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  1. I filled some holes with a strand I cut off a kitchen broom until I could change out the rear sight on a pistol I bought once. It worked fine short term.
  2. If the gun has any slide lightening it will change things. Might be a good idea to get 7,8,9 lb springs and try them out. They’re not expensive.
  3. Yes the case pro can run .233 with a casefeeder.
  4. You might consider handling a cz that has a short dust cover vs. long before making your decision. All the platforms can be made to your trigger reach and pull desire. Weight balance of the gun is a more difficult change.
  5. I’ve been using 4.1 grains with a 124 fmj
  6. I’m using ba10 for minor also. I haven’t tried it in 40 major yet but based on minor experiences I think it’s going to work fine.
  7. I’m nearing the end of my first 12k case and have not had any issues yet. Using them for major and minor loads both and they seem to chrono same as cci for me.
  8. It may have something to do with primer seating depth. I have no issues with 11.5 spring and cci primers.
  9. Jmo2011

    CZC LS-P holster wear?

    My LS-P has barely any bluing left after a years worth of dry fire and matches. Thinking of hard chrome or black nitride to clean it up a bit.
  10. Just lay it flat on an old cookie sheet and spray.
  11. I’ve been very happy with my gator xuv. It’s not the fastest out there but it’s a workhorse around the house. It’s been trouble free for 600 hours , just regular maintenance.
  12. I’ve not been that fortunate with any brand of primers other than cci. Was wondering if I was missing something. I ditched the plastic long ago, just use my Dillon tubes.
  13. How did you get the vibraprime to feed them reliably?
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