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  1. Assuming you have the right spring, it’s not that hard once you get the am hang of it. Use you’re fingers to hold the spring while you’re pressing down.
  2. I agree. however, I also feel that using par times can lead to developing bad habits. Especially for newer shooters. Proper technique gets sacrificed to beat the par time beep. I feel it helped my shooting when I quit using par times.
  3. I’m not sure what you’re saying. Are you saying that I am around a 55% national level C/B class? You say neither of us is around that. So, not sure if you’re implying that I am or you’re assuming I’m not.
  4. Century Arms sells a reduced power RSA if you don’t want to mess with aftermarket
  5. It does have some take up. I did but a freedsmoth trigger in mine too. I’m also shooting a Walther with the stock trigger and the take up just doesn’t bother me. Never even notice it when shooting a stage.
  6. No. The TP9SFX is very accurate out of the box and the trigger is great too!
  7. True. I’m just saying I do not focus on time to track progress. Actually, I focus on feel most of the time. I find HF more important than speed. I don’t calculate hf on drills either just saying to me it’s more important than the time. I do variable drills in practices. Constantly chaining it up. I don’t do set drills very much anymore. I know when running something if I yanked a shot or broke one early/late Or whatever. I can tell(feel) if I ran the drill successfully. I also place a large amount of value on first runs. Not running the same drill 10 times and taking my best run. that’s just me.
  8. You sure about that? Speaking for myself, I mostly just use the timer for the beep. Don’t really do par times anymore. Don’t really look at over all times. I’ll look at splits and transitions every once and a while. I never keep track or times on any drill. So, not “everyone” keeps track of times. In fact, I’m more concerned with HF.
  9. You said it’s a problem that people aren’t finishing within their classification %? I’m asking is that the issue? Or is the issue, if there is one, the measuring stick used to set the 100%? Comparing someone’s match finish, in percentage to the winner, is going to yeld a different percentage when a solid GM wins HOA Vs win Max wins. An A class shooter will likely fall within the A class range when the Div is one by a regular GM. The classification system isn’t perfect but the GM’s normally finish at the top. Then the M’s and so on. So, it works about as good as anything probably can. Should there be another class? I think that makes more sense compared to lowering the classification ranges to fall within the percentages of nationals. Though, I’m not sure it’ll solve anything or even get implemented well. @motosapiens had a good point. There are kinda two different measuring sticks to asses where you’re at. The classification system and you’re finish at Nats/majors. For most, those do not line up.
  10. I have one. It’s great. With the factory RSA it dribbles brass out with low PF ammo. The heavier the bullet, the worse it seems to do it. I had a few failure to ejects with 147 gr/130pf ammo. also, some feel it slams forward too hard with the factory RSA. This causes muzzle dip.
  11. Glock is like Jeep. They trickle out minor tweaks and sell them as groundbreaking. Or they finally do something that others have done for years and act like they’re doing something new.
  12. Maybe in theory. I honestly don’t know what IDPA did it?
  13. In my opinion you have to accept that the top 3-5 competitors or a level above legit GM’s. Max, JJ, Ben, Nils, Christian(all won Nats this year). Take them out (and a few others) or add them to a “Pro” class, and then most everyone finishes within their percentage of classification. I’m not saying that’s what should be done or that there won’t always be a few outliers but it would put the percentage issue at Nats back in line. so, if there is a problem, is it people not finishing in their classification percentage? Or is it that the shooters that are in contention to win, actually need to be in a higher class?
  14. Looks like half the advancements. Not gonna lie, in some ways that actually might be good. id like to see the line for M to GM.
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