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  1. If I'm just decaping 223, I run a FW Arms universal decap die. The Lee/Dillon/RCBS all work too unless you have an automated press then you are way better off with the FW Arms one.
  2. I would suspect most of the top 20 aren't shooting a load that will function in a pistol.
  3. Welcome from the Left Coast
  4. I agree with Tom - the SMK 142 seems to shoot well in a variety of guns and isn't too sensitive to jump. For the heavies, H4350 is the go to stuff ; Varget works well on the lighter bullets. Everything else seems to be gun sensitive. There are some great threads on snipershide if you care to take the time ; 38 pages ~ 1850+ posts. I had great luck with Horandy dies. Was able to get ammo with virtually zero runout ; the indicator just wiggled slightly. That being said, I'm a huge fan of the Redding stuff.
  5. One of the things about getting older is watching those around us depart. Like Miranda said, I hoped I might lead such a life full of many significant events brought to positive conclusions. In so many ways, he exemplified what it means to be an American. It seems that heaven must have needed a test pilot so they got the best. God Speed
  6. OP I wouldn't worry about 0.003" unless it is preventing the gun from going into battery and if that is the case, you may want to shorten them more so that you aren't so close to go / no-go territory as 0.003" isn't a whole lot. Most will see that much variation due to slight difference in the bullet shape at the tip. But to answer your question - yes ; reseat and recrimp of a loaded round is not a big deal. Provided of course they aren't roll crimped revolver rounds.
  7. Sounds like you get it.
  8. Stages can be challenging and safe at the same time. If you intentionally build a stage to see if you can get a shooter to break a rule and be DQ'd then you shouldn't be playing the game either. We were all new shooters at some point and come to competitive shooting with different backgrounds, skills and aspirations. Be nice.
  9. Nice job guys - great way to welcome the new shooters with questions. Sophie - as pointed out, the muzzle of the gun can never be pointed at you or anyone else regardless of condition - loaded or not. IMHO, stages where the required movements may result in breaking the 180 or sweeping the shooter should be reconfigured so that isn't possible but clearly not everyone fells that way. At a minimum the SO should point it out and make sure the shooters are aware. Sounds like you handled it with a lot of class, humility and grace. Don't let it scare you away.
  10. I think what you are looking for is called "indemnification". How that gets agreed to and the exact language should probably come from an attorney.
  11. There is a 1050 brass processing bypass on thingverse ( 3d printed ) that does the same thing without modifying the press.
  12. Just a thought - Out of respect for the person who lost their life, do you all think you can take this equipment discussion somewhere else?
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