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  1. It definatly helped in keeping the dot in the glass. I went with just 2 holes..
  2. As stated by others using a ball mill gives a better more precise cut. I angled my hole closest the glass 10 degrees forward, It helps keep the gas from both away from the sight..
  3. CWX barrel cyl gap wide, not cut straight. Frame ding where cylinder makes contact when open, timing off. Barrel clock was good... Overall, 6
  4. I've used a spring loaded center punch on 2 points on the angled side of the racker. Moves the metal around just enough to tighten it up. Punch, test, punch, test. If you go to far just a light dressing with a stone gets it just right. Remember, the racker is the cheap piece so no work on the slide!!
  5. Ok, so you stated dbl action only.. In dry fire practice prepping the trigger back just to the point before hammer drop, check sight picture again and pull trigger to drop hammer. You should note less muzzle movement. Do this till comfortable you can judge the steak in dry fire and then try at the range.. If, and they probably will, your groups tighten up adjust your sights.. Now go back to your normal trigger pull and try to maintain the same group.. Also, For me with a Revo I had to train myself to put my weak hand thumb back around under the hammer over my strong hand thumb to get my group to tighten.. Weird feeling but works...
  6. Trigger prep... Looks like your snapping the muzzle down when pulling the trigger. Is this with a stock trigger or has work been done?? Try the same, single action, you'll probably see huge difference and it will help indicate the accuracy your gun, ammo & you are capable of.. Then, practice, practice , practice.
  7. Use the BMT once on an 8 round clip and you'll be happy to shell out the $$$.
  8. As noted, you have a few issues going on.. On the primer side your decamping rod needs to be lower.. It may have moved on you when you hit a crimped in primer.. Neen there, done that. Tighten it down good and mark it!! Your case belling or crimp has some issues.. Picture shows some pretty bad bullet damage.. Are the bullets .355 or .358 (9mm or 38)? What are the bullets manufacturer??
  9. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/205762-sw-929-load-data/?tab=comments#comment-2284902
  10. For me, it's about options. My eyes aren't unfortunately what they used to be so an optic works and Open is what I chose to shoot with a 2011 platform. Just a local match kinda guy but I like to shoot whatever I want to pull out of the safe. Revolver with an optic in CO would let me switch it up and have some fun and be almost competitive Maybe it's not about saving these lesser divisions, maybe it's about retaining competitors any way you can with easy options....
  11. I use only Winchester brass in TK moons.. Mixed brass will cause you all kinds of problems so whatever you chose for manufacturer, stick to it. I use 147gr RN Blue Bullets iver 3.4gr N320 @ 1.15”. If you do a search I started a thread a couple years back for 929 specific loads, you’ll get a bunch of info there!!!
  12. I’d like to see Optic mounted Revolvers be allowed to shoot in carry optics division classifications.. Being forced to Open it’s just not possible to be competitive. At least in CO you wouldn’t need to get into an equipment race and your shooting minor pf like everyone else. Yes, the change to 141 mags allows more rounds to your 8 but time your reloads right and you may be able to win a stage or 2.. For most of us, that’s not gonna happen in open.. For those who think Revolver is dead and the younger shooters have no interest in the sport, follow this young man..... https://m.facebook.com/pg/JW-Aguirre-competitive-shooter-1558460381056199/videos/?ref=page_internal&mt_nav=0
  13. I have a dedicated Dust Buster for the press only!!!
  14. I ran a poll a couple of years ago on Optic Revolver as I was running one in our local Steel Challenge matches.. My thought was since I was already set up with an optic it would be perfect to compete in carry optics. Then, they went and changed carry optics to allow the higher cap mag as well as other changes and that plans possibility went out the window.. Here is the poll, not too many were onboard with the idea but we did beat out the No's!! https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/249407-uspsa-revolver-optics-division/
  15. I'd like the option of an annual hard copy and any updates that happen thru the year I would just print from the web.. Also, believe it or not there are still members whom are not web savvy and are just being left out of the loop until other members can inform / print copies for them.. Just like this game we play, options are good.....
  16. Have you pulled a bullet to see what it looks like?? I also am .374/5 but get a little coke bottling because I use a U-die sizer.. As stated above, you can load up and run fine at the 1.145.. Just listing options for you...
  17. I run the same barrel at 1.155 with 124 PD HP and could easily go longer. I would finish ream it to get your OAL out to 1.16". It just gives you a little more leeway to taylor your load. I run 6.9gr WAC to make ~175pf, 2 popple holes... Just seeing your added pic.. Looks like you need more crimp?
  18. Nice work...!!! In that 1st stage did you receive penalties for shots out of FF zone or was the sound timing off in the video??
  19. There are times when I'm glad the wife doesn't want to learn to shoot... If they suddenly get the urge to learn, move out!! LOL...,
  20. I have a 650 with strong mount and roller handle (MBF & Casefeeder). I stand or sit but use this type of stool for both. It allows me to just lean onto it when standing and has good adjustability in height if sitting. When I hear the casefeeder spinning, searching for a case I add brass, when the MBF is going click,click,click instead of clunk, I add bullets.. Keep it simple...
  21. Not to rain on your parade here but you really don't want to work with a $2K budget for open.. Wait / Save another $1K and you'll be working with a much more realistic budget still for a used Open gun but something that is going to be much more serviceable / Reliable. This is important as shooting open with a gun you can't finish a stage with is not going to be an enjoyable experience for you....I get beat by better competitors all the time but, I still enjoy myself knowing it's my fault. Doing terribly because the equipment sucks, you just be forced to throw more money at it...
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