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  1. My experience as a Revolution owner has been great in regards to tech support.
  2. On a 1050 because the primer feeds on the downstroke there is no "feel" like you do on a 650.
  3. Recoil spring every 3-5K rounds which is once a month. FP and main springs every 6 months.
  4. The biggest item to store is the toolhead. The MK7 toolhead stand can take care of that. For the rest I'd just use a binder of some sort.
  5. Most people? In matches very rarely I have seen people drop the ammo on the ground, let alone not pick it up. People either do the flip and catch or drop it into their palm.
  6. Just out of curiosity what are you loading, those cases are full of powder almost to the brim?
  7. And it provides the right inputs to the Mark 7 system, can be disabled/enabled from touchpad and stops the machine automatically?
  8. First, I have all the sensors as I'd rather resolve an issue as it occurs rather than in the aftermath. The swage sensor is there to recognize a ringer. It might be an undecapped primer or a primer that has disintegrated and left a ring. The issue is it can cause a jam at the priming station (many minutes taking it apart and re-assembling if you have a collator) or you end up with a round with no primer spilling powder all over the place. The powder sense is there to catch if there is an issue with the dispenser so it dispenses no powder also if you jog up or down after torque sense sometimes it skips dispensing powder when starting. This catches it if/when it occurs rather than single cycling a few times and going to the back of the press to check, again time saver and of course a safety check. Also, having all the sensors means I can pay less attention and utilize my time dry firing in 5 minute increments, then stop dump bullets/primers and dry fire for 5 more minutes while the press keeps going
  9. One thing to consider is the Black Friday sale for sensors for sure. You need at the minimum swage and powder sensors, the rest are nice to have but not absolutely necessary.
  10. The other option is to get a CZ Tactical Sport and shoot Limited. It has a huge grip.
  11. One can't be competitive in Limited squirting bullets at open targets as eventually one will lose in points to guys that are just as fast and still shooting As. Shane Coley won 2017 Nationals by being almost as fast as the other guys but he was much more accurate. On partials and head shots though, yes I will take a Charlie vs taking a longer time (and risk) for an Alpha as losing a point is worth saving the extra time in the long run.
  12. If all Production shooters are shooting the same PF, why do you care? If you look at top shooters in Production at majors (or CO last month), the top shooters not only were very accurate but also had the fastest times. No one was just standing and shooting to get As. In regards to Limited shooters, no one would shoot .40 anymore. We'd all be converting our guns to 9mm. So, a lot of extra expense for nothing.
  13. Not an outrageous price if you look at it as a textbook.
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