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  1. Hi Chet. It's pretty funny that you think anyone doesn't know this is you.
  2. an 8lb spring with about 40k on it feels awesome. Kinda like a 7 with a little more oomph.
  3. As an RO that has ran hundreds if not thousands of shooters, when you point a loaded gun at me or anyone else I NO LONGER WANT YOU IN THE MATCH. If you send one over the berm toward a neighborhood 1 mile away, I NO LONGER WANT YOU IN THE MATCH. I don't care about your preference to be able to see your scores that you didn't risk someones life to earn. We play a game that is inherently dangerous. If I were king I think a a DQ should carry over to a subsequent match ( but that would be very hard to do)
  4. Please point out where I said anything about "generic" tungsten barrels. I said in my post my Akia guns. I also said in a subsequent post that I don't know if that is how limcat does theirs. You on the other had painted with a broad brush and we know how that works.
  5. Very true. The weight alone has major effect on how the barrel unlocks and locks
  6. Incorrect. When you are opening up the hole in the slide from .694 to .750 it takes just shy of one oz out of the slide. My open gun slides come it at 8.5 oz I don't know if that is how Johnny is doing it but it makes a noticeable difference the way we are.
  7. I have shot a lot of tungsten limited guns. They are very soft and the sites track well. The whole point behind tungsten is you are removing reciprocating mass from the slide and adding stationary weight.
  8. I can assure you this is the best holster on the market. I dumped my DAA for this one. You will not be disappointed.
  9. all my Akai guns are tungsten sleeved. I would not go back to a regular barrel. They make a huge difference in dot movement and tracking for me.
  10. Tshirt deal is still going on. LOL https://acguns.com/product/t-shirt-special-package/
  11. Bevin Grams made the tungsten magwells.
  12. Shadyscott999

    ZEV OZ9

    Maybe not. What a strange change to the rules.
  13. Shadyscott999

    ZEV OZ9

    Has to be on the production list for carry optics
  14. This has been far from my experience.
  15. An MPX will shoot softer at 150 PF than the best tuned AR9 at 130 PF. Shoot hotter ammo and you will have less problems.
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