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  1. C-More arrived more quickly than expect ... it came with the tactical spacers, so I will need to pickup some shorter screws to remove that from the equation (guessing 10-32 x 5/8).
  2. I cycled around various color and MOA options on Amazon and noticed that price kept on changing a little for the same combo. Ended up with a 6 MOA, click switch in blue, for $170 (it fluctuated all the way to $200 for the same color / MOA combo).... Going to put it on my sons 22/45 (in place of a Burris), for his mom to try out a Steel Match or two. --- note I now see that they swapped SlideRide for Railway, so I cancelled the one below, and got the Railway for $25 more.
  3. aalbert

    Romeo 1 Pro

    Can you use the Springer plate for DPP on the original X5, and then mount a Romeo 1 Pro ? If so, anything one needs to do, to make it work properly?
  4. Disheartening to see them phase out the competition end of their company (which is where their roots were at -- I was there in early 90s shooting the same bays and matches in Austin, that that would). One can only hope that they circle around, and come up with a winner (maybe that Tactical Timmy money will give them the $$ to R&D a Racing Roger Gun) ... In the meantime, I guess I will continue my search for an old Steel Master as a range toy.
  5. Yes indeed ... I thought I had looked there, but I guess not hard enough - https://atlantaarms.com/products/products-40-s-w-180gr-jfp-minor-html/?sku=S40180JFPMBX
  6. I have an early STI Eagle built as an Edge at the factory - that I have had for many years... I have been out of competition shooting for 23yrs, but have recently gotten my 14yr old into shooting steel matches... With that in mind I thought about going out and shooting with him using my STI, but wanted to see if which 40 cal ammo was the softest shooting / lowest PF, so I don't put myself at a real disadvantage... Any suggestions? I currently use S&B 180s.
  7. Anybody know who makes custom or oversize big & tall belts ? All of the ones I see online max out at 52" which isn't quite enough ... I know Hanks Belts makes anything you want, but they aren't inner / outer belt setups. Any suggestions?
  8. Powder technologies are another area that will be affecting the sport (and military applications)... Also having been in the sport years ago, out of it, and back on the periphery now a lot of "innovation" is marketing -- guns are too durable to wear out in 3yrs, but if the latest port design, in conjunction with grip fad can drive sales, then manufacturers will take advantage of that and sell new product.
  9. aalbert

    P320 X5 Thread

    Hadn't seen it covered, but at the NRA Annual Meeting my brother took this shot. They say the new x5 will not be available in black, just the new color scheme. It does still have the lightening cuts on the top.
  10. This 45 was started when I was in high school in the late 80s and represents a blend of 1987-1994 or so tech, and has basically sat in my safe since then, not fully finished (barrel lockup needs a little tweaking) - plan on having that addressed in the coming weeks. Caspian frame, Wilson barrel, Clark comp, military slide (aftermarket slides weren't as plentiful back then), Videki trigger, S&A magwell. It ended up being a mix of Lance Burrows and Alan Tillman who did the work (though I did the trigger work and beavertail). I ended up picking up a Grieder Custom Series 70 a year or so after I started this project, which is part of the reason that it got shelved (Grieder was fun to shoot, and very accurate - it was more of a bowling pin gun though - no comp, just a muzzle weight, coned barrel, stippled frame, and flared magwell) ... When I finally got into shooting competitively 38 Super was the go to for the big boys (along with Tasco dots), and I opted to stay in Limited (with a Springfield Armory 1911, and later STI 2011 when they first came out).
  11. Ok... Scratch that one from the list. Thanks.
  12. Doesn't necessarily have to be $8 a box, hell I would go with $11-13... This is for my almost 14yr old son to use in practice and when competing in matches (shooting against a lot of guys who are using creampuff 38 special loads) ... In addition to centerfire pistol he also shoots Olympic style smallbore, so you can imagine my monthly outlay on ammo is pretty high... I have all of the equipment to reload, but it is on loan to somebody else, as I really don't have the space to dedicate a full table just to . reloading. I did order 1000rds of Federal Ultra Target and Range - hopefully it is a little softer... Been using Winchester Forged, Federal Bulk, and Magtech till now.
  13. Local club hosts a PPC style match, with no real power factor on targets that range from 7yds to 50yds .. Due to having no space to reload (live in an apartment) I am looking for an affordable off the shelf ammo to use for these matches in a P320 X5 (with Springer rod, so I can adjust the spring as needed).. What has a light recoil pulse, relatively accurate, and yet still affordable (i.e. not Precision Delta or Atlanta @ $25+ a box of 50)? Thanks.
  14. aalbert

    P320 X5 Thread

    A link would be helpful, if you wish to relink to your posts somewhere else.
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