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  1. I think the answer is it dependents on how serious are you? I wouldn't go to the Nationals with a load of kanker brass, nor for that matter the Gator Classic or any other major match. But back to the original question. Yes I would shoot twice minor loaded brass 9m. When it comes to 9 major I let the brass vultures have mine, but I'll pick their brass up if they abandon it. The first step in brass prep it to go over it with a magnet, some of them are not brass, a steel case will jam up the gun to the point it has to be hammered out with a rod. Next to the tumbler,
  2. Nice old school gun. Load up some115gr with 11 gr accurate 7. That comp wants lots of gas. That pro point way more accurate than c-more. Cure the rattle with Accurail. Thigter tha dick’s hat band.
  3. Dawson makes a run once in a while. I like how light my cone comp guns are the bull just a little heavy out front.
  4. Flatlander I'm have go get a good Marlin Camp 9, and show you how a $300 rifle can get the job done. I had one, and it whopped all those high dollar AR's at the IDPA 2 guns, without breaking a sweat, but then so did my Knock off M1 carbine. Its the Injin not the bow! LOL Haven't seen you in a while!
  5. LOL I'm 68, I get a kick out of the younggins complaining about their aches and pains and telling me I'm too dry when they a sweating like crazy in the heat. You know who I'm talking about the ones that walk up to shoot and their pants look all wet! By the end of the match they are toast. That said, the key is not how fast you get there it is how fast you get there ready to shoot. Think about it then watch some folks, they get to the spot plant look at the target then raise their gun, that is slow, a couple steps before I get to that exact spot I want to be in my eye
  6. 9 major/38SC. I used some CCI SPM's there is a slight difference over the crono not enough to change the load. My go to primer is CCI SPP, just like Sarge. I've used a lot of SRP's and the Magtech SRP is the hardest one out there, man up on the hammer spring.
  7. I’m contemplating refinishing this slide (gun) with NP3+ or Hard Chrome to either slow down or stop the pitting, does anyone have enough knowledge and information on either finish to recommend one versus the other? I believe that Hard Chrome is harder but more brittle and may continue to chip away if not adhered properly to the pitted face; the guys at ROBAR have said that by polishing the surface prior to an NP3+ finish they will guarantee the surface for life from continuing to erode? Not sure if that’s a sales pitch or reality…LOL. You are not going to cure breach erosion with a finish,
  8. I was in relationship prison. I have broken out and am currently on the run. LOL Parole? Or Weekend Pass Dumped the Girl Friend. She gonna miss my cooking.
  9. I was in relationship prison. I have broken out and am currently on the run. LOL
  10. out of all those powders that you have tried, what makes you like the silhouette the best? Ive tried i have tried most of those powders too and silhouette was one of my least favorite. It was definitely snappier than the other powders ive tried. Ive tried hs6, autocomp, 3n37, true blue, silhouette, and cfe. Hs6 was the dirtiest but the softest. Hs6 is still my 1st choice though. Cfe would be my 2nd choice. One of the factors that needs to be considered is the comp being used. Also note that I said my Gun likes it hot. More air for the comp. That said I am running a Dawson Comp (aka Todd
  11. I didn't see it anywhere in the post but AA#7 just fill up the case, LOL I shot it with 10GR, and 124gr JHP nice but not as good as Silhouette.. My favorite is Silhouette 7.3gr, yeah my gun likes it hot. HS6, 3n37, AutoComp, N350, IMR7625 and True Blue, are a few that I have tried.
  12. Somebody show me a broken carbon fiber tube, that wasn't stepped on by a Rhino, drove over with an 18 wheeler, or Squashed with a bob cat bucket. My daddy always said jr could break a crowbar, well I haven't managed to break the PRI yet. I have to agree Mark CO knows way more than most of us, he is running a CF tube so I must have guessed right when I got mine. I really did not know how much I liked my lite weight gun till I built a new gun because Obama said I couldn't have one, bet me buckwheat. Any how politics aside, the heavier gun, which I thought I wanted taught me how much I like
  13. I have a PRI, what is good about it? It is carbon fiber weighs nothing, makes the gun light. When compared to my backup gun that has a Quad Rail aluminum unit, it is one fat bertha butt. Why is light weight good? Swings faster stops faster. As you might know, perverted 3-gun stage designers like making senior citizens run a 100 hards with the rifle, then take 500 yard shots with a plastic barrel for a support. One less pound adds up on the run.
