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    Shooting & Firearms since I could hold a 1929 remington .22. My military career was spent in the U.S. Army Infantry as an 11H, 11B, and as an Infantry Instructor.I now do Reenactments: WWII, F&I, Rev War, Civil War, Vietnam (display). I have also been Collecting WWII items since I can remeber. Military History is another one of my strong points.
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  1. rustybayonet

    Powder Charge Increasing Over Time

    Why would you locktite the adjustment screw?
  2. rustybayonet

    Need to use sizing die?

    On my 550, I size and deprime, then prep my brass. If the brass is ready to go, no need to resize. I run the 550 without the sizing die.
  3. rustybayonet

    Auto or Manual

  4. rustybayonet

    Auto or Manual

    I'm the 550 fan boy. If your going to ever load more than one caliber you want a 550. Not sure if the sdb can even do rifle.
  5. rustybayonet

    357 mag loads

    Lyman recipe book has 2400 loads for 357
  6. rustybayonet

    Primer issues

    A Case feeder on a 550?
  7. rustybayonet

    Funny toon

  8. rustybayonet

    Help with Acme HI TEK Coated 9mm 147 Gr. FP-NLG

    Classic coke bottle effect, If everything else is good, your good.
  9. rustybayonet

    9mm reload not going into battery

    Sounds like an ojive issue. Your bullet profile might not have enough room in your chamber. The punk and spin with tell you if it is the problem. I was working on a WWII Browning hi-power. When using my rounds that work great in the M&P9, the same problem accured. Some people call it a short chamber. I had to shorten the Col to get it to chamber, then I dropped the powder charge and worked it up for the new col.
  10. rustybayonet

    Electric Vest and Half Gloves for Reloading

    Here in michigan down and wool do the trick. Very warm boots always make the rest of me warm.
  11. rustybayonet

    What Did You Do Today In Reloading?

    Switched the 550 from 357 to 9mm and loaded up all my primer tubes
  12. rustybayonet

    Your thoughts on the 450 bushmaster

    Thinking about it, because I can use it hunting in Michigan shotgun zone. Anyone have one or shot one?
  13. rustybayonet

    Christmas gun facts