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  1. I have everything you’re talking about here except the tungsten guide rod. I just use a steel one. I can’t feel much, if any difference, with the brass basepads and back strap. I don’t seem to be recoil sensitive when it comes to adding a heavier part in the gun. Maybe others can feel it? I don’t seem to notice. if you want them, fine. They will not make you better. they will not increase your scores. Spending the time and money on practice and ammo will payout more. These parts aren’t a problem but I don’t want to spend the money to buy more for my other guns. So, I will probably sell mine. I would also say that I seem to like lighter guns. I don’t buy that heavier is better! Just me. A lot of newer shooters go that route to mask poor technique. Also, being able to split at .14 on a 7 yrd target vs .17 is not where matches are won.
  2. I have a love/hate relationship with my 650. Military brass and it doesn’t always keep the case in station one on the upstroke. I’d love to try a 750 but I have a mk7/1050 so I don’t need to buy another press. I shoot 30k+ and like to load different loads/calibers. sounds like you gotta a good setup. not sure I’d sell and buy a 750 if your 650 is working.
  3. Adds. Who cares what for! payed membership will cause a lot of food to leave. Just my opinion. the search function is somewhat unintuitive, IMO. Maybe it’s because I’m using my phone 100%? Not to mention, searching thru results is a pain now that there’s way more results than there was 10 yrs ago. Not to disagree with the “spoon fed” comment but it’s not exactly easy. Maybe I don’t know how to use it properly? Probably. But is there a list of instructions somewhere on how to maximize effective searches?
  4. Keep the 650. Save up and buy a 1050. Two presses is better than one.
  5. Me too! I switched to TC profile and that seems to be the issue. RN was gtg.
  6. All the Nationals that are in the next couple months have been rescheduled.
  7. I think you’ll have to get those parts replaced. Then, add tape between. Nobel Sport BA 9.5 was the issue for me.
  8. I’ve shot this one twice. Once at Nats @95% and recently @100%.
  9. I honestly don’t know who I’d recommend to a new shooter. I’d probably throw out some names and say good luck. I’m not a huge fan of any of the ones I’ve tried. I’ve had multiple holsters form several brands. I think all have already been mentioned. I’m kinda with @TrackCage in this one. Just need it to hold my gun. not a fan of the month long wait times and won’t pay for “rush service “. So I tend to buy ones that are in-stock at the online retailers. anyways....
  10. “Good” is a matter of opinion. I’ve had some (more than one)that you’re saying are at the top of the heap that I thought were not “good”. They needed adjustment. I think most people would be surprised to know a lot of holsters are made in garages. Just saying.
  11. I’ve used their tungsten guide rods. I like liked them. Never used anything else they sell. I used TTI connectors and base pads. There is no need to buy a “take down” tool for mags. It’s not hard. Just have to learn how to do it. It’s very simple. be careful when reading someone’s advertisement for parts guaranteed to solve problem X. Very few actually do anything but make more problems.
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