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  1. The TSO is supposed to be hand fitted frame to slide but I’ve seen reports of loose and tight slides, probably depends on who is doing it. My Checkmate was very tight but a good cleaning, lube and 200rnds got it smooth. As stated, you can easily hand lap it to smooth it out but do it a little at a time cleaning all the residue out each time, relube and test. It is easy to go farther than required to smooth it out. Your in a better place starting with it tight than too loose to start with…
  2. Long hand / Fingers.. . Long flat is really what works best for me.
  3. I rented my kit from here to correct my 929 forcing cone.. https://4drentals.com/products/precnecknthrt/
  4. This gets brought up quite often. Here is a thread from 2020 that may give you some help,deciding.
  5. Are you ready financially to make the switch but not have to skimp on the gear? Big picture as noted is buying the new gear as well as the expense of the manufactured ammo or the change in reloading supplies (ex. 9mm to .40). If your already running .40 but loading to minor, not a big decision.. Load to major and go. If 9mm to .40, be prepared Spend some $$$….
  6. If your looking for something a little less $$ with great quality take a look at FTP. Same mount config as the CMORE/SIG models. Nice dot with nice quality glass, large window.
  7. When developing your load it is best to start a little low on your load ( Not minor ) and work up to your PF needs. I usually run 10rnd increments thru the chrono at various powder drops once I have set my OAL. Ex: 10 @ 4.5gr, 10 @ 4.6gr, etc. There is a ton of data in the reload section that will get you close using what you have posted for Bullet, powder, OAL.. Where are you in N.H.? If you want to travel there is a match in VT. This weekend, good weather match time is getting short
  8. Do some searches in the revolver forum and I think you will find some better options with WAY shorter turn around times.
  9. Maybe try a 15ld mainspring just to test your theory? Really seems unlikely that the frame would flex enough to bind like that but maybe it is fitted so tight to the rails it only takes a slight amount. The 6” limited gun I did had similar issues and I had to use a shot weighted mallet to cycle off the rear rails initially until it broke in. Still the tightest gun I own though!
  10. Precision Delta shows several versions of 9mm in stock right now for 2K quantities…
  11. All of the above!! Not sure where you shoot but it’s a pretty good bet that if you indicate to someone your a new shooter, it’s highly likely someone will step out to help you get thru the day. If you can, see if at least for the first stage you can be placed near the bottom of the list and pay attention to every shooter before you to insure you have a good grasp on the stage. Don’t worry about how someone else shoots the stage, worry about how you can shoot it to fit your comfort level. Your nerves will will get the best of you when that buzzer goes off so make it as easy on yourself as possible. Above all, know what it takes to be safe!! As an anecdote, my first ever stage ever was a classifier with Freehand, strong hand, weak hand, and reloads as well as Virginia count. When I was done the R.O. Looked at me and said, “I’m not sure how to even score that mess” . We both had a good laugh and the rest of the day went much better and today, many from that squad are my monthly shooting buddies now! The point is, make friends have fun and don't let the experience overwhelm…
  12. Question has to be asked, why the trigger finger in so deep? Arthritis or hand damage? It is near impossible to pull the trigger straight back when that deep with a good solid grip without pulling the muzzle low left (if you right handed. Consistent trigger pull would be difficult also as if your grip changes at all shot to shot it is going to really affect that joint. Anyone who has shot for any length of time should be able to watch you shoot off hand and tell you what your muzzle is doing when you pull the trigger..
  13. Also using a Lee U-die and a Lee FCD.
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