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  1. As far as I am aware, the Nitrofin is the only thumb rest that doesn't require drilling & tapping the frame. That being said, it may not be the best position for your thumb but you will know that very quickly.
  2. I've gotten several boxes of 9mm brass from A+ and it is amazing. So far I haven't found anything in it except 9 x 19 brass - no 22lr, 380, 40, etc So, if you shoot 9x19, jut get in line and wait for your name to come to the top. You won't be disappointed one bit.
  3. Glad I could help. I love the 686 20 gauge.
  4. How are you removing the stepped brass?
  5. Before I automated everything, I would clean the dirty range brass for about 30 minutes in walnut and then rollsize on a CasePro. Brass went back in the tumbler for 4 hours and then to load. Since automating both the loading and roll sizing, I have found things go smoother if the brass is pre-processed. So now, after a quick clean, they get run through the Ammobot to sort out any non-conforming brass. It makes a huge difference in the way the Case Pro runs. The automated Case Pro doesn't like the stray 40 or 380 case. It also makes a difference in the way they load. Much smoother. I've never trimmed pistol brass. Not sure how I would if I wanted to. . Never sorted once fired but have used new for 9 major.
  6. The Commander from AMG has 3. I'd be surprised if there was one with 8. you might reach out to AMG and ask if they can add more ; https://www.amg-lab.com/
  7. Take a look at the Stan Chen magwells. Pricey but very nice looking. https://store.chencustom.com/product_p/si-mag.htm Yes
  8. Since you are barring them for a reason other than their gender, race, religion or occupation I think you are OK. Since the barring isn't a result of them being unsafe or from behavior which would or may disrupt the match, or which would bring disrepute to the sport I don't see a need to file any report with HQ. Just tell them they are a DB and that you are telling other MDs in the area that they are a DB and not only not welcome at your matches but probably not welcome anywhere else. My guess is after showing up to shoot and being told "you aren't welcome" they may come back and make things right.
  9. http://www.bulletworks.com/Mag_catch.html
  10. Manual press? I am a big fan of the Mighty Armory decapping dies. I was unhappy with all of the others ; RCBS, Lee, Dillon. The MA die was amazing. 100% decap
  11. Are you going to fit the barrel or have someone do it for you ?
  12. I'd like to wish Brian a Happy Birthday! Enjoy it!
  13. To sell something, it would need to be profitable. Profits times some multiple are usually how you value a company except some companies are sold based on the "good will" value they have. That is something you and the buyer would have to agree upon because it is very subjective. If you went back to the days when you were a Dillon dealer you could have probably sold it then to someone who was also a Dillon dealer as a means to push buyers to them.
  14. not trying to talk you out of them, but do a search on "breach face erosion" and you will find some people have issues with rifle primers in pistol loads.
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