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  1. The recoil spring needs to be heavy enough to lock the gun up in battery. Going too light(especially with a stock striker spring) may cause the gun to stay just out of battery or come out when running. Nobody is gonna lose a match because they have a 15# recoil spring instead of a 13#. However, the gun unlocking and causing a malfunction
  2. Hey man, some times you gotta go your own way. I get it. Max is gonna be tough for anyone to beat. The guy is just that good!
  3. I just stumbled on to this thread. Very interesting. I knew there was some crazy guy shooting a G26 at the GM level but didn't know there was a thread here about it. Or that he started out in C class. Man you do you. I mean, your gonna get crazy looks and stuff but oh well. Though, I won't lie. Had I seen this thread when you started I would have comented you're crazy and probably said/thought hope you like C class. You're a very good shooter so you're gonna shoot anything well. Though, It's still hard for me not to think the 26 held you back at least a little. Saying that, I had
  4. Practical Shooting Training Group. There are multiple levels of membership and it's all great info. Go check it out.
  5. Double tap is when someone gets a sight pic and decides to pull the trigger twice. The theory is that they can pull the trigger faster two times without having to aquire two sight pics and some think that if they pull the trigger fast enough the gun will not have recoiled enough and the hits will be fairly close, or close enough, together. First off, the gun fires and cycles faster than you can pull the trigger. Second, there's more going on to the recoil/sight tracking/gripping porcess of shooting. The gun just doesn't cycle and then return to the exact same spot by
  6. At that distance you need to be using target focus. You don't need to require the front sight focus for targets that close and easy. Each target has a required sight pic based on its difficulty. Easier targets don't require the same detail/attention as more difficult one do.
  7. Hey man, I notice that the gun and you strong hand move independently from your weak hand. Watch that video again. Your left hand is looks to be staying still while the gun recoils and moves. Look at the trigger guard and how it comes up and off and when recoiling isn't touching your left first finger. That's not what you want. You want everything to move together. Also, you're standing completely vertical and your elsbows look completely locked out. It looks like the the recoil is rocking you back more with each shot. You might try leaning a little more
  8. It's amazing what you can see with practice! It's also amazing on how easy it is to drop points on close targets when people try to double tap! And who said anything about slowing down to get your hits?
  9. I'd change my focus to learning proper grip and fundamentals. If you're serious about improving in the shooting sports, you will probably come to the realization that "double taps" aren't the key to success. Might as well get to that point sooner. There can be unintended consequences to the double tap. I'd recommend knowing/seeing the required sight pic for each shot. I'd also ignore "advice" telling you that a lower bore axis is gonna transform your shooting.
  10. If I can give my experience here. I used to only do them weighted. I still do them that way most but I will use completely empty mags a little here and there. So, I think when we first start out we really just try to kinda throw the mag in the gun rather than have the process down and focus on getting the mag in there the right way on the first attempt. Now, I know I can actually process(as in processing information) the steps it takes, in real time, to get the mag in the gun. It's a matter of being able to see or process more information faster. This is the same thing as when
  11. I range "smack dead in the middle" is still too far for people on either coast to drive (typically). No matter what, a lot of people, probably half or more, have to fly.
  12. The thumb safety kills it for me. 2011
  13. "such is inevitable". "Stop saying it will happen" Is that what you're saying? Kinda seems like that's what you're saying.
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