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  1. I haven't shot at a lot of clubs but I can't ever remember being asked, let alone told, to tear down a stage when we were done. I suppose I would if asked buts that just because it's the kind of person I am. To the OP - if they ask you to help, then help. It's called being of service to others. It's good for the soul, or so I think. And to the rest of you pompous asses, climb down off your high horse and clean up after it.
  2. Shoot til slide lock then take up trap
  3. I started with the Vibraprime when they first came out. Worked great. Gave to a friend and got one of the new ones. The current version doesn't work for me at all. At all. Picked up a RF100 and it just flat works. Zero problems once I leveled it. I keep it covered so no dust and blow it out before starting. CCI, Win & Federals all work fine.
  4. I've been using 231 / HP38 for quite some time.
  5. And this has what to do with the progression of CO ? Start a new thread if you want to discuss it. Perhaps we can get a mod to clean up the extraneous posts.
  6. I've been using Vectan BA-10 for SC loads for about 20 years now. It is in the same area as VV N310 as far as burn rate but uses less and is cheaper. 2.5 gr under a 115 gr or 100 gr or 95 gr but the gun is set up for SC so keep that in mind. It isn't an USPSA open gun that shoots major pf loads.
  7. I tested this once upon a time IIRC, I loaded known once fired brass to 40 major with 180 gr bullets and N320 After 10 firings including rollsizing as part of the reloading process they were all still GTG so I quit.
  8. What's the pull weight on the JP?
  9. This is actually a real good scale. I bought one from Old Will Knot and it has been excellent.
  10. This has been discussed a lot over the last 20+ years and I'm sure if you did a search you could find some of the threads. In the interest of saving you some time, I'll hit the high points and if you would like to go down the rabbit hole, search away. Traditional size dies can't do anything for the lower portion of the case. The roll sizer, either the CasePro 100 or the RollSizer from The Land of Oz, push that part of the brass back into spec. In addition, the roll the rim of the case to make it more uniform. The end result is the base of the case is back
  11. Welcome from SoCal - now, send me some water.
  12. As far as I am aware, the Nitrofin is the only thumb rest that doesn't require drilling & tapping the frame. That being said, it may not be the best position for your thumb but you will know that very quickly.
  13. I've gotten several boxes of 9mm brass from A+ and it is amazing. So far I haven't found anything in it except 9 x 19 brass - no 22lr, 380, 40, etc So, if you shoot 9x19, jut get in line and wait for your name to come to the top. You won't be disappointed one bit.
  14. Glad I could help. I love the 686 20 gauge.
  15. How are you removing the stepped brass?
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