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  1. 9mm glock big stick. Looking for the best that I can find and most practical. Seems like there's a lot written but nothing definitive on them. If someone could tell me what they think is the best and why I would appreciate it. Thank you
  2. I have the 5.5 withultra light barrel. This rifle is incredibly accurate and totally reliable. Shooting Federal send text through it is incredible. I have three other PCC and they'll never come close to the JP.
  3. I will go 110 shipped for all of it. 

  4. I bought a two pack from bushmaster that is only about an inch long and a half inch high. Tried it yesterday and it worked great
  5. I meant model number for riser but I did find it. Thanks
  6. is anyone manufacturing a riser for holosun 512c? Thanks
  7. I have a Brazos open 38 Super, an STI open, and Akai open, and a 9 mm built by Eddie Garcia. Mayte Garcia open gun is the best out of all the guns I've owned and shot. I've had it for about three years and we'll never get rid of it even if I stop shooting. I've never had it Jam one time. It feeds everything I put down the pipe. I recently had my gunsmith installing fit a true bore Barrel in it and I can say without a doubt it's the tightest groups I've ever had from a pistol.
  8. I have a side charter on no gmr15. Be honest with you I never use it. But hey, it looks cool
  9. I have been running a no gmr15 for a year or so. I replaced the original heavy barrel for the lightweight competition barrel and it made a gigantic difference in the handling of a gun. Hotshot centech through it from the get-go and never had one problem. I have shot other low velocity rounds through it with the same result, no problem. The JP has turned me away from my nice open pistols. The JP is a blast to shoot.
  10. After watching others shoot PCC I decided to try it. Even after I was told by another shooter at a match that they were not a pcc friendly club. I started with an ATI 9mm and put taccom parts on it. Liked it to much. My wife what me a JP gmr-15 for my birthday. At first I wasn't too thrilled about it because of the weight of the rifle. But I contacted JP and they sent me their new lightweight competition Barrel. It made a huge difference in it. There is nothing I can say bad about it except it's an incredible running machine and never jams recoil is not there and we'll feed anything I give it. I'm extremely happy with it I don't even shoot my Cameron or Brazos anymore any more.
  11. Had it going on for a out 2 years. Switched to Redding pro and never had the problem since
  12. Awesome, just what I needed. Thank you. Thanks all
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