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  1. There were other Hi-Cap 1911 frames at the time, including Para-Ordnance and Caspian. Not to mention the sudden interest in Tanfoglio. STI was the one that became popular. Because of the polymer grips.
  2. I refused to depart from my iron sights for a long time and even swore that I would never go optic because I shoot on index primarily. Now that I'm getting old and my eyes are failing me, I have had to admit that optics DO make it better. Granted, I am still all about index, but when I go to confirm the sights on target, optics are faster.
  3. I find it funny that the main reason people started shooting the Chip McCormick/Tripp Research/STI double stack was the hi-tech polymer gripframe and now everyone is looking to go with metal. Much as I liked the first ones that came out, I always had my reservations about the two-piece frame held together by 2 screws. I went the Caspian route and never had any doubts or regrets.
  4. If you weren't there, you'll never get it. But there was a LOT of great music that came out of the 80s and a lot of bands that got their legs in the 80s. Sure some of it was immature. But bands like U2 went from cult following to superstar status. Sure there was a lot of juvenile disco progressive crap, but there was REAL music too.
  5. Does this make you feel better?
  6. .38 Super I built 8 yrs ago. Still runs flawlessly.
  7. Then by all means delete it and put some lipstick on my arse.
  8. Been using CMC Shooting Star for .45 for 25+ years, never had an issue with any of them. Just got 6 of the CMC Railed PowerMag, they functioned every bit as flawlessly as my Shooting Stars.
  9. I got a Venom for my bowling pin gun, but then had trouble finding an adapter in stock anywhere to fit it to my Novak sight cut. One of their reps spent half a day looking but found one for me. They got a friend for life.
  10. Camillus has always made high quality pocket knives. My Grandfather carried the same Camillus pocket knife for more than 40 yrs. It's now part of my own collection. As a collector's item, prob'ly not worth a fortune, but as a quality pocket knife to hand down to a grandson and teach him proper and responsible knife use and care and sharpening, etc., Priceless.
  11. So what I'm hearing here is, "It's not the competition that I shoot, so it can't be any good." Thanks for the input.
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