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  1. I see this just came back in stock at Cajun would this get my trigger rest and feel more like my Czechmate in single action trigger pad feel? I apologize for my ignorance, I have only been shooting CZ's less then a year. https://cajungunworks.com/product/75850-shadow-2-reach-reduction-kit/ thanks for the help Squirrel
  2. Hi, Dumb question, can you Accu-rail a CZ slide? Say a Shadow I/II or Czechmate etc. I have been thinking of getting one of my 1911's railed and was wondering if this is done with other types of designs as well. thanks Squirrel
  3. Yup, totally agree. My wife bought me one for our anniversary this past year, I used if for a few matches and loved it no clutter everything well organized and easy to find. No longer am I having to go though things to get to other things. I do say it is heavy though and you know its on your back, oh by the way she gave me the cart for Christmas, cant wait to run that around good stuff
  4. perhaps the bottom of the primer tube tip, I know I go through them every so often. The mouth of the tip opens up and does all kinds of weird things, fail to feed, jams, and spills. https://www.evergladesammo.com/reloading/machine-parts/550b-aps-large-flexible-orifice-14003.html (you may have a spare in the kit that came with the press)
  5. sure does, sometimes i think we think about the newest and greatest when great powders already exist.... Im guilty of this though as well
  6. just to throw another wrench in it, what about WST or AA2
  7. I had this same issue with my Range Officer in 9, changed both springs got it down pat fairly well. However I will say I prefer the impulse of a CZ75 much better then the 9 in a full size. I know this is not about that but I would just note that since that was 'huh' moment I had.
  8. Thanks guys for helping me understand this a bit better. I was over on Cajon and there is this part # the one I would need for the shorter reset? 1488T5? thanks! Squirrel
  9. Im sorry to sound snippy but have you seen Doug's work and are people happy with him? thanks Squirrel
  10. ~1.165 115 extreme in a throated Czechmate
  11. Have you had any experience with either of these two ? thanks!
  12. Hi, Could someone please explain to me what the short disconnector does, quicker trigger reset I would assume? What one/s seem to be the most popular? thanks Squirrel
  13. Im in the 929 camp, I ran a Ruger GP100 MC for a few years, and while it was good its not better then a 929. (I know its a 6 vs 8 ). As for accuracy I would say they are on par with one another, however the 929 does prefer at least in my case a .357/.358 bullet. It will shoot .356 okay just not tack driving. I have good results with my 929 running some 160/ 170g bullets in them.
  14. Hi, I have shot 22 steel a few times with my 10/22 but am looking to improve upon it. What do you recommend for a beginner / novice stock for a 10/22? thumb hole or pistol grip something else? thanks Squirrel
  15. I will do so and let you guys know what he says thanks!
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