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  1. Shadyscott999

    MPX tips and tricks?

    An MPX will shoot softer at 150 PF than the best tuned AR9 at 130 PF. Shoot hotter ammo and you will have less problems.
  2. I would be highly surprised. Most people want light carry guns. We are such a very small market I just don't see the ROI for most companies.
  3. Shadyscott999

    Accuracy potential - MG CMJ vs JHP

    I buy PD's by the pallet. Everyone I know around me uses PD's. If you are having feeding issues, it's your gun not the bullets. You might want to sort that out. Not only are they as or more accurate than MG, they are faster with the same load and significantly cheaper.
  4. Shadyscott999

    How light of a trigger is everyone running?

    Mine are 18 oz in both guns. I have gone as low as 14 oz. I was lighting them off a little early coming into close targets when it was 14. Went back to a little over a lb and all good
  5. Shadyscott999

    Akai Custom 40 Hybrid For Sale Value - Please help

    Maybe the wrong is shooting 50-75k rounds a year. Please let me know what you think. Apparently you know everything about everything. SV triggers are well know for breaking. ETA: I also shot a barrel to a smooth bore in one year, two years ago.
  6. Shadyscott999

    Akai Custom 40 Hybrid For Sale Value - Please help

    The problem is the aluminum triggers are for the most part, junk. I have broken over 10 SV triggers. I have yet to break an STI trigger. The STI is the "better parts selection" I think that s just likely a optical illusion on the sight. That and he has it jacked way up for some reason. It is melted in in a standard bomar cut.
  7. Shadyscott999

    Akai Custom 40 Hybrid For Sale Value - Please help

    Its an adjustable sight. The plastic gunsmith fit blank triggers are far longer lasting than anything else out there.
  8. Shadyscott999

    SIG X Five rear sight

    I went through the same thing when I bought a new truck. I like the interior of the Fords the best but I really wanted a Ferrari V10 installed. I called and spoke with the dealer and he said no. I then called some Eyetalian guy in Eyetalia and he told me no also. I can 't believe they are doing this to me. I mean for god sakes I am buying a custom truck. Maybe I should go buy a file and see if I can file the new motor in there in 10 minutes or so and not make myself look bad on a forum full of shooters.
  9. Shadyscott999

    Are all lubricants created equal?

    I don't know if this comment is funny or sad.
  10. Shadyscott999

    Consumer interest in a steel P320 X-Five grip module?

    Prices I was quoted by 3 reputable machine shops with experience in this area were double the cost of an EVO and that was on a minimum run of 100 pieces.
  11. Shadyscott999

    Consumer interest in a steel P320 X-Five grip module?

    I spent signifigant time looking into this exact thing last year. I suspect you will be shocked when you get pricing. I was.
  12. Shadyscott999

    Time to upgrade....Dillon or Mark 7?

    As I said earlier. I own two 1050 Pro's, 1 650 Pro and 1 Evo Pro. The Evo is light years ahead of the 1050s in quality of construction. It just runs smoother and faster. A lot faster. Actual throughput on my 1050 Pro when loading 38 supercomp is about 1700 rph due to the limits of the 1050s. Sloppy tolerances and a shell plate advance that just can't really handle a case FULL of powder at a speed far above what the machine was designed to do. My first run of ammo on the Mark 7 EVO clocked in at an actual 2350 rounds per hour output with nearly zero powder spillage. The number of Mark 7 autodrives numbers in the thousands now. The number of Evos is also in the thousands now Were the folks are Mark 7 caught a little on their heels with the huge sales? Sure. Any new company would be. I am personal, close friends with the owner. He and his growing team are working each and every day to make their customer support the new industry standard. I am 100% confident they will make that happen. If the OP wants to talk, shoot me a PM and I will give you my phone number. You are welcome to give me a call if you have any questions.
  13. Shadyscott999

    Custom 2011 is doubling/tripling

    Grip screws being lose can cause all kinds of issues. Overtravel screw isn't likely. You won't be able to tell by looking. Try putting just a little more inward bend on the middle leg of the spring and see if it still does it.
  14. Shadyscott999

    CMORE RTS 2 dot flickers when the hammer drops ???

    ^^^^^^ Knows more about the RTS2's than Cmore Pay close attention.
  15. Shadyscott999

    Custom 2011 is doubling/tripling

    Check grip screws first Then check sear spring