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  1. He’s actually designing products instead of just ripping them off I tip my hat to that. Never had a problem with anything I’ve gotten from him
  2. Hello anyone use the sirt training pistol? Was wondering your thoughts on it and if you use it with software or laser targets ect? (I only shoot stock Glock triggers fryi)
  3. So $160 for the printer how much for the other parts motor,spring,plastic ect?
  4. As far as getting a powder check die and using a mr.bullet feeder these are the options I know of 1. Supposedly mr.bullet feeder is going to release a new bullet dropper that also seats the bullet this would free up a station(hoping this gets released soon) 2. A combination seat crimp/Die 3.forget the Dillon powder check die and use a video camera to visually check the powder level
  5. Clean brass in wet tumble let dry Lube with Dillon spray Prep tool head: Station 1 decap/full length resize Station 2 blank Swage it tool Station 3 rapid trim 1200 Station 4 blank Station 5 Lyman M die(to debur slightly) Either tumble in Wet tumbler again to take off lube Pros: don't have to buy a dry tumbler Will clean primer pockets Should fully debur the case mouth Cons: have to wait to dry again. as long as You do big batches this shouldn't be a problem Or dry/vibratory tumble for 20-30mins to get lube off Loading tool head: Station 1 Lee universal decapping die(Incase any media is in flash hole) Station 2 Dillon powder die Station 3 mr. Bullet feeder Station 4 Dillon bullet seating die Station 5 Dillon crimp die
  6. Hoping it has a low MSRP for the 650 guys otherwise I don’t see the point
  7. The bullets is nose down instead of base or flat down like it usually is....people want this so they can feed cast bullets into size die/presses
  8. I messaged Rick here on the forums about the new designs and this is what he sent back hope he doesn't mind me posting it. (I also asked about nose down bullet feeding) "Yes... I'm developing a new version dropper that will also seat the projectiles. Not yet available, but getting close. As for point down output, I have made some optional kits that allow point down feeding of handgun caliber projectiles, but don't have any made up at this time. Also, Double-Alpha and I are releasing a larger diameter collator soon and I will offer the point down option on it. Bestway to contact me is via e-mail rick@mrbulletfeeder.biz Thanks for your interest in my product"
  9. Attach a tube to the top of the sizing die down to a bucket and your really rocking
  10. I feel like the market is missing a cheap "automatic" system like this for sizing bullets the inverted pressese seem intreasting too
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