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  1. My understanding is that you really want a small firing pin bolt w. a 6/6.5mm CM build. JP has them, not sure who else makes them but that's the way to go.
  2. What are your SD and ES numbers? I really need to know both. Imagine you have a 10 rd string; 9 rds are all 2800 fps exactly, and the 10th is 2900 fps: ES = 100, SD = about 30. Provided the group was good enough, as defined as 10 rds, 3" @ 300 yds, this would indicate to me that there was an issue w. 1 round as opposed to all 10 and id examine the cause of that one round to give me another 100 fps. (this is a simplified example) In reality, you are more likely to get what are good SD numbers but still have high ES: I am more interested in the ES for a sample than I am of the SD. If the ES is low, 20-30 FPS from 10 rds, the SD will almost always be low as well. so, if 5 shots in 1" at 100 is "good enough" in terms of accuracy I would first look at what primers you are using before I do anything else. Try Rem 7 1/2's. Next, are you trimming your brass? You should as neck length variations will influence velocity and groups. Try reloading brass you are SURE you have fired in that rifle if you want to really get serious as mixed brass, even FL sized, will very in shoulder length location and this will influence capacity, velocity and groups. Once you find the primer that the powder "likes best" you should see an instant reduction in velocity variations. We could spend hours on this but this should get you started. For NRA HP 1000 yds I want under 20 FPS ES. For 3 gun .223, 30-40 is fine.
  3. Federal low recoil LE buckshot, which is... flight control.... Pattern your gun with your chokes and see what happens. There is a huge difference in BS patterns and choke can have a large impact. Some BS will open up w. tight choke in a flight control wad.
  4. Lets try "primers seated too deep for 100"
  5. Must have missed the part where you said you tried it in more than one pistol....
  6. I shoot 62g FMJ Hornady 200 yds and in and 77g SMK for 200 Plus w. same powder and primer changes. I zero for 77's and ensure 62's are close enough
  7. Its more likely your pistol than anything else.
  8. Make sure you check match book for shot size limitations and velocity ceilings on bird shot if dipping into the exotic ammo...
  9. Different color ammo is a big help for easy identification. You really need to factor in how difficult the shots are and how confident you are in your ability to keep your stage plan straight. Mixing the shells in the tube has potential for error if you miss and try to pick up a shot w. the wrong ammo. I'd suggest for a newer shooter to stick w. simpler stage and loading plans as opposed to more complex. An option is always to load and shoot as you plan on making all your hits and simply keep going if you miss. Mixing two kinds of ammo can get tough and three gets really hard. A larger than necessary tube to allow 12 rounds also gives some cushion in the ability to load what you need on top of what you have and then burn or rack out whats in the chamber. I typically load slugs from a 4 rd caddie or two weak hand and quad load bird shot from separate shell holders w. different color bird, slug and buck.
  10. Zero, Zero and Zero are the three most important things. Its implied that you also know how to use your BDC and ammo ballistics. I think lots of guys either don't have a good zero at all, good zero with a particular ammo or don't know how to use their BDCs or hold over. Other common issue is repeatability or durability or mounting system(s) are sometimes in question. Its also a given that you need accurate enough ammunition; some guys zero w. brand A 55g ball and then shoot brand B 55g ball in a match and there is a huge difference w. some guns and some ammo in terms of velocity, drop and accuracy. After your zero is solid w. your ammo and you know its holding look at practicing standing on 100 yd targets and doubles on close targets.
  11. I have a skeet and light-mod extended and I run the LM about 85%+ of the time.
  12. I ran a few drills a few weeks ago with a heavier 18" gun and two light weight 16" guns: My observation was that part of what I was looking for in the rifle, aside from shooting it, was the ability to pick it up off the table w. only strong hand on the firing grip and maintain good control and maneuverability of muzzle for colt starts or unloaded starts where your picking up gun w. one hand a going for magazine or CH with weak hand. It was enough for me to start looking for new barrel as a replacement for heavy gun's barrel. Balance also has something to do with this too.
  13. Last thing i can think of is that i would think it would be better to cut barrel and pin extension as opposed to turn one down
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