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  1. 124gr9mm

    Interesting (non-scientific) study (45acp)

    Thanks for sharing this. like the others I've never been so concerned that I took the time to weigh cases, but I'm glad someone did!!
  2. Thanks very much Jeff, but I JUST picked one up today!!!!! The 10mm barrel you also have listed is tempting as well!
  3. I try to do most of my sorting into separate bags at the range while I'm collecting. I shoot at a private indoor range, so most of the brass is mine, but when people leave .38 special or .45 in the dump buckets I'll sort and grab that too.
  4. 124gr9mm

    NY trigger plus 3.5 disconnector - y or n?

    For what it's worth, I prefer stock with a 3.5 trigger bar on my G17. Shot it alongside a NY (but not with a 3.5) and didn't like it at all.
  5. 124gr9mm

    Dry Fire

    Same. I can't dry fire for hours because my support hand wouldn't make it...
  6. 124gr9mm

    frankford arsenal wet tumbler?

    I still use the pins for .45 acp and for .308 brass, but for 9mm and .38 special I don't. Haven't seen a big difference with those so I go for the time savings.
  7. 124gr9mm


    Sounds simple, but effective. I live in a cramped suburban neighborhood but I have a fenced yard, so I try all kinds of drills outside. I'm in a VERY anti-gun state, so it felt weird at first...
  8. 124gr9mm

    Empty or loaded mags during dryfire?

    Same here. I use a Sharpie to make is abundantly clear which rounds are the dummies. I use purple to make it very obvious.
  9. I've been looking for a large frame .22 conversion kit forever but they NEVER come up in searches. ALWAYS out of stock.
  10. 124gr9mm

    Where to start ..... 223 or 308

    I was going to create a thread just like this. I load lots of pistol ammo but I want to start loading for rifle. Like the OP I have a .223 and .308 rifle, but I think i want to start with .308. It's a bolt gun and I want to use it for precision shooting, so it makes sense for me to start there (plus I have a ton of .223 surplus built up). Once I get used to loading for .308 I assume the same rules would apply for .223???
  11. 124gr9mm

    Semi Wadcutter vs Round Nose

    I'd love to use SWC but they don't want to cycle (reliably) in my Large Frame EAA Witness. I don't have any problems with round nose or hollow point of any flavor. The last 1500 or so rounds I've used have been coated 200g RN FB from Ibejiheads and they've been flawless
  12. 124gr9mm

    9mm brass cost

    I'm very fortunate to belong to a private indoor range where most of the members leave their brass (so there's usually an endless supply for me) but even I might jump at that...
  13. 124gr9mm

    Shooter's World Clean Shot

    Thanks for posting this. Every now and then Mid-South has free Hazmat for Shooter's World powders so I'll give it a try next time.
  14. My progressive is mounted on the right, but I'm picking up a single stage press this weekend which will go on the left. It' a very small bench so it's getting pretty crowded...