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  1. Is yours over 3lbs? If so, you'll be the 3rd GM that's told me thiers are that heavy. My Titan was falling to half cock when I would really try to split fast on close targets. I asked Sanders about it. He asked how light my trigger was. I said 2lbs. He suggested I out a little more spring tension on the sear. That's solved my problem. I've since tweaked them all to between 2.5-3 lbs.
  2. I went and grabbed one of my guns. Looking closely at the hammer/sear from above you can actually see that the sear engages the hooks again as soon as the hammer gets pushed back by the slide. You can see the sear is already engaged and does not move when you release the trigger. Thanks everyone.. good info.
  3. B_RAD


    My Evo has a removable MSH.
  4. Yeah I see what you're saying.
  5. B_RAD

    Why no love for WAC?

    I'm very impressed with the accuracy out of this gun! It shoots WAC very well! Dot movement and recoil are issues I'm not sure what's realistic. Recoil, what are these supposed to be able to do? Should I be able to do .14 splits and keep the bullets together? Or is .18 more realistic? I'm able to pull the trigger fast enough and have the two holes be 4" apart vertically. Dot movement?.. you mean up and down? Or is the important thing a straight line up and down? I'll say my WAC load does seem to have a little left and right to it. But I'm not sure that's due to WAC since I don't have any experience with any other powder. Also, not sure how much of that is from me applying inward pressure with my grip. I'll say I feel I can do spits a tad faster than I could with 9 minor out of my G34. Is it alot no. But it's major.
  6. So your saying the sear leg on the three leaf spring resets the sear as soon as the Disco drops down? I thought it didn't reset until the Disco comes back up (after trigger is released). Though, the spring is what resets it.... Oh no,..I've gone cross-eyed!
  7. I'm the OP. I was actually asking with the concern of firing to empty. There's no need in my mind to drop on an empty slide just to do it.
  8. From what cha Lee is saying, and it makes sense, there is not impact at all regardless of a round being stripped or not.
  9. B_RAD

    Why no love for WAC?

    I agree
  10. B_RAD

    B_RAD Range Diary

    Area 4 video. Stage 1 thrown out. Stage 2 (my best stage) didn't get recorded. Would like to clean up a lot. 1. I rushed shots on ststic targets before going to moving targets. So, I dropped a few more points on static targets. 2. From the video, it appears there's a slight lag in me leaving some positions. I'm pretty sure it's not from looking at the holes but not sure what's the cause? 3. Work on prioritizing reloads/movement based on distance to next position/target. 4. Shooting better on the move. 5. Hard partials 6. Setting up stance for positions. Sometimes setting up for two arrays from the same position. 7. Got real close to breaking 180. I tried programming for that specific reload but in the future be more cautious and ask if there's another spot to do reload that's not even close to breaking. There was no benefit to doing that relaod there!
  11. B_RAD

    Why no love for WAC?

    I tired 15 rnds of 9.4 gr AA7 w/124 PD JHP @1.160". I feel it may have been slightly flatter than 7.0 gr WAC. It seemed a lot dirtier and I've read that it doesn't meter as well due to being finer and that causing issues with the powder bar. Seems like WAC is so popular because it meters very well, doesn't fill the case, and is fairly clean.
  12. B_RAD

    Why no love for WAC?

    Bumping this up to ask what's a good load to start with for 124 gr that doesn't use WAC?
  13. B_RAD

    Switching from 1911 need advice

    The 19, 45, 17 or 34. The 45, 17 and 34 will have the same grip. So, pick slide and barrel length you want. I like the Delta Point Pro. It's easy to spend a lot of money on the trigger. I've bought aftewrket kits and just did spring and connector swaps. The kits are better usually but not really worth the extra $ IMO.