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  1. I have 2 Stock 2s cut by PD for Carry Optics. I don't need lightening cuts to make weight. The optic cut is very deep, and the rear "super" sight weighs 1oz. These 2 easily compensated the dot weight. Unless you are running very heavy dot/grips, you really don't need additional lightening cuts. Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  2. I am interested too. It does not look like EAA is importing this. I guess our only hope is IFG?
  3. I started in PRD, and switched to CO. I will switch back to PRD instantly if they raise the capacity to 15 rounds. I know tons of people like me. Most of the gain in CO popularity comes from cannibalizing PRD division. I know just 1, or maybe 2, brand new USPSA members who joined just to shoot CO. My observation is that CO and PCC are eating other divisions quickly.
  4. If you are like me, practicing hand speed by "slapping" the mag pouches all the time, DAA won't last long. Before I started practicing hand speed, my Racers lasted 3 years without any issues. However, once I started trying to improve my hand speed, with slapping the pouches inadvertently as part of the movement when grabbing the magazine, they broke fast. I have broken 4 locking plates, e.g. the plastic sims with teeth, in 6 months. DAA did send me some spare ones but I keep breaking them. When the Alpha X came out, I bought one to experiment, hoping all metal parts will cure the issue. Nope, the Alpha X metal ball wiggles after few weeks of use. DAA sent me extras but they all start wiggling sideways the same after few weeks. I think by design, the DAA pouches are not meant to take any side way forces. If you reload gently or grab the magazine without touching the pouch, there won't be any problem. I don't have the GR pouches and I don't know how durable they are.
  5. For me, I run Venom and it weighs about the same as the "super" adjustable rear sight and PD cut is pretty deep. Grips are SSI scale 2.0. No additional cut needed with this setup. Weighed 44.2 oz during a level III match couple months ago.
  6. Gerat info. I wonder if the MBX mags will be overweight. Going to try it once they are back in stock. I 2000 grit sanded + blue magic polished the basepad inner walls, and the mag tube bottom inner wall. Not exactly sure where to chamfer the follower. The thing looks pretty smooth already. Any pointers?
  7. http://eaacorp.com/gun_accessories/index.php/parts/tanfoglio/witness/conversion-kit/elite-stock-i-and-stock-ii-conversion-kit/9mm-conversion-kit-longslide-w-super-sight-wonder-300025.html This is the only option for Stock 2. Not worth the money though. No "slide only" option. I bet if they do offer one, it's going to cost $500 a piece. So I ended up buying 2 whole Stock 2s and have PD cut them to run CO. I did interchanged my Production guns' lowers to run with COs uppers. I have old style upper + new style lower and vice versa. No problem after thousands of rounds so far, at least for me.
  8. If mag tube and basepad contact is an issue, straight 140mm tube will do much better? I wonder if anyone sells Tanfo 140mm tubes.
  9. Thanks for the idea. However, I looked closely at the basepad connecting to the tube, it's pretty smooth. Here is the picture of what happened when the rounds got stuck on the bottom. They got stuck above the basepad. My gut feeling was the follower is too narrow, plus there is a tilt of the follower. There is enough space horizontally inside the mag tube, causing the narrow follower to go sideways along with the rounds when the spring is pushed very hard. That's why it only happens when I load 22 rounds, not 21 or 20. I will make sure to take some closeup pictures of the stuck situation next time.
  10. I am interested to know how/where to chamfer as well. Here is a comparison of an relatively used (on the left) vs. new (on the right) spring/follower. Notice both have a tilt on the follower. When the stuck happens, the follower gets squeezed to the side of the tube by the spring, with a couple rounds stuck side by side in the tube near the bottom. Not sure if this tilt is by design? It certainly seems to facilite the stuck. Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  11. I am having issues with the Henning basepad + Gram spring/follower combo, twice in match settings. I loaded 22 rounds in the mag, and after shooting the first 2 rounds the follower and spring got stuck on the bottom, rendering the whole thing a salt shaker. Before each stage, I always unload all used or unused mags regardless if they have hit the ground or not, reload them with care and handle them gently, avoid bumping/raming on those loaded mags. Still, the issue keeps happening. I thought 22 rounds are safe with this combo? This is happening to both relatively new (<1000 rounds) and old (5000+ rounds) mags. Does anyone know other alternatives? Edited - this never happens in my practices probably because I rarely load up to 22 rounds. Most time in practices I load to 20 rounds.
  12. Sarge - great news! I tried 200 rounds session with what you described, and now I only had 3 crushed cases. This is very acceptable for me. I was using Redding die, and next I will put on the Dillon die and hopefully there won't be any crushed cases. The key seems to tighten the shell plate bolt to the exact spec. I experimented with hand tighten the bolt with no dial back, 1-2mm dial back and 1/8 turn dial back. The best result is to just hand tighten the bolt with no dial back at all. Even with the lock screw tightened, I feel the shell plate gets loosed up a bit after 100 rounds. Maybe just the bearing getting warmed up. The plate needs to be rather hard to rotate by hand. The clicks are still there, but they don't produce that much vibration anymore. That's what a tightened shell plate does I suppose. Thanks Sarge!
  13. Sarge - I want to try just one washer, I assume it's the one with roller bearing on, or just the flat ones? Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  14. Yes my shell plate is pretty tight. Dillon instructions are hand tight then back off 1/8 or something. I only back off about 1mm. Basically it's rather hard to rotate by hand. Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
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