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  1. I am a bit obsessive about chunks, but do believe that I will have to accept a certain amount of dirt. I can clean 2 1911s in the time it took me to clean this revolver, I'll get over it.
  2. I'm using plated bullets, and am assuming that since this revolver has less than 1k rounds, that lock up should be correct, don't know about cylinder/forcing cone measurement tho. where can I look up the dimensions for a 929?
  3. Advice request, what are the tricks for keeping the area around and inside the forcing cone clean?
  4. Sand down the thicker spacer until it's where you want it.
  5. Well, I finally got to the range, new TK hammer and .040 and .037 moon clips. I'm pretty happy, 6.75lb trigger pull and 100% ignition. I wish I'd have taken .035 moon clips, next time. The hammer made a huge improvement, I also put the TK extended firing pin back in, now I'm going to leave it alone and practice, I'm use to 2.5lb triggers.
  6. Thank you, I will give this a try.
  7. I've heard that and am interested also.
  8. What kind of gauge did you get, I have a Lyman digital, on my 1911s' I get 2.5lb, my 929 is 6.9lb.
  9. Well, went to the range with .037" and .040" moon clips, think I may have figured this beast out. I was feeling something moving while handling the pistol, I checked cylinder play prior, so I got to looking. I noticed that the bullets were moving in and out of the cylinder while using .035" moon clips. So my thinking is, that the firing pin was striking the primers, but then have to push the moon clips and rounds forward until they stopped, and this maybe causing a light primer strike. So I tried the .037 and .040" clips, both worked, but had a couple light strikes on the .037" moon clip, and
  10. If this thing will be reliable at .65lb, I'll be happy.
  11. Well, I have the TK hammer installed, the tapered firing pin, and off to the range. I took my trigger gauge a long, and glad I did. After 96 rounds, 9 no-go's, I have the trigger pull at 6.5lb, can't get any lower than that and have reliable ignition. Now it's just range time to build up confidence in the pistol firing every time.
  12. That's a good question, had an early Caspian frame for a short period, frame cracked above the mag release. Caspian replaced it with the newer square trigger frame. I have been using MBX since I can remember, but don't remember if I was with the older frame. Give MBX a call. Honestly don't know why they wouldn't. On their break from making Caspian Mags, I started using Meggar/EAA large frame mags w/Taylor Freelance magwells. Takes a little work, but they function great. MBX are great mags, you can sell your Dawson Precision tuning kit, I have never used it on MBX, right out of the package. I
  13. Thank you, just trying to get this 929 reliable(firing every time I pull the trigger). I am still waiting on a TK hammer, maybe it will fall faster and aide in detonation. Also am going to reduce the diameter of the firing pin .002/.003. I was looking into .040 moon clips, but after looking at things and talking with many folks, I am not going that route, I don't think there is enough distance between rounds and drag on the hammer nose bushing/recoil shield.
  14. Does anyone know how deep the hammer nose bushing is supposed to be? Should it be flush with or proud with the inside of the frame where the firing pin protrudes?
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