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  1. I've used the factory, TNT , F&FB and the FW just showed up and haven't had a chance to play with it yet. Unless you are automating your press, I don't see a reason to use an aftermarket one. But I must admit, the bling on the FW Arms is off the chain.
  2. Those are external. I'm looking for internal areas where I can remove material
  3. I should add the slide has been tri-topped and I am liking the look so trying to keep that overall profile unmolested
  4. I want to take some weight out of a 5" 1911 slide but don't want to put any holes/slots in it. Any suggestions?
  5. Hopefully the shooter realized he has some work to do and does it. I've had a gun pointed at me when I was in the squad gallery and that was pretty crazy so OP I feel for you.
  6. I got a new shell plate in the mail yesterday so I'd say yes, Will is still in business. Try messaging him on FB.
  7. I feel your pain - tore mine a couple of years ago. All good now thanks to a fantastic PT. I was lucky enough to snag an Ammobot before they got bought by Dillon and it was a godsend. Not sure when Dillon is going to start selling them but a 1050/1100 and the new Dillon Automation version would be my suggestion.
  8. Every time this question gets asked, I have the same response. Buy the most expensive Dillon press you can afford.
  9. OK, but to fix what problem? Rules ? We don't need another group of people for that. Divisions ? We don't need another group of people for that. Different stages ? We don't need another group of people for that. Match calendar conflicts ? We don't need another group of people for that.
  10. I don't mind at all. I haven't shot a USPSA match in years - probably should just for fun. I try to get out and shoot SC monthly but usually only make it to a formal match a couple of times a year. Now your turn - A separate BoD is needed because ?
  11. So a separate BoD is needed because ?
  12. Everglades has several 8# jugs of Titegroup for $ 359.99 - knock yourself out.
  13. I have no idea is Matt is building guns ( he stopped taking orders a while back ) but Cheely Custom Gunworks is inside your circle.
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