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  1. Awesome, just what I needed. Thank you. Thanks all
  2. Awesome, just what I needed. Thank you
  3. I have a jp gmr15. Ordered the new lightweight competition Barrel I'm ordering a carbon fiber handguard. Does anyone have any thoughts on the left I'm looking at between 12 and 14 in. Also has to clear the compensator any thoughts please. Does anyone know the difference between the PCC handguard and the AR handguard from Some composite
  4. wife bought me jp gmr15 rifle. love it but want to lighten it some. so far ive been told to put a spartan upper receiver and that would do it. how bout a complete upper? anyone have any ideas. gun is awesome but would like to lighten it for transitions.any help would be appreciated. thanks thank you all.
  5. anyone use this on PCC? timney tells me it runs. thanks
  6. thanks for your answers. sent troy an email, see what he says but im thinking it would be okay
  7. I have a 5 inch primary open gun, Cameron. my backup gun is a 6 inch gun. both open cmore, primary chromos at 173 and backup at 170 pf. Question is if I go to 6 inch because my 5 breaks would that be allowed? I don't see a significant advantage. 3 other ROs don't know either. thanks
  8. I have friends used it for 9mm open and 9 production, autocomp. I have used 7625 for 38sc for years, switched to autocomp last weekend, 1000 rounds, does excellent
  9. the shellplate sits on the base of the 1050. if you stand in front of the machine and at about the 1030 to 11 position, where the bullet driops down,,there is a small slot on the base. there is a small allen screw that is adjustable in that slot. what does it do? never seen this before and couldn't find it in the book. thanks for anyones knowledge.
  10. I have had svi, brazos,and a couple of other open guns. I finally settled on a Cameron gun that is as good as it gets. It runs like a fine tuned race car. My backup believe it or not is a barsto custom that they built for me . This gun is right there with my Cameron. Just phenominal.
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