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  1. I’m using #12 sprinco with 5.4 sv sighttracker barrel, 40 major.
  2. Another alternative to bulge busting is to case pro the brass before loading. This made my failure rate nearly nonexistent.
  3. If it’s all the same brass I’d check the swage rod adjustment, might have some tight primer pockets.
  4. I have had some rounds look like that before but when it happened the press bound up decapping a piece of brass, I found my decapping pin was bent. I chalked it up to the vibration moving the primer out of position at the exact time it’s being seated.
  5. I’ve loaded quite a bit of Nobel sport Vectan BA-10 with both coated and fmj 115 bullets. Seems to work well down into the 90 power factor range if you tune the pistol for it.
  6. I’ve had good results with 115 grain coated bullet using Vectan BA-10, about 3 grains is good when sprung properly.
  7. I’ve loaded several 115 bbi with 3.0 grains of BA-10 for steel challenge. It required recoil spring tuning in my 2011 but is very consistent
  8. For 1911/2011 I use slide glide on everything except recoil spring and guide rod, it gets Wilson combat grease. If it’s lightly sprung gun for steel challenge or cold weather everything gets oil only.
  9. Hello Swoody, there’s a good uspsa match at BRRC it’s in Wright city on 2nd Saturday of each month. Uspsa matches in Columbia at Green Valley on the 4th saturday and COPS range near rolla on the first Sunday. See you when the corona virus dies off.
  10. In the colder months of the year I have to dry fire inside with reduced size targets. Warmer temperatures allows me outside. I notice a difference when doing the same drills indoor vs. outdoor. I find the outdoor much better for match skill development and realism but indoors is fine for gun handling and repetition Indoor requires a stronger mental focus for me to get a sense of realism from it. I also have to be careful not to put too much emphasis on par times and not enough on calling good shots.
  11. Not legal for production. Would have to compete in single stack.
  12. All things considered, if you have N320 already I’d work up a load and form my own opinion.
  13. Precision Delta 180 fmj @ 1.20 oal with 5,0 grains of N310
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