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  1. I shot a 38 Special Target Colt Python last summer. Same conclusion. it was pretty. The owner had a big grin, expecting me to be blown away.
  2. How much do you want for the 929?   What is its story?


  3. How much do you want for your 929?

  4. Buy my 929 and save yourself a headache
  5. The procedure is the same. The profile on the decapping pins (comparing 9mm to 40cal. ) can be what your experiencing. If you are not aware, putting a 45 degree(ish) profile does help with primer pullback. The other HUGE influence is how the brass was cleaned. If it was wet tumbled and the drying process was not quick and thorough. Not sure of the correct term (rust like oxidation) can cause broken decapping pins, and primer pullback. If your automated you learn quick how to solve these problems. Once you push that start button jams will ruin your productivity big time. Good lu
  6. Pre process your brass is the answer if you are running an automated press.
  7. Someone that can smell a fart from a block away will complain your coating smells bad/weird.
  8. That is a big ask to assume someone else's load (with probably a different manufactures bullet) for 4 different powders will work the same in your expensive rifle. Chronographs are inexpensive (less than a $100), and a tool every serious shooter needs.
  9. Every gun is different so there is no absolute answer. You will know soon after you test. Many times you just need to do your own testing.
  10. Clean Shot is a big sleeper. Great for 9mm and 9PCC Cheap too.
  11. Just switch powder. TG is to hot for most coatings. There will always be folks that say no problems here. Chang powder.
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