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    Shooting & Firearms since I could hold a 1929 remington .22. My military career was spent in the U.S. Army Infantry as an 11H, 11B, and as an Infantry Instructor.I now do Reenactments: WWII, F&I, Rev War, Civil War, Vietnam (display). I have also been Collecting WWII items since I can remeber. Military History is another one of my strong points.
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  1. Have you tried the plumbing section of the hardware store? They may have a PVC adapter that may work?
  2. I love my 45 shield. Comfortable to shoot and carry.
  3. After the case prep, I run them on my 550. station 4, I crimp
  4. Sorry, your right. I went full rotations. So it would be 505
  5. With a 550 you only click the plate 128 times for 500 rounds. 550 cheaper and faster caliber changes.
  6. My thought here (being a 550 fanboy) The qusetion you have to ask yourself is "Do I feel lucky" No thats not it. I reload a lot of off the wall outdated and or military rounds. So far my 550 has been doing it and a caliber swap in quik & easy. But if you only load a limited amount of calibers you might not need it. The only thing better than a 550 is two 550's, one in large primer and one in small.
  7. RL1100? Haven't heard about that 750 looks like a nicer model than the 650 But im a 550 fan boy
  8. First find out if it is brass or copper/lead. If brass, your bell is too large. If copper, bell is too small or you are using a seating/crimping die and crimping before seated.
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