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  1. Mine started working 100% after I put it on the concrete floor and adjusted the Rheostat to be at the slowest speed that still allowed the primers to go into the tube.
  2. What has happened between the brass and the metal is called Galvanic corrosion. Dissimilar metals begin a self deterioration process, and when that happens it causes a weld. The decapping pin is actually tearing the primer apart while pushing it out.
  3. I haven't seen more than an occasional +/- 0.1 grain deviation (I check every 200 rounds or so) from my electronic powder measure since they replaced it with the new model.
  4. I can't say much on that as I have the primer collator. However, when I was getting crushed primers it was due to brass having pieces of the old primer in them. Pre-processing the brass eliminated that issue. Here is an example.
  5. On a .40 fastest I have run is 3,000 rph on a Revo with N320. Dwell of 3. Now, that is with processed brass which is rollsized, decapped, swaged, and sized.
  6. Primer Orientation Sensor is available for sale now. https://www.markvii-loading.com/accessories/evolution-sensors/primer-orientation-sensor.html
  7. Competition gun on top, carry gun on the bottom. Same manual of arms.
  8. tanks

    shooting instructor

    You are only a few hours drive from where Steve Anderson teaches in Ohio I think.
  9. No, it is the piece that the metal disk slides into.You can see that the plastic lip rides up through the hole and ends up jamming the primer wheel.
  10. If you have swage sense then you will get a "ringer" alarm if there still is a primer in the case.
  11. Glad you like buying guns for the "cool factor". However, this is a shooters forum and most likely someone buying guns for the cool factor at the range rather than to shoot is not going to get much respect. Now, use it to make GM shooting minor in Limited with that gun and you WILL get respect.
  12. Even if it is ready to go out of the box, it is a 9mm which will score minor in Limited (can't shoot 9mm major in Limited). I had looked at STI site as some people had said there was a .40 S&W version, but there is not.
  13. From what I have seen on the first couple of videos where it was stand and shoot is that for your level your draw and reloads are really slow, no explosive movement of hands. Good news is that you don't need range time to improve those, just tons of dry fire. Rest of the stuff others have mentioned.
  14. In regards to spare parts, I would also order the primer wheel guide (plastic part), it eventually will start to flex and ride up jamming the machine. It is a cheap part ($19 or so), but you are down until you replace it.
  15. One last thing on this matter. The OP mentioned about talking to brass processors. I would not get the Revo with the collator system and just buy primed brass. One last thing on the machine to worry about, and also that is the part of the system that takes the most amount of maintenance/tuning. Also, that would bring the cost of the system down a bit as well.
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