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  1. I think I would start with the least expensive and easiest part first, the brass. If you can locate the suspect brass while shooting, put it in your pocket and wait for a convenient time to inspect it. I have never seen the need for an AFTEC extractor, the standard extractors work great in both of my pistols, Super and SC.
  2. I usually shoot starline, no problems, but there is one case I really dislike, AP. I bought some used brass a few years ago and it included more of the AP brass than the person selling it said? Live and learn. I'll be glad when it's all gone. I have shot just about everything else with no issues, but!
  3. I'm already there, I have small hands to, nothing but skate tape, and of course color. I don't think I'll have to take off much, mostly front strap so she can get her fingers around a little more.
  4. Thanks for the suggestions everyone, gives me a lot to consider, this will be a winter project.
  5. I agree, the front strap is probably the best, just need some more so she can get a good grip. Probably could get some out of the main spring housing and grip safety. You wouldn't know anyone who has done this?
  6. I am wondering how much metal I can remove from the grip section of a Caspian double stack frame without compromising rigidity? I am trying to get overall size down to fit my wife's smaller hand.
  7. That's what I wanted to hear. I think the pistol is to barrel heavy. I will definitely put this on the to-do list for the winter.
  8. Didn't you have your 929 cut down to 5"? how do you like it compared to the stock 6"?
  9. Well, finally got everything where I want it. This last weekend, I shot my 929 in a match, and the pistol and ammunition operated flawlessly. I shot two bullets, Blue Bullet 38/357 (.358) 147 gr and Bang and Clang 38/357 (.358). 145 gr. Also incorporated a Lee factory crimp die into the mix. My issue with the bullets creeping seems to have been resolved, checked every round left on the moon clips after a reloads, no movement. Both bullets are accurate, but the Blues are just a little tighter. Now I believe I will address the extra 1.5" of barrel hanging out there?
  10. The end play on my cylinder is tight, but a good thought. I believe I'm going to seat the bullet a little deeper, am 1.2" and going to go to 1.15". The Lee Factory crimp has been the largest facto in reducing the bullet creep.
  11. I'm interested in your testing.

    Tell me about your gun, cases and powder.

    Do you chronograph your loads.

    Can you give me the date code on our B&C bullets.  On the box   like 24-21


    B&C bullets are brinell 12 so a bit softer.

    1. tomjerry1


      Well, I  have a S&W 929, I'm using Winchester cases, 3.7 gr Vectan 9.5 powder, Blue Bullets 147 gr .358" dia. / Bang and Clang 147 gr .358" dia. Federal small pistol primers. Power Factor 135. Sorry, don't have the date codes on the B&C, but have had them for about 1 month. I must say that the Blue Bullets are more accurate. The latest tests were done after the addition of a LEE factory crimp die, in an effort to stop the bullets from walking out of the cases, the Blue Bullets are the the best with only .016" creep. I'm going to tighten up the crimp a little more, about .374", but am happy with the results. I usually shoot Open 38 SC, an it is nowhere as picky as this revolver. I let a friend talk me into this 929, and I am determined to make it work. The pistol started off with a 14lb DA trigger pull, terrible, I'm use to 2.5lb, well I've got it down to 5.75lb with a lot of work. I'm not ready to throw in the towel, I'm really close.

  12. You almost had me Dr. Phil, I will get this contraption figured out. So complicated for such a simple device.
  13. I will be monitoring the process and any accuracy changes, and this factory crimp die has done more for the bullet creep with my setup. I will stick with it for now, at least until it shows it's not the fix.
  14. Okay, just back from the range. I tested Blue Bullets and Bang and Clang bullets. Both are .358 Dia, 147/148 gr. and finally got a LEE factory crimp die. The best performance cam from Blue Bullets, very accurate, and walked out .016". Bang and Clang are accurate also, but not as tight, they walked .041". I'm going ti tighten up the crimp until bullets start to tumble, but think I'm going to finally solve the creep?
  15. I have it set so that the bullet will just fit the case without scraping the coating.
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