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  1. https://mbxextreme.com/index.php?page=Magazines_Caspian A bit expensive but worth it. And as always under COVID restrictions, there will likely be delays. You can also modify Tanfoglio mags to work.
  2. EMP4 CCC 9mm is my current carry pistol. At least since I gave it a complete work over.
  3. Best way to keep the ammo sorted is to use only brass for 45ACP and nickel plated for 45 Super. I do that with 38 Super. Brass for my lower power carry loads and nickel for hot competition loads.
  4. To my fellow Veterans: You don't need my thanks. Nor I yours. WE understand what we did and what we sacrificed for our country. This is why a veteran never says to another veteran, "Thank you for your service." Often a knowing nod is all we give or get. BECAUSE we understand. And when civilians say it to me, I respond, "It was my honor and duty to serve. No thanks necessary." I MEAN that. I know my fellow veterans understand that too. To my civilian friends: I thank you for your support and appreciation of ALL our Veterans. What we dealt with and went throug
  5. I know I have stated this here before, (and a dozen other forums, fb groups, etc.) but since the question come up again and again.... here goes again: What brand of oil you use is less important as getting the proper viscosity for YOUR pistol. What I use in mine may be HORRIBLE in yours. Allow me to explain; Some guns are tighter than others. Some guns have rougher rail contact than others (that gritty feel like dragging a whetstone across another. The tighter and smoother your gun is the lower viscosity oil you need. If you have something like a Les Baer that's as tight as
  6. Good thing I saved those boxes and trays. Now I can repackage them as Factory blems and sell for $25/500.
  7. The box was actually packed with paper around the individual boxes. I pulled it out to show the loose bullets at the bottom. But I took the pics specifically to send to Xtreme. Being the weekend, no one is there to get the e-mail yet. BTW: I don't usually deal with Xtreme either, but Berry, Missouri, Widner's, RMR and everyone else is out of stock on almost everything. Xtreme said these were in stock and I grabbed them before the disappeared.
  8. Let me guess, order was delivered by USPS? Just got an order from Xtreme Bullets on friday.
  9. Nothing "Wrong" with the stock, but it won't work on a rifle buffer tube. I'll likely get the rifle version of it. If I sell the buttstock I'll let you know. But it is essentially unused so I'm likely going to ask what I paid for it.
  10. After many 1911 builds I decided to try my hand at something new. So, I've had an idea percolating in my head for a while to build an AR10 based precision/sniper rifle. Did a lot of research to find the consensus on what the best quality components are and started making a list. Local gun shop carries Aero Precision so I started there, looking to get a stripped lower, parts kit, buffer tube, trigger (Hyperfire), upper receiver and bolt carrier group (Aero). The rest I ordered online: Palm shelf pistol grip (Ergo), buttstock (Luth AR), Handguard (Apex), Vortex Crossfire II 6x24x50 and a Burris
  11. I'm guessing the "paddles" on the grips are to make it Kommifornia legal?
  12. That was pertinent need to know information.
  13. You might want to check the locking lugs on your barrel and slide. If either has peened it may be preventing the barrel from rising up and locking in and there-by stoopping the slide from going into battery. Can you push the slide the rest of the way or does it stop dead there? If the extractor was the problem it should close fine on an empty chamber.
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