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  1. Call me 480-235-8864  or e-mail rick@mrbulletfeeder.biz

    1. bigstick0000


      I have the newer lower with  bearings in it. 38sc. When I pull the handle 2 bullets drop instead of one. Ideas?. Thank you

  2. Uhhh... when it's really quiet, I can hear my brain cells die...
  3. If you have an upside down bullet every 25 rounds or so, you definitely need to adjust the bullet collator. That should not be happening.
  4. Any MrBulletfeeder owners that have a motor problem should drop me an e-mail and I'll help get it straightened out. Rick rick@mrbulletfeeder.com
  5. There are only 10 kinds of people, those who understand Binary and those who don't.
  6. Here's a new offering from a Utah company.... looks to be an industrial strength solution. Probably real big bucks.
  7. How about the original Manchurian Candidate from the 60's
  8. Brody's daughter is one of the most irritating characters I've seen in a long time.
  9. When seconds count... the police are only minutes away.
  10. Help the man out! Zephyr, right? Hard chargin' woman? How 'bout this: Woke up this morning, babe Reach for the telephone Woke up this morning, Reach for the telephone I got your message baby, To... And which chicago blueswoman today uses it as her signature song? Zephyr was a smokin band! Nice to see someone figure that one out!
  11. OK... Some hints. This tune was recorded on the bands first album, which was released in 1969. The guitar player was noteworthy (pun intended) and achieved significant notariety (another pun?)... but alas, he assumed room temperature over 30 years ago. The chick singer (a real screamer) ran down the curtain and joined the choir invisible in 1984. There were 5 people in this band. I don't know if the other 3 are alive or not.
  12. As any man can plainly see... I'm just as I appear to be... And I don't feel no pain... Woah someday a bad bad time is gonna come and you're gonna call out my name! Woman I don't play no games... Cause I'm a _______ _________ _________ (title) (I'm betting I'll have to give some hints on this one.)
  13. "Mother Earth" is correctomundo. Referring to the version from the album Eric Burdon Declares WAR circa late 70's.
  14. You may own some racing horses... Even own the whole damn track... You may have enough money baby... To buy anything you like... Don't care how big you are... I don't care what you're worth... When it all ends up... ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ ______ ______. (title in last 2 words) previously... I've Got News For You ( a great version by Edgar Winter's White Trash sung by Jerry LaCriox)
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