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  1. Question on roll sizer - does it only remove the brass bulge, or does it also decap spent primers and size the cases like a sizing/decapping die does? It would be nice to have an automated machine that does all the above in one step.
  2. Can I buy a custom made one that you mentioned? I have the same issues with the unica release. Loaded table start needs to be extremely careful as a gentle touch will eject the mag because the whole thing is laying on the mag release. Also, weak hand gripping slightly higher than usual will push on the release and eject the mag too.
  3. Does anyone know where to get an RMR plate for the Stock 2 OR? It does not come with a factory one, but hoping there is an aftermarket plate to run SRO with.
  4. Happy to hear that! I may have to eventually switch back to SRO because I have not found a more durable dot than the SRO. I did order the PD custom slide for R3 Max but I have been hearing bad stories about R3 Max. Anecdotal breakage stories R3 Max vs. SRO is about 8 or 10:1 from my research. Maybe I will just bring a backup gun with Venom/R3 Max for "sun-over-berm" stages in some matches to avoid the ghost dot issue with SRO. I am coming a full circle LOL
  5. Has anyone bought this RO model yet? If so, does SRO or R3 Max/XL fit at all?
  6. DAA one works pretty well for auto drives, because the bullets don't tip over vs. Dillon die. I believe it's due to the "step" on the front. I don't see the Alpha having the same "step" there, but maybe it also prevents bullets from tipping over too for auto drives? Has anyone with auto drives tried it?
  7. I guess nail polish on the adjustment screw won't help holding zero if it's an internal issue?
  8. Does FF4 use the same footprint as the FF3? I am also interested in seeing more FF4 pics from all angels, especially the emitter lens, whether or not it's still exposed outside of the housing like the FF3.
  9. Personal experience: If shooting into the sun is a common scenario for you, like me, then SRO is the worst. I sold mine and went back to Venom for that reason. Viper was horrible into the sun - a huge glare taking up most of the lens and I could not even see where the dot was. Sold mine the same day I took it to the range. DPP had glare belt around the edge of the lens. Not a deal breaker. Just a bit messy. Venom and R3Max are the cleanest I have tried so far for shooting into the sun a lot.
  10. Thanks for the info. Sent from my LG-US998 using Tapatalk
  11. CO shooter here. Just curious if XL also has a canted forward housing like the Max? It's not clear from the pictures. I am concerned about slide milled for XL won't accept Max because of that canting body.
  12. Are you running a full metal gun? Is the dot directly mounted on the slide, or on aluminum plate?
  13. I did not get any emails from PD about the preorder, but I saw this and just went ahead ordered one for Romeo3 XL. It's the same fit as R3 Max, right? There are a bunch of optics cut options listed.
  14. I asked Tim at BSPS. He said R3 Max is too long to fit directly. I once removed material to enlarge the cut with a Dremel for SRO because of its overhang. I suppose it will be something similar to make R3 Max fit.
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