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  1. no problem I'm not super concerned about the appearance just want the brass clean.
  2. In short, since it is done after decaping, the primer pockets are cleaned as is the inside. I've done it for my bolt gun stuff ( 6 CM, 6 GT, etc ) but not 223 or 9mm. The brass can come out looking like new.
  3. Sorry for your loss Chris - Sounds like Roger was the kind of shooter we could use more of. May he rest in peace.
  4. I'm a big fan of the Safariland 015 Super adjustable and solid I'd recommend trying some different ones out at a local match if possible
  5. I'll vote for this too. A hand file would probably work too.
  6. Depending on if there are any slugs required, IM is where I'd start.
  7. A search of the completed auction on GB for SPP indicate a price of $ 200/K
  8. On March 30th I ordered a case of 124s from MG and they shipped the same day. 3 days later they arrived at my local hub and 3 days after that were stuck on in route to final destination. I requested a package search from USPS - nothing. I called Norm and he suggested I file a stolen package report. That did nothing. So I kinda forgot about it and what do you know, 8 weeks after it left MT in arrived in LA by way of the ATL. The USPS is really mismanaged as far as I can tell.
  9. The Incident at the LoCap Nats perhaps?
  10. The laws here a bit convoluted to say the least. Use to be that if you owned them ( >10 rd mags ) before 2000 they were grandfathered in and you were GTG. Then the law changed and you couldn't even have grandfathered ones. Then the law was challenged and overturned for about a week IIRC so everyone went out and bought standard capacity mags like there was no tomorrow. The judge said hold up and put the law back in place ( no more buying and selling ) but exempted everyone who just bough the mags from it so possession is OK. So yes, pretty much everyone who shoots open or limited has full capacity magazines.
  11. I snagged some off Midway in early March - $ 162 delivered
  12. I've been happy with the Taran Tactical stuff but not familiar with the magwell you have.
  13. I got lucky and snagged some at my Bass Pro in SoCal a week ago. They are out there but finding a LGS with them is impossible; Quite a few put them on GB.
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