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  1. This is kind of where I land. My pistols (obviously in pistol calibers) offer the easiest access in my home setup, and they're in place to allow me to get to my rifles/shotguns (depending on where I am in the house). Pistol calibers can absolutely stop a bad guy, but they're not primary for me.
  2. Another vote for round nose bullets. For what it's worth I use (and like) the Lee Factory Crimp die. Sorted out some feed issues I was having with a semi-auto pistol. Do an interst search before you try as there are varied opinions about using it.
  3. I agree with this part: Buuuut first you said:
  4. Interesting topic. Here's a video I ran across a few years ago where a guy did a side by side comparison to magazines that had been stored loaded for 5 years to magazines that had been used regularly but stored empty: Long story short is that all of the 5 year stored magazines had a reduction in spring length (some manufacturers greater than others) but it resulted in zero failures to fire/feed, etc when they were tested. Obviously the sample size in the video is very small and it's specific to magazines for three guns, but I think it can put people at ease that loading magazines the night before a match shouldn't have any negative impact on performance.
  5. Respectfully, you will need to "piss away" a bit of time getting your feet wet reloading. It's not rocket-science, but if you sacrifice quality control for speed you're going to end up with inconsistent loads, squibs, kabooms, and maybe worse. As for the 750 and Mr Bullet Feeder, I think there are a lot of people out there using them for the exact reason you're looking to.
  6. Glad to hear it. I really like the way this one shoots so I'm not going to replace it unless it stops working properly.
  7. Interesting thread. My gen 4 G17 was my first polymer striker pistol. I got the gen 4 because it was the one they had in the gun shop at the time. I like it a lot and shoot it a lot. Is selling the gen 4 and moving to gen 5 something I should do if for no other reason than to stay on the latest version? Id that considered the "normal" thing to do with Glocks? I presume aftermarket parts will be around for a really long time, but I don't want to get caught 5 years from now if something breaks and I have to pay a fortune for parts...
  8. Get it for my wife so she stops complaining about recoil?
  9. Super slow-motion of Jerry Miculek with a revolver. Doesn't look like he indexes after reload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FbUMqoyjDw https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0FbUMqoyjDw
  10. I think that's an interesting observation. I've noticed several times LEO's come around for a local/friendly match expecting that they'll automatically be one of "the best" simply because they carry a gun for the day job. They don't realize that MOST of the regular match participants put far more rounds downrange per year than the average LEO. I guess they don't come back for fear of being judged negatively, but almost everyone gets that there's a learning curve associated with new activities, so the judging doesn't start right away. You typically have to suck for a while before you start to get "the look" ...
  11. I agree. It's a life thing, not a shooting thing.
  12. Thanks for sharing this feedback. I load a lot of coated bullets so it's good to see some new names to try.
  13. I think that's an important point. If you have one person (even a board member) who's enabling and driving the more modern shooting activities then things could easily slip backwards if that person leaves. The old culture is the path of least resistance, so you need multiple people who are interested/active to sustain things.
  14. I have a gen 2 in 9mm and I really like it. IMO getting rid of the craptastic plastic trigger and replacing with an MCarbo aluminum trigger is a must. I tell people to do it before they even try the stock on...it's that bad. While you haev the gun ope to replace the trigger you should go ahead and do the MCarbo spring kit as well. Stock setup is fine, but MCarbo is better. The iron sights leave something to be desired, so most people use a simple red dot of some kind. I have mine on a quick detach mount so I just take it off and put it on the bottom rail when I want to fold it. I prefer 124gr ammo for my pistols so that what I use for the Sub 2k, but honestly it's cycled everything I've put into it with zero issues. There are tons of backpacks lying around the house from when the kids were in school, so I re-purpose one of those as my range/storage bag. Very fun gun to shoot and my go-to when there are practice Steel Challenge and Knockdown matches at out indoor range.
  15. I'm always interested in drop-in options for triggers. Recently picked up a 22/45 for my daughter so I may take a look at the sear and hammer from a Volquartsen kit...
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