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  1. Dazhi

    IFG Lim Pro came in today

    The "old" EAA Limted Pro does not have over travel screw either. It has 1-piece sear and 2-wing disco. Looks like the internals of the "new" IFG are identical to the EAA version, which is a good thing for ppl owning both "old" and "new" versions. Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  2. I double checked the shellplate bolt just now. Although it looks like the wire is under the bolt in the pic, it's actually not. I took off the wire and tried to hand tight the bolt all the way, and it only took 1/16 of a turn to hit the max tightness. I don't think my shellplate was loose in anyway. Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  3. Dazhi

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    I do my own trigger jobs on all my Tanfos now days, but if I am looking for solid gunsmith on Tanfo work, I will email benstoeger@gmail.com and ask him who did the work on a dozen of his Stock 2s. I don't know who or how much these days, but at least you will be getting the same trigger job as the world champion.
  4. Dazhi

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    Jim Bodkin did my first production gun for $300. It's in 2016 so maybe the price has gone up? PD cut for CO is $140. $820 + $300 + $140 + tax?
  5. Dazhi

    The Lim Pro's have landed

    It's interesting to watch Q5 SF at about the same weight with Lim Pro selling for $1400 a piece. Better CO adaptability, sure but the dots sit much higher. Easier to get 3lbs trigger, ok but no where close to CZ like SA. Adding Apex trigger? Well, more $$$. Have a solid gunsmith make reliable 100% WSP ignition 5lbs DA 2lbs silky SA, and cut ready for CO with much lower dot position. All that on top of a brand new Lim Pro will cost...$1300 top. I think ppls are missing the real gems amidst the new steel striker hypes. Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  6. Yes loaded 80k on this setup so far. Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  7. Good question - Under the case actually. 9mm. Win, FC, and Blazer in each of the 3 occurrences. I thought it was under the shell plate because there is no way to rotate or move until I loosen the shell plate off. That's how the ring indexer got broken as too much force was applied to rotate while stuck. You think this has something to do with brass? Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  8. Also, just started using a new 5k box of WSP primer in this session. WSP primers have been problematic recently. Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  9. Has anyone seen this before? It happened three times within a session. First time I had to lossen the shell plate to unstuck the primer. The second time it broke the ring indexer. I swapped a new one on then this happened again one more time. Any ideas why this is happening? Shell plate medium tight - has always been the same. The only new thing is I swapped a new primet index arm spring after it broke last week. Could that be the problem? But how... Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  10. Dazhi

    IFG sneak peek

  11. Dazhi

    IFG sneak peek

    Cone barrel Stock 3 with limited slide?
  12. Dazhi

    Winchester small pistol primer issue

    Been wet tumbling since the beginning. And always used the Frankford brass dryer too.
  13. Dazhi

    Red Dot Choices

    I ran through 4 of them in 3 months.... for some reason, I kept having the small piece of glass in front of the emitter flying off during live fire. 3 of them did that around 100 to 500 rounds. 1 lasted for a long time nearly 6k round until the dot randomly disappears then reappears every few seconds even in dry fire. Burris does send back brand new ones very quickly. I like that.
  14. Are you betting on a blue wave? Maybe a trickle, yes.
  15. Curious to see how many non competition shooters buy this. I suspect the high MSRP is to balance out expected low volume among non competition shooters so that Walther won't lose too much money experimenting this idea. I'd love to buy one but not at $1200+ a piece. $900 would be good and $800 I will get a couple