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  1. I use blue loctite on both as well as mark their positions with a dot of paint for reference..
  2. There are several who manufacture a mount already modified for the Sig Romeo 3 XL.. This mount provides enough relief for the FTP.
  3. That question could start a huge debate.... I went for the “Look” I wanted!!
  4. Believe it or not, no machine work here. The “nub” was removed with a quality hack saw blade. Files then used to get the contour flat/shaped as I wanted. 11 degree piloted crown cutter was used to get the muzzle crown down. Filling the threaded hole was a little trickier. Enlarged opening slightly to approx. size of stainless socket head bolt supplied with comp(1/8” deep). Threaded in with lock tite and then filed to match contour. Finished with scotch brite to desired finish. In all, 2 hrs work... My original crown was of less than desirable quality as many are so this work definitel
  5. I cut the nub off mine and recrowned, much easier to keep clean and a better look.
  6. Agreed, At full intensity they are both pretty much the same size... When you run the intensity down a bit the FTP is just a bit larger.. pic2 shows full intensity, pic 1 is down 2 clicks.
  7. If you want me to sit IN a chair instead of ON a chair you need to define that in the wsb. As to if it matters, I have long arms so I’m going to place my butt ON the chair where it is going to give me the best advantage to reach the gun.
  8. NoSteel

    S&W 929

    This.... If you want a open style holster, I have had great luck with the Guga Ribas revo holster. Lightweight and all kinds of adjustability..
  9. While they may not seem to be that much less $ I think the quality / demand is high enough to justify the cost. Compare $ to a Sig MAX, you will find it much less.
  10. With the above photo as reference if your going that far why not go all the way?. Cut and blends to marks shown..
  11. If I were to try it I would probably tumble the rounds well and oil wipe before attempting. If they still stuck, no more use..
  12. Perfect timing, order placed!!
  13. Something allot of people fail to realize (I deal with it almost daily now) is that many manufacturers have select or “trusted” suppliers in order to meet any stringent standards they have. This is to insure they can provide a quality product to their customers without allot of internal QC, expense, etc. added. So with Dillon as our example, they have been known to have excellent customer service and I’m sure they don’t want to be replacing parts frequently under warranty because of supplier issues. Now comes today’s environment, should Dillon toss that out and provide inferior parts by go
  14. North mountain posts with a Guga Ribas holster with the barrel extension. Secure, Simple, and they work...
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