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  1. Install screws with Red loctie, mill heads off flush and the drill / re-tap..
  2. Since you are stuck with minor / factory loads I would think sticking with 115gr would be you best bet as the extra powder will give your comp more gas to get it working.. Have you thought about going to a 2 port comp on current set up??
  3. For same $$ you could get something like CK Arms Open gun and be ahead in the support / reliability department and give up nothing at all in overall build quality.
  4. Will you take $250 shipped?

  5. You should end up ~ 4.8gr. Do some searching in the reloading section and you'll find a good starting point. You'll want to be sure you don't get any bullet set back obviously.. assuming your going to chrono load I would start at 4.6gr and work up from there.. Not gonna chrono, your on your own!!
  6. I'm going to assume your reloads are probably coke bottle shaped a bit? When I was loading for my Witness I used a U-die to get a bit undersized, cases were always overly distorted. Are you using a case lube?? Do you tumble the rounds after their done to get the residual lube off?? The factory stuff running fine should help lead you down the path to correct this...
  7. You could try stretching a current mag spring a bit and trying it.. If it initially runs ok then degrades that would confirm your spring theory..... Good luck with this one...
  8. I myself would not go back to the 90 deg mount after running a RTS2.. I have a ver4 which has been reliable. There is now a ver5 available that I have not seen allot of feedback on yet but is reported to have some fixes for previous issues..
  9. The pictures you added confirm what you suspected with bullet being dragged out of mag. The only time I ever saw this was before the Mecgar mags came out and I was using 10mm Witness mags for long .40.. Have you tried to run a mag full of factory ammo thru it? If those don't exhibit the fail and only the reloads do it is probably due to the coke bottling of the case. Be very interesting to have member KneelingAtlas provide input on this Topic....
  10. Have you checked to see if the mag feed lips have opened up a bit?? This would cause the rim to bit at a bit sharper angle and allow it to drag more on the round under it pulling it out slightly.
  11. +1 on the Federal.. With trigger work, Federal for sure...
  12. Yes, Winchester brass.. Powder = N320
  13. I'm glad to see the discussion continues.... When I started this topic I had just competed in a couple of Steel matches in Revolver Optics, it was a ton of fun.!! My hope was this being allowed in CO as mentioned but the 141 mag rule change pretty much would negate doing that now and being competitive.. As we see the deterioration towards lower cap magazines in many states ( Even in VT. the errosion has begun ) I think this topic will become more relevant again (especially for those of us with failing eyesight).... I'd rather run an 8 rnd optic mounted revolver than a 10rnd restricted Open Gun!!!
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