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  1. I never considered the contact area of one compared to the other, so I checked my open cone comp and compared it to my limited bull barrel, and there is a different wear pattern on the contacting surfaces. I have been leaning towards a one piece barrel/comp because of the comp clocking when hot.
  2. Are there any advantages/disadvantages to using either one? I am going to build another open gun, my current is using a cone comp, and want to consider all options. Will probably stick with KKM, both my open and limited guns have them, I like the quality. Staying with 38 SC and probably no popple holes?
  3. Why can't you, it is struck just as the paper, steel is supposed to be painted for every shooter. If there is a visible strike, it was hit by the shooters bullet and didn't just fall?
  4. So, why does a shooter get misses on paper, and a reshoot on steel? Shooting through the wall is still shooting through the wall!
  5. fits gage, match, or wise practice or local
  6. Answered my own question on the barrel, Remington's site says ramped.
  7. Where did you see it for 880.00 w/rebate? Also, does this pistol have a ramped/non-ramped barrel?
  8. They will get back to you, but in the mean time, what about MBX, that's what I use. Yes, they're expensive, but they work.
  9. Did a little checking in the shop, appears to be 6-32 by @ 1/4", will hit the hardware store today and see what I come up with.
  10. Can anyone help with the thread pitch on and STI grip?
  11. Another good idea, going to clean it up and if I can find the original, I'll put it back in.
  12. Have checked the primers, but forgot all about the firing pin channel, will do that today. Thanks
  13. I have a 4.5 9mm XDM, PRP 3lb trigger, 14lb recoil spring, getting lite primer strikes. Does anyone make a longer firing pin, or any suggestions to get a better strike?
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