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  1. IDK, just seems between the two powders I've tried in 9 major, the one with more gas has the dip and the other doesn't.
  2. He got screwed over! Poppers are supposed to fall. His ammo made PF. Yes, some went sub minor and yes that one round that hit the popper could have been another one of those but, he wasn't the only one that got screwed on that popper. A friend of mine had to call for calibration on that one too. His ammo wasn't so close to the floor and when they calibrated it, it didn't fall. So, why would JJ's almost too "light" ammo hit it harder than someone else's ammo that's hotter? See what I mean? Not trying to argue. Just saying. That popper was an issue for several shooters it seems. Red flag.
  3. You take the match attendees and add %15. Not hard. If you have leftovers oh well. Nobody will gripe about that. You run out of food,...... To me, it looks like to some folks Nats isn't a big deal. It's just a match. I'm talking specifically about people in charge.
  4. Was it finger foods? Seriously, how do you run out of food for an event that you know how many people will be attending?
  5. Best solution I’ve heard! but I do have some questions. 1. How do you solve the issue with finding out if the popper is jacked up? RM should shoot it to see? Visually check it? 2. Hit in the calibration zone. Edge hits too? Now we’ll get judgment calls and we know the RO’s can’t be expected to make those. Still, I like this plan. Though, a hit, anywhere at all, no matter what, any evidence of a hit..... automatic reshoot. That’s the simplest to enforce IMO.
  6. Thank you for the response. I’ve noticed it while staying off the thumb rest. I shoot CO mostly so I don’t use one. Saying that, I’m open to looking at my grip. This is different gun that I haven’t shot a lot. Least not recently. so, it could be me.
  7. My uneducated guess is all the gas is going up thru the ports and actually thrusting the muzzle down.
  8. Yeah. It might be an 8#? It came with the gun. It’s what PT out in it. Just can’t remember.
  9. But to me,.... another division of modded out guns, but in minor, sounds ehh.... but apparently I’m in the minority
  10. I’m just going off my own understanding or what I thought it meant/was. So, I could be wrong. There was a thread a year or so ago, that was about the intent of production. I thought someone had posted a screen shot of the initial description directly from USPSA, from when they stated production. Somehow they found something from a press release or meeting minutes from back then and it described the new division. again, I may be way off so,......
  11. Sorry if that sounded rude. I want trying to be. Just asking. Anyways. Like I said, I might be wrong but I thought prod was for “stock” guns oh well, it is what it is.
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