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  1. All of the above!! Not sure where you shoot but it’s a pretty good bet that if you indicate to someone your a new shooter, it’s highly likely someone will step out to help you get thru the day. If you can, see if at least for the first stage you can be placed near the bottom of the list and pay attention to every shooter before you to insure you have a good grasp on the stage. Don’t worry about how someone else shoots the stage, worry about how you can shoot it to fit your comfort level. Your nerves will will get the best of you when that buzzer goes off so make it as easy on yourself as possible. Above all, know what it takes to be safe!! As an anecdote, my first ever stage ever was a classifier with Freehand, strong hand, weak hand, and reloads as well as Virginia count. When I was done the R.O. Looked at me and said, “I’m not sure how to even score that mess” . We both had a good laugh and the rest of the day went much better and today, many from that squad are my monthly shooting buddies now! The point is, make friends have fun and don't let the experience overwhelm…
  2. Question has to be asked, why the trigger finger in so deep? Arthritis or hand damage? It is near impossible to pull the trigger straight back when that deep with a good solid grip without pulling the muzzle low left (if you right handed. Consistent trigger pull would be difficult also as if your grip changes at all shot to shot it is going to really affect that joint. Anyone who has shot for any length of time should be able to watch you shoot off hand and tell you what your muzzle is doing when you pull the trigger..
  3. Also using a Lee U-die and a Lee FCD.
  4. I wasn’t seeing issues when I ran 147gr just noted there was a large contingent in the nationals survey using 160gr. Tried it and liked the way they run and the added weight helps the clip fall into place in the cylinder. I have never run anything but coated Bullets in the 929 but the plated Bullets I’m sure would be able to slip out of th case easier without more crimp. I have only run a few steel matches with the 160gr and some practice range time but have seen no creep issues at all. Recoil, Almost like shooting a .22…..
  5. I have an early 929 which I ran 147gr .355/.356 with no issues and good accuracy. Slugged it and found it was .357. I now run .358 160gr Bayou’s and it shoots even better. I then recrowned the barrel and accuracy is where a performance center piece should have been to begin with….
  6. I shot 147gr Blues and loved them!!! It’s been shown they have changed the profile recently (RN) and it should make tossing them into the cylinder even smoother.
  7. Loading to 2.25 will just force you to use more powder when you can get by with 1.2” and have better bullet seating and maintain a pretty tame load. What grain bullet 147, 160??
  8. I saw ~ 3Pf drop adding 2 popples to my 5” barrel. Some of the affect is going to be dependent on how high your current PF is ( I was about 176 as that is what my comp liked ) and how efficient your current comp is, assuming your running one…. Either way, you should only need to make a slight powder adjustment to make up the loss if your already close to min PF IMO.
  9. Are you using grease on the ramp (I use slide glide)?
  10. Allot of it is dependent on the type of powder you use. I have run my SRO equipped M&P a 150rnd match with no wiping down in between. N320 under 147gr Blue bullet.
  11. It was not missed at all!! I find it funny that this is even a discussion.. Maybe we could do a generic tapes vs the real deal tape comparison. Maybe even dry erase markers!!
  12. I’ve stuck with the Green as I’ve been able to reuse over and over between the measure and the jug when not in use. The yellow starts to roll up the ends after a couple uses..
  13. It may cost you less to just put a new trigger kit in rather than get it off to a smith for repairs???
  14. All I was ever able to get to run 100% were CCI Mini mags as others have suggested. Keep the slide clean and oiled up!
  15. Not sure of the hole size but I have mounted all 3 on the same mount.
  16. Green Frog tape, goes back on powder jug when switching to new load.
  17. Not on a CZ but I did my own on a small bench mill and it works / turned out great. I used a ball mill for the ports to avoid a burr in the barrel. Biggest worry is being shire your slot is far enough rearward in the slide to insure you won’t later develop a crack in the slide. You also have the option of a hole in the leading edge of the comp and in the slide.. pic of slide / popples as well as how the gas angles forward with a port slightly angled
  18. That ring around the base would indicate the brass was not fully supported so it is probably an out of battery condition as mentioned.
  19. This is the way it should be handled. Kudos to you for allowing them the time to get back to you and do the right thing without trashing on them. Don’t know if this was a big name or small builder but either way it should never went out that way. How they handle / correct this will go a long way in telling you the quality of their business. When you get it back critique the hell out of it and run it a bunch before checking it again for anything abnormal while you have their attention...
  20. That is definitely not right. If it were in the raw waiting for chrome plating that would still be excessive. If it is that loose now, think about 20k rnds later....
  21. Can’t believe I made this mistake here. This load is using Winchester AutoComp. Not WST..
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