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  1. WoW!!! That is an expensive way to make a cutaway model of a damn nice gun... $1600 plus a pair of shorts... Again, WOW!!
  2. I made one like the Dillon offering using same scale. All in, cost me <$20.00
  3. Last I checked cylinder is only available from S&W.. When mine went in for a replace the it took 8 months, good luck....
  4. Make sure your trigger is moving far enough forward to reseat fully. This was my issue when I was trying to get out as much pre-travel as possible.
  5. BBB shows them as closed & out of business with 3 complaints filed with them this year failing to respond to communication....
  6. Not seeing the review on either of your posts... Anybody else or am I having an IOS issue??
  7. I’ve had Solomon’s and was not happy with the fit at all but agree they are better quality..
  8. Ran into similar issue. Ended up 1 full size larger. Also agree on the width issue, while I find they are wider than Solomon’s Still not able to get EE sizes. I can manage about 5 hrs for a match...
  9. Some local ranges do mandate a slide / cylinder be open if left. Was this mandated at a local match?
  10. I enjoyed watching this young man’s videos On you tube & Facebook but noted last year they stopped and his pages are no longer updated. Anyone know if he got out of shooting competitions?
  11. You probably will see little to no difference. Bigger question is, are these the same profile bullet from the same manufacturer? If not, that could be an additional factor and added together may show a larger change... ,
  12. I doubt you will find a Drop In grip safety, some fitting/finish work will be required.
  13. Local would be the best bet (as in you’ll probably have to travel around).. Anybody online having them would be quickly picked up by those who Would then try to get $2 a primer on other sights!
  14. I had a pair of glasses made that have progressive lenses. Had the correction moved up more to center line so I can keep my head down. Slight move of the head and you get the focus you want at will. Now allows me to shoot open sights or a Dot with same glasses...
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