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  1. I currently have several 1911s, including a double stack and a CZ 75 TS. I like the TS better as a double stack but prefer my 1911 trigger. This is a good answer to that problem. Not big on rails but I imagine they will offer it without the rail and if not.... Well I have an angle grinder and a belt sander.
  2. I've said many times, and absolutely believe, that there is now amount of gadgetry that will make up for lack of basic shooting fundamentals. If you haven't mastered the basics a $10,000 pistol isn't going to help you. BJ Norris won the Carry Optics class at the Steel Challenge this year with an overall time of 75.37. KC Eusebio took the open class with a time of 78.34. How does someone shooting Carry Optics beat the time of an open shooter? It certainly wasn't by having the latest greatest gadgets. You want to be good? Put your wallet back in your pocket and learn to SHOOT. BTW: Both shooting Glocks.
  3. Having both 1911s and CZ 75 (TS) I will say that the trigger on the CZ is better than any other pistol on the market EXCEPT a well tuned 1911. I have spent countless hours tuning the TS trigger and while it is light and crisp and the sear engagement is short, I can't get rid of the gawd-awful take up. Also not a fan of flat triggers and that would be the first thing I'd change. My Caspian double stack came with their Trik Trigger (only one available for that frame) which is identical to the DWX trigger pad. I went to lot of trouble to change the pad to a curved 3 hole. I did it once, I'll do it again. And I can honestly say that I prefer the straight pull over the swinging trigger, but if you could tune a swinger down to as short as my 1911s I doubt I would be able to tell the difference.
  4. With the straight pull trigger, I'm gonna make an educated guess and say hammer/sear/disco group will be 1911 with CZ hammer strut and mainspring group. I'm really interested in seeing how the barrel locks up. I know it's a linkless barrel, so prob'ly CZ style "kidney bean" on the bottom, but does it use the 1911 style locking lugs, or the more modern block type lock up on the top end?
  5. When I saw the title I was expecting Tupperware lids.
  6. Dranoel


    That's all I have to say about that.
  7. I'm a little confused by "single shot revolver". If it's a revolver, it's not single shot.
  8. Would really like to see pics of your spent casings/primers/primer pockets. If you are running over pressure loads (SAAMI spec) this may just be the cost of doing business. If you are running SAAMI spec loads there may be another issue that needs to be addressed. I'd want to find the source of the problem, not a fix for the symptoms.
  9. Dranoel

    What is it?

    If you don't KNOW what you are doing, neither Zen nor any other discipline will help you. You can only work within the knowledge you possess. If you don't KNOW, beyond any shadow of doubt, there is no religion, discipline, gadget or magic that will improve your performance.
  10. And we laugh because it's funny, and we laugh because it's true.
  11. Problem "Big" Guys often have is that the chest gets in the way of properly extending the arms and keeping them together on the grip of a pistol. Arms are squeezing the chest and the chest is pushing the arms out and it make things not only uncomfortable but very inconsistent.
  12. Anyone stealing my phone is a total moron.
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