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  1. thanks for the reply Kite, I wish I had a gunsmith that was around me that was capable of this, so far iv had very poor luck on that front.
  2. Thanks ZZT, that is what I was looking for. In your opinion is either option better then the other? Just a note my current load is a 142PF, perhaps im not going a bad path that way either. thanks for the help Squirrel
  3. I have just started messing around with steel challenge open class. Currently using my Czechmate and running 9-10grs or #7 with a 100g bullet. I was wondering if it would be better to change out the comp for the limited muzzle weight, and run say 3 or 4gs of some fast powder? Hope that makes sense. thanks Squirrel
  4. aanda, Did you drills these straight or some angle to them? thanks for the help Squirrel
  5. kitestir, Did you do the drilling yourself? I have a friend that was an engineer for 3M and has a number of milling machines is this something that a person of reasonable skills could accomplish? thanks Squirrel
  6. I have run up in 175-180 with my Czechmate with no issues that I can see. Since then i have backed it down a bit due to a powder and load change. I would not hesitate to run those in my own knowing that I have the appropriate recoil spring.
  7. Is there a laser trainer that can be used with a timer of any sort? Looking for a way to measure draw time. thanks Squirrel
  8. Im in this camp as well. I ran 145s\147's for a number of years but switched to 115s last year. Im really liking them now
  9. Thanks, great videos as well. Do you think any gunsmith could do this ?
  10. Looking thought the archives I see I few people using Engravers to clean lead build up in the comp. I am curious if anyone has used these tools to mechanically remove buildup over chemicals. thanks Squirrel
  11. Ill be interested in what you find out here, I picked up some Win #41 myself hoping to use them in my S2 and Czechmate. I thought they would be the same as a SRP
  12. Thanks! that looks like a good option
  13. What is the recommended thumb rest for a S2. Looking for something similar to my Czechmate factory one. thanks Squirrel
  14. I run 6.5g w a RN. Yielding 850' out of a 5". SD was around 10. Spread of 23'
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