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  1. I don't want to get in a back.and forth about that but you have a lot more faith than I do. No way I'd trust one gun and shoot 10 majors.
  2. Not bad info. Everything in open is more expensive and more difficult. Ammo, mags, accessories. All require more attention/maintenance and cost a lot more. You're going to want two guns if you want to shoot seriously. Maybe even three because if one goes down with a serious problem, you could be without it for months. Then, you'd be down to just one gun. I'm not trying to talk you out of going to open. It is fun!
  3. I really like SP! Not sure of this will prevent me from buying it again.
  4. Yeah that would suck! I've never had an issue but that would piss me off!
  5. Yeah. Well,.... When one craps out in a match.... That $40 isn't gonna comfort you very much. This sport is expensive. Skimping on magazines is stupid!
  6. I've noticed that when pouring the powder in the hopper, there's a fine dust that present. I guess that same dust could come out of the powder die.
  7. Bought the cases from Everglades. Not sure who they cleaned/processes. I've loaded about 5k with this phenomenon. All have been 100%. I originally thought it was the Lee U die somehow working the brass too much. I switched to a Dillon sizing die, still having the porblem.
  8. IMO, your best bet is to buy OEM mags with TTI or Zev base pads. Buying magpul or ETS to save maybe $5 per mag is not the best idea.
  9. Maybe but the cases were bought already cleaned. They appear to have been wet tumbled and look very clean.
  10. I'll have to look at all of them. Not sure I can't tell if it's coming from a specific location.
  11. Never noticed it before. I changed powder but can’t imagine that would cause this. Not worried about it just curious. Cleaned it off and loaded 1,000 RDS. Seems like a lot.
  12. I'm gonna be straight up. A 2011 that's built like the Titan will be the shitt! Mags are going to be at least double the price and are going to require at least double the attention to get/keep running. Saying that, I would choose the heavy style 2011 everyday compared to a TSO based solely on the gun. Is it worth the extra $2k? Only you can answer that question. Now, if you were chosing between a cheaper, plastic grip 2011, I'd say the gap would be closer. I'd still probably want the 2011 though.
  13. Now I definitely want one.
  14. I keep trying to convince myself that I don't to go back to open but dang I want one of these!
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