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  1. I think you are missintupting, I did not buy anything. I'm looking for people's experiences with them. I just picked up a target and looked at it. Im looking for a comparison between the two models. Thanks
  2. Yes, those are the models I am referring to. Would like to know if anyone has any experience with them. Thanks
  3. Does anyone use a 10/22 target, the one with the altamount stock and fluted barrel? thanks Squirrel
  4. Hi Again Everyone, I was at my LGS and they had a used 10/22 Target 31153 I picked it up seemed to balance well and feel good. I currently used a 1985 10/22 Micky Moused together for steel challenge so I was curious. I went back home and looked at the Ruger site and it says weight 5lb, then I looked at the Target Lite 21186 and its also at 5lbs? I know the barrels and stocks are different but is the wight really the same? thanks Squirrel
  5. Makes sense, I have a V Comp and 929 that are 8 shooters, just the weight is killer. Feels like swinging a hammer out in front of me. I use the V Comp for a heavy pin gun great for that and the 929 for limited ICORE. Really would like to try steel challange with an open revolver, just something that is not nearing 50oz. This is why I was thinking of the trr8, and using specials or shorts, maybe im going down the wrong rabbit hole here. thanks Squirrel
  6. I know this is a " it's your choice" but is it real critical to have an 8 shot ? Also would anyone have any experience with the trr8, reading posts they seem to have some longevity issues? Or would this be under full mag loads Thanks!
  7. Hi Everyone, Thinking about a 627 2 5/8" barrel. Or a TRR8. This would be just used for steel challenge only, 38short or 38spl. Would like to try something lighter I think. What do you guys think Thanks Squirrel
  8. I dont run CO but do run a SII and in my findings are is that it will print well with 115s,124s,135s and 147's. currently in-between the 124 and 135.
  9. Good to know Regor, thanks for the heads. Would full length grips work with them then?
  10. Awesome, thank you George for posting that picture. Do you think the larger well has any interference with your grip ?
  11. Thanks George, you always have sound advice
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