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  1. Thanks for the info KA
  2. What would the barrel oal need to be? And the thread engagement length and pitch?
  3. What all would i need to / have done to utilize this comp with a 75b 40 cal slide that's had the fpb removed ? Remove barrel bushing taper ream slide to comp bushing angle fit barrel of correct length and threading to slide Install and alignment ream comp install on tac sport/sp01/or 75b frame Enjoy! did I miss something?
  4. Anybody have first hand experience with s&w 646 moon clips being used in a 10mm gp100? Seems like the aftermarket hasn't gotten around to that ruger yet .
  5. Perceived value? The bigger brass weight on the dropped i can understand, should help keep the output spring from pulling up which is mostly imo an alignment issue not a product fault, and get the Dropper to "home" a little quicker Taller tube section also give more weight of stack to seat the bullet into the flared case Dropper body changed to steel? Seen the original alum dropper bodies destroyed by monkeys with channel locks cause they wouldn't loosen a lock ring And seen grooving from the steel ball bearings as well in high volume usage big enough issue MBF sells dropper bodies as a catolog item Delrin balls prevents the grooving btw those changes worth the price difference in droppers? Maybe The adjustable stand ? Ok that's a nice touch gets the weight off the case feeder Not sure it's worth the coin but nice touch and maybe needed if going heavy on bullets 125 230gr 45s and you start out with 4lbs hanging there The bigger collator ? Commercial loader market and mine is bigger than yours snob appeal ?, You need to refill primers every 100ish and top up the powder measure anyway What's it take to dump a yogurt cup of two of bullets in at that time? Rick developed a good concept Saul had the funding to comercialize it and factory produce it Then tweak it and upsize it for the comercialized And conspicuous consumption crowd he's charging what the market will bear Basic econ101
  6. Neat idea but think I'd stay old school and go with the cutting board / drill Press / router table then again I've got all those in the shop?, And no real size limits unlike the bed of a printer has But it's still a intriguing thought?
  7. Final answer is YES the switch tube assembly's for MBF feeder dies are caliber specific BUT I've not had issues loading 44s using 45cal colator plate/switch tube/feed die/ plus a third party 44 powder/ expander AND loading 40sw with 45 colator plate and 45 switch tube with 40 feed die and powder thru expanded works 9 mm works with a 45 colator plate 9no feed die and expander but the 45 switch tube is too big, it don't get a clean stack up with 147 r n but will work with the occasional tap But 95s are just an ugly jam up which I expected since they don't do well in the larger output spring either So that combo is a fail I don't have a 40 switch tube to try with 9mm but I'd expect that to work since 40 works in 45 and the size differences are the same between 40 and 9 So if you want to set up a multi pistol caliber MBF you don't have to have a full conversion set just the feed die and an expander in the smaller caliber if you have the full setup in the next size up Just a fyi for folks like me that want to move up from a one caliber mini MBF to a full motorized multi caliber MBF setup
  8. Thanks for the info john Waiting for the next generation of KA open cz Coming soon to a range near you?
  9. Saw the lug clearance cut in slide Any ball park idea on what the comp and slide machining ran? I've got a spare 9mm ts slide and I'm getting ideas my wife won't like? This too me is your nicest build! And the others weren't bad! This is just ,...........BETTER!?
  10. Kneelingatlas Your open tacsport use a lightened regular ts 9mm slide modified for reverse plug and cone comp? Standard length ts barrel threaded for the cone comp or needed to be shortened? Beautiful setup BTW!.
  11. Would a cheely 2011 90 mount work for that? Mocking up a non set back 90 cheely (#118) for a 2011 on my regular tacsport It looks like enough clearance to the slide, maybe too much? Or are the tso,s taller than a standard?
  12. Thx cvincent I understand why the rifle calibers would need different switch tube assemblies Spire points and boattails don't play nice together in a stack if there's any extra room.
  13. I want to get a full mbf in 9mm and use it load 40 also I have the 40 alum feed die only, not the upper half and the expander powder funnel from a mini kit I know I'll need a 40 collator disc to use in a full mbf Question is since the mini mbf uses the same magazine tubes for 9 and 40, but 45 is different are the brass /poly tube/switch assemblys for pistol calibers for the full mbf all the same item? Or caliber specific? The feed die has enough funnel at the die that they could be the same switch piece for all pistol calibers to save tooling costs In manufacture And I know all the pistol cal mbf use the same large spring between collator and switch tube All the rifle use the small spring, for same reason it cuts production and inventory costs I emailed rick @ mrbulletmrbulletbiz but didn't get a response If somebody who has a 9mm mbf would see if a 40. Bullet will drop through the switch tube that will tell me exactly what I need to order to make that combo work without unneeded leftovers If a 40 drops through a 9mm switch tube all I need is the collator plate for 40 I don't load both 40 and 10mm so didn't want a full 40. Conversion kit wen I've already got half of one Tia
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