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  1. tanks

    How do you track your progress?

    One other tool is video. For example one might think one is going fast between arrays leaving fast etc., and then watching the video one realizes that while one gets to the position fast, then one pauses way too long at the target for that first shot. Ask me how I know .
  2. tanks

    Cheap easy pvc target stand

    I tried those from a video on Youtube. Found it a bit of a pain to disassemble after I was done as wood would get stuck. So, I went to these which cost about the same in materials but easier to deal with.
  3. tanks

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    Issue is that it creates the link while we are typing. For example trying to type "classifier" comes as ifierclass where it creates the hyperlink during my typing without me finishing the word and then moves the cursor to the beginning of the link. Annoying at the very least.
  4. tanks

    Improving reloads...

    Those that want to do well on classifiers. BTW, congratulations on 50 posts
  5. Most are 28+ except for the classifier stage. I think part of the reason is to make the Open guys change mags
  6. One other thing. There were 12 shots before the bag was dumped on the turner activator. Did they also expect one to hold on to the bag for both arrays? How did it work with Production shooters etc.? Bad stage design/WSD.
  7. tanks

    IDPA shooter wondering about USPSA

    What surprised me was that they don't even allow one to walk the stages prior to the match starting.
  8. Interesting. The WSD posted above states you have to start with the bag in hand, and also use it to activate the drop turner. However, nowhere it says you have to keep holding it while shooting.
  9. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    I'd call and ask to talk to Jay (owner of the company). They put the promotion up only a week ago and it is all over their web site. I have a feeling the sales guy might be misinformed.
  10. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    I had a case sideways and broke it off, luckily I had bought the Blue for my Dillon a while back and it had come with spare pins. I might put in an order for a dozen or so just in case. At least easier to replace than other dies.
  11. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    No, for .40 S&W. Most guys I know that shoot 9mm use Titegroup.
  12. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    Yeah, automated Case Pro 100. I have set up a U die for resizing over the priming station, so roll sizing the brass to factory specs means less resistance, not to mention getting rid of the nasty Glock bulges. Almost there, MrBulletFeeder and powder measure adjustment left. Resizing, belling, bullet seating and crimping dies all adjusted. I will test the bullet feeder without cutting the spring but most likely I will have to do that as it seems a bit long. Powder measure is adjusted enough so it activates with a case and does not when there is no case, so all I will have to do is have it dispense 4.8 grains of N320 and I am done.
  13. tanks

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    Interesting. I keep both eyes open. However, if I were to close my right eye (I am a lefty), the sights would be aligned. If I close my left eye the sights are off. So, I am still using my dominant left eye, but the right eye is along for the ride rather than splitting the difference with both eyes.
  14. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    Revolution got delivered yesterday afternoon. Got all the connections made and ran it without any brass at all speeds. Later just deprimed a bunch of brass at all speeds. A tad more tidying up and will be setting up the dies today. Goal is to start making ammo tonight or tomorrow.
  15. tanks

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    I suggest you dry fire left handed including manipulations until it feels natural. Welcome to the left side