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  1. As a Revolution owner I am not aware of any NEW issues from updated Revolutions. No issues running it at 3,000 rph setting with pre-processed brass after tuning it.
  2. Yeah, I was actually going to use that gun in an IDPA match in CCP division and decided not to due to that issue.
  3. I recently got a few new 120mm magazines. Two of them will cause the slide to lock back with a round in them. It does not seem to matter how many rounds are in those mags to start with. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  4. I have had great customer service. All my issues were taken care of in a speedily manner. While getting my powder dispenser upgraded I was getting almost daily text messages about the progress.
  5. The M7 forums does have the installation instructions.
  6. The theory is that the beam goes to the mirror and comes back to activate the sequence, coupled with the movement of the shell plate. The bullet breaks the beam going to the mirror hence no alarm.On the Revolution the bullet breaks the path to the mirror. I am not 100% sure how it is on the Evolution Pro as the location of die locations are a bit different.
  7. Well, Primer Orientation sensor has more to do with QA then press operation. Yes, I am waiting for it as well. One thing I have done that has reduced jams at primer location is to remove the drain hole plug on the wheel of the collator and put a plastic tube there to catch primers. If a primer does not get seated for whatever reason I don't want ti to go through again as that can cause jams etc.. So, it goes into the tube and every so often I inspect the contents and use the undamaged primers.
  8. Congratulations. Once I had the bullet sensor put in I almost don't have to pay full attention anymore. I can dry fire next to the press while it is making ammo.
  9. One other thing when comparing to Dillon 1050 that comes with dies. Dillon ships with 3 dies only. Decap/Size, seat and crimp. On my 1050 I had actually bought the Mighty Armory decapping die and had put a Redding sizer die (without decapping pin) where the swage backup was in order to do away with the issue of not always decapping brass with the Dillon sizing/decapping die. For the record my Revolution came with a MA decapping die and I got credit (they shipped me a mirror instead) for the expander die as the machine had come without it and I bought a Redding expander die (which I think is better than Lee) locally.
  10. You are at 0.102 grains variation at the low end and 0.067 grains variation at the high end. I'd call that very acceptable for a progressive press regardless of the brand.
  11. For most of us the dies we'd get would be the decapping, swage back up and the expander die as most already have the sizer, seating and crimp dies. About $90 total. I would not buy dies from Mark 7.
  12. No. Evolution with standard priming, bullet feeder and regular case feeder in a caliber of your choice is still $3999.80 according to the web site.
  13. Out of curiosity I priced an Evo Pro and a Revolution. Compared to early summer the Evo Pro price is up about $700 and the Revolution price is about the same. So, I think by this price change they are pushing people to an automation solution.
  14. From where? Nothing but regular products shows up here: https://www.dillonprecision.com/reloading-machines_8_1.html
  15. I think "enjoying the reloading process" is the big difference. I do not enjoy it. To me it is a chore that I have to do. At one point I even paid a manufacturer to make my ammo but out of 10K rounds he made for me about 10% would not go into battery due to a concentricity issue though they would case gauge fine. So, when the Revo became available I jumped at it. A few hours and I have enough ammo for a month. Plus I don't have to worry about a sore shoulder etc..
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