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  1. It's not just a RN/FP issue. It's the profile/ogive. Just because it's a RN doesn't mean anything. See illustration above. Id hate to see you buy several thousand RN bullets only to have the same issue.
  2. My two gen 5 34's are as bad as my shadow 2. Maybe even worse. To get blue bullets to pass, I'm having to load down to 1.080"
  3. It all depends on the bullets profile. The PD RN will allow for a longer OAL.
  4. Running duty/carry guns is really dumb! "Duty" guns means what? Glocks? M&P's? Sigs? Nobody in the US uses CZ's or Tanfos for any type of offio duty use. 1911's are irrelevant form this conversation since those fall under SS. The "duty" or LEO world is usually 20 yrs behind the competition world. So, to me, duty is dumb. Carry means what? Glocks 19's or equivalent? Maybe even smaller like the 26? People can go shoot IDPA or lobby for a new division if that's what they want. Making Prod = to Lim 10 minor is dumb. Allowing for mods via slide stop replacement but not allowing it via grip pannel replacement or grip modification is dumb! To me that's the issue. Not that the CZ race gun gives a competitive advantage over a Glock. (which seems to be what some are hung up on)
  5. It's legal to spend $50 to make the trigger better. CZC/CGW parts are legal.
  6. I too prefer the Gen 5 to all previous models. Except for that stupid short chamber!
  7. Can't make a thumb rest by altering the grip but you can by altering the slide stop/takedown lever. Makes zero sense.
  8. He does not. Message him on FB and he'll respond to you.
  9. Don (Venom) is a good dude! His builds are less $ than an Atlas and I think you'll be happy. Several really good shooter on here that shoot his guns. I had one it was awesome! I've also had a CK thunder. It ran like a champ. But its not in the same league as one form Venom. I've shot 3 different Chaos. They were awesome too. If I was buying a new open gun, I'd probably go with that Honcho! It calls to me!
  10. 34 and 17 are close in wieght. I've had all gens and prefer gen5 and prefer the 34 over the 17. It feels different and I prefer that. Grip tape will not stay put if you grip hard. I don't care what anyone else tells you. It will move. If it doesn't you're not gripping hard enough. I like tungsten guide rods. My set up is gen5 34 with a tungsten guide rod. I just do a TTI trigger kit.
  11. No. I'm not staying he didn't. Probably did. But again, I'm just trying to.makenthe point that sometimes it's about money. Not about actually being better. Point in case everyone now has a match grade barrel. Unknowing shooters might actually think that means better. Does it? Or could that be marketing? IDK?
  12. Maybe he did. I mean he's not paying for it. Maybe they say that so they can charge more $$$ for that option?
  13. I can't argue that LEO and the SD community usually trends towards lighter guns. In my mind that's because if weight savings for the 99.99999999999999% of the time that the gun is holstered. Do heavier guns really mean better when it comes to competition? I'm not saying they don't but not sure they do either. I will say that a heavier gun may mask the negative affects when someone doesn't grip as hard as they may need to. Meaning, a heavier gun should rise in recoil less than a lighter gun. But most folks would agree if you grip hard enough, that issue is now irrelevant. So, I'd agree the gun companies have made heavier guns to suit the customer's desire for less "recoil" . Kinda of a not really a solution to the real problem but oh well.
  14. Ok. I'll say one last thing though, some of these "competition ready" (my words) aren't really any better or even much different than the regular models. That's all I guess I was getting at. To me, it seems that most of times it's just a little paint and marketing. I'll give one example. The stock 2 vs the extreme version. A lot more money. Different color. "better" hammer, sear, springs and trigger. And yet absolutely not worth it IMO. What's better about that gun? Trigger is maybe smoother. Maybe a little more crisp? Is that better? I feel a spring change is all that's needed. Don't even need to change all that other stuff. Really don't even need to polish. That's all you're getting when you buy one. Nobody is really going to do better with that one vs a normal one. At least not in my mind. Of course nothing wrong if someone wants to buy one. Just saying.
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