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  1. I'd like the option of an annual hard copy and any updates that happen thru the year I would just print from the web.. Also, believe it or not there are still members whom are not web savvy and are just being left out of the loop until other members can inform / print copies for them.. Just like this game we play, options are good.....
  2. NoSteel

    Precision Delta 124 OAL 9 Major

    Have you pulled a bullet to see what it looks like?? I also am .374/5 but get a little coke bottling because I use a U-die sizer.. As stated above, you can load up and run fine at the 1.145.. Just listing options for you...
  3. NoSteel

    Precision Delta 124 OAL 9 Major

    I run the same barrel at 1.155 with 124 PD HP and could easily go longer. I would finish ream it to get your OAL out to 1.16". It just gives you a little more leeway to taylor your load. I run 6.9gr WAC to make ~175pf, 2 popple holes... Just seeing your added pic.. Looks like you need more crimp?
  4. NoSteel

    Open Gun Pictures

    Nice work...!!! In that 1st stage did you receive penalties for shots out of FF zone or was the sound timing off in the video??
  5. There are times when I'm glad the wife doesn't want to learn to shoot... If they suddenly get the urge to learn, move out!! LOL...,
  6. NoSteel

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    I have a 650 with strong mount and roller handle (MBF & Casefeeder). I stand or sit but use this type of stool for both. It allows me to just lean onto it when standing and has good adjustability in height if sitting. When I hear the casefeeder spinning, searching for a case I add brass, when the MBF is going click,click,click instead of clunk, I add bullets.. Keep it simple...
  7. NoSteel

    First open gun for $2K?

    Not to rain on your parade here but you really don't want to work with a $2K budget for open.. Wait / Save another $1K and you'll be working with a much more realistic budget still for a used Open gun but something that is going to be much more serviceable / Reliable. This is important as shooting open with a gun you can't finish a stage with is not going to be an enjoyable experience for you....I get beat by better competitors all the time but, I still enjoy myself knowing it's my fault. Doing terribly because the equipment sucks, you just be forced to throw more money at it...
  8. NoSteel

    Large FART Funnel

    Drum funnel,. About $15.....
  9. NoSteel

    Atlas Trigger

    I have the first series Cheeley grip and my long flat trigger from Adam would not fit the slot (previous STI was fine). So you may still have some slight fitting to be done to get it the way you want. The adjustability is really nice!
  10. NoSteel

    140mm or 155mm mbx mags?

    I use my 140's and 155's interchangeably. If your plan is to only have one 170 mag though I would definatly have a 155 in the bag. If you start having issues with the 170 mag during a match starting just a few rounds down with a 155 will give you better options....
  11. NoSteel

    Grip screw fell out

    If you update your profile or post where your located / match your attending you would probably find someone willing to help if you don't locate a correct fastener....
  12. Why would the shooter even argue about a shot not being picked up? Since your score is based on the time at last shot if that was missed your time is now less and score better... Now the other competitors may start barking, but as the shooter wouldn't you just accept the time and walk away??
  13. NoSteel

    Burris Fast Fire 3 on a S&W 627

    Alchin mount works slick. Only downside I found with the ff3 is the small window.. Some draw & dry fire will help with finding the dot though.. I like the 8moa...
  14. NoSteel

    USPSA Revolver Optics Division

    When I started this thread the question was more because Steel challenge allows for revolver optics as its own division. When the Carry Optics question came up there was a 10 rnd limit there so it was a natural Segway.... I still think it would be sweet to have 2 disciplines in which to use an optic Revo but now that steel challenge is no longer an option in my area the Revo is back to open sights!! ps:. Glad to see we are still talking about this,. Means not everyone has sold off their revolvers yet!!
  15. For a couple of years I traveled from Vermont to N.Y. For a small level 1 local match where several friends also attend. I did follow states magazine rule, kept the pistol locked in my trunk in locked container,. Ammo in the passenger compartment (no loaded magazines) letter of invitation and only traveled to and from the event. I went a step farther and got an email of approval from the Sheriffs dept. of the 2 counties I traveled thru in N.Y. Based on Federal laws,. Good to go... Also,. The bulk of the events shooters were /are law enforcement officials in N.Y. And they are also well aware of the out of staters at match and agree to the above noted practice.. At the start of the 3rd season I planned to attend I received this response from the Sheriffs dept. to my email intending to travel for the match. Sheriffs name and barracks left out for privacy: "Mr. Fisher, I appreciate you reaching out to us regarding this inquiry. You are correct, NY is a permit only state in order to possess a pistol as defined by the NYS Penal Law. I know of no lawful way for you to transport/possess a pistol into/within NYS without you possessing a NYS pistol permit. Though I am unaware of the specifics, I understand that if this is a NRA sanctioned event then they have processes in place to assist you in the transport of a pistol. I wish I could have been of more help. Feel free to reach out with any further requests. " Long story short,. The interpretation of the State / Federal laws may be left up to a judge to decide if for some reason you are in the unfortunate position to be in front of an official who would prefer to not be in a position to make a decision on the spot. To me,. A local match with friends not worth the hassle involved if I run across a guy having a bad day when I'm changing a flat with a locked gun case in the trunk..... This type of confusion is one of many reasons why so many of us in Vermont are upset that our State has now become a "Restricted State" also...... P.S. There seems to be varying positions on whether a local level 1 USPSA event is actually NRA sanctioned.....