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  1. Of all the 1911s I've owned, single and double stack, 9mm, 10mm, .40, .38s and .45, comped and not, and all the other variations, my .45s are still king of the hill. They are the most comfortable to shoot. They just feel right when I squeeze the trigger. And comfortable means consistent, which translates to speed and accuracy. Love my full race .38s, but if I had to choose I'd take the .45 any day.
  2. Dranoel

    Tactical codpiece

    My sentiments exactly.
  3. Dranoel

    Short funny jokes

    McDonald called out "order 867!" I yelled back "5309". No one laughed. I felt old. Ate my burger alone. In the truck.
  4. Dranoel

    Tactical codpiece

    elguapo.... Really didn't need to see that. Really. Ad says "Like new". Is that like slightly used underwear? Never washed?
  5. That's actually pretty good for a Pete pulling 20k lbs. Good enough to get me from Laredo, TX to Louisville, KY on one load of fuel.
  6. Wind is already crazy here. But that's not unusual. Truck could use a good wash. and if there's thunder, I'll sleep like a baby. BTW: I'm in Laredo right now.
  7. Perhaps if you had eaten there more often?
  8. Final season starts tonight. Who's watching?
  9. Roy Orbison - Crying He looked down into her brown eyes And said say a prayer for me She threw her arms around him And whispered God will keep us free
  10. To quote Randy Bachman, "You ain't seen nothin' yet."
  11. Happy Burfday, Master Enos. Always remember: You don't stop playing because you got old. You get old because you stop playing. 0
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