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  1. agree 147 lead rn bullet with 3.5 n 320 coal 1.136 fps 910 922 922 905 924 920 hornady lnl ap
  2. i had the same problem talked to tanfoglio directly . Christian bonomi whos is in charge of team tanfoglio replied with a small modifiaction to the factory interruptor i will attach everything here so everyone can find it useful hope it helps setup disconnector.pdf
  3. seat the primers well and remove the fp safety , it should work like a clock
  4. have to agree tanfoglio runs great with factory hammers and 1 piece sear . both my S2 and S3 are factory with just minor polishing , just shoot them as they are
  5. Hennings i don't know but sure thinner than both wooden grips but slightly wider than the EG
  6. yes it's the unica , it sits straight with great aggressive grip on the gun unlike the RHT and old tanfoglio one's with the thumb touching the slide. I think you can order directly from eric grauffel https://www.ericgrauffelonlineshop.com/en/thumb-rest-/101-thumb-rest.html?search_query=thumb&results=7
  7. If you want to fit the safety just take material from the bottom , do not over do it otherwise it will not function To test it hold the trigger back and lower the hammer until it starts engaging , and with a punch push the firing pin slowly feeling if it's moving flawless, if you feel it touching continue removing material from the bottom. if you want the avoid all the hassle, just remove the safety it's legal in IPSC and put the extreme 2.0 hammer . With extreme medium hammer spring and light firing spring no issues with worst primers like Fiochhi and S&B
  8. Try the new one from tanfoglio it fits perfectly , a friend of mine got one and it's an absolute on the gun, the grip on the gun is more aggressive with the thumb rest which leads to perfect recoil control
  9. know a guy that has 80,000 on a stock 2 without changing nothing ammo was reloaded to pf 132, at least that what he said and i believe him , mine has 30,000 reloaded cleaned maybe 7 times run like a champ
  10. prefer grip on the stock 2 , but both good guns can't go wrong with both of them
  11. It's the older version of the limited custom , still with a bull barrel but without the slide cuts, the one after this has slide cuts and the newest version tanfoglio change the cuts one the slide , enforced the the frame and even changed colour hope it helps
  12. It feels smoother than the Normal Hammer and EXtreme Delta Hammer?
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