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  1. B_RAD

    Ben Stoeger

    Bens pretty good. I think he’s won a couple big matches.
  2. I’ve seen/heard some shooters try/say they’re trying to move up to the next classification that are not at the skill level of that classification. I’ve been there in my earlier days (which wasn’t all that long ago). I wanted to make GM LONG before I was at that level. This desire to make the next, or top, class of the sport is something I’d say is pretty common. There’s nothing wrong with that. It drives you to get better but............I’d say that sometimes people don’t want to accept reality and they don’t realize or want to accept they may not be at that next level. In the past I knew I wasn’t at that level but still wanted to make it. I told myself it’d push me to get better. What I ended up doing was put in the work and got better then made it. There are absolutely XYZ classified shooters that are not at the level of their classification. It’s extremely obvious and trust me, people love to point them out. Being GM level in skill but classified M is far better than being the M level skilled shooter that got the GM. (Not specific to M/GM cards)
  3. Don is great to deal with. He will even suffer thru you being an idiot. Ask me how I know. His work is great and he’s super nice. and he will talk at length with a customer. Some people need a website I guess? I’m ok with reputations from good sources. Don has the reputation from his customers and I will confirm that my build was great. Hit Don up on FB messenger. He’ll get back to you.
  4. This topic is like the monthly “we should change production div”. Not everyone’s ideas are good ones. Which is purely opinion but everyone has one. So, no way we’re ever going to end up with something that everyone loves 100%. There’s always gonna be something you don’t like. Vote with your feet.
  5. Making GM doesn't make you care less about not performing well. Doing garbage at a match is not something I want to do no matter what the letters are. I doubt any GM is gonna say "doesn't matter how I shot, I'm a GM"! Anyone that's wanting to get better should be disappointed with a bad performance. Stop caring that people are being annoying is difficult. Letting it not bother you is the key.
  6. Yeah. It's over sprung. Just about every gun is though. You can get a ruduced power RSA from century arms. Or you can buy aftermarket setups. I'm using a ZRS tactical guide rod. It's for the Walther Q5SF. I'm using a wilson flat wire 15# 1911 spring. A stock Glock (5.5#) striker spring and a Glock reduced power striker block spring. I've added the freedoomsmith pro trigger and I've added a #2 split ring on the back of the stock trigger return spring. This gives the best trigger pull of any production gun out there. It's as good as a CZ SA pull but it's SA all the time. Saying that, the stock trigger is very good. I'd recommend just trying the lighter RSA. Call up century arms and tell them your issue. The RSA is around $20. They do send you a reduced and a standard one which is dumb but oh well.
  7. Don't know the specifics of the situation/s that you're basing these opinions off of but is it possible you've mistaken seriousness or competitiveness for being rude? Or maybe the GM just wants to shoot their match? Imagine being a GM and having most everyone always want to see magic from you. Then imagine half of the other shooters making some sort of comment if you don't completely burn down a stage or if you just miss a reload. Imagine being asked for the secret to shooting all the time. Then imagine being ignored or scoffed at when you tell said shooter that practice is what's going to make them better. Imagine catching crap if you want to do a visual walkthrough at the load and make ready. Having other shooters yell from the peanut gallery that you're being a diva cause you're visualizing or doing some practice draws instead of just loading the gun. Imagine that if you do have a good match you just hear "well you're a GM, you should win" and if you don't have a stellar match you hear "I thought you were a GM". Maybe these GM's you're referring to, are just trying to shoot their match? Maybe they're quiet because they're trying to focus? Maybe they're just being quiet because if they bitch/comment/gripe about anything they'll just get labeled a prima donna, cry baby or a$$hole!
  8. I don't think we're really disagreing here. I didn't say a different gun isn't going to feel better or more natural. I'm just saying that the weight alone isn't going to make anyone a better shooter. A lot of shooters think the weight is something that makes their score better. Most go thru this thought process at some point. It sounds like the OP is thinking he needs a heavier gun. I'm taking some liberties here with that assumption but he's also asked about a tanfo, another heavy gun. In my opinion/experience, a person can get used to almost anything. Assuming there's not any physical issues like the gun being too small for someone's large hands, the feeling of awkward can become very normal feeling with trigger time. If you shoot gun x for a year and you pick up gun y, it's probably gonna feel weird. You might just think the gun you've been shooting just feels better. Put in the time and and a different gun can become very comfortable and feel better. If someone wants to buy another gun because they're just not bonding with their current gun, I definitely can relate. Been there. If the OP could add some info. What is it he's looking for? Is there anything specific he'd like to see on the new gun that the TP9SFX is missing? That could help. I've shot them all. I'm currently shooting the Canik so I might be able to make some suggestions for that gun.
  9. I'd recommend really giving the canik some more time. Don't know you or your skill level but ammo and practice is really the only thing that's gonna make you better. I do understand just liking one gun better then the others but the gun is a very small part of the game. Give it a few more months of solid practice and see where you are. Don't let people fool you into thinking the heavier gun is gonna do anything for your shooting. It's not.
  10. So you could have been perceived as being egotistical or a wannabe? My earlier question was just getting at that people are involved and given a large enough sample size and you’ll sure run into all the personality types you mentioned. Some may seem worse when you don’t know them. I’m sure some are flat out guilty of what you’re say but my experience has been the opposite. Most are easy going good folks. Judging folks on how they come across at a competition may not be the best environment to get a good feel for how they really are.
  11. Have you ever been around people before?
  12. Zevs are the easiest to take apart and clean. TTI’s are kind of a PITA. I've not found any that are easy or guaranteed to get 23+1. I like Zev’s the best but 23+1 will almost certainly never be possible. TTI’s is probably the best bet IMO. Though TF and Henning are great too!
  13. I was definitely kidding. To me, the name Carry Optics means what you’ve described. A more accurate name would be “Almost open but minor only with slide mounted dot and no comp division” but that’s kind of a mouthful.
  14. It means 59 oz weight limit with a 140mm mag. Wait.... I mean it doesn’t mean...
  15. Move to a better place to shoot more! San Antonio has to be miserable in the summer!
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