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  1. tanks

    replacing 550c?

    I'd say go for a 650XL with a case and bullet feeder. It will increase your production rate significantly.
  2. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    Look at the Revolution forums, it is there, 7th topic from the top.
  3. Yeah, that's the other thing. I can tell when my holster is off by a fraction of an inch as I miss my spot for the draw and have to readjust it. I can't see how going back and forth with different gear positions will help.
  4. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    Yep, I will order the primer orientation sensor as soon as it becomes available as well. That will take care of flipped primers AND those with no primers so I am not spilling powder all over the place. Considering I am into it about $13K+ a few hundred $$$ is not much of an issue. "In for a penny, in for a pound".
  5. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    One issue is to make sure the vibration speed is constant. If you have it so 300 primers will slowly make it up the ramp, then you can't let it get down to < 100 and add a bunch at once. Vibration speed is dependent on the number of primers in the bowl, if it is tuned for 200-300 primers then it will be too fast of a speed for lower number of primers in the bowl. Either that or keep fiddling with the speed dial. I am fine with adding a hundred primers every 3 minutes or so.
  6. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    It is very nice. Holds about 300 primers and I just add 100 every so often to keep it topped up. I did have an issue of 5% on flipped primers and M7 sent me a newly tuned primer bowl to take care of the issue. Now, I haven't installed it yet as I am getting ready for Nationals and my free time is being spent dry/live firing. In regards to RF 100 once I moved it to a concrete floor and slowed it down so it took the full 2 minutes to fill the tube I had no issues with the flipped primers.
  7. You can also practice without putting the inner belt through the loops. Sometimes I practice in gym shorts and just wrap the inner belt around my waist and tighten it. It stays up. Now, if I had 80 rounds of ammo in addition to the gun maybe it would not, but usually just have a dummy round mag of 20 plus the gun
  8. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    That is not true. She is confused. Here is my Revolution with the collator.
  9. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    @CrashDodson I am running the press at 2,500 setting (in reality 2,200+ with the dwell set to 3) with the latest pins and used purple loctite as suggested as well. I am running digital clutch setting of 3 for .40 S&W, but all my brass are roll sized prior to going into press also use OneShot. I did have the SwageSense go off with the "ringer" message when testing but have not had it go off as I have the DecapSense that stops the press before I get to that station. To be honest, I don't care about SwageSense per se. All I want out of that station is to swage and clear out debris in the primer hole that will cause a jam/crushed primer at the primer station. Once the swaging was set up I no longer had issues like the pic below after decapping.
  10. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    Call Wayne at Mighty armory. I went from a similar issue to almost none sticking after we went through couple of iteration of pins. The tapered pin that is at a slight offset did the trick for me.
  11. A friend of mine gave me some old STI mags that were no longer reliable to use. I ordered the Blue Bullets sample pack of 250 bullets and made dummy rounds with those so I wouldn't ever confuse them with my regular rounds (red, gold or green) and filled the mags with those. I practice with those for reloads etc..
  12. It might be for some lube, especially the ones used for rifle cases. I have not had any stickiness with One Shot.
  13. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    In regards to support I have been happy with it overall. That being said they are also at the mercy of their subcontractors and if the subcontractors screw up on the specs then issues that call for replacing parts can take a while due to the supply chain lead times. They released 3 products almost simultaneously and I have a feeling it will take a bit before all parts are vetted (in house testing does not catch everything), and adjustments made. The Revolution I bought is different than the Revolution that was at the Shot show and I am sure it will be different than the one that will be on sale next year. I have made one adjustment (as advised) that the new ones already have from the factory and have had replacement parts sent (free of charge) as issues were discovered. In short, customer service is there and I expect there will be less of a need for it as time goes by.
  14. Also, it takes about $70 or so to set up a camera system to look into the case after the powder station. Here is a video (parts list is in the description of the video on Youtube). You can also see tipped or upside down bullets as well.
  15. tanks

    Grip technique/pressure

    As far as I can while still holding the gun but the wrist only fingers follow naturally. If you make a fist and than you cam your wrist forward you'll realize it is not a ton either. Here is a video of me doing it at TPC. You'll see that the sights come back naturally (look at the front sight against the background) and the cam is not exaggerated.