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  1. Ship to a business address and you are probably looking at $40 ish via FedEx Ground or UPS Ground
  2. 100% agree I love my Oehler but it is a PITA to set up and take down so I have a ProChrono for the quick and dirty measuring. If I used it on a regular basis I'd probably get a LabRadar but I haven't had either out this year so I can't justify that spend.
  3. Any 1911 slide will work - there is nothing about the slide that makes it 2011 specific.
  4. I have a big stick that I use in the vise to hold the PCC when I work on it - that's the only good use I've found for it,
  5. So 20 years ago I got introduced to the Steel Challenge and my mentor / friend loaded on a RL1050. That's what I learned on. I can say that having someone with experience standing by to help with whatever came up was nice. Now days with all the YouTube videos, you probably would be alright. For someone who want to load 9mm and 223, I'd say the 1050 is the way to go. The swaging station for those 2 calibers is well worth it.
  6. Greg - If you were going to get the various sensors one at a time, what order would you get them in? That is to ask, which are must haves vs really nice to have. Thanks Ward
  7. Right? You'd think I'd have one several already.
  8. I'm in the same boat and will go with the Ammobot through Imortoarms. The sale is very tempting
  9. Very sorry to hear. My deepest condolences.
  10. I recommend the small or standard size unless you are loading rifle rounds. The medium is the tallest that will fit due to the case feeder location on a 1050. It is very easy to install. Removing the old plastic one is usually the hardest part.
  11. The RMR bullets are excellent bullets and hand loaded to a specific gun they should perform like the photos. Does that answer your original question?
  12. You tell us. Your screen name matches the vendor link from The Highroad so I'm guessing you have access to the ammo.
  13. So what we have found here is that the slides from Caspian appear to be inconsistent. My experience has been more along the lines of what zzt has found. I haven't lightened them or shot a ton of rounds but the 2 slides I had were not even close to parallel.
  14. Polish 9-Barrel Flintlock Volley Gun
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