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  1. dee loo

    Extended mag release for G35 suggestions please

    I like this one from ghost inc, https://ghostinc.com/gen-4-5-x-release-9mm-40-357-sub-and-compact-gen-4-5-x/ Been running it the past couple years on several guns, easy to hit without shifting my grip and no accidental releases.
  2. dee loo

    Carry Optics/ESP

    Yes, single action is okay for IDPA CO.
  3. dee loo

    Looking for Limited and ESP platform

    Tanfoglio limited pro or CZ SP 01, I know you said no 2011, but that would be the ticket if you can consistent slide lock with the mags. Inconsistent slide lock is the weakness of the 2011 for IDPA, although 9 is better than 40.
  4. dee loo

    Gen3 glock 17 accuracy vs gen4, and how to improve.

    I agree, I have gen3s and gen4s. Its the g17 gen5 that has a different lockup, uses the g19 locking block and lug pattern. With the different rifling and lockup its supposed to be more accurate than previous gens. I have one to pickup up this week. Will have to bench and see.
  5. dee loo


    I have a close friend from optometry school who practices in Larned, I think a couple hours away from you, his wife is from Salina. Look up Dr. Douglas Ayre, he'll take great care of you. Let them know of your needs.
  6. My G34 gen 4, came with the 8794 mag release. Straight from the factory using a Glock prize certificate. Its legal, you're good to go.
  7. dee loo

    Blue bullets & polygonal rifling

    No issues in my glocks, from G43 to G21 to G22. All factory polygonal barrels.. Go shoot and enjoy.
  8. Just looked at the scores, Congrats Rowdy on the 1st place expert CDP and match bump to master. Sweet.
  9. dee loo

    Blue Bullets undersized

    Diameter of bullet should be .355" or more. Yikes, if they actually are .333".
  10. dee loo

    Glock 34 Mag Production Question

    For production, I know the Dawson .200 pads fit with room to spare. The .300 should, but I can't give actual experience. My gun has Sevigny rear with .230 front sight. HTH.
  11. Congrats Rowdy! Nice shooting. Met you at the Florida state match. I was the SO on stage 1. We were talking about your CZ and written articles.
  12. dee loo

    Thinking about my first state match

    To shoot the match in ccp division, you'll need to shoot a classifier before the match since you haven't shot a ccp classifier (or shot ccp in another sanctioned match) within a year of shooting the state match. The mm ranking is from the equity promotion where you can't be ranked lower than one step from your highest ranking. If the state match is before September and you can't shoot a ccp classifier, you can shoot esp without shooting another classifier. I could be wrong, but I haven't seen a state match that required points to shoot it. Just needed to be an idpa member, signup, pay your fee, and make sure your classification is current. The points are for getting into nationals, the more points you have accumulated the more priority you have for getting into nationals. For the nationals you have to send in an application first and then get approved, if you don't make the first cut based on points, your name goes into a lottery for the remaining spots. HTH. Here's a link to the rulebook, look up section 9 classification, I was trying to copy and paste, but the formatting came out funny: http://members.idpa.com/Content/Rules/4sig5pxx.mr1.pdf
  13. dee loo

    Sphinx SDP Compact for CCP?

    You do have a point, the rules don't specifically state it, but you are "within the spirit of the rules". Its the same as trimming and blending a safety, slide stop, trigger guard, magwell, and beavertail for ESP/CDP/CCP. If we were following SSP rules, different story. Yeah, I need to read through the clarifications. (went through the latest clarification compilations for the 2015 rule book, nothing on topic) You're fine to file down the safety to fit.
  14. For most of the shooters helping compile the data, they found just shooting the classifier and not thinking about the 1 point=1 second, they scored better. I guess its that subconscious vs conscious mind thing.