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  1. I'm running the Hornady small pistol case plate in my Dillon case feeder, no issues, just different color, got it from Amazon. I had found an earlier thread on this. No issues with interchanging the pistol plates, but may not always work with the rifle plates.
  2. Hi Darrell, thank you so much. I've used your database many times, always a great help.☺
  3. Nice! Thanks for these pics. I'll be getting one soon.
  4. I'm tempted to get one too, but will wait till I finish a big match next month. Looks great, much lower profile and the dot is sandwiched in the pocket. The recoil isn't just on the screws and recoil bosses, plus backup sights. I have their v4 plate mos plate on my 19 and love it.
  5. I tried running my q5 poly top end on the q5 sf and vice versa, unfortunately they don't interchange. The conversion kit looks like for the q5 poly.
  6. It will work no problem between g19 generations. No change in locking block or barrel profiles for g19s. Its the g17/34 gen 5 that won't take an earlier gen barrel, gen 5 uses a g19 locking block. I agree with jubi, shoot your coated bullets in your stock barrel.
  7. I run a Glock 26 with the 147 gr loads i use in the full size guns. Runs flat with the stock recoil spring..The load in full size guns run 130-133 pf, but haven't chronicled in the 26.
  8. I see what you're doing. It might just work. If you have the parts in hand try it. Google Suarez international g34 gen 5 slide, they have it interchangeable with gen4. Maybe give them a call. https://suarezinternational.com/gen-5-slides-2/
  9. Sorry I forgot your question is for the 34. You're correct for the g34/17 between gen 4 and gen 5. You can put your gen 5 g34 barrel in any generation 19.
  10. It will work. The Gen 4 19 barrel will work in a gen 5 19 and vice versa. The locking blocks have the same locking geometry, but slightly different holes and external dimensions. The external barrel dimensions are the same. The newer gen5 chamber is a little shorter and tighter than previous generations with a different rifling. They are supposed to be more accurate overall, but i haven't tested. I have a gen5 barrel running in a gen3 parts gun.
  11. It will work on a g19 or smaller if you change the backplate to a gen 3\4 version. Yes, the gen 5 fullsize guns now use 19 style locking block.
  12. I have a g21 and g30 too, won't run either. The geometry keeps hitting the shoulder on the swc. Interestingly, I run 200gr SWC in a g37 45 gap with no problems, but its got a different geometry..
  13. Try a lighter striker spring, locks up no problem for me. I have a glock 6lb striker spring in mine. It did lockup with the stock spring though. Had a few light strikers with glock factory 5.5lb spring with cci's.
  14. The Wolff round wire glock springs will fit, but ismi glock springs internal diameter is too small to fit stock guide rod
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