all.
  7. Gun lubrication for shooting in cold weather was discussed a lot. What about cold - below 10C / 50F and rainy weather? New to 2011, my STI SteelMaster runs beautifully with FP-10 or Gun Butter. I was shooting in a 10C weather recently - no problem until a moderate rain started. After about 30min of shooting small drills and going back and forth between the box and tent, slide started to slow down and gun progressed to FTE and FTF. The SteelMaster is a nice tight fit, but my other CZ-based Open guns with relatively more slide to frame free play works in rain just fine with the same oils for hours. I also saw quite a bit of STI owners - running 40 cal. Limited Major - having similar problems in competitions on rainy days. Should I just keep adding more oil to rails during training or match? Any special treat to mags?
  8. Flat-Topped w/Serrations only Flat-Topped w/Serrations and Lightening Holes
  9. Hey guys, As my gun tastes have been growing increasingly more expensive, I just started looking into STI's and Atlas Gun Works 2011's. As I was about to put an order in for a 2011, I was asked questions I have no capability of competently answering. Things like trigger bow stuff, short/med/long. I don't know what else to mention, as my only real experience is in the Glock realm, and some CZ experience. Can anyone tell me where to start? Basically, I'd like to order a 2011 for Limited Major. Thanks guys
  10. After struggling for a couple of years to get my Edge to work, my wife offered to help me get a nice custom build - the last straw was a major stoppage at the IPSC World Shoot while she was watching - she was "and why haven't you ordered the new gun yet?" Anyway, here in Europe there aren't as many gun builders as in the States, but I was lucky to get in touch with probably the best gun builder from neighbouring Italy - was a wait of several months but, man was it worth it! Here she is, my RV Custom "Vampire" in .40 S&W. Cerakoted to my specs, stippled grip, unbelievable fit, everything blended perfectly...and a balance that has to be experienced to be believed. She's actually heavier than my Edge, but feels lighter because the centre of gravity is just above my knuckles. She settles back from recoil every so sweetly and consistently - nothing as compared to a factory gun. The barrel lockup is out of this world - it's actually his special touch. Busy running her in right now - 1650 flawless rounds already sent downrange - another 2K to go before her first overseas level III in Vienna in mid April. Apologies for the cruddy cellphone pic - it doesn't do her justice. Just had to share
  11. Is there any difference other than size between the different manufacturers? I want to put a *thumb rest [generic]* on my new 2011 but not sure which 1 to get.. Thanks for the help
  12. Background: Been shooting Tupperware + CZ Shadow for a while. Finally got my act together and got an STI Edge. (I have multiple 1911s). Went to the range to put it through its paces. Now I have been working on my grip especially rotating my Left Hand 'forward'/thumb away from body. I have seemed to eliminate trigger jerk, despite still anticipating recoil--thats not the point of this post. Something was slapping my RIGHT thumb as it rode the safety. I suspect it is my gripping the gun tightly and feeling the slide moving. This was something new as I do not have this issue on my normal 1911s. Anu suggestions on what might be causing this? Am I gripping to tight? DO I just let my thumb sit on the safety and not squeeze? When I first started my thumbs would go any which way into space on not even touch the gun--perhaps I have over corrected? Also it seemed that .40 was a lot more snappy that I remembered--especially for a big pistol like the edge. Not sure if this is my new grip, new round, etc. Before I could have sworn there is no difference between 9,40 and 45. Am I just becoming more aware? Or do I need to tweak the gun. I've shot a 45 1911 a lot over the years--never had any 'comfort' issues, but I did really notice the 40 was recoiling--we're not talking .357 mag or anything but it was a noticable step up over 9mm. (Full disclosure--I have a beretta 96 and have shot it tons, just not lately) Also someone call the STI haters. My gun is broken. Feeds Hollowpoints (had some junky 135 HP that were discounted years back. Yes 135 gr hollowpoints), Flat nose, etc without issue. Trigger is meh out of the box, but thats compared to 'My' 1911 which I have tweaked to perfection over the years. Best shooting I've done at 15 yards in a while though. Biggest issue was LOADING the mag as those 40 rounds don't like to slide all the way back.
