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  1. I switched to MBX for this exact reason. If you are using STI, or other mags, I bet you own a Dawson mag tuning kit, or some other tools for tuning you mags, it's not if you will need this, it's when. I have MBX for 40 and 38SC, think I made the switch 4 years ago, to date, haven't put a tool on either. If the mag is hitting the ejector during reloads, that is a disaster waiting to happen. The issue I had with MBX and the Pro 40 was, they sent me the wrong mags? Once I called them, they promptly sent me the correct mags, and I haven't had a problem since. I know it's frustrating, and there are plenty of shoots around the corner, but they will take care of you.
  2. I use only MBX with my Pro 40, but there was a few issues with the MBX mags in the beginning, call them, they will take care of you.
  3. Yes , I maintained pressure on the barrel, the pin rotated freely as you described.
  4. I checked that out, and the pin moves freely. I'm leaning towards a bad link pin, it broke cleanly around the circumference, and the middle looked cast and dark.
  5. Well, the pin was moving on one side, had another an drove the pin out, and that was when I got two parts of the pin. Looks to me like a bad pin, rough on the inside and shiny and crisp on the outside.
  6. it's moving latterly, the frame is retaining it, can see marks from rubbing in the frame.
  7. I've noticed that the pin for the barrel link is moving, should it be staked, or red Loctite?
  8. Just put one on the wife's' XDM, fit with no alterations. I like it, because now I can easily remove the slide without interference with the slide racker. Oh, she likes it to.
  9. Check out Powder River for machining the OSP mount. Cheaper than a new pistol, but what the heck, good excuse for another
  10. Luck of the draw, I use in Limited and Open and have never "Tuned" any.
  11. MBX, don't have to set them.
  12. I use Slick 50, the smith that installed the barrel recommended it, still running great. With that said, anyone using Lucas Extreme Duty gun oil?
  13. I use a KKM .355 barrel with HAP .356 bullets, accuracy is great.
  14. Yep, 9mm, really helped with recoil. Also a note, I find the Vortex Viper to be a better sight than the Venom. Both are 6MOA, clear lenses, but zeroing is much more positive on the Viper. Will say the battery replacement is easier on the Venom. Venom manufactured in Philippines and Viper in China.
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