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  1. Bullet type, weight and construction.
  2. Drinkin' my Baby Goodbye - Charlie Daniels Lost control and rang your bell, I was soreLet me in or else I'll beat down your door
  3. Big round body Long lean neck Swear it was a woman That he had in his grip
  4. Dranoel

    Fun with guns

    You know when Buddhist Monks are buying guns, the shirt is about to hit the fan.
  5. In southern Ohio I have seen MANY out of towners from Cleveland, Columbus and Pittsburg(Mostly lawyer types who never hunted before) trying to check in goats, calves and even a few large dogs.
  6. Sorry to hear about your wife. Or congrats, depending how you felt about her.
  7. Been riding hard for three days And I can't turn back now They sentenced me to hang But I slipped away somehow
  8. Was just doing dry fire draws to target and made an interesting discovery. I'm sure I'm not the first to discover this but it is making my transition from iron to optics, while anchored to index, a lot easier. The main reason for the transition is that as I am getting older and my eyes are failing, iron sights are just harder to focus on. But an issue I have always had, as I do shoot with both eyes open, is the double image of the iron sight was sometimes distracting and it would take me a split second to acquire the correct set. What I am finding with the optics is that, while the
  9. Getting TO being old was tough enough. I'm afraid BEING old is gonna kill me.
  10. That one was too easy. But I'll give some others a chance at it.
  11. I miss Waylon. Hound dogs on my trail School children sitting in jail Black cat cross my path I think every day's gonna be my last
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