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  1. Dranoel

    You Know You're A Shooter When....

    Or foolishly pack a change of clothes in your NRA range bag for a carry on.
  2. Dranoel

    What is your favorite frame?

    Thanks for being specific. I appreciate the info.
  3. Dranoel

    Pinned Grip Safety

    The wrist is not the contact point of the hand with the gun. The recoil force does not transfer from the gun to your wrist. It hits the web of your hand first. Yes. if you have a solid grip on the gun it won't move in your hand and if you put a wrist brace on both hands to keep it from bending the recoil will lift your arms from the elbow or the shoulder. The energy transfer is at the point of contact, your grip and stance determine how your body deals with the energy.
  4. Dranoel

    Pinned Grip Safety

    There IS too high. And if the web of your hand is high enough to push the beavertail up, it means it is not as tight as it could be on the back of the grip safety. Where is the recoil going to hit your hand? That point at the back of the grip safety your web is supposed to be tight against. Where is the pivot point for the muzzle flip? Same place. A lot of things people do in the name of taming recoil isn't really doing anything but complicating how you deal with it. The more complicated it is, the more inconsistent you will be in controlling it. Inconsistent in control means inconsistent in hits. Keep it simple and use the tools you hate to make yourself a better shooter instead of depending on fancy gadgets to make up for your inconsistency. DAMMIT!!! I'm gonna write a thesis. Be back next week.
  5. Dranoel

    What are you looking at???

    What the pros are doing is something that takes a hell of a lot of practice. But that practice and mastery of the objective will serve you better than any gadget on the market. This has ALL been discussed in multiple threads here: 1. Get your basic fundamentals down to automatic as walking. Stance (chest down body placement) Grip (upper body placement) Trigger control (hammer falls without the sights moving) This is your INDEX and it is tuned to YOUR Natural Point of Aim. This all needs to be consistent for #2 to work. 2. Call your shots AS you squeeze the trigger, not after. AND Have the discipline to NOT squeeze the trigger if your aim is off. This may be the hardest part, but if you have your index perfected the sights will almost be irrelevant. Once you have mastered this you move on to #3. 3. Train your eyes to go where the next shot is going AS the shot fires. If you have a second shot on the same target your eyes will stay in the that target. If you are transitioning to a second target your eyes are moving to the center of that target. This will take place as the gun recoils and the gun should be moving to where your eyes are focused before it goes back into battery. You can practice this anywhere. (except behind the wheel of a motor vehicle. focus on the road) Pick three distinct point of focus. (I like putting target pasters on the wall) Once you have your targets picked out, turn away slightly. Take a deep breath, clear your head and focus on the first target while mentally saying "BANG!" (don't do it out loud or men in white suits will come for you) As you say BANG! shift your focus to the second target and BANG! again. And on the second BANG! shift the third and do it again. Then shift between the targets at random. Set a par time for for getting focus on three targets as you BANG!. Then work your par time down. Then add three more targets. If you are out walking in the mall or a store, shift your focus to different people's faces as quickly as you can identify a particular feature in your mind. (Again, NOT out loud) get your eye moving constantly but able to focus on a target before you move on. Then the next time you go to the range practice it live fire. You'll be surprised at what you learn.
  6. Dranoel

    Pinned Grip Safety

    The reason most people pin it is because they have tried to force their grip up too high and the web of their hand pushes the grip safety the wrong way, thus preventing them from firing. Devastating in a match. Or they don't get a proper wrap and firm squeeze against it to deactivate it. Many years ago I started using the grip safety as a tool to force myself to get a proper and consistent grip. Gun fires you did it right. Doesn't fire, you got it wrong, keep practicing. I have not had the grip safety hinder a shot for 25 yrs. Because the grip from the draw is correct every time. That came from practicing it. And practicing it. And Practicing it. And practicing it. And Practicing it. And practicing it. And Practicing it. And practicing it. And Practicing it. And practicing it. And Practicing it. And practicing it. And Practicing it. (hint: That last bit is the part they hate.)
  7. Dranoel

    Get Low

    Many years ago a pair of C130s flew over my barn as I was mucking out horse stalls. Scared me INTO the crap.
  8. Dranoel

    Pinned Grip Safety

    I prefer NOT pinned. Learn a consistent proper grip and you'll never have a problem. If you do, you know you don't have a proper grip and you can work on it.
  9. Dranoel

    Fun with guns

    ROFL!!!! Amen!
  10. Dranoel


    I think I had their first two albums. Vinyl, of course.
  11. You didn't specify a caliber, but whichever you choose you can't go wrong with a Caspian slide and frame. They can fit it for you as well as any type of checkering and slide serrations you want. As for barrels, if you were looking to go .45 You can get a Clark drop in and be 2MoA accurate with it and little to no fitting. (They'll also fit it for you for free) They also make ramped 9/.38 barrels and again will fit them for you. I have also had Briley and Nowlin barrels and both are outstanding.
  12. Dranoel

    The Benefits of index, Todd Jarrett....

    What I really find a little amazing here is that after his slight adjustment he hit 4 A's without being able to see the target. This kinda goes back to what I have said in past about my sights being only a .001 sec confirmation as the shot goes off. Get your stance, grip and index tuned and the sights are irrelevant.
  13. Todd Jarrett index drill... Getting your NPA where you want the gun to be when you fire.
  14. Dranoel

    Trigger freeze

    Do you have an aversion to dryfire? Not that dryfire will help you much with trigger freeze, but I find it is almost as valuable a tool as live fire.
  15. That word is the key. Not after. AS.