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  1. From my latest match, it’s a local series / points match. Cool stages and a fun prone one where I got rug burned Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  2. Here's my updated blaster with the Holosun 510c and Tevosports mount. It's actually a Cylon in disguise.
  3. use your phone for 3rd person view. Modern smartphones have awesome cameras with high-speed / slow-mo capability which can make things more interesting when you're dissecting your performance. As for hatcams, don't think there's anything better and more versatile than the GoPro Hero Session camera. First Person view is great when you want to see your transitions when engaging targets that are obscured by props , walls or heavyset ROs.
  4. not yet but thinking around the price of a regular match fee.
  5. ah! I haven't made those pages yet! lol sorry! It's just that one page for now. There are more videos of it on my youtube channel if you want to see the game in motion.
  6. hi guys, planning to release sometime in May to Steam Early Access. You can look at some screenshots and details here : https://www.practisimvr.com
  7. Here are the stages from Berry's Steel Open just last weekend. Split it up into three different videos for the three sub-matches. Steel Challenge, Dynamic (timeplus) and Scramble (par time). It was a really fun match that ate up around 781 rounds. I went home with 19 rounds! Enjoy!
  8. Awesome! Glad they're interested in USPSA. They'll be national champions soon. yeah damn. my 4th DQ, although this is virtual so I got a VDQ!
  9. Thanks! I'm building it on the HTC Vive but it should be pretty straight forward to support Oculus Rift & Touch.
  10. My first USPSA match of 2017 after a looooong break of no shooting and no dry-firing. Was super cold, super wet and one of those matches that kept everyone asking why they're out there feeling miserable. That said, there were some really fun stages including one that had all 1/3 sized targets, now that it is legal to use in Level One matches. Those are hard to shoot at! Thanks again to the PB crew for keeping the range open throughout winter.
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