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  1. Dazhi

    Classifier vs match bump

    Interesting thread. I have yet to see anyone match bumped to GM. USPSA is not like IDPA in match bumps. It's super difficult. I do not know people are allowed to reshoot classifiers unlimited number of times. Is that a geographical thing? Because in my surrounding area there are close to 10 clubs I have shot with. Most people don't ask for reshoot even with malfunctions. Some reshoot once, but that's it. Practicing classifiers is a great way to master gun handling and other fundamentals. A lot of top shooters recommend doing that, not for the sole purposes of getting better in classifiers but it is a positive side effect. I did practice classifiers, and still do now. At some point I also set making GM as a goal but only as a short-term one. Having a realistic and achievable goal is a good thing. For me I could not shoot more than 1 major match last year due to family reasons, and naturally I have to set some other kind of measurable goal. The USPSA talent pool is so deep that anyone thinking a GM card is the ultimate finish line will either quit the sport or drown very quickly. BTW - @rowdyb I started at age 40 You are super close, and I know you will make it soon ?
  2. Does anyone have any tips/videos how to thread back the FF3 battery cap? I am struggling to get the cap threaded with the battery inside. It appears the battery is too thick, or the thread is too thin to really close the cap tightly.
  3. Dazhi

    How has PCC going?

    So a name change may help clear this up? "International Defensive Pistol and Carbine Association"?
  4. Dazhi

    How has PCC going?

    Do the PCCs have to be "pistols" per definition by ATF in order to play in "International Defensive Pistol Association"? Or any 9mm rifles are good to go?
  5. My Lim Pro shoots the same group at 25 yards as my Stock 2s. I'd imagine cone barrel has long service life than straight wall. Maybe 200k rounds on average?
  6. I have been shooting for only 3 years but I already had 2 occasions I need to use the backup gun. Once I forgot to bring my main to the match, but I religiously bring my backup all the time The other time the main had a loose front sight.
  7. Won't you need at least 3 to avoid the dot stop working during a match? That's the real annoying part - e.g. you cannot just have a main+backup and be done. You need a backup for the backup. If you are to follow Ben's advice, you will always keep 1 dot on match gun that is used for match only with very low round count. Now your practice dot is dead, if you are to switch to the match gun, you risk the match dot going dark in matches, while your practice dot is being repaired. So you need at least another backup for the practice gun.
  8. Dazhi

    Red Dot Slide Milling

    You buy the whole gun and send in the slide to be milled. Then you have a CO slide. I know it's kind like magic.
  9. I ask this scenario because I have encountered the exact same issue in a major match. The timer picked up something 2 seconds after the last shot. Of course, the RO did not agree. RO did not count shots. I felt the time was not right, but I had no proof other than the magazines on the ground and on the belt, which can be used to calculate how many rounds I fired (Production division), and based on that the timer showed 1 more shot. In short, I ate the 2 extra seconds, but I have been thinking about how to prevent this from happening again in future matches. ShotMaxx may just be the solution.
  10. Suppose someone wears the ShotMaxx in spy-mode, and complains about a 2 sec difference between the RO timer and ShotMaxx. What's the best steps to get this resolved?
  11. Interesting. I honestly never see ROs doing this... e.g. the glancing at the timer for the last few shots. To be sure, I just quickly re-watched my match videos at last year's area and national matches. I can see about 2 ROs did this, and the rest 99% did not.
  12. How do ROs know the timer picked up the last shot or not without counting shots?
  13. I did that... and it did work for a while, but then the occasional case crushing came back after a few k. Very annoying. I found it also has something to do with how tight the shell plate is. On my press, tighter shell plate has less case crushing, but causes primer station misalignment sometimes. A little bit loose shell plate has more case crushings, but 0 primer misalignment. I have used both alignment tools Dillon sent me. All springs have been replaced with new ones not long ago at 70k mark. The only part besides the sizing die may play a factor is probably the shell plate itself. Looks fine but who knows. I plan to replace both the die and the shell plate next.
  14. Dazhi

    Shooting First in squad....

    My last name is ZHANG, and I shoot first about 40% of the time. I don't think last name is the deciding factor. Most major matches go with random order, or with the shooter number (e.g. the order in which you registered for the match). Probably just in local matches where they default to last name order. Again, arrive a day early and walk all the stages carefully. That's the key to solve first stage first shooter issue. Interestingly, my average first shooter stage performance is slightly better than all other stages since I have started tracking it.
  15. Dazhi

    Tanfoglio Limited Pro for IDPA

    I used to run Lim Pro in IDPA SSP. 100% legal. Shot both state and national, and the gun was inspected very carefully at each match by SOs. They even took out the slide to look at the firing pin block Honestly I think it is pretty OP as is, and you don't need to mod it for ESP. Adding anything extra like a magwell will push the weight over IDPA legal limit. So my suggestion is to just shoot it in ESP as is. I use Bladetech for both IDPA and USPSA.