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  1. I was able to get my Open Gun FTP mounted and to the range this week. I had planned to use as a backup for my Sig Romeo 3 XL but now planning to leave on for my next match. Horizontally a little narrower but it gives up nothing else. The 8moa dot is very bright and extremely crisp except at the highest setting where there is a little flaring. The glass quality is excellent!! I wish the windage/ vertical adjustments had a little crisper click to them but we'll see if they hold zero before I call it a complaint. Excellent quality for the $$
  2. I just received my sight w/ 8moa dot. Actually a bit brighter than the video would have you believe. Very little distortion, nice round dot. At highest setting get some flaring but with my eyes that is the norm. Glass appears pretty clear w/ no distortion. Compared to the Romeo3 XL I've been using I find the adjustments a little bit simpler. Like the fact it's window is almost as tall albeit narrower. Previously had milled the Cheely mount for the XL so fitment was non issue. Range this weekend....
  3. M2 Inc.. https://www.ratchetingbuckles.com/
  4. You can use a cheap automotive brake cylinder hone to polish the inside of the tube to get it super smooth...
  5. Yes. About an hours work. File, stone, Crown cutter with pilot.. I milled the nub off but you can use hacksaw..
  6. This is what I did and is worth what you would pay for the cutter/pilot. When your done, just sell it online and you'll only be down a few bucks and you'll have a professional quality crown.
  7. The 929 Comp is useless in my opinion.. Used it a few times in steel challenge @ 130pf and it just pretty much just collected crud. Most 929 have been shown to have poor crowns. I think a recrowning and developing a load off a 160gr bullet will feel better to you and give better accuracy.. I went this route:
  8. Not sure your going to get a reply to a 5 year old post from a member who hasn't been active for the same 5 years....
  9. Are these going to be coated bullets? If so, as stated by others, be sure to bell enough to insure your not shaving the coating off. You will also note that you get a little more coke bottling of the case which should not cause you any issues..
  10. I believe most or all are 4-40 thread. I bought a bunch from McMaster Carr in 1/8” length for like $6 for 50.. Trick I use is to Red loctite one side in an let set up before installing. The other I use blue and it will always be the only one that loosens when you do pull apart. Recently turned my own that is the sleeve and head combined so now I only have one screw to worry about!!!
  11. NoSteel

    929 Brass

    I run nothing but Winchester brass / Federal primers in those clips with no issues at all. Eject fine also. What bullet profile / size you using, RN, .355, ..357?? The 160grRN Bayou .358 in Winchester brass just fall right into the cylinder!!
  12. I had done the same. 2 washers will take care of it..
  13. . not quite.. Little slight of hand!!
  14. I have a discolored used one and a new one. The new one seems to have issues with powder clinging to the sides due to static. The old one never does.. As long as I can see thru it I'll keep using the old one..
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