  13. Is there a formula or system to use with a specific weight recoil spring and the firing pin spring. Should I use the firing pin spring that comes with a recoil spring or is there a better system. Trying out different recoil spring weights should I swap the firing pin spring at the same time? Does the main spring come into play with this as well? Still very new to 1911/2011 firearms.
  14. I am new to 2011 pistols and need suggestions on what works for left handed shooters when it comes to mag release engagement. I have tried simply hitting the stock and an oversized release with my trigger finger but it's not smooth and certainly slow..... I just received a mitchell right side mag release but my hands are too small for my left hand thumb to reach it.... Is my best option using my support hand (right) thumb for depressing the right side mag release????
  15. I am about to start the process of buying all the parts to build my first 2011 with the help of a gunsmith buddy to build. I need Ideas on where to find the best deals and what parts are worth spending the money on and what aren't. I'm basing it off an Sti lower and blank upper unless i can find one premilled that looks cool. Thanks in advance for the help
  16. I have recently completed my 2011 build and am getting into the groove as to the differing grip angle, getting used to flicking the safety on and off, and dealing with having a literal hammer versus striker fired. Has anyone found any skills they overlooked when also transitioning that I could incorporate in to my dry-fire and live fire regime?
  17. I really hate to ask this. but here it goes. I am 100% new to loading 38sc and for an open gun. I have a schuemann hybrid 3 port barrel. with a comp that has 3 ports on top and 2 side ports. I havent seen a whole lot of published load data for 38 super comp that gets major pf. I am wanting to load up 125 grain coated rn bullets. I have no.7, wac, lil gun, power pistol, and shooters world major pistol. can some one give me a few tips on where to start. I got the gun used and the previous owner used 10.2 grains of 3n38. which doesnt shoot too flat in my opinion. the dot seems to dance around instead of going straight up and down. I am used to loading for 300aac and 9mm minor. I dont want to screw up the gun and very hesitant on where to start. (no vv powders in my area) Thanks guys and girls
  18. Has anyone shot the Hawk DS yet. I’ve been eyeing a Marauder, but the price point of the Hawk is more inline with my budget. I know I will need to add an ambi-safety and magwell. Trying to figure out if I should get the Hawk sooner, or save for the Marauder.
  19. I'm looking at a STI 2011 longslide build with a 5 chamber 7 port comp. My smith has come back saying that there are feeding issues with the 40 Super and 2011 frames. Most likely magazine related. Ive seen quite a few older STI's in 40S that supposedly run fine. Any trick to get them running reliably?
  20. Im looking to do a double undercut on one of my polymer STI grips. Anyone have any great pointers, tips or tricks to the process? what grits are you starting with and then ending with as a final sanding? Im also looking to sand down my grips before adding silica carbide. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Steve
  21. Any knowledge for upgrades to a brand new 2011 Trubor?
  22. I just recently got a set of Racer mag pouches for my 2011 mags. It says they are setup for 2011 mags from the instructions but they seem a bit tight (i have adjusted the all the way to the back of the pouch). Has anyone used a different combination of spacers to get them to loosen up? Any help would be appreciated
  23. I have the opportunity to buy a Para limited tuned and done up in 40 cal with 7 mags tuned to the gun for 1600$ is that good deal? I know it has been shot alot over 20k prolly but comes from a person I trust. Lots of parts included and replaced when necessary. It is older probably 10 years? Thanks for the thoughts and knowledge.
  24. Im in the process of fitting an infinity stainles steel grip to an STI EXECUTIVE. I notice now when I slide the MSH up it engages the hammer strut before it's fully in place. Strut is in cup. Seems to put a lot of pressure on the hammer making trigger pull crazy hard. Is it normal to have to fit a strut? Any help would be appreciated. Also I'm using the infinity ignition kit (infinity hammer, sear, disconnect, and 3 finger).
  25. I fit an infinity trigger into my CK arms open pistol. With the slide off it works perfect. Nice loose trigger, no touch points. Hammer falls everytime and everything is great. The issue is when I put the slide back on. Once you rack the slide the hammer won't fall and you have manually release the sear. Is this a dimensional difference in the trigger bow from a CK arms to an infinity? Or is this a situation where I need to remove a little material from the tip of the disconnector to make sure it is as free as possible? Any suggestions would be great.
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