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  1. Yes, the 929 cylinder. Remember the 929 cylinder is slightly shorter than the standard .357" size.
  2. If you pull the cylinder out of a 929 and a 627 5" PC, and weigh them......the 929 cylinder will weigh exactly 4 ounces less. Back when we were shooting 6 shot major, the 5" 625 was the gun to have. But at the end of that era I shot a match, and the better shooters in my squad had 625's with 6"-6.5" Model 25 barrels and titanium cylinders. When we went to 8 shot major and got 627's with 5" barrels, those shooters got 627 Pro's, put on 6"-6.5" Model 27-28 barrels and titanium cylinders. The 929 gives the shooter a great starting setup. Still a lot of shooters like the style of the 627 series.
  3. Ignatz

    Holster questions - rule 5.4

    And after the "make ready" command, an unloaded gun dropped is a DQ.
  4. Ignatz

    929 cylinder reaming/honing question

    My 929 shoots the same way. A one hole group of 5, with 3 on the outer edge. At 25 yards its under 2"s, so its good to go. On mine, I feel the throats in the cylinder are not perfect, causing the problem. Mine originally was shooting 4" groups at 25 yards with the same bullet pattern. 5 close and 3 fliers. A crown cut and forcing cone cut brought the group size down dramatically, but still has the 5 in tight and 3 just outside. But with a total group size under 2" at 25 yards, I'm happy.
  5. Ignatz

    38 Short Colt in a 929 question

    I shoot Colt Shorts thru mine with zero misfires with moon clips. Without moon clips, it will misfire. Not sure why, just saying my 929 needs moon clips.
  6. Ignatz

    PF between two 929's

    Thanks everyone.
  7. Ignatz

    PF between two 929's

    I bought it used like that, and the guy I bought it from, bought it used like that.
  8. Ignatz

    PF between two 929's

    I'm having a little trouble posting pictures, but the slower gun had around 1/2" cut off the front of the barrel.
  9. Ignatz

    PF between two 929's

    I got another 929 for my wife, and taking both guns to the range for chrono......they are 4-5 PF off from each other. Mine is the 929 with the end cap removed, and hers had the front trimmed down and re-crowned. The trimmed down one is the slower gun. They are both accurate with .358 bullets, but is this sorta normal between revolvers? Also the slower gun has a 6 thou. space between the barrel and cylinder, and mine is around 9 thou.
  10. Ignatz

    IDPA with the 454 Casull

    That's got to be an expensive match feeding a 500 S&W!!!
  11. Ignatz

    Great ICORE match at Rio Salado today

    Great Picture!
  12. Ignatz

    Anyone double seat your primers?

    For my 625, I size and de-prime cases in large amounts on my RockChucker........then prime them in a Lee hand loader.......then load them in my Dillon 550 skipping the first position. My 627 and 929 never needed that extra step. The 45 was a little more sensitive to a light hit. I shot the 625 last year.....but will start shooting the 929 this year.
  13. Ignatz

    Just got my 929. Initial issues...what to do?

    I had a cylinder that was not locking in while cycling the gun slow. It locked in while pulling the trigger fast. After about 100-200 rounds, its fine. Mine needed the crown cut, and the forcing cone cut for improved accuracy.
  14. Do you use "blue" Loctite on the mount screws, or just tighten them up?