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  1. Dranoel

    scale modeling

    Used to build model cars as a kid. (1/25 scale) Haven't done one since I was 15. One hobby I have kept up with since I was 6 yrs old is HO scale slot cars. Part of the fun of it is building bodies that are unique.
  2. When shipping anything heavy (like bulk bullets) I wrap all sides of the box in two layers of reinforced packing tape with the threads running perpendicular. Yeah, it takes a good sharp knife to get it open, but at least the gorilla's at Ur Sorry Postal Service, OOOPS and Fred's Ex won't split it open dropping it. Good that Matt took care of you though.
  3. Dranoel

    From this...to this...my first match

    You didn't mention what you paid for it but it's from Briley. Worth every penny. I been using that barrel and comp in my own .38 Super and love it.
  4. Dranoel

    Marks on lower lugs of 2011 barrel

    That was my thought. I don't see any burrs on the SS pin that would cause that.
  5. Just found out Chip has retired and sold out to his old buddy Bill. But I also found out that the Centaur Quadra-Lok barrels are being made by Baiar Precision in Columbia Falls, MT May have to give them a call.
  6. BTW: I'd give all my original teeth for a couple of those titanium bow triggers right now. <hint, hint>
  7. I generally keep 1000 empties for each pistol caliber I have that get used as practice ammo. I keep 3-400 loaded. For serious applications I buy new brass or use verifiable once fired brass. For rifles I keep around 200 empties and 100 loaded but I don't shoot the rifles all that often.
  8. I was digging in my old steamer trunk in the basement the other day and came across one of my first reloading notebooks. In it I found all the receipts from my first "from scratch" 1911 builds. Got a bit nostalgic looking through them as many of the companies are gone or have drastically changed. But it also reminded me of the answer to a question I get asked a lot. Why did you go with them when this company is more popular now. For example: Why do I use Chip McCormick mags for all my single stacks. Here's why: On that receipt from CMC was 4 Shooting Star .45 ACP mags, a carbon fiber and titanium trigger, a titanium firing pin, titanium hammer strut and titanium main spring plug. I remember getting the parts and installing them and thinking I had read in the trigger description in the catalog (this was in the early 90s, no internet stores) that it was adjustable for take up. I looked it over thoroughly and couldn't find a way to do that. (amateur) So I called CMC. And the next thing I know, I'm talking to Chip McCormick. (Wow.) Asked him about the take up adjustment and he very politely explained that the triggers were not really adjustable and while other companies had started cutting tabs on the trigger bow to do it, it wasn't an option with titanium as they break off too easily. Then he explained how he makes the adjustment. A dab of JB weld on the front of the trigger bow and sand it down to fit with the take up you want. I had a dozen questions and he answered every one in detail and asked about my experience with building 1911s. I told him about the tuning I had done on others and my Frankenstein build and we had a long conversation about guns and shooting sports and the satisfaction of building something that works the way you want it to. Then he said, "Tell you what I'll do. I'm gonna make you up a trigger with the JB weld pad on it and take it down to where you can fit it without much hassle. I got your address right here, I'll get it out to you today." "Ok. That's sounds great. I appreciate that. I'll get this one boxed up and get it in the mail back to you today." "Nah. Don't worry about it." "Seriously? Not a problem to send this one back. Or I can send you a check for the new one." "Just use it in your next build and pay attention to how I did this one so you can do it next time." "Wow. Thanks, man. But you really don't have to do that." "Not problem. Just let me know how it turns out." He DIDN'T have to do that and I would never have expected it. But he did. And I remember it Chip no longer sells those titanium parts and the double stack hybrid receiver with reinforced polymer grip frame. That became Tripp Research, which later became STI and SVI. Chip just sells magazines now. But all of the magazines I have bought from CMC over the years have worked flawlessly. So maybe Wilson or Brown or MecGar are better. Says you. My CMCs work fine and Chip gave me his time a long time ago, to make me feel like I was important. I'll stick with Chip. I can tell you a similar story about the Centaur Systems barrel kit that was in that build. SEVERAL phone conversations with Ray Herriott that lasted at least an hour of mostly BSing about guns and shooting. If Ray were alive and in business today, I would still be getting barrels from him. They worked. And they turned my rattletrap into a surprisingly accurate pistol. Same with Caspian. Sure, STI JEM and others have become more popular, but I have never had a bad experience with Caspian parts and any time I call, I'm treated like I'm their only customer. I'll keep buying from them. So why do I buy from companies when other offer "better", because there is NOTHING better than a company that takes care of you.
  9. Dranoel

    Dad Joke Thread

    If a pig loses its voice, does it become disgruntled?
  10. Dranoel

    Dad Joke Thread

    How did the electrician feel when he lost his job? He was de-lighted.
  11. "That one downtown. You know.... Where you got those shoes you liked."
  12. Not everything I do makes everyone happy. Nor does anything any of you do. As President of the United States of America, a lot of decisions must be made knowing that many will not like them. And in some cases decisions that The President himself does not like, but are made for the good of the country as a whole, NOT select groups within that country. But what makes a man a GOOD man, is making the best decision you can and having the integrity to stand by that decision. George H. W. Bush had more integrity than all of us combined. For that, he has my eternal respect and admiration. Heavy is the head... But it can rest now, undisturbed by the opinions of those who weren't there.
  13. Next time just casually mention that you saw a sign on a shoe store window for "2 for 1 Sale".
  14. That's not a hobby. That's a resume.
  15. And the Lewis gin used an almost identical magazine as the round one, though it was top mounted.