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  1. Yep, MK7 sent me a new bowl a while back that fixed the flipped primer issue. And yes, the bullet feeder pro does not have the issue of dropped bullets that I used to have on the regular bullet feeder that was on my Dillon (rubber banding it to the crimp die had fixed it).
  2. I have a Revolution and I have not had any issues for several months and thousands of rounds. I am tuned now to run it at 3,000 RPH setting.
  3. Compete with Infinity .40 S&W Carry STI DVC Carry 9mm. Same manual of arms except for the trigger pull.
  4. On that web site just about all bullets and all powders have a 0.2 - 0.3 grain difference between min and max at the OAL they are listing. Also, none of the listed bullets are CAST. So, the starting powder would be even less I think.
  5. This really covers it all. Index pawl is usually adjusted once and then one never has to fiddle with it. I actually had to file mine down a tad. On the Revolution unscrew the primer retention screw and attach a plastic tube to collect primers. If a primer is somewhat mangled and did not seat and if it comes around a second time it will jump up the machine.
  6. "When all else fails, aim harder." - Ron Avery.
  7. The MA collator on my Revolution will keep up with the 5K setting on the roll sizer but will fall behind on the 6K setting.
  8. I can't explain the different experiences. One thing is that I have a Revolution and the extended support package that comes with it, whether that makes a difference or not I do not know. People I know personally that have Revolutions are happy as well though it did take them a bit to tune the machines as well, but we were all early adaptors. When I first got the Revolution I did have a lot of issues and spent countless hours on FaceTime trying to resolve them. Eventually, everything got resolved. Here is a screen shot from yesterday's session where I needed some rounds for practice and the NAZC match this weekend. Because I was going to use 500 rounds for a match I weighed powder every 100 rounds, exactly 4.8 grains of N320 (note: RCBS charge master is accurate to 0.1 grain). I ran it at 3,000 round setting which translated to the rpH below due to dwell times. No jams and I had 2 upside down primers out of 1,434. Overall I wouldn't change a thing and I am very happy with the machine and the support I received.. To me the time savings, consistency and of course not having to pull the handle is well worth it.
  9. Which parts? On my Revolution they replaced the powder measure and the collator bowl free of charge. They even paid for next day shipping for me to send the powder measure to them.
  10. I had decap sense and swage sense installed at the factory. I did make a minor adjustment to the swage sense to make it a bit more sensitive but that was it.
  11. One other thing to consider is if you will buy sensors when upgrading to the Pro. If you do it all up front then the the sensors will get installed and tested at the factory.
  12. More efficiency of movement than athleticism I'd say. One shooter I compete with outweighs me by over a hundred and fifty pounds. Last match (5 stages) he got me by 36 seconds. He is much faster on splits and transitions and more efficient in movement. for comparison, he is a high A and I am a low B.
  13. I doubt much will change as they will be a wholly owned subsidiary with the same personnel. However, Lyman will most likely bring a much needed cash infusion which should help get rid of bottlenecks.
  14. Also, wouldn't setting the stop counter to something like 90-95 work just as well?
  15. The cost of converting from 9mm to .45 with a primer system change as well is going to be almost the cost of one of those 1050s. If you are shooting 9mm the most I'd sell one of the 1050s and leave the other one as the large primer system. Though it might be tough to go back to pulling the handle after getting used to automation.
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