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  1. Jmo2011

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    If you’re going to shoot hv ammo, consider changing the recoil spring to a heavier poundage.
  2. Jmo2011

    Question about magazine base plates

    You might want to consider the henning option also.
  3. Jmo2011

    Steel grips!?! Are they really worth it!?

    Given the fact your hands are so large I’d consider having a plastic grip built up to increase the overall size. I had one done with the carbide stuff and it provided great grip, but I had it made a little too large. Wasn’t terribly expensive to experiment with.
  4. Jmo2011

    Front sight fiber optic or black?

    I choose to use a .40 green rod with the sharpie treatment. I made some black fiber out of broom bristle to try black sights without buying a new front sight but found dim fiber was better for me. It was an easy enough experiment though.
  5. Jmo2011

    How many stages is your local?

    6 stages and 1 classifier typically.
  6. Jmo2011

    Anybody running a CTS LS-P?

    I’ve been using an LS-P in production for about 9 months now. Really like the balance of the gun. It’s proven ultra reliable. I had to replace a trigger return spring but that’s been the only issue.
  7. Jmo2011

    CTS LP Twinsies

    I've been trying to decide between hard chrome and black nitride on my LS-P and I think you just answered my question. Thanks for the pics.
  8. Another option for cz platform is to use the thick trigger to add a bit of reach.
  9. Jmo2011

    Casefeeder plate for 9mm

    I've been using a large plate on my 1050. Occasionally I will get an upside down case but it's not frequent enough for me to bother with ordering another plate.
  10. If someone local to you has a 650, see if you can go operate it for a little while. Maybe it will make your decision s bit easier. Both machines are good but each run differently.
  11. I don't know about amsoil grease in particular but my cz runs just fine with slide glide lite. I'll probably go to standard as temperatures warm up.
  12. Yes what Maximus said. Block the pouch against something immovable and pull or push the belt through, it'll be easier than you think.
  13. Jmo2011

    Benelli trigger job

    Jeff Cockrum @ c-rums did mine. It's very good now.
  14. Jmo2011

    Using N310 for 9mm 147gr

    I've used several different powders in 9mm. Right now I'm using Prima SV with 115 grain fmj. Seems very consistent and good cleanliness. N320 is certainly a great option as well. With heavier bullets I choose to avoid ultra fast powders YMMV.
  15. Jmo2011

    Using N310 for 9mm 147gr

    Personally I would avoid n310 in that loading application. It's going to be such a small charge it could be inconsistent and burn at low pressure and be dirty. Also n310 is fast enough that pressure spikes will happen quickly depending on oal and crimp choices. Hazmat fees are nothing compared to injury or equipment failure in my opinion.