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  1. We went with the CR Speed hangers like Pat Jones showed and Speed Beez holsters. Jeanice will have a complete holster setup for the 627 and 929. Its nice to dial the holster in to exactly where you want it.
  2. With the Speed Beez holster, do you mount it to the holster attachment directly? Or can you use the drop offset legally in USPSA.
  3. The one is a 5" 627 with a titanium cylinder, and the other, a 929 hacked off, but leaving the original sight.
  4. If you shoot a 929 in USPSA at about 132pf, then this ammo will "should" make power factor in your new 686 while shooting Icore Limited 6. I have a 586-7 that I converted to 6 shot and had TK moonclip and ream out to 9mm. Don't be surprised if the ammo from a 929 drops almost 8-10 power factor in the 686, but with the lower power factor level in Icore....it makes power factor. Because of shooting a 627 before the 929's came out, I have a 100 TK moonclips for the 627 and all my Starline Colt Short brass. I continued using the Colt Short brass all these years in my 929 and use the same
  5. I loaded 1.65 to 1.7grs of WST with a Speer 98gr HBWC in a Remington 32 S&W Long case. That was for a Hammerli 280. It was around 720-730 fps and was fine for the Hammerli. That's about as fast as I would go for that pistol. Cuts a clean, perfect hole.
  6. On a 929, there's a larger space inside the frame where the barrel meets the shorter 9mm cylinder. The small space between the barrel forcing cone area and the top of the frame gets packed up with lead. Its manageable on two of my 929's, but my 929 will actually spit crap out the right side of the gun at the end of some matches. You can see where pieces break off. Also at the last match that was 90+ degrees and 220 rounds, the cylinder was hard to open and close on the last stage. Cleaning out the crap made it work good again. What's the best way to clean this area completely? I use a sin
  7. Flip the target over and shoot at a blank square. Eliminating that black dot will be one thing less to think about! Bet you shoot better.
  8. My cylinder change for my 586-7 from 7 shot to 6 shot took a little over 6 months at S&W. It also got a barrel replacement. It took them 3 months to tell me how much it would cost! They did do a fabulous job, but the wait was brutal.
  9. I've been using TK moonclips for Starline brass and Starline Colt Short brass for years. I had a lot of Starline brass and 100TK moonclips from shooting a 627 8 shot gun. I continue to shoot Colt Short in my 929's and a recent 586 that was converted to 9mm by TK Custom. Never a problem. My wife bought a used 929 with 50 TK .040 9mm moonclips, so she shoots 9mm in her 929. What are the pluses and minuses? 1...Starline Colt short accepts a .358" bullet nicer. 2...Starline Colt short brass snaps into the moonclip nicer. 3...The case bulge as mentioned above is noted as oc
  10. Yes, the 929 cylinder. Remember the 929 cylinder is slightly shorter than the standard .357" size.
  11. If you pull the cylinder out of a 929 and a 627 5" PC, and weigh them......the 929 cylinder will weigh exactly 4 ounces less. Back when we were shooting 6 shot major, the 5" 625 was the gun to have. But at the end of that era I shot a match, and the better shooters in my squad had 625's with 6"-6.5" Model 25 barrels and titanium cylinders. When we went to 8 shot major and got 627's with 5" barrels, those shooters got 627 Pro's, put on 6"-6.5" Model 27-28 barrels and titanium cylinders. The 929 gives the shooter a great starting setup. Still a lot of shooters like the style of t
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