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  1. WSF is the best powder I found for this. Ladder.
  2. Fun to shoot Cheap ammo Up close drills on steel Fun to shoot
  3. I run that bullet on an automated 1050 at 1600/hr. With preprocessed brass. No issues. I use the powder funnel from Double Alpha. It is not just the bell. You want the first few millimeters opened up a tad so that bullet sticks.
  4. Make sure the shafts match (hole is there and in the correct spot.
  5. So Memphis- Curious have u tried CLR?
  6. Easy to fail case checking with a U-die if you run a heavy bullet deep. Like a flat base even bevel base. Also trying to load larger diameter bullets that are heavy too and/or deep. .357-.358 I run a U-die on a 1050 and there are a few headstamps that fail (Agula) comes to mind. I would rather have a fail case checking than swage my powder coated bullet with something like a Lee factory crimp die.
  7. Brazos 95gr. RN 1.023” .356 3.7gr E3 1345fps 127.8PF S&B primer Nordic Components 16” w/MBX comp also ran some Lee cast/coated .356 95gr. FP 1.02 COL 5.1 Gr. PV 1301fps 125PF S&B primer Nordic 16” w/MBX
  8. I am having a hard time getting good accuracy at 25 yards with the 95’s. Tried N320 WSF TG so far 6” is all I can get. Anybody getting tight groups? What bullet /powder?
  9. What????? Lee said at one time no Federal. WST is sticky? Hmmmm I run a 1050 Ammobot with that combo. No issues. I use WST as my favorite SUB minor load for 9mm.
  10. I ordered 1,000 lbs. of 9mm Brazos bullets. 95gr 125gr. 147gr. Only shot the 147’s in Nordic PCC Tight 1 hole groups at 25 yards benched 2moa red dot. I was not in a hurry and told them so. Very happy.
  11. How fast is your bullet going? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  12. Mighty Armory pins come in 2 sizes FYI I decap once every few years (pre-process Ammobot 1050) can’t remember which size I used. I am Guessing you are wet tumbling. If so make sure you get your brass 100% dry. If not and you let that brass sit the primers get semi-welded and can cause a lot of decap issues. Oh yeah, Mighty Armory pins are freaking expensive. Last year I decapped 30,000 of crap brass that was not dried well and went back to Lee decapper due to the amount of money M.A. wanted for those pins. My 2 cents Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Report back down the road. Curious I run an Ammobot so I am hesitant to try as my blue tip lasts a long time. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
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