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  1. First I am not that a great USPSA/IDPA/3 gun comptitor, but I do pass the straight face test. I shoot real slow and I achieve pretty good accuarcy. I shoot real fast and I have terrible accuracy. both seem to result in bad scores. I can never seem to find a balence. But you know what I have a great time as long as I stick to local matches. After a particuarly bad match I decided to drown my sorrow in some really good chinese food and mai tais. It worked. However at the end I opened the fortune cookie and it said and I am not emblishing "a balance between speed and accuracy results
  2. I have have not been to as many pistol matches as I hope this summer but having made Mr. Memphis's shim adjustment I have almost eliminated the light strikes. But I still get some. When this thread started there was no primer shortages. I have been up here in New England stocking up on small pistol primers and have bought anything available (CCI, WIn, Federal) when I go back to NC to reload I will sort by primer. I was using wins.
  3. I am amazed after 5 years reloading how many self induced "fu&k ups I initiate. I have to learned to laugh or cry at my foibles. The last one was a good one. Since I have no one to share it with that would understand the humor of this incident I thought I would share it here so I can be laughed at and justifiably ridiculed. I had a bunch of 223 rounds that did not pass my match OC test. I decided I wanted to recover the powder and bullets so I started going the pain in the ass bullet puller hammer chore (which I hate doing). I'm in my garage. I have one of those sealed grey floors that ha
  4. For 9mm I wet tumble with primers in. then dry. I then spray a small amount of Dillon or One Shot case lube on the cartridges then reload. After all the finished loads are checked I dry tumble for about 30 min with 2/3 walnut and 1/3 corn with 2 to 3 TBS of alcohol (I do not add any thing else to the dry media and I keep this media separate form other dry media). I don't really need this last step sometimes I do it sometimes I don't. I just like the way the rounds look and feel with last dry tumble step.
  5. I have a Tanfoglio Limited Elite in 9mm. Its a sweet gun but I have reliability problems with my reloads. I use 147 gr Bayou FN or 124 gr Berry FMJRN. My OAL on both is 1.15. Generally I have no feed problems but at least 1 or 2 times a match there is a failure to feed (I think due to the mag not the chamber) as well as light strikes. I think I solved the light strikes with MM's shim idea under the primer cam. How about these mags? Amy thoughts? thanks
  6. Thanks for your in depth reply, your "spring back theory" has a lot of merit. I shot over 100 rounds today in a 3 gun match with my AR-15 with all reloads. I checked 200 rounds with the JP gauge last night. All of them passed the drop test with the JP gauge except 3. I had no problems at the match. Great accuracy at 100 yards shooting freehand. I believe the issue is due to either spring back or short stroking during resizing on my 650 (or both). I use a Dillon 223/5.56 resizing die which is supposed to be a full length die. Thanks for the info on the differences in the case check gauges. Its
  7. Guy thanks for your response.One thing you may have not understood from my post is the Wylde Case Gauge (JP-Rifles red) did not accept the cartridge, the Dillon gauge did. I did re-chamber the cartridge again and it would not seat. From the marks on it it looks like it is hung up about 3/4 up the cartridge or 1/4 below the case rim. Later today I will blacken it and see exactly where it is hanging up and caliper the diameter. One of the reasons I use the Dillon resizing die is that it is supposed to resize the entire cartridge (at least that is what I was told). I guess I will con
  8. I had my loading confidence shaken today at the range (not a new experience). For the first time in years I had a reloaded .223 round failure to go into battery on my JP AR-15. I can deal with light primer strikes and crimping issues and solve them but I am at a loss on this failure. The attached picture (for those of you that like pictures) shows the red JP Rifles Case gauge on the right and the Dillon Gauge on the left (of the offending round). I checked the OAL on the round at it was 2.243 vs a goal of 2.24. The offending round checked out in the Dillon case gauge but would not
  9. I have been reloading 223 for about 5 years first on a 550 now on a 650. I have been thru so many iterations of this issue, the only thing I can tell you is depending on your press and your shooting goals you may do it different ways. I shoot 223 in local 3 gun matches here in NC. The longest shot is about 250 yards and that is rare. Most of the 223 shots are less than 100 yards and even less than 50 yards. In fact I am thinking about getting a 9 mm PCC to shot these matches with. But I love my JP 223. So given my goals I do not need super accuracy out to 300 yards or greater. So this is what
  10. That shim has to be real thin to get the back screw in the that washer shim has to be real thin to get the back screw in the mount if you look very closely you can see the angle on the top of the mount. The washer looks large in the picture. I had to hunt in my shop for awhile before I found the right one.
  11. thanks I'll have to give them a try. I've been running 147 gr FN Bayou's for years and would like to try something different. So you really notice a difference between 120 and 124 grn Bayous? Ever try the 147?
  12. I saw this post from 2018. I am running a 9mm Tanfaglio Limited I reload Bayou flat nose 147 gr, for a low power factor of around 130 to 140. I tired some factory 124 grn federal RN today and I was surprised by their accuracy and crispness. What is your experiece with the Bayou 124 RN. I also use Tite Group and 231. thanks
  13. I have used Bayou 147 gr flat nose for years. Never any problem with fouling. Talk to the new owner and ordered another batch of 1000 they are backup 3 weeks. Nice guy. At range today happened to use some factor federal 124 gr 9mm round nose. I was quite surprised at the accuracy and crispness. Considering ordering some 124 Bayous. Any thoughts. FMJ bullets more accurate than coated? thoughts? thnx
  14. Got to resurrect this thread. I have been out of the reloading/shooting game for a couple of years. Moved to NC. Got into the game again, built a new reloading bench, set up my Dillion 650 loaded a bunch of 223 everything went reasonably well. Got out my relatively unused Tanfoglio Limited Elite 9 mm and shot a couple of USPSA matches with it. I used my old "match reloads" everything went great. No light strikes in over 500 rounds. Love that gun. So I decide to reload some new ammo using the same formulas as before, went to range today light strikes 1/10 what a mess. Glad it was not a match. I
  15. I tried the paper clip method and it helped a little bit. But primers still all over the place. Upgraded to a 650 problem eliminated much better spent primer capture system
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