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  1. Thanks for linking. I shared it several times.
  2. On their shipping info page they show "We only allow shipping within CANADA. No international orders."
  3. On a reddit forum there was a discussion about this. The original posting was taken down due to a copyright challenge, but there's a link to a "mod" that supposedly has all of the original parts as well: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3207921 I've never done this project so I have no idea if everything is there, so you'll have to figure it out.
  4. I wanted to try them out so I ordered 1000 135gr 9mm from them last year. Many were like in the pictures above and consistency was garbage. My Glock and one other pistol would run them but the rest hated them.
  5. I agree that it makes sense to stick with one powder. However I do think it's valuable (when times are good and powder plentiful) to try out s few different ones just in case a great deal comes along where you can get a good haul of your 2nd favorite powder really cheap. I stay connected to local forums and look at the bulletin boards at the ranges and buy up supplies from people who are "getting rid of" what they have. I've picked up pounds of powder and thousands of bullets for pennies on the dollar that way. As for starting out, I initially went with a Hornady lock and Load Progressive. I was only loading 9mm, 38 Special, and .45acp, so I went slowly and carefully. I picked up a single stage Lyman press when I started loading .308.
  6. I'd only be comfortable ordering parts/accessories from them. They had an AR 15 stock/buffer tube kit and an AR10 buffer tube kit on sale for Black Friday and it was delivered to me today, so SOME things go smoothly.
  7. I agree with your boys. Seems like you've got your mind set on the Buckmark and you're looking for someone to give you a reason to not get it. While I shoot and am very happy with my Ruger, there are a bazillion people who shoot and love the Browning, so it would absolutely meet your needs for Steel Challenge (and more). IMO you don't have to worry about buyers remorse with any of the pistols mentioned, so if the Buckmark feels good to you then grab it before it's gone.
  8. Same. Cleaner, softer, and SOOOO much less smoky with coated bullets.
  9. We also have the Mark IV 22/45 with 5 inch bull barrel (stock trigger) and it's been great for steel challenge. VERY easy to strip/clean and it hasn't been picky about ammo.
  10. I've shot a few thousand hi-tek coated bullets with Titegroup and there were no performance issues. I stopped using Titegroup with coated bullets because my daughter and friends at the club complained about the smoke so much. If you're shooting alone or don't mind people harassing you a bit then rock on...
  11. Not sure that the Large Frame Witness is an exact clone of the CZ, so there's no guarantee that it will fit. Maybe look for a local shooting range that has the CZ and rent it for an hour so that you can do some side by side comparison (don't forget to bring your calipers)?
  12. I like it. As others, I have found it to be a bit cleaner than Titegroup. I originally tried it because Titegroup was just way too smokey with coated bullets and I was looking for an alternative. While LESS smokey than Titegroup, CS is still too much for my daughter's sensibilities, so it's gone in the "backup" pile. I landed on Win 231 for coated...
  13. I think the .22 is a very good idea. Inexpensive way to get lots of rounds downrange while focusing on fundamentals. I had a conversion kit on a full sized pistol, but one of my daughters liked that gun for competitions (in 9mm) so I sold the kit and picked up a Ruger Mark IV 22/45 as the dedicated "training" pistol for the family. The Mark IV pistols are ridiculously easy to clean (push a button and the upper comes apart from the lower), and it's not very finicky about the ammo we use. While the intended purpose was for training, two of the kids enjoy using it for steel challenge as well. I got the standard model with 5.5 inch barrel - https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/ruger-mark-iv-22-45-22-lr-pistol Several of the guys at the club picked up the "lite" version because they felt more nimble with the shorter/threaded barrel...and it looks really cool - https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/ruger-mark-iv-lite-22-lr-pistol-115095361#repChildCatid=5017899
  14. I agree. If the bench is bolted to the wall and you're making a platform at the bottom I think the sand is not necessary.
  15. Definitely interested in pictures. I have a mini-14 as well, but I swap out the red dot and scope (Bushnell 3 - 9 x 40 scope and a Primary Arms red dot) depending on what I'm planning to shoot. As others have mentioned it gets heavy very quickly. Most mini-14's aren't known as tack drivers, so good luck with your precision shooting. With my family the mini-14 is the rifle that gets the most use when we go to the range.
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