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  1. I like my SF better, its my fanciest gun and a softer shooter, but I'm B class. A buddy who's infamous on the national level, prefers the poly, but he's just a talented shooter.
  2. I like this one from ghost: https://ghostinc.com/gen-4-5-x-release-9mm-40-357-sub-and-compact-gen-4-5-x/
  3. Interchangeable. Extractors are the exact same part between the 17, 19, 26, 34. If the extractor is too loose or to tight it can also affect feeding, it may release the round too soon or to late. Also clean out extractor channel and check for burrs or debris. Your ammo looks fine and since the problem is new, and the problem started suddenly, check for gun issues.
  4. Try swapping the extractor from the 19, and testing the 34 extractor in the 19, especially since the problems only recently started. Also check the extractor plunger assembly.
  5. Also, make your ammo specs from the rounds that plunk tests your tightest barrels.
  6. Most likely its the brass. I'm willing to bet almost all of the rejects are foreign or military brass, wcc, sb, gfl, cbc, etc. Should have none with quality American commercial brass, blazer, remington, federal, and winchester. Its a combination of things. First, the brass is thicker in the middle with these cases. Second, the 147's are much longer than the 124's. Combined together, the longer bullet and thicker brass bulge in the middle, making it too thick to case gauge properly. The worse was when I tried .357 sized 147 bullets with the thicker brass. The failed ones I save for practice, 99% will run through my glock stock barrels, the 1% make me practice malfunction clearance. None will run in my shorter chambered Walther.
  7. 4k on a G17 mos, 2.5 DPP, 13lb ismi recoil spring. First CO gun.
  8. I would buy either, but like the flat point as first choice. Thanks.
  9. dee loo

    9mm Brass

    PM sent to be on list. Thanks.
  10. The magwell is huge without the front cutout. I would agree with the Gen 5 17 MOS with front serrations. I shoot the 17 better too.
  11. dee loo

    Extended mag release

    I use this one, have it on 4 guns. Works great for me and not expensive, https://ghostinc.com/gen-4-5-x-release-9mm-40-357-sub-and-compact-gen-4-5-x/
  12. I agree with you about it being a sealer and I have noticed the Winchester red sealant is sometimes uneven on individual primers. Maybe 20+ years ago I remember an article from American Handgunner, it was a debate article between Mike Dillon and Richard Lee. Part of the discussion was on why Lee only recommended CCI and Winchester primers and not Federal in there primer system without an additional blast shield. Lee and CCI have sealants that help to prevent a daisy chain explosion, so the plastic tray alone was okay. I've had a friend have a daisy chain explosion with Federal, thankfully it was in a Dillon where the explosion went straightup. I use all three and save the Federals for matches (Glock shooter).
  13. I like this one from ghost inc, https://ghostinc.com/gen-4-5-x-release-9mm-40-357-sub-and-compact-gen-4-5-x/ Been running it the past couple years on several guns, easy to hit without shifting my grip and no accidental releases.
  14. Yes, single action is okay for IDPA CO.
  15. Tanfoglio limited pro or CZ SP 01, I know you said no 2011, but that would be the ticket if you can consistent slide lock with the mags. Inconsistent slide lock is the weakness of the 2011 for IDPA, although 9 is better than 40.
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