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  1. Does anyone know if these things exist? If not, I wonder just drilling holes with a Dremel should work too? Right now I am using the 17 round tubes for CO. Twice in matches settings, I have been careless enough to not load to full. Sometimes chatting with others distracts me from unloading/loading all mags back to full. Also the habit formed when shooting production, only looking at the 10 round indicator on the tube, is hard to change.
  2. "Stock Master" in large frame? Will be nice to reuse the 30 or so Stock 2 magazines I have.
  3. Dazhi

    Next Level GM

    You cannot use just 1 match to show it does not correlate. When I said "classifications correlate well to match finishes", I was talking about level 2, 3 and 4, and even level 1 included, not just area or nationals. Different matches have totally different styles. I can argue the same thing that some matches do not test the full spectrum of shooting related skills. That's why you cannot just use 1 match to conclude anything. I think ELO system built out of all matches would be the most fair and accurate scale, and again based on my observations I expect it to correlate very well with classifications.
  4. Dazhi

    Next Level GM

    Isn't this true in all sports? Only a handful in the nation/world will win major matches consistently. I don't think the USPSA classifier system is the problem. My observation has been that for 90+% of the time, the classifications correlate to match finishes very well. Even in sports that use ELO ratings, for example in chess, only very few out of the 1800 GMs ever win national or world tournaments. In every area, the top of the pyramid is always a tiny population. That's why people refer JJ/Ben/Max et al. as "world/national champions" instead of "GMs". In that sense, the classification system does have a hidden "next level GM" title that equals to "world/national champions".
  5. Semi-fit barrels are great. Drop-ins are typically not that great. I used to fit APEX barrels for MP9s, and I can tell you the lockups/accuracy are so much better with the semi-fit versions than the drop-in versions. I do look forward to a tutorial/video on how to fit these barrels though.
  6. Fed CCI & WIN SB I was under the impression WIN is softer than CCI until I ran 5k CCI with 0 issues. During that time I had 2 no-bang WIN, not even my gun issue because factory glocks and hammer could not set those off either I am now a firm CCI believer. I run Xtreme light hammer spring (13.8lbs). Had numerous DA light strikes with SB. SB is definitely harder than CCI.
  7. Burris warranty is amazing. They send out brand new dot the same day your broken one arrived at theirs. I have not sent back a Venom yet so I don't know about the turnaround time for Vortex. I personally prefer Venom if you shoot a lot of rounds. FF3 design has its emitter lens sitting outside of the metal enclosure. My most issues with FF3 are related to the emitter lens flying off. Venom has an improved design with emitter lens inside the body. I have not had one flying off so far. Venom dot is also brighter, though smaller, which I like better. For competitions, FF3 controls are much easier. Venom has so many brightness levels, and it takes a lot of presses to get to the level you like under a specific light condition. Since they have the identical slide cut, you should try both if possible.
  8. The other thing is, I have obviously been running the worn-out die for at least a few months. I guess if your press runs smoothly with aftermarket improvements, you potentially may not see this problem even without that step. Without the step, it's essentially just a Dillon die. Will spill-stop, bearing kit, etc. it's actually will work for 99% of the time I think.
  9. I am curious as well. Where/when did you guys buy your MBF? I bought mine from DAA directly 3 years ago when they were still overseas. The new one is from BSPS just last week. I guess some very early batches may have better quality? Anyways, DAA's official words below. At first I was suspicious but looks like they are right on marks in my case.
  10. Does anyone know what model will this be? Stock 4? Stock Limited? Any rumors on ETA in the US? Sent from my LG-h910 using Tapatalk
  11. I had a stage that got gamed last month This one will require 3 shots on paper, and it's non-disappearing. Very close range. So the penalty plus 3 mikes will deter gamers I think
  12. Popper will be on one side of the stage, while the DT on the other side. I want to give people enough time to move over to engage DT. Also planning to make the DT not disappearing (just a slice exposed behind a NS) so people won't give up shooting it.
  13. I got the new DAA powder funnel, and that fixes all the issues I had! Bottom line - if you have been using your DAA powder funnel for over 80k rounds, you should consider replacing it. With the new one, I don't need the "spill stop" pin anymore. Everything runs extremely smoothly now. Just loaded 1k rounds and no a single tilted bullet. Comparing the worn-out and new DAA powder funnel, you can see the one with 80k rounds is missing that critical "step" on the tip. It's obviously worn out over time. That "step" is meant to create the profile that helps the dropper to drop bullets deeper. Here you can see how deep the new one allows the bullets to sit in the case vs. the used one. In fact, now I am back to the old days where I have to pull really hard to get the occassional up-side-down bullets out.
  14. Looking for ideas on how to control the timing for activating a drop-turner via a popper. Longer cable? more slacks? If I want the drop-turner to start 3-5 seconds after the popper falls, is there a way to do that? Thanks.
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