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    Metro Detroit, MI.
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    Shooting & Firearms since I could hold a 1929 remington .22. My military career was spent in the U.S. Army Infantry as an 11H, 11B, and as an Infantry Instructor.I now do Reenactments: WWII, F&I, Rev War, Civil War, Vietnam (display). I have also been Collecting WWII items since I can remeber. Military History is another one of my strong points.
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  1. rustybayonet

    Electric Vest and Half Gloves for Reloading

    Here in michigan down and wool do the trick. Very warm boots always make the rest of me warm.
  2. rustybayonet

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    Switched the 550 from 357 to 9mm and loaded up all my primer tubes
  3. rustybayonet

    Your thoughts on the 450 bushmaster

    Thinking about it, because I can use it hunting in Michigan shotgun zone. Anyone have one or shot one?
  4. rustybayonet

    Christmas gun facts

  5. rustybayonet

    Christmas gun facts

  6. rustybayonet

    Christmas gun facts

  7. rustybayonet

    New Redneck word

    Ah ight
  8. rustybayonet

    Gun Share Hoax

    I like it!
  9. rustybayonet

    300BLK vs 223 Caliber Conversion

    I only have one set
  10. rustybayonet

    Accurate, soft shooting .45 load?

    My wet dream bowling pin load with my "71 colt 1911 is: 230 rn over 6.5gr. Unique Take that for what it's worth.
  11. The only powder I have used out of that group is the AA#5 and I don't think that would give you the results you want. For my cowboy loads, I use red dot or even better unique for the real feel.
  12. rustybayonet

    Interesting (non-scientific) study (45acp)

    I was taught, a long time ago: Unless your doing precision reloading, never use finished round weights for any calculations.
  13. rustybayonet

    Large FART Funnel

    Check PVC pipe adapters at the hardware store, see what sizes they have.
  14. rustybayonet

    Need a link to the .355/56/57 debate...

    Coated, plated or plain lead use a .356 If you use harder bullets jacketed or lead free go .355