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  1. I've been hit with splatter many times. Found this high speed vid of bullets hitting steel:
  2. Yes, I think my reply was poorly worded! I use the same pins that you referenced in your link and the pins can't get stuck sideways.
  3. Agree. I've picked up a bunch of different/older powders from people and as long as it was stored properly there were never any issues. And getting 10 pounds for FREE is fantastic.
  4. Same here. The pins are too long to get stuck sideways like in the OP picture.
  5. Probably 3 position small bore shooting. My daughter (high school sophomore) is part of a local Jr Rifle team and that's what they practice. " In NCAA smallbore 3-position rifle, shooters fire in prone, standing and kneeling positions at targets 50 feet downrange. The bullseye is tiny, about the size of the period at the end of this sentence. Student-athletes shoot free rifles with metallic sights (no magnification) that can weigh no more than 17.6 pounds. The course-of-fire is 20 shots for each of the three positions for a possible perfect score of 600. After a 15-minute prep period, shooters have 120 minutes to complete each relay. "
  6. I'm like the OP. I have a large frame stainless Witness in .45 and there don't seem to be that many options available for grips. Tanfoglio even stopped selling the wood grips for the large frame pistols.
  7. Just a suggestion, but you may want to shoot from a rest while doing your tests. I get better/more consistent shots from a rest as it takes variables out of the equation (like me flinching, jerking the trigger, etc)...
  8. Sounds like you've set yourself up pretty well. What ammo do you shoot now? Maybe just make your own version of the factory load you've been successful with? I like the suggestion of trying different weights, but you can quickly go down a rabbit hole where you spend a LOT of time mixing and matching recipes/combinations that in the end turn out to be not too different from a felt recoil perspective. Good luck.
  9. Sounds very strange. I have a Gen 4 G17 that I've used with snap caps thousands of times with no issues. Maybe look for a Glock forum to see if it's something new with Gen 5 models?
  10. For what it's worth, I made a reloading bench out of an old Black and Decker folding Workmate. Used a flat piece of plywood on the top and I mount my presses on wood bases. No problem at all if I wanted to remove the presses and fold the bench up. It would be a bit of a pain in the ass, but definitely "portable"...
  11. Once a week to the indoor pistol range. I go during my lunch break so I only shoot for about 45 minutes (range is about 5 minutes from my house). When the weather clears I'll add once every other week to the outdoor range for rifle. I'll throw in an extra day here and there in the spring and summer if the kids want to shoot.
  12. Not sure which section to post this in so I figured "gear" would be close. I recently picked up a 10 round .22lr magazine to use with the conversion kit I have on my full size EAA Witness stainless. I have other magazines that are fine but this one cycles horribly. I did a side by side with a good one and it looks like there's a metal seating clip that's missing on the bad one (good one on right): Does anyone have an idea where I could find a replacement part? Magazine is essentially useless without it. If I can't get that part does anyone have a recommendation for a DIY solution? My daughter wants to use the gun for a (friendly) Steel Challenge match so I'd prefer to fix this one and not buy another. Thanks!
  13. I have a 1940's era A5 that was given to me by my father in law. It functions well, but from an appearance perspective it's rough around the edges. I have a minor overhaul on the list of things to do this winter. I HOPE to: - Complete disassemble and clean/polish the action - Restore wood furniture if possible (or replace if I can find cheap enough). There are no cracks but the stock and handguard have seen better days. I'll try stripping and refinishing. - re-blue the barrel and other metal. Never tried this before so I'll watch a lot of videos first
  14. Just a thought, but maybe you want to switch up the routine and do 90% single action and 10% double action? It's a more measured/gradual use of the finger/muscles/tendons and more in line with what real life shooting would be.
  15. Winchester 231 and/or Titegroup would be the culprits in my case.
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