  14. What about IMR 4756 ? IMR 4756 certainly can be used in 9 mm but as a minor power factor "competition" shooting round you are not going to get the soft recoil of other preferred loads. On the positive side you could probably dip the case in the powder and stuff a bullet without blowing your gun up. We don't use it in 9 major because enought cannot fit the case to get there. 4756 is ideally suited for 38 Super, and falls in with 3N38, N105, AA#7, and BlueDot. IMR7625 falls into the group with WSF, 3N37, Silhouette, TruBlue, AutoComp and a few other, which are border line slow. The
  15. I've seen +-4gr in loaded ammo with same head stamp charge and primer, bullet etc. In mixed brass +-10gr is fairly normal. So I gave up weighing them when I thought I had a problem, I have what I call a mistake bucket and a practice bucket. The mistakes get taken down when I get low on bullets.
  16. Hello: Eric - I agree and if you pay attention to the Brazos builds you will notice he has a drill as well 4 holes but smaller. I've tried about every powder short of SP2 with the TC II and found the solution was the Dawson Comp. Yeah, to combat the Barbel heavy comp I just threw an aluminum guide rod in. Actually I don't consider the Dawson that heavy compared to some other comps I have had, like the one that STI put on the Competitor before the TruBore, now that is a Red Snapper fishing weight. Seriously I would not go whaking on Bob's comp, it is a pretty good design, but poke a coup
  17. At the next few matches volunteer to go first on every stage, after a few matches you will settle down.
  18. Donny that don't look like no glock you need to change your handle. That comp likes HS6. Good looking piece, real retro with that upright mount.
  19. I have one of those boat anchor comps! Gees it is heavy, but with all those holes it probably shoot ok. Try an aluminum or carbon fiber guide rod it in to get rid of the nose heavy. The comp is in a drawer, replaced with a Titanium. Here is what it looks like off the gun: ttp://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=776&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 (on the left)
  20. Either the 550, 650, 1050, and the the Lock and Load from Hornady are all first class loaders. As to ignition of the primer tube, in the LNL, that had to be something extremely stupid like using a hammer to drive primers into the tube. I have about 80k on the LNL and have not lite it up yet, the primer is about 2" from the tube when it is seated, it takes a good amount of force to seat, I call it a jab, but I have not lite one up yet. A JOI can break a crowbar. With the LNL, case feeder and bullet feeder I crank out 100 rounds in 6 minutes. ON my 650 with CF, and BF, I did it in 5.5 m
  21. The CZ TS is a very good gun right out of the box. I shot one for a year. I did add a FO sight but later went back to the blade sight as I was more accurate with it. The mags holding 21 give you an advantage. The only down side to the gun is having to load short 1.140 with 180gr RN MTG. The weight definatley helps you shoot it faster than a tupperware gun. So what happened, I ran onto a used STI Edge with mags holster etc for $1500, took the pill, you know eveyone and their brother was ragging on me about shooting anything other than the S_I platform, so I gave into peer pressure. Th
  22. Good, TiteGroup is violent, dirty, hot burning, WST is way better, but you wold love VV N320 or even IMR7625 which is probably a lot like WSF but I have not WSFed so I cannot verify it.
  23. WST works very well with BayouBullets or Precision molly in 9 mm, with jacketed bullets 125gr it is a bit snappy. I have shot a lot of 125gr Zeros with WST, the oal and pay attention here was 1.145 and 4.6gr of WST with WinSPP. This will get you to 130-135pf depending on the speed of your barrel, don't push beyond this with this powder. Yes, that is a warning, at a shorter oal less powder! Do yourself a favor and get some N320 it is the perfect choice for 9 mm 125gr Jacketed. 4.5 to 4.8gr of IMR7625 makes a nice shooting load as well.
  24. Thaks a bunch I'm going to snag a jug of it and try it out in my CZ Shadow. I know all about risk, I run mostly 9 major. I first looked at AA#2 for 40 but really didn't find much info. I shoot a couple matches that have poppers out at 40 yards and routine targets at that distance.
  25. Reptoid, You have perked our interest in AA#2, but please give us some numbers so we can load some up and try it. Also some numbers on 147gr if you have them. I'm shootin an heavy metal gun not tupperware but it should work just as well.
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