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  1. I would say that it depends on what scope you are mounting. I have a double side with a slideride and a single side with an RTS2. The size and weight difference may lend the slideride better suited to a double sided mount? I've seen a lot of folks using a single sided tho. I think the obvious advantage to the single side mount is I don't need to remove the racker to take the slide off. I myself have not had the issue of cases bouncing off the double side/slideride setup and going back into the ejection port. I shoot 38SC, so I can't speak for 9mm. I'm in the process of breaking in a new pistol with a single side/RTS2 setup, I do like that the scope sits lower to the bore. I'm having an issue with the shells getting caught between the slide and the scope mount, but that should work out as the pistol breaks in and the ejector gets tuned better. Because of the scope being closer to the bore, and not having to remove the racker to break the pistol down, I'm probably going to change the other pistol to the single side mount, but I'm not in a hurry.
  2. The threads are great info, will give this some serious thought. I ordered a new Mec-Gar mag, will try with the TF basepad I already worked. The two mags I have, I'm pretty sure came from Caspian, are only marked 38 SA, they may be the same.
  3. The catch does protrude into the mag body, does also on MBX mag, but the shape of the MBX mag does not allow the catch to come in contact with the bullets. How much did you have to squeeze the mags, loose any round count?
  4. WhiteDingo and Dana4147, I'm having an issue with the Tangfo mags, while shooting, I can fell and see the mag release button move? I believe the mag release is coming into contact with the bullets while moving up the mag as the rounds are shot? Also, how did you squeeze the mag?
  5. Good info, I'm holding off on squeezing my mag, I worry on how it will change dimensions and possibly cause other issue. As far as MBX mags, everyone I have bought for a couple of different formats, works right out of the package. I have had to send WRONG mags back, but once the error was corrected, no mag failures. I believe he is busy with his PCC stuff, and there isn't a big demand for the Caspian product to warrant MBXs' time.
  6. My Caspian with a Caspian extractor will run 38S and SC without issues. I have never tried 9mm? Seems to me, that the shorter case on a 9mm would not headspace correctly?
  7. I tried another follower, was looking thru my stash and found some STI 40 cal followers. Tried it this morning and it seems to work, only time will tell.
  8. Well, finally got to the range to try out my mag with the TF basepad. Took a little time to machine out the back of the basepad, but I can get 28 rounds of 38SC. The feeding is hit or miss, sometimes all 28 will feed, other times 10 or so, and the bullet nose dives into the mag. I am going to try a longer follower, ordered the Grams spring and follower, think is for 9mm. I am also working with the feed lips and opening the back of the mag where the slide strips the next round. Seems the rounds stack more horizontally than the MBX, they have an upward angle.
  9. Great info, should have the TF 170 base pad this weekend. Will keep you updated.
  10. Thank you both for responding. I learned that there are sperate 9 and 38s mags, I just figured they would be the same. I ordered a TF 170 mag extension, have what I believe to be a Mec-Gar 38s mag? has 38 S A stamped on the side, will give this a try. I really like MBX, but can't get them right now, but if this works, way cheaper. I also got a Grams spring/follower from TF, should be in this week, will let you know how all works.
  11. WhiteDingo, do you think this combination would work for 38SC? I load to 1.230" , .06" difference.
  12. Thankx for the responses, I have been using MBX, really like them, but as we all know, they haven't made them for a while. My guess is MBX has put all their time and effort into PCC? I called to ask, and was told something about a move to a new building? Said they were taking requests from people and Caspian mags, probably waiting until the numbers get big enough to warrant running the machinery. Was hoping the Tangfo/Witnees folks were running the bigsticks and where they where getting them?
  13. This is probably been asked before, but frustrated searching! I'm a Caspian shooter looking for 170mm length mags. I know Tanfoglio makes a large frame open guns, and am wondering where you are getting 170mm mags?
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