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  1. Why are you loading so short with a 124gr? Is your chamber really that short? Did you Chrono this load? Seems pretty short for that much powder..
  2. You will need to relieve the backside of the blast shield slightly. I used a mill, others have used a file or Dremel.
  3. Nice video. Just need to put primers out on the shelf and we’ll all help take some of the burden of making the ammo off your shoulders!!
  4. We have an 87 year old who keeps up with pasting and setting targets. Shoots Revolver major with most doubles covered by a damn quarter!! Everyone ribs him if he slips in a C/D hit!!
  5. Plain steel as it is the bluing.... The more polished the surface the more of a Plum or Violet color will show. May want to experiment a bit. The process does require evenly heating the surface... If you Google Plum brown finish you’ll get an idea of the color / finish ranges..
  6. I’ve replicated this finish, as on old muzzle loaders, on some replica’s I built. You can do the same using the Birchwood Casey Plum Brown barrel finish coating several times over to get a heavier Shenzhen and then steel woofing as desired. You can then oil down to protect.
  7. Looks like a worn Plum Brown Barrel finish? May not be but it sure looks close....
  8. MG’s are $20 more per 1k rounds. The demand has driven up raw material cost significantly so there was no way prices weren’t going to increase..
  9. If your going to shoot allot don’t even think about a single stage press. I started with a Dillon 550 which is a great press that requires you to be more involved in the process manually loading the cases & Bullets as well as manually rotating turret. I now run a Dillon 650. So, back to your question. I would just start with the 650 (750 now) and be done with it....
  10. There is absolutely no way to get into karting that is not gear heavy, $$ draining, time consuming!! It is an extremely competitive hobby.. Sure, you may want to start out simple but every race drives you harder!!! It would definitely fill your needs but be prepared.... I spent many hours preparing all week for the weekend and the UPS guy could get to my home with his eyes closed.!!!
  11. I only run coated lead for this reason.. On both plated and jacketed I saw bullet creep and was unwilling to crimp further. I now Bayou 160gr .358 using FCD and see no bullet movement..
  12. .055” ? I drilled mine out a bit larger to use a more common pin size.
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