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  1. It looks a little odd when walking around because things are in focus but not in focus for both eyes. But it's usually a matter of setting up at the range and putting them on to shoot then swapping again when I'm done and packing out. Truth be told I'd just rather have the eyes I had when I was 25.
  2. As my eyes have started to go bad, I had a pair of shooting glasses made. Medium distance focus in the right lens, long distance focus in the left. Took a bit of getting used to but but with both eyes open and centered on the target my left eye has the target in focus while the right eye look "through" the sights at the target but the sights are in focus. Both eyes open all the time.
  3. Yak! Got me thinking though.... What do you get when you cross a fluffy cow with an octopus? An official reprimand from the Scientific Ethics and Standards Committee and an immediate cancellation of your research funding.
  4. Have to add her to the playlist. Like a female clone of Joe Bonamassa. And a LOT prettier. Cool.
  5. Imelda is who got me listening to Tom and Sophie.
  6. I been using Extreme Engineering Lite Speed for several years on a few guns. No breakage, no cracks, not even showing any wear on the face.
  7. How far into the steel does case hardening go? Will it effect the steel deeper than bluing? The reason I ask is that I was having an idea for my next project and wanted to try something different. Most of my builds I blue then slide the polish the flats back down to bare metal. But I'm wondering if I can case harden the slide, then blue over top of the case hardening and then polish the bluing off the flats to take it back down to a polished color case hardening. Can I even blue over CCH?
  8. https://www.cnn.com/2019/07/24/entertainment/rutger-hauer-dead/index.html?fbclid=IwAR2Jw7kV-op1IH3H4Wf7bxDapgcmHhjXHl3_oe5MvpMK5Y5Ze9xpw30t2ZI So many favorite characters, Good guys, bad guys, romance even some comedic bits. From Wulfgar Reinhardt in Nighthawks to Roy Batty to Ettienne Navarre, Martin in Flesh and Blood (was the tipping point to me using my middle name instead of my first) , John Ryder in The Hitcher. Blind fury, Wanted Dead or Alive, The Blood of heroes and even Buffy the Vampire Slayer. And that's just his first ten years. So many great movies and roles. Once said he didn't care whether he played a good guy or bad guy, good or evil didn't matter as long as he could make the character Magical. In that, he was an unequaled success. Valhalla awaits you, Sir.
  9. Every time I put that coin in my pocket.
  10. Thanks guys. It's not really something I show off a lot. It's more of a reminder of a personal life lesson. Regardless our differences, we're all a lot more alike than we realize.
  11. Many, many years ago (1983), I was In the Navy stationed onboard the USS Nimitz. We pulled into Livorno, Itally for a 3 day port call. % min after the anchor dropped an announcement came across the 1MC. The was a Soviet frigate also in port. If we were going ashore it had to be in civilian clothes. NO ONE would be allowed on the liberty launches in uniform. If we saw Soviet sailors we were to avoid them at all costs. Cross the street, turn and walk away, go around the next corner whatever it took to avoid the possibility of a fight that could cause an international incident. So a couple buddies and I ventured into port to have a look around. ("Have a look around" was code for find a place to get whiskey) We did a little sight seeing and around noon walked into a nice looking restaurant for lunch. No sooner had we placed our, order but the waitress sat three other young men at the table next to us. They were wearing Soviet Naval Enlisted Uniforms. My buddies went full panic mode. "What do we do? They're sitting right there! The s#!t is gonna hit the fan, I know it!" I said, "Calm down. Nothing bad is gonna happen." The sailors heard me. So I looked over at them and said, "Any of you speak English?" Two of them nodded, "Da. Da. You are Americans from Carrier? " "We are. Pull your table over here." They looked at each other and then got up and shoved their table up against ours. We ate. We drank. We talked about everything 20 yr old guys talk about. Girls, cars, motorcycles, music, and what life was like on our respective ships. We also learned that we tell the same jokes. No one asked for classified information and none was offered. Just 6 kids from opposite sides of the world having lunch, drinking wine and talking about guy stuff. For FOUR HOURS. As we got up to leave, I remembered that I had a 50 cent piece in my pocket that I had been carrying as my "Good Luck" coin. I pulled it out and put it in the hand of Yuri, Whom I had spent the most time conversing with. (can't recall his last name for the life of me but I couldn't pronounce or spell it either) "Something to remember me by." He had a surprised look on his face, said thank you and jammed his hand into his own pocket. He pulled out this coin and gave it to me. "что-то, чтобы запомнить меня." (Something to remember me by) We shook hands and went our separate ways. And that coin has been in my pocket every day since. Closest thing I have to a challenge coin.
  12. I'll just stick with bacon grease. I know where it comes from and guaranteed non-toxic.
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