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  1. For 1911/2011 I use slide glide on everything except recoil spring and guide rod, it gets Wilson combat grease. If it’s lightly sprung gun for steel challenge or cold weather everything gets oil only.
  2. Hello Swoody, there’s a good uspsa match at BRRC it’s in Wright city on 2nd Saturday of each month. Uspsa matches in Columbia at Green Valley on the 4th saturday and COPS range near rolla on the first Sunday. See you when the corona virus dies off.
  3. In the colder months of the year I have to dry fire inside with reduced size targets. Warmer temperatures allows me outside. I notice a difference when doing the same drills indoor vs. outdoor. I find the outdoor much better for match skill development and realism but indoors is fine for gun handling and repetition Indoor requires a stronger mental focus for me to get a sense of realism from it. I also have to be careful not to put too much emphasis on par times and not enough on calling good shots.
  4. Not legal for production. Would have to compete in single stack.
  5. All things considered, if you have N320 already I’d work up a load and form my own opinion.
  6. Precision Delta 180 fmj @ 1.20 oal with 5,0 grains of N310
  7. I think you’ll find the N320 more pleasant to shoot in 40 major. For me the gun recoiled less and my sights returned faster. In my experience I liked the n340 better for minor loads. As Mikey scuba referenced I too have gone to N310 for Major loads also.
  8. You may be experiencing primer drawback. Occasionally I see a primer get stuck on the decapping pin and it gets pulled back into the case. Might need to polish the end of the pin a bit.
  9. I filled some holes with a strand I cut off a kitchen broom until I could change out the rear sight on a pistol I bought once. It worked fine short term.
  10. If the gun has any slide lightening it will change things. Might be a good idea to get 7,8,9 lb springs and try them out. They’re not expensive.
  11. Yes the case pro can run .233 with a casefeeder.
  12. You might consider handling a cz that has a short dust cover vs. long before making your decision. All the platforms can be made to your trigger reach and pull desire. Weight balance of the gun is a more difficult change.
  13. I’ve been using 4.1 grains with a 124 fmj
  14. I’m using ba10 for minor also. I haven’t tried it in 40 major yet but based on minor experiences I think it’s going to work fine.
  15. I’m nearing the end of my first 12k case and have not had any issues yet. Using them for major and minor loads both and they seem to chrono same as cci for me.
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