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  1. You’ll like those guns. Shooting tip #1. Keep your head on the stock and watch the target. Or as my coach used to say: keep wood on wood!
  2. Your powerlifting background will serve you well in shooting. Front squats are awesome for it. I suggested the bells to learn technique. The one handed kettlebell swing is a great way to add stability by strengthening glutes, improving hip and hamstring flexibility, and maintaining stability against a moving mass (like recoil). Your powerlifting shoes put you in a good posture. Sadly, most suck for running. You might find a similar geometry in a trail running shoe. I just wear regular boots. You can over come the foot problems and maybe beat them back a bit. My plantar fasciitis improved a lot when I started squatting heavy (for me) again and stretching the eccentric chain.
  3. Your stance is dominated by quadricep and hamstring strength. Squats will help with both. Starting with kettlebell or dumbbell goblet squats will help you learn what it feels like to keep your weight forward of midline.
  4. I use 14/40. It works fine. I bought 50# several years ago, gave half away to friends and still have plenty left. Add a little liquid car wax and a used dryer sheet to keep dust down and tumble away. I use the cheap media rotary separator from MidwayUSA to separate media and cases afterward. That works fine, but a little messy, so that must be done in the garage!
  5. Protocol Design .100 wide front and his Rear sight are a great combination. I really appreciate how deep the notch is on his rear sight blade. The deep rear notch really seems to help line things up when I’m trying to shoot at speed.
  6. ^^This a Sharp pocket knife will remove those finger grooves in short order. You will likely expose some of the hard plastic under the rubber. Cover that with a little truck bed liner from you favorite auto parts store. Maybe add a little silicon carbide grip if you feel so inclined. (I didn’t, but might soon) Shape the grip to suit your preference and then order custom set that duplicates that profile.
  7. I have the bushnell 1-4. It isn’t a true 1x at the bottom, if that bothers you. That scope lives on a 22 LR for reasons similar to yours. The eyebox is a bit narrow but very useable for offhand and prone both. Glass is clearer than the Primary Arms 22 scope it replaced. I think i paid about $125 for it on sale from Natchez or MidSouth. It works well for a 22 trainer.
  8. Assuming that the safety is fit properly and works as intended. Have you considered the simple option of a dimple in the safety so the detent has better engagement? Or a stronger detent spring? Could the detent spring be broken or the plunger too short? If you remove material at B in your diagram it will likely change engagement with the sear leg, requiring some adjustment there as well.
  9. MJ i use Varget in my 550. It’s like cutting corn flakes with a spoon. Annyoying for sure. I havent noticed terrible variance but quit looking years ago. Load holds the 10 ring at 600 yards, which is better than I can hold with a sling and open sights these days.
  10. Pics? it sounds like you are using a metal magazine and the corners of the feed lips are scratching brass a bit. If that’s the case, load away.
  11. Alex MC is tight on target. The new MiM parts need that bump. The old forged parts don’t have it.
  12. Showing my ignorance... will the SP-01 or Shadow magazines fit the full size CZ 75 ? i have no idea what the frame differences might be.
  13. Thanks to all. I’m getting educated.
  14. Thanks for the help! Any reason to not buy the 19 round MEC Gar, as opposed to the 17 round MEC gar?
  15. BLUF: Please Point me to reliable magazines for this pistol from a vendor that supports the sport. Dipping a toe into the CZ 75 pool again. Haven’t had one for about a decade since I sold my 75B. Picked up one of the new-ish 75s with threaded barrel at fire sale price. Now I need some magazines. My admittedly weak search fu on this forum points to MEC-Gar. Please Point me to reliable magazines for this pistol from a vendor that supports the sport. This platform is totally new to me; before a tragic canoe tipping incident I used to have ancient S&W revolvers and black aluminum rifles. Thanks john
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