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  1. I'm definitely in, gives me a reason me to by a couple of 617's
  2. Thank you George once again you have helped me out
  3. Hi Everyone, are the TSO and Czechmate slide stops one and the same? Having an issue finding a spare one to throw in the spare parts box. would this one work https://www.gunpartscorp.com/products/631220 thanks for the help Squirrel
  4. I as well lost around 3PF when I put 2, 3\16" ers in my Czechmate. Going to put one more in and call it good Im thinking. I actually thought that I would loose more, but that was the chrono on three different days just to make sure.
  5. Im going up Saturday afternoon, Ill be over in Maine so nice easy ride for myself.
  6. thanks guys for the help, Dumb question is there any issue ordering from them being that their overseas?
  7. Hi Everyone, I have been looking thorough the archives and see all kinds of varying reports of how to add a larger button to the Czechmate but i am still unclear what is the best approach to this. I am looking for a Shadow II like button. thanks for the help Squirrel
  8. I know your not looking for this but, #7 and #9 work really well with this combo. I have also had good results with W572. Now for the powder you have, I tested 2400 a few months back these are the results I got. Bullets were a Bear Creek 230g, however 357 Mag Case these came out of a 627V Comp all 2400. with 230 Bear Creek In 357 MAG case 8g Avg Vel 780' SD 18' 8.5g Avg Vel 868' SD 30' I think more is left in the tank with this load, but that is far as I went. I would start around 6.5g and work up. Squirrel
  9. Hi, Im looking at the Pac-Lite Uppers and wondering if my Allchin C More Slide Ride base will fit on this? thanks Squirrel
  10. Midway, fed lg pistol and cci small pistol. Available as of 10am eastern
  11. They still have cci small mag pistol. As of 11am eastern time
  12. I had the same thing with mine as well , dry fire no issue, live fire 50/50. I used a very fine sand drum on the dreaded dremal. A dozen times apart and it's good to go
  13. Do you think the ipsc store or DA are a close facsimile to the factory tape ones ?
  14. Oh okay thanks guys, that makes sense now
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