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  1. A light kit from inline fabrication or competitor greatly helps being able to look into the case for powder
  2. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Aii83fzbE Pretty sure Gavin is bought and payed for but here’s a vid a anyway^
  3. Anyone seen the new trimmer for sale yet ETA?
  4. Thanks guys another 1/2 turn solved my problem running great now.
  5. I did do that but maybe I’ll try another 1/2 turn
  6. I really hope it’s not a POS would love it just for rifle case prep. I love my vibraprime and FART
  7. Started reloading .223 on my 650 with mr. bullet feeder. Intermittently it won’t drop a bullet I would say 5 in 100 rounds I thought it might not have enough weight on the dropper so I did the rubber band trick but that didn’t seem to help at all. This is range pickup brass I’m trimming to 1.750 but some of the stuff I pick up is shorter than that but not below Saami spec. Also I’m loading 55gr Hornady SP that is flat base and using a Lyman M die on the case prep tool head. Any adjustments i could try? the pic I attached is what it looks like when they don’t drop then I press down on the dropper and the next bullet will drop correctly. Kind of seems like it’s getting stuck.
  8. Started doing case prep on my Dillon 650 for .233 and was going okay but then broke two decapping pins does the adjustment of the decapping assembly effect this? I thought I just needed to screw it down enough to punch the primer out. If that’s not it any other ideas why this would happen? it’s a Dillon full length resize die FYI
  9. Dam so Dillon has Ammobot and Lyman has mark 7 I hope they both continue to innovate and bring prices down.
  10. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dillon-550-Quick-disconnect-exhaust-trimmer-Upgrade/373034034407?hash=item56da8fa4e7:g:mboAAOSwLhFdg4Wu
  11. I’m thinking the price is going to better than honey badger and Dillon. The trim dies already beats Dillon by a lot.
  12. agreed someone needs to make a handle or manifold to clear the Dillion trimmer I was hoping that handle setup would clear ^ this manifold looks smaller to me https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Easy-Quick-disconnect-exhaust-trimmer-Upgrade-Fits-Dillon-650-750/254394902810?hash=item3b3b1e291a:g:7oEAAOSwcqxde~im
  13. Wondering with the new roller handle lee is releasing is the Dillion rapid trimmer will fit? https://leeprecision.com/app-roller-handle-upgrade-kit.html people are also making the roller handles themselves looks easy enough http://castboolits.gunloads.com/showthread.php?390198-It-s-official-Lee-will-be-releasing-an-quot-upside-down-quot-bullet-sizing-press&p=4888177&viewfull=1#post4888177
  14. The Lyman dies look very nice for the price time will tell. Also hope the new trimmer is reasonably priced. At first I was skeptical of Lyman buying mark 7 there at the opposite ends of price point/quality hopefully Lyman sees them as there high end line and keeps it that way. So far seems like it’s working out.
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