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  1. B_RAD

    Atlas or Akai

    I don't want to scrounge around for brass. Constantly looking at the ground and having to stick around after the match or practice. Not worrying about picking up brass means more time shooting or better use of time for me. 9mm is saving $ and time. If SC was the same price.and just as common, I would think everyone would choose it over 9. But it's not.
  2. B_RAD

    Atlas or Akai

    Thread has been derailed.
  3. B_RAD

    Atlas or Akai

    Sorry........ I wasn't trying to resurrect the dead horse that is "which is cheaper". However, "isn't that much cheaper" is still cheaper. I've noticed that all the .38SC shooters talk about reloading x number if times and the cost goes down. The same goes for 9mm. So, if it's cheaper to start with, and you reload X number of times, it's still cheaper. Also, like you said the cost of used 9mm brass making it even more cost effective. No matter what, when comparing the two and all else is equal, 9mm is cheaper.
  4. B_RAD

    Atlas or Akai

    Same goes for 9. If you pick it up. I don't. I was just saying, too bad more don't make it. It'd be cheaper.
  5. B_RAD

    Atlas or Akai

    If there were, SC brass wouldn't cost $.15 ea like it does now.
  6. Any striker fired gun with a saftey is seldomly used. Most end up choosing something different. So, mostly only newer shooters would be affected. While still probably not the best choice and you don't want to put new shooters at an even more disadvantage, it's not really a big deal. USPSA is a sport. 99.9% want to game and choose gear that minimizes shortcomings like a saftey that may be an issue for the. So, don't shoot an M&P w/ saftey.
  7. B_RAD

    2 stages in the same bay

    I had to do this at A4. I was first up. Luckily the stages were straight forward and simple. It wasn't an issue. However, I think in the attempt to be efficient or to save time, the shooter usually gets stiffed. At A4 they allowed 4 min thru walk through. There were 12 stages for the match. That saved a whopping 12 min over a two day match! The same with making the squad shoot two stages at once. That is more of a time saver but still. So far, all the ones I've shot like this have been very cut and dry so, it's not really been an issue but I'd be a tad annoyed if there were difficult sequences.
  8. B_RAD

    I miss my old open gun...or do I...?

    If money is not a huge issue, I'd say get what you want. I've shot TSO and and chezchmate. For my preferences, they don't come close to being as awesome as a Titan or a similar set up! A dot doesn't make the gun more accurate. It makes it easier to shoot accurately. Iron sights might take more discipline to shoot and that gets confused with being less accurate and slower. That tight shot that you say you struggle with, isn't any harder of a shot for you than it is for anyone else. If others are more disciplined and have practiced more, it may seem easier for them but it's the same shot for everyone. I'm guessing that shooting a dot is going to move you to a division where everyone else you're competing against also has a dot. So, there is no advantage due to equipment since everyone else has the same stuff. It comes back down to skill. Just like it did with irons. But... Shoot what you want. I even know where you could get an awesome deal on a used Titan!
  9. And you've derailing the thread.
  10. My gun weighs about 40 oz. Plastic grip.
  11. I'm going to go with same bullet and powder. I wonder if the reason we can't really tell any difference is because we're focusing on the correct stuff (e.g. spot on target) and not consciously thinking about recoil? And like you said our grip is doing more than slower powders.
  12. I've been going back and forth, trying to decide if should start this thread or not, since I really don't think any perticular load offers any advantage over another. As long as the load is accurate and reliable, in my mind its not gonna matter which bullet weight and which powder you use. Saying that, we gotta choose something. Like most of us here, I like to tinker.....but I don't want to waste too much time. I've tired AA7, HS-6, Silhouette, WAC. I've tried 115 gr and 124 gr bullets. All around the 170pf. I've shot some of each combo slow fire, rapid fire and at matches. Other than small differences when doing slow fire, I can't tell any difference in muzzle flip or how flat the gun shoots when shooting at speed. However, how dirty the guns gets and how much the case fills, is obvious. Since I can't tell a difference in any other way, I'm leaning towards WAC and Silhouette because of these two issues. Shooters are almost like superstitious ball players who have ritual type habits. They make themselves believe that something is giving them an edge when at least some of the time it's probably not. So, I guess my question is, can you really tell a difference? If so, what could I be doing wrong that is causing me to not be able to tell any difference? I've only got about 3k rounds fired thru my CK thunder. Maybe after 10k, I'll be more sensitive?
  13. B_RAD

    9mm Major powder choices?

    I'm talking about not being able to tell any difference between any powder. I've tired WAC, AA7, HS-6, Silhouette. Can't tell a difference.
  14. B_RAD

    9mm Major powder choices?

    I may be the only one but I'm probably going to choose WAC or Silhouette just because they don't fill the case too much. That makes for less powder spillage on the press and they seem to be the cleaner burning out of the different powders. I can't tell any difference in feel or flatness or efficiency in "working then comp".