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  1. Got 2 classes scheduled with Ben this year. Skills and Drills April 25-26 (Thurs/Fri) Fundamentals. April 27-28 (Sat/Sun) Info is on Ben's website. Classes will be in Centerton, AR. There's an airport 15 min away. Ariport is called XNA. Plenty of lodging with in 15 min of range in Rogers it Bentonville. Each class is $450. I have 2 spots open for each.
  2. I would suggest getting Been Stoegers Dry fire reloaded and start practicing the drills in that book. I'd also suggest finding some quality instruction. Setting up stages and practicing them might sound like a good idea but you might be better served breaking down stage aspects and isolating those skills.
  3. Tell us what your prowctice regimen is.
  4. B_RAD

    Venom Customs!?

    It is
  5. B_RAD

    Venom Customs!?

    It's about done. No more side work up front. Just gonna get cerakote. Yes it's a hybrid barrel. 5".
  6. B_RAD

    Venom Customs!?

    Mine is getting close. Don is killing it!
  7. B_RAD

    Hundo Reject Rate

    I didn't read thru every post in this thread so, I apologize if I'm repeating something already said. Three things. 1. The case gauge needs to be cleaned from time to time. It gets build up and it media in the holes. That will make you think you have failed rounds. 2. If you get a failed round, try rotating the round while in the same hole. It may drop all the way down. 3. I bet most folks have learned or know if they're chamber is more forgiving than their gauge. It should be. So, if a round is what I call broderline, I try it in my other single round case gauge that's not as tight as my hundo. If it passes, I call it good to go since I know my chamber is even more forgiving. 3.1 If I'm loading for a major, and it doesn't pass the first time in the hundo, it's gets culled and goes in to practice only or thrown out all together. I load for 9, 9 major and .40 long. I've never used a push thru die. I'm sure it'd help with any of the failures I do get while case gauging. I don't get a ton so, I feel it's not worth the time. I've never had a single malfunction in any caliber at any match. However, I'm considering buying new brass for majors.
  8. B_RAD

    2019 USPSA Nationals Announced

    Thank you for the information.
  9. B_RAD

    2019 USPSA Nationals Announced

    So, is Vegas the best place to fly into for Hi-Cap Nats.
  10. B_RAD

    Venom Customs!?

    It's on!
  11. B_RAD

    Just wanted to share what cleans my comps well.

    y'all clean your comps?
  12. B_RAD

    Open Gun "flatness"....video

    Yeah but what comp is best? Seriously. Ha ha.
  13. B_RAD

    Venom Customs!?

    The gun with the cheely looked to have about twice as much rise. Did you feel the short binary was as flat as the longer one?
  14. B_RAD

    Practice Loads?

    Powder is cheapest component of reloading. So, you're not gonna save money doing that. To me it makes the most sense to practice with what I'm going to shoot in matches. So loading down for practice isn't going to have the same feel. just my opinion