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  1. Dranoel


    The way we learn best is by doing. Carry on with your studies.
  2. Dranoel

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    The trigger on my .45 (my build, not a professional GS) is 22oz. and 3/32 pull length (1/32 take-up, 1/16 sear). It is nearly 5 yrs old and has somewhere around 4500-5000 rounds through it without a single part replacement. I'll make a video of this if you like, but I just slingshotted the slide 30 times with the trigger pulled back, then did it another 30 times without my finger on the trigger. Anyone want to guess which way had the most hammer follows? I won't keep you in suspense. It was a tie. At ZERO. Again, I'm not a pro gunsmith. I've built a couple dozen 1911s over the past 30 years. And I won't claim to be a supreme authority on the workings of them. But if an amateur like me can build a 1911 that will take 60 slide drops with no magazine in the way, let alone stripping ammo, without a single hammer follow, I would expect a pro to do at least as well.
  3. Dranoel

    1911 weaknesses

    No one is getting personal, here. And I am unsure of just what truth it is we don't want to hear.
  4. Dranoel

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    If that was the case then what would be holding the hammer back until you released the trigger? When the disconnector drops it disengages from the sear. That allows the sear's leaf on the sear spring to push the sear back into engagement with the hammer. The sear is ready to catch the hammer hooks before the slide is even fully rearward. But because the disconnector is still down nothing is able to engage the sear on the trigger side. On a standard sear spring there are three leaves. The left is for the sear only, the middle acts on the disconnector and the trigger, the right is for the grip safety.
  5. Dranoel

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    The difference in slide velocity stripping a round is minimal. It is not going to be the difference between your sear being damaged or not.
  6. Dranoel

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    I understand what you are saying. Yes, the trigger is disconnected when the slide goes back. But it's not the trigger itself we are worried about damaging. It's the sear tip and hammer hook and their interfacing surfaces. But the disconnector has no bearing on that. The disconnector disconnects the trigger from the sear so the sear can engage the hammer when the slide clears it and the hammer starts to drop. At that point the trigger AND disconnector stay in their respective positions until the trigger is released. The disconnector doesn't reset until the trigger does because they are on the same leaf of the sear spring. So the only time the disconnector has ANY effect on the sear is when you squeeze the trigger. Once the disconnector is pushed down that's it. The sear is not effected by it. And if you are using a Clark 4 finger sear spring, the disconnector WILL reset but it still has no effect on the sear until you release the trigger that IT resets. All that said, leaving your finger off the trigger when the slide slams forward is not going to effect the sear/hammer engagement unless we are talking about a Gov't issue M1911A1 with an all steel trigger that weighs half an ounce. I can see that potentially bouncing at hitting the sear with enough force, especially with a 2lb trigger to trip the sear and let the hammer fall to half cock. But how many of those are you going to find in a modern 1911/2011? Modern triggers, even with an full aluminum, unskeletonized trigger pad don't weigh 1/4 what an all steel one does. Trigger forward or back, the sear still engages the hammer the same way and THAT is what takes the beating when the slide hits home.
  7. Dranoel

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    Thing is, the trigger is disconnected from the sear, but the sear is NOT disengaged. After the round fires, the slide starts rearward and the trigger disconnected before the empty case is clear of the chamber. That allows the sear to reset end engage the hammer hooks. Same as racking the slide and locking it or slingshotting it. At that point the trigger has no bearing on that engagement whether all the back or all the way forward. The sear/hammer engagement is going to take the exact same hit whether firing or dropping and regardless of the trigger position. As for light trigger setups being more susceptible, Yes, I can see that, especially knowing how some smiths achieve it. I just got rid of a Kimber Custom TLE II that had a trigger job done by a "certified" gunsmith. Trigger pull was still above 3lbs and I still got hammer follow with it. The reason for that was that he had ground the hammer hooks off until there was barely any engagement at all. I'll admit, it felt pretty damn nice. But the hammer followed dropping the slide every time and it followed 1 out 5 times firing it. Wrong way to do a trigger job. I've also seen some pretty nice triggers done with stock parts. But when those parts are inferior, they damage easier. I know who you are and I respect your work and I respect your opinion. In this case, however, I don't think you are fully considering what is where at all points of the slide cycle. Consider for a moment what happens in the lockwork when the slide goes back, I think you will see that whether under recoil or hand pulled, it's all the same. And when the slide slams closed, empty, loaded, dropped or recovering from fired rounds, trigger forward or back, there is no difference in the engagement of the sear and hammer or the hit they take in the process.
  8. Dranoel

    1911 weaknesses

  9. Dranoel

    1911 weaknesses

    Was at the range about a year ago shooting next to an Aux. Police officer with a Glock .45 (whatever that model is) and was shooting 230gr ball. He asked me about my 1911 and what I was shooting, because it didn't seem to recoil as badly. I showed him my box of 155gr LSWCs and he asked if he could try some. I said sure. He loaded a mag and the first one jammed on the feed ramp. So did the second. And every one after. Only way he could get them to chamber was to drop the round into the chamber and drop the slide. Then he couldn't believe that my 1911 would feed them because Glocks are so much more reliable. I loaded a mag and fired them all without a hitch. Then just to drive my point home, Ioaded another mag with empties off the floor and cycled the slide. Fed and ejected all of them without a hitch. He didn't want to talk to me anymore.
  10. Dranoel

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    And "It's a slide LOCK not a release." If it wasn't meant to release the slide, why is there a thumb pad on it? If it was just supposed to be a lock, they could have made it entirely internal. Honestly, if I ever bought a firearm that I had to baby and treat gently, it wouldn't be in my possession very long.
  11. Dranoel

    Hand Fit or Mill

    Machine to interference fit, finish by hand.
  12. Dranoel

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    When you fire, the slide goes back, cocking the hammer and holding it until the slide moves forward. Once the slide clears the hammer, the hammer will fall and be caught by the sear. Same as dropping the slide on an empty chamber. As I said, there is no function you can perform manually that will hurt it more than firing it.
  13. Dranoel

    Letting slide drop on empty chamber?

    There is NOTHING that you can do, functionally, that is more stressful or harmful to your pistol.... Than FIRING it.
  14. Dranoel

    You know you're a Super Senior when....

    And it takes 10 minutes while everyone is rolling on the floor laughing before you realize it.
  15. Dranoel

    Shotgun for sale.

    LOL "It's a trick. Get an axe."