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  1. aalbert

    P320 X5 Coming out with New Sights ?

    I am new to the X5 game, but from all of my research late summer of 2017 SIG changed from the Stainless barrel to the black barrel, shortly thereafter they also announced the volunteer trigger upgrade program... So in my mind, the gen 1.5 cutoff is marked by that - when they transitioned from the stainless to black and resolved the trigger issues.
  2. Ordered two 17rd magazines for my son's P320 X5 from CDNN for $30 each .. Was surprised to see that they sent 2 SIG holsters (1 per mag) on the house with the order. On the downside they mags won't fit the X5 with the maxwell on (looks like they would need the sides and front trimmed) - I have ordered a couple Taran base pads to swap out on it (which cost just as much as the mag) - see how those go.
  3. aalbert

    P320 X5 Coming out with New Sights ?

    $610 had to be a mistake or backed by some serious need for cash, or a hell of an incentive plan from their distributor.
  4. aalbert

    P320 X5 Coming out with New Sights ?

    Received this today (via RSR to my dealer) .... Born on date late October 2018, so it looks to be one of the last generation 1.5 guns.
  5. aalbert

    P320 X5 Coming out with New Sights ?

    Yeah the RSR rep asked if we wanted to wait... but XMAS precluded that. Don't know if Wholesale pricing also dropped, or just street pricing to reduce inventories.
  6. aalbert

    320 X5 magwell

    There are some on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Sig-P320-X5-Magwell-Funnel-And-Grip-Weight-Factory-Sig-Sauer-Genuine-Product-/142935863021
  7. aalbert

    P320 X5 Thread

    Cool.. Serviceability would then seem to make it worth the extra $10 (along with color choices).
  8. aalbert

    P320 X5 Thread

    Any benefit of the Taran vs. Springer vs others out there ?
  9. From my previous research it happened the middle of last year... Reason given was that the stainless barrels were showing wear scratches, etc, and that black finish retained lubrication better.... Who knows - seems that the new barrels are probably more cost effective to produce.
  10. aalbert

    STI Staccato

    When they brought Dave in back in the mid 90s (the first time), it helped a lot.
  11. aalbert

    P320 X5 Coming out with New Sights ?

    That kinda makes sense ... Oh well, he'll be using iron sights for a while anyway.
  12. aalbert

    New Forum Member - Old School Shooter

    Thanks, it was fun to reflect back - glad you enjoyed it.
  13. Started shooting USPSA in the 90s, in Austin, TX... For the first year or so, I just shot, and didn't bother to become a USPSA member to get classified... Around 1995 I became a member (member number under 30,000), and also did my NROI class. It was a great time to get into IPSC / USPSA style shooting, and I happened to be in a great place to do it.. The 2011 was just taking off, and our club members included folks like Sheryl & Virgil Tripp, Dave Skinner (who bought STI from the Tripps), Dave Dawson, Benny Hill, and a long list of other "guest" shooters who happened to come to town to visit STI.. Prototypes and concept guns would make it out to the range, and we would hear the inside dirt whether at the range, or when eating cheap Tex-Mex food afterwards. My brother and I were impressed with the concept, so he bought a 2011 Eagle, which we shared at matches (I had been using a Springfield Armory 1911 up till then) - shortly after buying it, the 10rd magazine ban hit -- we called in all our favors, and were each able to secure enough mags to get us by (8-10 each), and even bought some of the EDM 10rd pre-fragmented magazines to use for practice. From a shooting standpoint, folks were evolving from a weaver type stance to a more heads on approach, and the whole concept of gaming was taking off..... 3 gun was faltering, even with folks like Benny Hill coming in every month for our matches, we couldn't ever get a solid interest going - fast forward to today, and wow has that changed. I left the Austin area in 1996 to come to Miami, and work kept me from competing, but I still had the itch and bought a STI Edge when they first came out (actually did a custom order with a custom serial number for an Eagle, but they talked me into an Edge and let me keep the custom serial) - also bought a couple Benelli M1s, and a SR25 for 3 gun -- but never got back into the sport.... They haven't gathered dust though, as I still enjoy taking them out to plink and have fun. 2018 comes, and my son is now 13, going on 14yrs old... He has been trying his hand at Olympic style 3 Position Smallbore with an Anschutz rifle for the last few years (practices 3 times a month), and goes to one machine-gun shoot a month ( sturmgewehr.com / biggerhammer.net / machinegunboards.com belong to our family ). My son has been enjoying shooting 22 for the 3 Position and on plinking days, but I can see he really wants to try out my STI , 1911, Glocks etc -- so recently we did, and he seemed to be able to handle 9mm well.... Thus our search for a pistol for him began, and he really liked the SIG P320 X5 -- so that will be waiting for him under the XMAS tree this year... Which brings me back to here. Being gone from the game for so long, I am now having to immerse myself into what has changed (boy there are a lot of classes to compete in now - never mind IDPA having blown up on the scene so much).... My Hellwig and Ernie Hill holsters are now antique, and both have exited the market... Kydex reigns supreme, and leather is now a thing of the past, and there now seem to be multiple standards for mounting, and more rules to wade through than before... So now I am here to digest what is what in the accessories game, and pick up a few things for my son to have some basic gear --- I plan on just having him work with the gun on our MG range days, and if takes a liking to it, will let him compete now and then (but the Smallbore takes priority when it comes to competition). Cheers..
  14. aalbert

    P320 X5 Coming out with New Sights ?

    Ordered a P320 X5 the other day, and the distributor told the dealer that a new version was coming out early next year with new sights, and would we like to wait for it... Since it is a XMAS gift for my 13 (going on 14yr) old son, I didn't want to wait - but it has me curious does anybody know what the change is? I used to shoot with Dawson (and Sheryl/Virgil Tripp, Dave Skinner, Benny Hill, etc) at club level when I lived in Austin in the early 90s, so I am honestly fine with anything from Dawson from a personal/historical standpoint (though after reading threads here I have already purchased a .205x.90 front sight to replace the factory unit with, since by all accounts it is too tall) - but as always am interested in what I passed up on. PS based on what I have read here, I have also already ordered a Springer guide rod and 13/14 lbs springs to replace the factory units, as I want to make this as creampuff and possible for him.