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  1. Not sure your going to get a reply to a 5 year old post from a member who hasn't been active for the same 5 years....
  2. Are these going to be coated bullets? If so, as stated by others, be sure to bell enough to insure your not shaving the coating off. You will also note that you get a little more coke bottling of the case which should not cause you any issues..
  3. I believe most or all are 4-40 thread. I bought a bunch from McMaster Carr in 1/8” length for like $6 for 50.. Trick I use is to Red loctite one side in an let set up before installing. The other I use blue and it will always be the only one that loosens when you do pull apart. Recently turned my own that is the sleeve and head combined so now I only have one screw to worry about!!!
  4. NoSteel

    929 Brass

    I run nothing but Winchester brass / Federal primers in those clips with no issues at all. Eject fine also. What bullet profile / size you using, RN, .355, ..357?? The 160grRN Bayou .358 in Winchester brass just fall right into the cylinder!!
  5. I had done the same. 2 washers will take care of it..
  6. . not quite.. Little slight of hand!!
  7. I have a discolored used one and a new one. The new one seems to have issues with powder clinging to the sides due to static. The old one never does.. As long as I can see thru it I'll keep using the old one..
  8. Sheltered in too long... Fresh from a morning on the range... My other open gun also.... Like I said, inside too long
  9. Mounted mine to the bench a while ago and it made a huge difference.. Simple design with using only 1 mount point for MBF
  10. Your pics got deleted so can't see but may be able to square it up and add material to the sight itself or make a new one to fit larger slot. Hell, if it turns into that much work, dovetail it in and it would disappear right into barrel rib.. Yeah, I can help you spend your money!!
  11. Then he has to re-circumcise it!! Ouch ..
  12. Sounds like one led to the other, than the next and the next..... That sucks.. Is your smith going to weld up and re-cut?
  13. I agree that a small annual member fee may help keep the forums active with only a small loss in "active" users. As far as bringing in new members, maybe an initial 6mo free option before joining may help with that. There are many options to your OP but it really comes down to if you really want to do it anymore Brian.. Recent events prove 1 thing, live life your way!!!
  14. https://tridentstagedesigner.com Nothing fancy but does work pretty well on an IPad / IPhone for quick stage ideas...
  15. The OP doesn't really say what the scenario was. His follow up post did. My only point in referencing this was to indicate how even with a more defined description there were many opinions.
  16. Need more detail but sounds like, REF... An example why more info. Is required: https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/36170-range-failure-or-shooter-failure/
  17. Do the same routine but with a much slower cadence. Once you get your groups where you want start to speed up until they open up. This should help determine where your loosing control.. Running it slower will allow you to prep the hammer before letting it drop. Being double action and not knowing what your trigger pull is like I'm guessing your pulling the muzzle quite a bit thrust trigger pull.. For me, I found gripping with my weak hand thumb over strong hand thumb behind hammer helps allot (Bobbed Hammer)..
  18. As has been stated if you want to save $$, go with a Chrony. It will do wha t you need, accurate and tough. How tough?? Several major rounds impact tough..!!! How do I know, See below.... Yes it still works, yes it is still as accurate as my CED.... This is now a loaner
  19. That would punch the hand pretty good....
  20. Pretty good chance I'll win Revo Division this weekend here also.!! Snow pack, cold, windy, , yeah, I'll be the only on there!!
  21. I started with a nice set of grips with checkering and finger grooves I liked but switched to smooth Big Butt.. Decided I like the old grips better but with Lardgebhands the butt helped so I cut off and mounted to the original grips.. Now I have what I want/like ... Houge will do a custom set for you so you wouldn't have to cut 2 up!!! LOL....
  22. Mine was an early manufacture date and while I used it in a few matches it had to go back to S&W for 6 months to correct issues. Pretty much went in the safe after that. Ran .355 before it became common knowledge S&W fooled us!!! Actually, it runs the .355's fine and with Blue's I never saw leading issues.
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