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  1. Dazhi

    Red Dot Slide Milling

    Did you use plastic guide rod or other plastic parts to make 43.5oz, besides the grips?
  2. Dazhi

    Bull barrels

    So factory guns with factory cone barrels > 4.25'' are still no go even if they make weight and fit in box?
  3. Dazhi

    CGW floating trigger pin

    You don't need a punch + hammer to put on the floating pin. Just fingers. To take it off, however, you do need something sharp to push it out. Still you don't need a hammer. For clean freaks who like to detail clean every 1000 rounds, the floating pin is a big plus.
  4. Dazhi

    Stock 2 failure to extract issue

    Extractors for Stock 2 vary quite a bit. I have seen at least 3 different kinds of extractors - one bought from BSPS, one from EAA store and one from PD. They all carry the same part number 11.1, but they surely have different appearances, e.g. some with marking of "9" on one side and "2" on the other side, some have no marking at all, different profiles including the hook area. Some may not work in certain Stock 2s. The best way is probably to buy all of them and find out which one works for your gun.
  5. Dazhi

    Annual maintenance on a Lim Pro?

    Appreciate the tips. Should I have both the housing and the sear replaced, or just the sear? What kind of issues an aging sear can lead to? I assume resetting issues?
  6. Dazhi

    Annual maintenance on a Lim Pro?

    Mike, I shoot a Stock 2. Here is what I replace semi annually (15k or so live ammo and daily dry-fire): 1. Hammer spring 2. Recoil spring 3. Sear spring 4. Trigger return spring 5. Trigger bar plunger spring 6. Extractor spring (extra power) Here is what I replace annually (30k or so live ammo and daily dry-fire): 1. Firing pin spring 2. Firing pin block spring My gun just passed 2-year mark (gone through about 60k live ammo). I recently replaced the slide stop, and am thinking about replacing the extractor. 99% of the above replacements are done as pure preventative maintenance rather than to fix specific problems. Only the hammer spring actually gives me problems near the end of its life cycle, e.g. light strikes on DA. When that starts to happen, I know it's time to replace the springs. I have not replaced either the mag body or mag springs. I have 8 magazines dedicated to only matches, and 5 dedicated to practices. The 5 practice magazines have been abused pretty badly but so far they have not given me any problems.
  7. Dazhi

    Extractor Tuning

    Does anyone know when (at what round count) the extractor should be replaced? Mine is around 60k and I wonder if it's time. Have not seen any malfunction yet.
  8. Dazhi

    USPSA in Dallas

    If you are willing to drive up to 2 hours (depending where you live), you can get to these clubs as well: 1. Tyler Tactical Shooters (at Mineola, about 1 hour 30 min from East Dallas) - 4th Sat (https://www.facebook.com/tylertacticalshooters/) 2. Temple Gun Club (at Temple, about 1 hour 45 min from South Dallas) - 3rd Sat (https://www.facebook.com/Temple-Gun-Club-Practical-Pistol-Shooters-110768648994849/)
  9. Dazhi

    Cycling problem

    No peening I can see. It's amazing how well and unmarked the major parts look after 50k rounds, compared to my backup that's only few thousands.
  10. Dazhi

    Cycling problem

    Interesting. My stock 2 is set up identically to OPs. When it was new, I had the exact same sporadic cycling sluggishness. After polishing the slide ribs and a few thousands rounds, that feeling went away completely. Recently it has come back after about 50k through the gun. It has a new slide stop and I replaced all the springs not long ago. Definitely not ammo issue because I case gauge every round with a hundo, and OAL has not changed. Unless my gripping has changed over time to rest->not rest->rest my thumb on the slide, it's hard to explain why this is happening.
  11. Dazhi

    Carry optics?

    Will CO in IDPA have 10 round limit like SSP/ESP, or 30 like PCC?
  12. Dazhi

    Tanfoglio Limited Custom

    Ben's shop has the 9mm version. Curious to see if it's viable vs. 2011s. http://benstoegerproshop.com/eaa-tanfoglio-witness-limited-custom-9mm/
  13. Dazhi

    Do you like the new Production rules?

    Does anyone know when these Production rule changes will take effect officially?
  14. Dazhi

    Anyone have this happen in scoring

    I always thought this has a lot to do with major vs. minor scoring. This happens more with minor divisions like Production, because combined uses major scoring, but I could be wrong.
  15. Dazhi

    New IFG “LimPro” update

    Does anyone know the timeframe when the new LP will be available in the US? Also, will I be able to use the internals (sear assembly, trigger assembly, hammer) from large frame Stock 2 in the new small frame LP?