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  1. I'm convinced that there is something to the aspect of something being knew. Sometimes that makes it feel different. Sometimes the new thing doesn't feel different at all (recoil) until you get used to it. It recoiling different gets notcied more than what's actually different or vice versa. I personally can't tell any difference when I shooting something different at first. I shoot a plastic gun and ammo that chrono at 140 pf. When I shoot a shadow 2 it doesn't seem like it's any flatter or softer. At least not at first. That could also be that my grip on my current
  2. It's gonna be bad. You won't be able to shoot. Sell me your primers for a low price. We all win!
  3. Not sure it's easier? I mean, because of the advantages you get from the dot and higher rounds in the mag, the speed has to be picked up quite a bit to be competitive. I also think you have to maximize the higher rounds count. Meaning if you can be doing something while moving position to position you need to. In production the reloads are very critical. In CO if you can blend something together, you'll lose PPSif you don't. So, yes, it may be easier to take a 25 yrd shot, but to stay competitive, you have to do it faster. While getting the same pts. IMO CO is
  4. 9 1/2 is good but only available in 1.1lb bottles. sport pistol is good as well. It mist a fine dust on the press while reloading. I use SP but wouldn’t worry about using either. N320 is also gtg!
  5. I mean, this one might have reached its full potential anyways. Why not just lock it up? What else is there to be said?
  6. For the fall on the hammer test, just hit the hammer with an actual hammer. Hold the gun and straight up use a hammer to hit the hammer.
  7. The victim here wasn’t shooting. It wasn’t his gun. He was a “bystander”. Are you going to show up at matches or ranges where a similar gun is or might be used?
  8. was the hammer cocked? Does anyone know?
  9. Didn’t realize what this was about originally.
  10. Didn’t realize what this was about originally.
  11. So, I want to be careful on how and what I say. For a couple of reasons. First, it's easy to criticize when you're spectating. Meaning not out there working. Monday morning quarterback. Second, it's difficult to get across true thoughts and feelings thru text. Lastly, I'm still new and inexperienced with USPSA and nats. This was my 4th year and my 2nd Nats. That may be why I feel the way I do about things. I may not know any better? Saying all that, I'll give my thoughts. I think Nationals should be a bigger deal than any other match. That means stage design/quality,
  12. So, for me, it's a weird situation. No, the prize table doesn't affect my decision to shoot or not. I'll try to say this as neutral as possible. In some things, the effort put out, speaks volumes. If there's little effort that means it doesn't matter(to that person). If it doesn't matter, then why do it? I think Nationals should be a big deal. In my mind a big deal should appear and look as if it was a big deal.
  13. "Sponsorship" is an interesting topic. It means many different things and might also mean nothing at all. I know of at least one person that was 100% not sponsored by anyone, in any way.
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