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  1. Shadyscott999

    Empty or loaded mags during dryfire?

    I use old beat up STI mags with the same base pads as my match mags. I took the follower off the spring, dropped the follower in the tube then loaded dummy rounds behind the follower. Stuffed newspaper after the mags to fill the gap, then put base pad back on. I think I had to beat on the top of the mag a bit to keep the follower from coming out the top.
  2. Shadyscott999

    Montana Gold vs Precision Delta

    PD are 40 fps second faster for me that MG not to mention cheaper and as accurate as anything I have ever tried.
  3. Awesome video. It also makes me happy that on the stage at 4.49, I had an overall stage win there. Put all these punks in there place. LOL
  4. Wut? How old do you think Rob is? lol
  5. EG was 20 then. I was skinny when I was 20. LOL
  6. Shadyscott999

    2011 w/Glock Mags

    I can't remember exactly who it was,but a few years ago someone approached Megar about making 2011 mags. The first mag off the line would cost over $250k and the market was far too small to make it a worthy investment.
  7. Shadyscott999

    Mark 7 1050x

    Why not by a cheap used Square D to let him learn on?
  8. The MOST dominate in the modern era is Eric by a long shot.
  9. Shadyscott999

    Gray guns comp trigger kit

    They are extra springs.
  10. Shadyscott999

    Limcat Metal Grip

    Felt like I was holding a single stack
  11. Shadyscott999

    Limcat Metal Grip

    way way way less aggressive that the PT and much smaller.
  12. The main reason for a slide NOT to lock back is the potential for breaking your ejector on a slide lock reload. The vast majority of people don't have their slide locking back in high cap divisions. If you are running the gun dry regularly,( In a high cap division) there are issues other than how your gun is setup
  13. Shadyscott999

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    There are a lot of differences. I like the go guns the least of any I have tried. I don't care for the angle at all. Of the ones commercially available, I like the DAA on the best but the Nitrofin is outstanding if it works with your hand size.
  14. Shadyscott999

    Thumb Rest Recommendations

    Hard to believe YOU would say this.
  15. Shadyscott999

    Grip amount

    LOL I only know one person in the world who uses the term OPP (opposable grip) Does Brian know you are here?