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  1. Well, I went to the shop this week, removed enough of the slidestop pin to be level with the frame, shot a match yesterday. So far, so good.
  2. Do what rishii suggests, it's what I do, works great. My local hardware store sells Brownells' gunsmith screws, but as always, someone will beat you to the punch. McMaster-Carr all the way.
  3. I have been using a Nitro Fin for a few years now. I use the NF more as a place to get a consistent grip, rather than putting pressure on the pistol. I have figured out, that if gripped to hard, I was actually pushing the pistol to the right. I would imagine the same would go for the Atlas rest.
  4. I know the tab that you are talking about, it is there, and I can not push the SS out. Right now, I'm going with fat fingering it out during a reload, at least for now.
  5. I was looking at that exact thing this afternoon. I have a small piece of skate board tape on the frame, just forward of the pin, to place my finger while moving to avoid a DQ. It happened during a reload, and it sure makes sense. I don't know if I'm ready to get a file out?
  6. There is nothing missing, the tabs are present on both plungers. Have a Caspian with an integral plunger tube, so that is not loose. With new plungers installed on both sides, the safety is more crisp, and the SS takes more pressure to move the plunger out of the detent. Thanks for the input, hopefully this cures my ailments.
  7. Okay, it was NOT the fault of the Nitro Fin slide stop, and yes, you would normally have you thumb on the pad of the slide stop. Just my poor attempt at asking a question about the SS falling out. I obviously didn't have my thumb on the pad, I was in the middle of a reload when the wheels came off the cart. Good suggestion on the length of the plunger that contact the SS, just happen to have another one.
  8. I know this topic has been discussed before, but spent the last hour searching, guess I don't know the magic combination of words. Anyway, I had the slide stop fall out of my pistol yesterday, last stage, and the classifier to boot. I have looked the pistol over, didn't see any signs of obvious causes, this is a Nitro Fin ss, has been on the pistol for a couple of years, maybe 10K rounds. Help will be appreciated.
  9. Go to cedhk.com, the are in PA as above. CED is a distributor for DAA in the States. You should be ok in the shipping department.
  10. Thanks for the info, it was given to me, I already use a DAA holster. The fact that it doesn't have a lock is also bothersome, I was thinking that something would have to be used for retention. Safariland doesn't show anything on their site for this.
  11. Just came into possession of this holster, came someone tell me how old it is? Is it worth worrying about? Inside the hanger there is a #012, some paten info and Colt Gov 5-7. Thank you for the help.
  12. Thank you, when I got to reading that post, there I was with a CR holster comment.
  13. Anyone know of a mount for a cmore slideride that fits an XDM. Carver Custom is available, but don't know if it will/could fit a DAA RaceMaster
  14. I have Nitrofin, like um. But I saw that Atlas may have something similar.
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