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  1. Just got the primer orientation sensor for the Revolution in the mail today. I won't get a chance to install it until mid November, but at least they are shipping now.
  2. This is what I do with the shell plate tightness. I tighten it to the max. Then, I loosen it just enough so I can move the shell plate by hand. I single cycle the machine to make sure it still moves, if too tight then loosen it a bit more until the machine can run and I see the shell plate advancing. Once I am satisfied then I tighten all the screws, put the tool head back on etc..
  3. The only time I had an issue with an OAL was with a Redding Micrometer die. I had not fully locked the stem.
  4. I don't know if it matters or not but one thing to consider is that SVIs can be 5.4" whereas Atlas is only 5" barrel. It was a consideration for me when I was looking for a backup for my SVI, I didn't want to have two different loads for different barrel lengths so I nixed Atlas as an alternative.
  5. You have to disconnect the "ejection finger" on the left hand side and the screw closest to the shell plate holds the clamp that holds the spring in place. So, backing out the screw or removing it loosens the clamp that holds the spring. On mine it was way too tight so they had to send me a new complete assembly.
  6. The updated toolheads are supposed to have an extra guide for the primer collator to make sure it lines up right. It is not a swap but a modification. After Nationals I will send the spare toolheads I have and then send back the one I have after I get the others back and verify.
  7. Thanks for the info. I just signed up for the TXIPSC e-mail list. Match drives are not an issue as matches here in Southern CA are over and hour and more each way for me. Same for my practice range (76 miles each way). Though at Volente at least for personal practice I won't have to drive as I will have this dropped on the property. Meeting with them on the 11th of this month at their Vegas factory to discuss options etc... Gives me a 10 yard indoor range.
  8. One thing to add to the questions asked via DM. So far on my Revolution I have upgraded or will upgrade (at their cost): Primer collator drum. Automatic powder dispenser assembly. Case feeder assembly. Primer disk. Primer sub plate Toolheads (waiting on parts to ship the ones I have). Basically, bringing my Revolution to the most current version. Since the past year a lot of improvements have been made to the press. I definitely would recommend it to anyone considering it, especially for the tech support which has been outstanding in my case. You can thank me later for basically being a beta tester.
  9. I hope you never have to replace the short springs, they are a pain to replace. Took me an hour to get the old one out, I might have to take the whole thing apart to put in the new ones as the clamp holding them is not giving much clearance to put the new ones in.
  10. Hi, As I am putting my plans together for an upcoming move to Volente, TX (35 miles NE of Austin) I am looking to see if there are ongoing regular USPSA matches within a 75 minute drive. Any information will be appreciated (Practiscore was no help).
  11. Mine started working 100% after I put it on the concrete floor and adjusted the Rheostat to be at the slowest speed that still allowed the primers to go into the tube.
  12. What has happened between the brass and the metal is called Galvanic corrosion. Dissimilar metals begin a self deterioration process, and when that happens it causes a weld. The decapping pin is actually tearing the primer apart while pushing it out.
  13. I haven't seen more than an occasional +/- 0.1 grain deviation (I check every 200 rounds or so) from my electronic powder measure since they replaced it with the new model.
  14. I can't say much on that as I have the primer collator. However, when I was getting crushed primers it was due to brass having pieces of the old primer in them. Pre-processing the brass eliminated that issue. Here is an example.
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