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  1. B_RAD

    Glock 24 9mm

    CO guns have to be on the approved production gun list. I doubt the 24 is. Also, not sure if you can change calibers.
  2. When I first stated I wanted to win my class but I really wanted to not get beat by anyone in the classes below me. And now that I think about it, that’s exactly what I still want!
  3. You’re not going to go over to a strangers house, someone who’s new or physically limited, and tell them they’re lame for having a B class win plaque on the wall. A buddy,... maybe. Ok probably. I actually would too. But not folks like I listed above! If you do, you probably walk thru the mall and tell the toddlers Santa isn’t real! Monster!
  4. Exactly. Don’t knock others bad taste. Seriously, I don’t have a single plaque on the wall. But some do. I’m not gonna go over to their house and tell them they suck and their wife is ugly!
  5. I think it’s valuable for someone that’s been practicing to have a class win. That’s what I think. Currently that’s how the sport is set up. Winning a class gets a plaque. That may be someone’s definition of winning. I wouldn’t call it pretending to win. They won that class. I personally didn’t care that I won that class. But that’s me. Others do. Again, it’s lame for someone to purposely stay in a lower class IMO.
  6. I just shot a match last weekend that had a classifier. I didn’t mind it but I agree that’s more likely to keep people in a lower class. Which, would might actually make the issue worse?
  7. Me too! Chose to shoot for myself instead.
  8. I totally understand a shooter switching divisions and that putting them in one class lower. I did it this year as well. I won a class at a major. Very soon after I was two classes above that. I shoot monthly matches and that gets me classifier entries. I was in no way sandbagging. All I cans say is, I choose to shoot and class up. I felt it was not cool to stay away from monthly matches to stay in lower classes to win them for money or two get a plaque at a major. In fact, after shooting the last classifier that bumped me to my current classification, I had people offering to DQ me so I could go shoot Nats in a lower class. Of course I refused.
  9. Folks sandbag. Tell me I’m wrong? It’s lame! Tell me I’m wrong? Yes. I would still go to matches even if no prizes were offered. I fact, because of the talent at most majors, it’s harder for me to actually win any prizes. So, my opinions are not based on me actually winning something.
  10. “Propaganda”. I really need to cite examples? You’re really gonna tell me that it’s not obvious there are shooters out there exploiting some of these contingency programs?
  11. You act like I said D class shooters are shooting marches to pay their mortgage dudes hiding in lower classes is lame. Prize or now prize. If you don’t agree, nothing I say is gonna make sense to you. You’ll just find a reason to argue.
  12. Ok. Make better life decisions. “hey man, don’t age”.
  13. SMH. There’s many reasons why someone winning a class is something to be proud of. “Lack of competence” sounds like you’ve decided that the bar that separates this “lack” is under your current level of skill.
  14. You may not but someone who’s new or limited by some other factor might. just because it doesn’t happen in every division, class and at every match doesn’t mean it’s not a thing.
  15. First, you said people complaining about sandbagging are just mad cause they sandbagged worse. Which is false. regardless if you think B class winner should get a prize, that’s how it’s done at matches. So, someone that’s more skilled hiding in a lower class is lame.
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