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  1. Old post but my buddy has a brand new one in the box he’s probably going to sell
  2. We made the slide racker & did the machine work. Still need to do a shallow version of the through front cuts
  3. What he said. I use picked up range brass, reuse Major loaded brass until it splits. Why wouldn’t you? Never, ever had an issue in 20+ years shooting USPSA
  4. Love Silhouette for major 9-115’s
  5. That was my position until I tried SNS 115’s. Every bit as accurate out of my 2 open guns
  6. I woukd go a long way to get it. It just has to be when I’m home
  7. Alabama Section in Dothan & PTAC & Jabs knockdown steel challenge in Talledega both in March. The steel match, if you haven’t shot one, is be far the most fun kind of shooting
  8. Often times it is not that clear cut. Sometimes I simply can’t get into a position to be able to sure if a shooters finger is in the trigger or not. Big, wide guys especially are hard to see aroond without getting into their way. I have never yelled “finger”, but I have heard others do so. I did council a shooter this past weekend at the FL State match after clearing him at the end of his run. I couldn’t see that it was in, and couldn’t see that it was clearly out, so he got the benefit of my doubt
  9. It was pointed out by the RM at FL State USPSA match today, Even having tables at side berms is not advisable because they are not covered mentioned in the rules and people tend to treat tables as safe areas when they are near berms
  10. Spill stop on my 1050 helped, but not a lot. Especially when loading Silhouette at major. Have to go very slow at the top of the upstroke
  11. Yeah, I have seen people lean out with 1 foot in the shooting area and one on a wall foot like that. But I have never seen anyone stand completely on a brace like that without one foot establishing position inside
  12. Well, I studied the video several times. And while he did not do anything specifically against the rules, at that time, he left the shooting area and did not return to it. If he left the Shooting area and did not return, At that point he remains outside the shooting area. If you shoot targets when you are outside the shooting area, that is a procedural for each shot fired. Had he put 1 foot inside the shooting area, he would have then returned to the shooting area and then I would say no penalty
  13. There's no need to use every inch of the 180 on the majority of stages.  You’ve obviously never shot at CASA in Arkansas!
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