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  1. I have been using 8lbs since day one on all my Stock 2s. For 120k rounds I have seen no slide/frame dmg many worried about. My current practice gun has over 100k on it and still runs like new. I recall Eric recommended in one his classes/podcasts to use the lightest recoil spring that cycles 100% in your setup. Sent from my LG-US998 using Tapatalk
  2. Areas with 10 rnds limit probably won't see much rise in CO or PCC. Other areas have similar overall theme going on - that is CO cannibalizing PROD and PCC stealing from Open or 3-gun. Sent from my LG-US998 using Tapatalk
  3. How many rounds can the extractor work correctly without detail strip cleaning (assuming you put on an extra power extractor spring)? It can still be cleaned somewhat from the FP channel. I have had close to 5k without taking the extractor out to clean. If it can last 20k, I'd say the trouble is worth it.
  4. Nice! How wide is the screw spacing? I thought the holes are going to be on the edge of the Tanfo slide for the SRO/RMR footprint. Does the SRO housing cover the extractor pin? E.g. do you have to take the SRO off the slide if you need to clean the extractor?
  5. Ran through 5 of them in 6 months. Switched to Venom - much better. FF3's lose the emitter lens all the time. Fast split drills, doubles, el prez etc. speed up that process. One of the FF3 had emitter lens flew off in the first 50 rounds while doing doubles drill. Other than the emitter lens issue, I have not encountered other issues, but the most round count I had on FF3s is only 2000... My last Venom lasted over 10k rounds.
  6. Does the R3 Max cover the extractor pin on any models? I know it's very long and does cover the extractor pin on Stock 2s.
  7. I have gone through 8 FF3 and 3 Venoms so far on my Stock 2. The longest lasing is one Venom for around 10k rounds, though the next Venom only went through 3500 rounds before it broke. The shortest was a FF3 for 200 rounds. They all have great customer service, e.g. they send you a brand new one on the same day they receive the broken one. I do believe all metal guns are harder on the dots. I have friends who run Venoms on Glocks and X5, and they have not broken any yet, although they do shoot less than I do.
  8. Corrected. Thanks for pointing out.
  9. Prod CO Area 1 66 87 Area 2 40 39 Area 3 76 62 Area 4 87 71 Area 5 87 44 Area 6 64 61 Area 7 75 55 Area 8 117 81 Added more area match data. Looks like Area 1 is the only area match where CO outnumbered Prod. Area 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7 are very close in numbers. Area 5 and 8 have Prod outnumber CO by a big margin. Time will tell. Will be interesting to look at 2020 data. CO is pretty much poor man's open right now: Bigger mag capacity Easier to hit stuff Easier to plan stages Minor ammo Higher combined overall ranking I personally think if we bring both divisions to 15-round cap, they will be pretty well balanced. This is an area I believe IPSC did right.
  10. A quick look at Practiscore of this year's area matches (the ones I can find): Area 4: Prod - 87 CO - 71 Area 1: Prod - 66 CO - 87 Area 6: Prod - 64 CO - 61 Area 7: Prod - 75 CO - 55
  11. Shouldn't heavier recoil spring cause more nose dip, while lighter recoil springs lead to more nose jump, provided the same PF?
  12. I found this, and looks like another option. I have slides cut for Venom, and not sure if this works... Anyone has tried it? https://www.tombstonetactical.com/catalog/trijicon/rm37-rmr-adapter-plate-for-doctor-mount/
  13. Dazhi

    Squib Problems

    I set off primer only in the gun and they were not loud at all. I used hammer and nail on the defect primers after pulling the bullets out and dumping the powder, because I did not expect they will do anything. This is after I have tried them on factory glocks and mp9s. No gun were able to pop them. So I used hammer and nail. I guess if they indeed go off they may be loud but none of them did. I think the primer QC is an issue for a lot of brands. I know S&B have dimension issues because when I loaded SB exclusively with Pal Filler (an CNCed Italian made vibra prime), a lot of them would not go through the hole - they are made too big. WSP used to be very consistent and no problem, but for the past year I am getting bad batches with these dead primers. Remington is worse than WSP in terms of QC - in both dimension consistency and misfire rate. The only one I can trust right now is Federal/CCI. CCI in particular is hard enough to be safely loaded on 650 per Dillon, and 100% reliable in my guns.
  14. Does anyone have milled slide to install Trijicon RMR or SRO? I was told the screw spacing on the RMR footprint is too wide for the Stock 2 slide. Does that leave the adapter plate as the only option? I am curious to see anyone running RMR or SRO on their Stock 2s.
  15. Dazhi

    Squib Problems

    Bad primers. I have loaded close to 60,000 WSP, but the most recent 10K were giving me so many headaches. There were at least 10 in the past 10K just dead primers. I hit them with hammer and nail and they won't do anything! I have switched to CCI with 0 problems for about 6 months so frar, but you never know when you will get a bad batch. I trusted WSP for a long time and now I will never buy WSP again.
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