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  1. What plates are available for the Shadow 2 OR? I see most people running SROs. Can you put R3 Max on it? How sturdy are the plates and screws? I have seen someone's screw flew off during a match. It appeared the plate (made of aluminum) lost all the thread. Are the plates coming with Shadow 2 OR all aluminum?
  2. Yes I bought this adapter, and returned it, because of 2 reasons: 1. It does not really fit the Venom cut as the plate itself has some kind of angle on the edges, making the base of the plate longer than the venom cut. You will have to lengthen the cut on the slide to fit the plate. 2. The plate is not flat. When I put SRO on the plate, it has huge gaps in between. I called Trijicon and they said it's normal. I guess it may be but I don't like it. It's not just some lights going through. It's like 2 or 3 contact points then everywhere else are gaps.
  3. Looking at CO progression, it got so much more popular after the mag capacity change. That's why people looking along the same line at other divisions, e.g. Prod, Limited, start to wonder if high-cap 9mm is the solution to merge/reduce/revive iron divisions. It makes sense because CO has been a very successful experiment.
  4. In this scenario, the target was hidden partially behind a barrel 10 yards away. One of the 3 shots struck the barrel. That's why 3 shots were fired, 1 of them is a makeup. There is no way RO can pin point the holes and be sure which 2 out of 4 holes in the A zone were shot by the shooter. However, I totally understand the spirit of this rule. I believe the idea is that if the RO can "score without any ambiguity", then no reshoot with untaped targets. In this case, the RO can score 2 alphas without any other way, thus no reshoot. "The RO may not be able to distinguish your t
  5. Yes indeed. I remember seeing shooters stop when they see holes on targets not taped while running the stage. RO let them reshoot some times. I appreciate the rules being clarified at least for me. Sounds like as long as RO can accurately score, there won't be reshoot with untaped holes.
  6. Had an interesting scenario today: Shooter shoots 9mm Shooter fired 3 rounds at a target that is scored as best of 2 hits (the extra shot to make up a mike that was called during the stage run) While scoring, RO saw that target has 4 holes, all 9mm and all As Shooter asked for a reshoot According to section 9.1.4 in the rule book: Should the RO allow a reshoot in the scenario above? Following the language in the rule, if "it is not obvious to the RO which 2 or 3 holes out of the 4 alphas were shot by the competitor", a reshoot should be permi
  7. Prod is dwindling in numbers. People like to fill their mags to capacity. People like shooting minor. Personally I think a balanced approach going forward is 15-round for both Prod and CO. Else Prod may just become L10 in 5 years, only for new shooter's who have not got a chance to put a dot on.
  8. I got SRO x 2, R3max x 2 and Venom x 2. Sent from my LG-US998 using Tapatalk
  9. Spending the day trying to figure out what/how to make brass eject 3 clock. From what I observe, the ejector angel/face does not matter that much, because it's already moving at an optimal position when hitting the brass rim. However, I may be totally wrong, as it's hard to actually observe how the ejector really hits the brass rim in live fire. My manual "simulation" may not be what actually happens at all. What I did find out when comparing 2 slides, one with 3 clock ejection and the other with 5/6 clock ejection pattern, is that the dist
  10. Where/how do you fix ejection issue where brass come out at 5/6 clock directions? Some are hitting the red dot on the way out. 9mm minor on a stroked Stock 2 slide, 8lbs recoil spring. Is it the ejector that I need to tune? Or try heavier recoil spring? The only search result I found is below, but I am having a hard time to visualize this onto an actual ejector... I see the first angle already built onto the ejector, but the key part to make the ejected brass go to the right, I don't see any angle on the ejector right now, but I may misunderstood where the angle sho
  11. I got mine last week, but just started to mess around with them seriously today. The build and quality is outstanding. The fit is very tight. Due to the infamous Tanfo tolerance variations, my 4 frames/barrels behave differently with the 4 PD slides (2 for R3Max and 2 for SRO). I have yet to shoot any but expect to be able to test them out next week. As in the pics, the slides are stroked and rib corner smoothed. I will be replacing my factory slides cut for Venoms with these. Sent from my LG-US998 using Tapatalk
  12. Question on roll sizer - does it only remove the brass bulge, or does it also decap spent primers and size the cases like a sizing/decapping die does? It would be nice to have an automated machine that does all the above in one step.
  13. Can I buy a custom made one that you mentioned? I have the same issues with the unica release. Loaded table start needs to be extremely careful as a gentle touch will eject the mag because the whole thing is laying on the mag release. Also, weak hand gripping slightly higher than usual will push on the release and eject the mag too.
  14. Does anyone know where to get an RMR plate for the Stock 2 OR? It does not come with a factory one, but hoping there is an aftermarket plate to run SRO with.
  15. Happy to hear that! I may have to eventually switch back to SRO because I have not found a more durable dot than the SRO. I did order the PD custom slide for R3 Max but I have been hearing bad stories about R3 Max. Anecdotal breakage stories R3 Max vs. SRO is about 8 or 10:1 from my research. Maybe I will just bring a backup gun with Venom/R3 Max for "sun-over-berm" stages in some matches to avoid the ghost dot issue with SRO. I am coming a full circle LOL
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