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  1. I think my gen 5’s were a little slower than previous gens.
  2. Not sure they know how to figure anything out. New classifiers are easier than older ones just due to the smaller pool to use for HHF. If the goal post keeps moving to make X class, but there’s nothing in place to keep classes current with that, then is someone that made X class 5 yrs ago still that class? It seems almost impossible to get bumped down via the petition route. I’d guess 80% of shooters don’t continue to get better past a certain level. So, how can they keep the classifications the same?
  3. Googling it says it’s to reduce friction and help primer ignition with lower weight striker springs.
  4. Please let us know how it works for you. Maybe I’m wrong and it’ll be the greatest thing ever!
  5. Sorry man. Just joking around. But seriously, it’s not gonna do anything but make you wallet empty. saying that, I’ve spent a crap ton of money on things so, buy it and try it.
  6. Why would the brass liner be a thing? What’s it supposed to do? I’ll answer the question though, it will not make you any better and is probably a complete waste of money.
  7. It’s polymer or plastic form the factory. if that’s what you’re asking.
  8. Yeah. It adds a little bit of magnification. The DPP isn’t as y’all so it doesn’t do that.
  9. I noticed the SRO seems to distort what your looking at. Not bad but just a little. Not sure if distort is the right word but it does look a little different. Not a huge fan of this dot but if it last longer than others, I might have to get over it. Still testing it out.
  10. B_RAD

    Romeo 1 Pro

    I did not like the one I had. I had some similar issues.
  11. I’m fairly new to the sport so I really don’t know but is that why? It’s because it’s “harder to control”? It’s kind of a cause and effect. Major is more powerful so it should be harder to shoot. In theory at least. The whole power from DVC seems to emphasize power and not so much recoil.
  12. Is major PF outdated? First, I’d say .40 is less popular nowadays and that does seem to make it look like outdated as a caliber. In my uneducated opinion, the .40 S&W has fallen out of favor because the majority of the community that .40 was developed for can’t shoot very well and it’s easier and cheaper to shoot 9 mm. That with the advances in ammo technology make 9mm a good choice for almost any application that a handgun, like the ones shot in USPSA, would be used for. Though, if the shooter can handle the .40, it’s definitely not a worse choice than the 9mm. Is the dogma of a “one stop shot” being phased out as newer/younger people get into the sport/industry? Seems that way from what I see but I’m not involved at any level other than competitor. PF scoring seems to have roots in the older theories of “knock down”. I’ve always heard that back in the day(80’s and earlier) that 9mm just wasn’t up to par. Was that the case? Was that due to HP’s not being good or the guns not feeding them well? So, in those cases, RN was a better choice and that’s why everyone chose .45(Gods caliber)? IDK? Saying all that, I’d ask why do some people, shooting USPSA, still shoot minor? It’s because they can’t or don’t want to shoot major? Why? Some shoot minor because it’s easier on their hands or because they feel it’s easier to handle. They choose to take a scoring disadvantage to shoot minor. Some shoot minor for the extra rounds like in SS. Others want the higher scoring and lower capacity so they choose major. There are a few reasons to shoot either. So, is it outdated? Seems like there are still reasons to keep it around.
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