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  1. If you include your address and if you have a large dog in your response. Thanks.
  2. B_RAD

    Preferred grip tape

    No. I’m kidding. You grip hard. So, it doesn’t stay.
  3. B_RAD

    Preferred grip tape

    But obviously you didn’t prep and apply correctly! I mean there are all these people that have no issues.
  4. These two are very different. I could try to tell you what I think but most people really just want to hear what they’re already thinking. I’ve owned both. I picked the one I did because I think I shoot it better. No other reason. Not because I like the feel of it better or because it shoots softer. I would try to focus on which one you shoot better. Then go with that one. everyone that chimes in is just gonna try to reinforce their decisions for what they chose. I know who turned you on to the canik. (A mutual friend). Ask him what I shoot.
  5. I use the pro. i dot the hunk there’s much difference in them. Just shaved off some angles in the side as far as I can tell. Idk?
  6. Nils and Mason are gonna make Nats very interesting.
  7. Those grip trainers will jack you up if you’re not careful.
  8. Perform at my skill level at my next majors. get better. repeat.
  9. But most people change it. That’s what I’m saying. these threads just result in “x brand cause it’s better”. Which really just means “I shoot X brand so it’s gotta be the best”.
  10. How’s that? Doesn’t every gun basically need the recoil spring and striker/hammer springs replaced. Isn’t that standard on every gun. I guess the P320 doesn’t need the striker spring replaced but you have to replace the two trigger return springs(I think that’s what they are). not sure how the p10 needs less spring changes?
  11. . You’re right. Haven’t seen anyone shooting one.
  12. Are we still debating guns? Does the gun matter? personal preference is just that.
  13. Canik? That gun is too cheap to be any good. Can’t be that good.
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