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  1. Yes, 10+1. I don't know why it's so hard to find, but it is. The carry optics rules are pretty much ESP with a dot.
  2. It's hurting my participation. I had to withdraw from a match last Saturday to conserve ammo for the state match later this month. Luckily, my big bullet order shipped today, so maybe I can get busy with the Dillon and lay in a stockpile.
  3. My first match, last October. Sorry I waited so long to try it. Smith, PLimited - U 8 Overall 1 Division # % Pts Time % psbl A B
  4. Yes, but because of some malevolent voodoo in the new design none of my friends who tried could drop the slide with the right side release. I can drop it with my left index finger on the left side release, if I hear down very hard. Dead slow, though. Pretty disappointing for us lefties. My son thinks it will loosen up with use. I hope he's right.
  5. An Sti Guardian in .45, now shoot an Sti Ranger II in 9mm.
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