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  1. 124gr9mm

    Trigger finger pain after dry fire

    Just a thought, but maybe you want to switch up the routine and do 90% single action and 10% double action? It's a more measured/gradual use of the finger/muscles/tendons and more in line with what real life shooting would be.
  2. 124gr9mm

    Keeping Powder in the Press

    Winchester 231 and/or Titegroup would be the culprits in my case.
  3. 124gr9mm

    Keeping Powder in the Press

    Wow!!! Mine isn't that bad. It's discolored and bulged at the bottom, but yours looks like it's very angry...
  4. 124gr9mm


    Nicely done. When I got a Hornady Lock n Load progressive last year I told myself that I'd do everything on it...but when I started planning to load for my .308 bolt gun, I added a used Lyman orange crusher to the bench.
  5. 124gr9mm

    Acme "new" 124gn 9mm: OAL?

    Game for me in my Glock 17 and Kel Tec Sub-2000
  6. 124gr9mm

    Free Hazmat Fees?

  7. 124gr9mm

    Squib slugging a barrel - pros and cons

    Very creative!
  8. Same here. I try to sort a bit at the range when I'm collecting, but ultimately I just take an evening in front og the TV and hand sort.
  9. 124gr9mm

    10mm mag/slide stop issues

    Stupid question, but did you drop or crush the magazine that's most frequently experiencing this?
  10. 124gr9mm

    Coated bullets

    I use Win 231 with Acme and Ibejiheads 124 gr bullets and don't have excessive smoke, so TG could be the culprit.
  11. I forgot to mention Facebook. You have to be patient, but good deals do come along there...
  12. 124gr9mm

    That Blue Tanfo...

    This. Didn't think rust would be a concern...
  13. 124gr9mm

    Brass tumbling recommendations

    I wet tumble with pins and sprinkle of lemishine and dish soap. After rinsing I stand the cases on a towel in the reloading room and let them dry overnight (or longer if I forget about them). This (obviously) means that I have to do the case cleaning in advance, but I usually load in small batches as time allows (45 minutes to an hour after work when possible) so I need to have cases available when I'm ready to go.
  14. 124gr9mm

    Keeping Powder in the Press

    I have a Hornady lock n lod and I USED to keep powder in it all the time, but eventually the plastic tube discolored and then started bulging. Whatever the plastic is made of doesn't react too well to Titegroup (or Winchester 231) over extended periods. I flipped the tube to solve the problem and I no longer leave it full for extended periods of time. I could snap a picture if anyone is interested.