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  1. Squibs are not much of a problem usually as the case will not eject if there is no powder in the case. Double charges though...
  2. I had it in plastic ammo caddies in my luggage. Didn't need to check them in separately.
  3. I just use an extra long clip on led light. https://www.amazon.com/TROND-Halo-9W-C-Gooseneck-Diffusion/dp/B01FDD79AW/ref=sr_1_33?keywords=clip+on+led+light&qid=1552847861&s=gateway&sr=8-33
  4. If you have the Evo, why not just get another toolhead for it and do pre-processing that way rather than buying another press? It takes 15 minutes max to switch toolheads. If you do that get a toolhead holder as well it helps.
  5. I was having the issues with the collator UNTIL I started pre-processing the brass. I have a separate toolhead for de-prime, swage, and re-size, then I go ahead and swage and re-size again on the toolhead you see in the video. Though re-size die is just a hold down die for the primer station at that point. I also roll size prior to pre-processing as well. If you have debris left in the primer hole or one particular vendor's brass (don't remember offhand, but it is not a major manufacturer ) then the odds of a jam will increase. Powder accuracy is +/- 0.1 grain and I have 3 for bottom dwell. I am loading .40 S&W.
  6. I have been getting the best results on my Revolution with a bottom dwell of 3 (.40 S&W).
  7. As a Revolution owner I am not aware of any NEW issues from updated Revolutions. No issues running it at 3,000 rph setting with pre-processed brass after tuning it.
  8. Yeah, I was actually going to use that gun in an IDPA match in CCP division and decided not to due to that issue.
  9. I recently got a few new 120mm magazines. Two of them will cause the slide to lock back with a round in them. It does not seem to matter how many rounds are in those mags to start with. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks in advance.
  10. I have had great customer service. All my issues were taken care of in a speedily manner. While getting my powder dispenser upgraded I was getting almost daily text messages about the progress.
  11. The M7 forums does have the installation instructions.
  12. The theory is that the beam goes to the mirror and comes back to activate the sequence, coupled with the movement of the shell plate. The bullet breaks the beam going to the mirror hence no alarm.On the Revolution the bullet breaks the path to the mirror. I am not 100% sure how it is on the Evolution Pro as the location of die locations are a bit different.
  13. Well, Primer Orientation sensor has more to do with QA then press operation. Yes, I am waiting for it as well. One thing I have done that has reduced jams at primer location is to remove the drain hole plug on the wheel of the collator and put a plastic tube there to catch primers. If a primer does not get seated for whatever reason I don't want ti to go through again as that can cause jams etc.. So, it goes into the tube and every so often I inspect the contents and use the undamaged primers.
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