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  1. Is what y'all are taking about like the Walthers? I know if you go too light on those, they'll come out of battery just a little while you're running.
  2. I just loaded up some coated bullets using a FCD. Guess I'll find out if that causes any accuracy issue.
  3. ^^^^this and let's go ahead and say that crimp does not hold the bullet in place. Best to learn that early on.
  4. I wouldn't sweat using a 13 lb. I wouldn't even give it a second thought.
  5. If it were me, I'd switch powder. Not a big deal in my mind. I don't use federal primers on my mk7. I also won't set up my guns where they only pop fed primers. It takes just a little bit of practice to overcome the use of a slightly heavier trigger. Especially, when the heavier spring that will set off anything, only makes for a 5.5# - 6# DA trigger. So, again not a big deal for me.
  6. A couple of years ago Vogel told me he used an 11 in all his Glocks. Even in his 24. So, I just bought those. I use 8/9 lb in my open gun. Recoil spring is just to send the slide back forward, strip the next round out of the mag and to lock the gun back up in battery. Not really to soften the blow of the slide hitting the frame. I'd buy both and see which one you like best then stick with that. Maybe even film yourself just shooting. See how the gun returns. If it dips a lot then maybe the 11lb would be better. I've always heard the ismi springs we're not as accurate to their specified poundage as the wolff springs. Though, I use them on my tungsten GR because the Wolff won't fit. YMMV. I shoot 34's.
  7. I use a Glock store tungsten with am 11 lb ISMI. Was hoping they'd be interchangeable.
  8. Will the following work in both? Connector Guide rod Mag release Thanks
  9. I meant I'm also getting more fps with the same load.
  10. I noticed that my 5" hybrid was faster than my full-size as well.
  11. What gen are you running? The weighted plugs are only for gen 3.
  12. This says itll hold 23 in the mag. Can anyone running these confrim?
  13. If you grip hard, grip tape is gonna move. A warm day and some practice, it'll slide right off! I've tired every trick for prep and it's never worked. I've tried multiple times in multiple guns. You'll get guys telling you it won't if you prep it right but it will. If you grip like you're supposed to. Silcon Carbide is awesome!
  14. Makes sense. Obviously, we want sponsros and we want to represent them or have thier banners in a spot that helps promote their business. I'm just asking questions. It'd be great if they could have thier banners made with wind relief holes/cuts. I know that may be more money and doesn't solve the issue for ones already made. Again, just asking questions.
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