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  1. Shadyscott999

    Open gun lengths

    Per Shay... 2% full size, 70% middy and 28% shorties for the last year and shortie sales are on dramatic rise
  2. Shadyscott999

    Open gun lengths

    Not really. At Akai every team guys get to shoot what he wants. In all honesty I don't know anyone that is forced to shoot a particular configuration. Thye may have to shoot from their builders catalog but beyond that... This is video filmed yesterday of my 4" commander length gun with titanium comp and 177PF ammo. The new shorties are as flat and many cases flatter than full sized guns. That is why they are growing in popularity . They aren't "soft shooting" by any means. They really hit your hand hard but they pay off in spades with flat trackability and quick handling. I will ask Shay later, but I would be willing to bet 95% or better of the open guns he is building are mid and shorts.
  3. Shadyscott999

    Open gun lengths

    That will be a change. A short or mid gun has won the last 3 for sure.
  4. Shadyscott999

    Open gun lengths

    Not sure who you are watching. Short is in and selling like hotcakes. ESPECIALLY at the top of the food chain.
  5. Shadyscott999

    Forward grip screw, the teeny one.

    I haven't had a front screw in my guns in over 2 years.
  6. Shadyscott999

    Akai open 38sc

    I can tell you this much. ALL the guys on the team are shooting tungsten and we get to choose what we shoot. There is a substantial improvement IMO with the tungsten sleeved guns. My slide on my shorty weighs a little over 8oz The barrel with Titanium comp weighs over 10 oz. If you are going to nats you can shoot mine this weekend.
  7. Shadyscott999

    New shooter - Need advice on gun

    You can make GM with a Glock 17. Rarely is it the gun that holds someone back
  8. Shadyscott999

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    I have used the SV grip and the EVO. I have fondled the Cheely extensively. SV: feels smaller to me. Two piece grip which breaks frequently. ( I broke 2 and know of many more) "Feels" the best int he hand for me. Hate the teardrop mag catch. Would frequently drop a mag when shooting WHO I stuck more mags on reloads with the SV because of the unique angle Proprietary mag well and mag catch Very difficult to fit to a non sv gun Evo: Much stronger than SV ( last I talked to PT they have never had a SS grip break) If you want to use the included grip safety it requires extensive blending. Not a big deal on new guns but on a retrofit will require a refinish Most aggressive grip by far Dropped right on my PT frames, L10 frames and newer STI frames Lots of fitting on older STI frame can use any mag catch or magwell Cheely: Only have held the cheely so no real world experience. Feels a little smaller than PT but bigger than the SV One piece so should be strong Didn't care for the grip texture Proprietary parts IMO the PT is still the best overall grip by a pretty substantial margin. I think the Cheely will come in second based on initial impressions The weird angle and the breakage prone SV is a far distant third to me.
  9. Shadyscott999

    Cheely E2 vs PT Evo

    What? LOL
  10. Shadyscott999

    Mark7 Evolution

    I checked 50 powder drops last night on my EVO. Loading 4.4 of HP38 in 9 minor. 42 @ 4.4 8 @ 4.3 All well within the margin of error of my scale
  11. Shadyscott999

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    I had a JP. I now have 2 MPXs. The biggest problem people have with MPXs is they think they are ar9s. You can shoot 150 pf ammo through an MPX and it is softer than 125 pf through a JP.
  12. Shadyscott999

    Mark7 Evolution

    What are your questions? I will do my best to answer them or get you answers.
  13. Shadyscott999

    Mark7 Evolution

    Accessories are really not needed with the Evo. Spare parts and upgrade features are easily had. Customer support has always been excellent in the few times I have need to call. Were they overwhelmed with initial orders on the Evo? Hell yeah They brought something to market that far surpasses anything else available and even they were surprised by the numbers. They are more than sound financially sound and are constantly expanding and have new things in design right now.
  14. Shadyscott999

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    You said... The fact is MOST are capable of cocked and locked. We have a rule that prevents them from starting that way or most probably would. Cocked and locked is the same on a 1911/CZ/Tangfo/Etc Yes, your argument is incorrect and your word... "stupid"
  15. Shadyscott999

    Steel grips!?! Are they really worth it!?

    165s re much better out of a 6" gun than 180s for me. That said, PT EVO all the way. I an't never going back to plastic.