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  1. practical_man

    Source for MSA hearing protection

    Thanks Sarge. That’s very good to know.
  2. practical_man

    Source for MSA hearing protection

    Thanks Sarge! Did you end up buying a set? If so, do they perform as advertised?
  3. Looking to get a set of MSA SORDIN electronic muffs to replace dead Howard Leights. I would prefer to buy from a vendor that supports the shooting sports, rather than a random inter web advertiser. Looking for something like this: https://srstactical.com/msa-sordin-supreme-pro-neckband-hearing-protection-headset.html thanks -john
  4. practical_man

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    I owned a Beretta 391 for a while. That was before the A400 came out. Mine had a 26” barrel which worked well enough across the course. I just hated picking up hulls. Sold the gun for what I paid for it. A 30” barrel on a gas gun will be hard to get moving. The upside is that the longer barrel will help with follow through. I prefer shorter barrels on autoloaders and pump guns. The longer receiver in them makes a difference in how they handle. Recoil in a fixed breech is shotgun stout but not bad. A recoil reducer in the stock can help a lot, and balance out the barrels a bit. I have one and like it. Hard to go wrong with a Beretta shotgun
  5. practical_man

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    If it’s going to be your one and only, get the 12 gauge. You can get sub cal tubes for registered skeet (which is what most people do now.) Briley makes good tubes. if its its for the field, then 20 is more attractive only if the frame is smaller and lighter.
  6. practical_man

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    The Citori line are all very similar. Differences are minor in barrel length and rib height/‘width. I have a Lightening Citori with 30” ported barrels. It’s been a good all arounder for skeet, trap, and sporting clays. Barrel length is very much personal preference. I think stock fit is more important for a shotgun. I eventually had Graco adjustable hardware put in my stock and that definitely helped consistency.
  7. practical_man

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    Be sure to come back and tell us how it works out. Also, start buying shells by the case when they are on sale. Natchez frequently offers free shipping and good prices. Rogers is another good source for us. If you pay close attention you can get Remington or Federal target loads delivered to your door for less than $6 per box when you buy a flat at a time. Remington Gun Club is a good shell and reloadable. Same for Federal Gold Medal. I like those hills better than the 2 piece Winchester AA or any of the hills with paper base wads. I usually stick with 7-1/2 or 8 shot. The 7-1/2 can be used for close range small bird hunting. Not for pheasant or ducks, but absolutely for dove and quail. Enjoy. Shotgun sports are both fun and frustrating. The best part is getting in with a good squad that will coach you and offer good natured support (sometimes teasing). The social aspect of shooting sports is just great. Ignore the curmudgeons. Have fun.
  8. practical_man

    I might be hooked,need advice.

    Do your self a huge favor and don’t get a cheap over-under shotgun. They are more trouble than they are worth. I tried that route and learned the hard way. I now own a 12 gauge Browning Citori. Easy to find a good used one for about $1000. You don’t need a Kreighoff or Pardini to enjoy clays but you do need a durable shotgun. Steoeger won’t hold up to the high round counts without replacing some parts. Neither are any of the rebranded Turkish Huglu guns. Save a little longer and buy a quality gun. Browning or Beretta are quite popular on the fields around here. In the mean time, get a 20 gauge 870 express for less than $300 at Academy Sports and have at it. I have shot some of my best scores with my 870 hunting gun. I just hate picking up hulls.
  9. practical_man

    Easy AR trigger job

    Lighter trigger springs and bobbing the hammer are the cheapest path. Bobbing the hammer increases momentum of hammer driven by lighter springs. An easier path is Geissle, Hyperfire, or other after market trigger of your choice.
  10. practical_man

    686 cylinder pin keeps loosening.

    Yep. My home made tool is a lot Warren describes. It works just fine. Blue LocTite does wonders for keeping ejector rod snugged up.
  11. practical_man

    Dry brass tumbling elixir of choice

    This. Except corn cob that I buy from the local welding supply store in 50 pound bags. Someday i I will try out that fancy wet tumbling method.
  12. I have the Marvel 1911 Jig. It’s accurate and easy to use. They offer a nice set of stones for it too if you call them.
  13. practical_man

    Inline Fabrication quick change plate.

    It’s a great system. I have the quick change riser for my Dillon gear and the quick change plate in your photos for MEC shotgun loaders.
  14. practical_man

    Load data for Bayou 138 grain DEWC

    Thanks to all for sharing your experience. I will start with some 231 that is on hand. And a light roll crimp. I will report back with velocities and accuracy as I get data
  15. Bianchi Revolver shooters I bought 1000 Bayou DEWC looking for an alternative to 125grain XTP. Wondering if if anyone has worked up a decent Bianchi load with this bullet? I don’t want to reinvent the wheel if it’s already been done. I have 231, WSF, Bullseye, and Longshot on hand. Not opposed to trying a different powder if it’s accurate to 50 yards. I am using a Smith & Wesson 686. Thanks john ETA. I tried search function. Nothing that looks like it will make power factor for Bianchi. My PPC load of 3 grains of 231 doesn’t even come close.