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  1. Same here. I remove lube with my Tanfo. Sent from my GT-N7105 using Tapatalk
  2. The gun has about 3k rounds. Had this problem about 4 times so far. Only happens with the 2nd to last round in the mag. To recover, I have to pull the mag out hard, then the slide would chamber. First I thought it's mag problem, because th issue occured with a particular mag that has a wider lip opening, 0.355" if I recall correctly. Then I had 1 more occurrence with a brand new K9 mag, lip opening 0.347" wide. I took others' advice to sand down and polished the slide rib corner. For almost 1k the problem went away. However it came back today, with a fairly new K9 mag. I am at loss what may be causing this. Any ideas? Thanks.
  3. New Stock 2 has slimmer grip neck (e.g. slightly deeper cut under trigger guard and on the back of the grip). It also has much more aggressive checkering than the old Stock 2, presumably because Tanfo has switched to new machinery, which is probably also the cause of more sharp edges around the slide and frame. I have one of each, and I really like the feeling of grip on the new Stock 2. It cuts into my skin and tears open the callus formed by the old Stock 2. The bad thing is I cannot rely on my backup (old Stock 2) being identical to the main (new Stock 2). I feel I have to adjust the draw slightly for a consistent grip when switching between these two.
  4. Sorry must be assuming the black thing on your left wrist to be ShotMaxx Most of your videos last year had that, plus you had 1 video showing how you used the ShotMaxx before them (on a classifier stage I think).
  5. If so, do you find it interfere with your draw/reload considering its size? Also, do you find it distracting having to press/start the spy mode during make ready? Deciding if I should get it, and for me the main use will be the Spy Mode in matches as I love my Pocket Pro II too much. Thanks.
  6. I noticed from your latest videos that you no longer wear the ShotMaxx timer during matches. Is there a reason why? Is it causing too much interference with draws/mag reloads? Thanks.
  7. I just started having this identical issue with my new Stock 2 (a backup). The main S2 works with all mags I got, but the backup seems to be more picky. One of the old K9 mags kept having FTF with the next to last round on it. Did you guys solve the problem by using just "new" or "good" mags? If this is purely a mag problem, I would not be worried. Thanks.
  8. Thanks guys. I have tried 8#, 9# and 10# standard, and cannot say I feel any differences LOL BTW it's on 132PF. Maybe the PF too low to make a difference.
  9. Q1 - If I use the long slide 8# recoil spring from Lim Pro in the Stock 2, is it equivalent to the standard size 10# recoil spring? Along the same line, 6# long slide recoil spring = 8# standard recoil spring? Q2 - Does anyone feel recoil differences between the 10# and 8# (standard size) on the Stock 2? Thanks.
  10. Go to CGW and buy the Canik trigger pin. It will be much easier. It usually takes me 20-30 sec to put it back. Also reference this video, from around 8'30''. With the Canik trigger bar pin, you don't need any punch or hammer. Everything is done with your fingers, smooth and easy. http://www.youtube.com/embed/dUcFuy1B65Q While you are there, you can also buy the reduced power trigger return spring for CZ. Some people achieved 1/2 to 1 lbs less pull with that, and others have reported negative effect. You should try it though.
  11. I actually do this too. I have different color sharpie marks on the screw to match the ones on the frame:) The mark has not moved. I suspect something internal has loosened up, but I don't know what that may be. A complete tear-down may be in order.
  12. BTW the standard deviation of the MV for 10 rounds was 10.4 fps last time. Usually it is in the 8-12 range.
  13. I did mess around with different powder amount at the very beginning. However, for the past 6 months, there is absolutely no change to made to the press. I have been measuring 10-round powder weight from time to time. The most recent measurement I had on my notepad was done in early April and it was 33.1 gr/10 rounds. Earlier measurements are all around 33 gr/10 rounds. I have been using the same WSP, N320, Bayou bullets and I even use same headstamps of the brass. I always keep the funnel 2/3 full, adding more powder every 200 rounds. If it's just MV going up by 50fps I am not worried because the weather is turning hot, compared to previous months. However, the weight did go up by 6% all just by itself. This is what concerns me. Maybe this is normal?
  14. 10 months old XL650. I have not adjusted the powder screw for the past 6 months. Recently I happened to chrono my ammo for a major match and noticed the MV has gone up quite a bit. I pulled and measured 10 rounds and found the powder amount has gone up from 3.3 gr 6 months ago to 3.5 gr now. Is this normal with XL650? Do you have to readjust the powder screw every few months? I have not done any adjustment to the press in the past 6 months. It appears that something loosened up in the past 6 months causing more powder to be dropped. Any ideas what might be causing this? Thanks.
  15. The newer S2 I bought has this thing on one side of the feed ramp. The older S2 I have does not. I did have a feed issue with the newer S2 just last range trip. Had to drop mag free to fix it. I don't think this little imperfection was causing the feeding issue though, because I don't see how it can.
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