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  1. That will work, only about 5 thou
  2. I've tried a .067 dia pin, won't go. Guess I may have to drill and ream to fit something more common.
  3. I agree with rishii, 140s will get 90-95% of what you need locally. When you start to get comfortable with your new pistol and the open division, a 170 will start to show it's advantages. I always take my 170s loaded to the club matches, and often find my self reloading from the 170 to a 140. I can't speak to the 155s, they were not an option when I started open, but honestly don't believe they're to much of an advantage? Some of the others who use them will give you a better opinion. I have a DW PM in 40 S&W, and if the Havoc is built the same, you'll have quite a pistol. Once again, holl
  4. I use a thumb rest as a point to attain the same grip reference, to much pressure on it, and you'll start pushing gun around to the right. If you don't know if you'll like a thumb rest, try a Nitro Fin, it replaces the slide stop, no drilling. I have had varying luck with fit, once with no fitting, and twice with little to moderate fitting. But no work to the pistol.
  5. I'm in contact with DW, all should be good.
  6. Once you start down the open road, you'll never recover. I only wish I'd have started sooner.
  7. Since NROI is changing all the rules, what do you think about Up range starts and strong/week hand shooting? To keep this on a level playing field with PCC, NROI should be looking at these.
  8. Kevrend, Is your pistol a 9mm or 38SC? I'm not a fan of 9mm major, my pistol will shoot 38S or 38SC, I choose 38SC. As stated above, MBX are expensive, but damn good mags. I have owned MBX for one of my pistols for 5/6 years now, they have run right out of the package with no tuning! can't say that for the others. For my other pistol, I had to resort to Tanfoglio LF mags and use Taylor Freelance mag extensions, takes a little work, but have functioned well since last year. MBX wasn't in production at the time, I would have gladly paid the price. If you need assistance, let me know.
  9. I've never handled one, but what I've seen on-line, it appears to be of Caspian design. Nothing wrong with that, the BIG issue is mags. I shoot Caspian, 38SC, and love it. I have some Caspian 19rd mags, they work but are not impressive, I am using MBX and Tanfoglio large frame. As far as not running, or getting running, they are 1911s' and I manage to keep them going, and I'm no top tier 1911 smith, never had one leave me stranded on a stage. Good luck, you'll be fine.
  10. Anyone know where I can get a firing pin for a Dan Wesson? it's 2.292 inchs long and the tip measures .062", and yes, I've already looked on the DW site.
  11. It's good to be King!
  12. The possibilities are endless.
  13. Open Revolver should be a classification, that way I don't have to shoot against 28+ round guns? Lets see how many classifications we can get, kind of like SCSA, 13 possibilities, USPSA is too confining.
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