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  1. tanks

    Mark 7 Presses worth the money?

    On my 1050 I had the bolt on the other side of the handle sheared off, Dillon told me to drill through the bolt with an EZ-Out drill bit then reverse it and remove the bolt. They would not take the unit back, fix it and then send it back to me themselves. The unit was under warranty as it had sheared off about 6 months into the 12 month warranty period. I had not even heard of EZ-Out extractor bits at that point. Below is a pic I had taken. Dillon is excellent for sending replacements for broken parts etc.. However, they are worthless when it comes to doing actual warranty work (based on my experience with them). I also had issues on a 650XL that I no longer use as it is also broken and their no bullsh*t warranty is just bullsh*t. I don't mind doing maintenance, taking the units apart, replacing parts, and cleaning and putting them together again. But, I do expect a company to handle warranty repairs.
  2. tanks

    Mark 7 Presses worth the money?

    I am a relatively early adapter of the Revolution. I never met Jay (though had conversations), and never had a previous experience with MK7 so not a fanboy, Being an early adapter I have had issues, all of the issues were resolved to my satisfaction, parts replaced in a timely manner and software updated. The parts that were improved are part of the current BOM now, so current customers will not have the same issues that I had. The quality of service has been excellent. Unlike Dillon, MK7 did not tell me to go fly a kite on machines under warranty and tell me to make the repairs myself.
  3. tanks

    How are you adapting to the new rules?

    I like the new rules, except for the -1 sec rule as a Limited USPSA shooter occasional C hits are acceptable for me but too much of a penalty in IDPA so it changes the game for me. Now, I have only shot two IDPA matches but now I can shoot more due to the rule changess as the gun I will use in CCP very similar to my limited gun and is legal now. https://i.imgur.com/nufniBhl.jpg
  4. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    When I got the notice that my machine shipped I put in the request via a tech support ticket to sign me up. It was done done and I was good to go by the time the machine arrived.
  5. tanks

    Rollsizer vs CasePro

    I have both, an automated CasePro and a Rollsizer. I ordered the Rollsizer two weeks after I had the CasePro. i just got tired of drilling out the plastic shear screws, Also, I am running the Rollsizer at the pace of 4K plus, the CasePro is back in the crate it came in waiting for someone that wants a greatly discounted unit and one who doesn’t mind replacing the shear screws every few thousand cases or so.
  6. tanks

    Seeking Comments - Handgun Grips

    Except. Kim H. was talking about gripping front to back like a "C clamp", not push pull. BTW, Ron Avery has been teaching the "C clamp" method for decades.
  7. tanks

    Classifier vs match bump

    Interestingly Tim Yackley got a match bump at Nationals a few weeks ago from an "A" to "M" by shooting 90% and placing 6th in Limited.
  8. tanks

    When do you disengage thumb safety?

    If the shot had landed outside of 10 feet from your location and not over the berm you should not have been DQed. ND by itself during the COF is not a DQable offense.
  9. tanks

    Classifier vs match bump

    Per rules as pointed out earlier one can reshoot only once. In regards to "paper GMs". The skill set still has to be there to have draw, split, transition and reload times in addition to accuracy to make GM scores in classifiers regardless of how many times one shoots a classifier. As a "B" shooter, it doesn't matter how many times I shoot a classifier. I am not going to have a GM score regardless as I don't have the skill set... yet So, I'd say one would have to be at least a very solid "M" in order to shoot 95% or better in classifiers even if it is one out of ten.
  10. Here is a hack on making that even more efficient. Cost is about $40 for the tumbler.
  11. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    That means index paw height is too low.
  12. tanks

    Dry Fire

    Not to mention usually after about 30 minutes of dry fire my support hand is shot. And that is doing a drill for 5 minutes and then taking a minute break. I can't imagine doing it for a longer time period effectively.
  13. tanks

    Mighty Armory 9mm Die

    Carbide dies also do not "require" lubing. However, something like "One Shot" really makes a lot of difference on how smooth the press runs.
  14. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    With all the shipping notices here it looks like MK7 is catching up.
  15. tanks

    Mark7 Evolution

    Upload to Imgur and provide a link. Usually large thumbnail option will provide a decent picture.