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  1. Wow, I have an xl650 and the LNL sitting next to each other, by the way the wheels are interchangable. I keep brass in 3# coffee cans, so when it gets low I dump in about 1/3 to 1/2 can or 300 to 500 rounds. The trick to getting right side up cases and to avoid the brass rain is to take and cut a small piece of card board from a primer box and put it in the down shute of the case feeder which narrows the shute so that the case can not turn over in the shute. This is expecially true with 9 mm. The only thing the Hornady does that the dillon does not do is every once in a while it will s
  2. Now that is a good looking gun! Looks like you have totally eliminated any chance of the comp bumping the slide!
  3. Dirtyest - AA#7 this stuff will shut any properly fit gun down in 200 rounds, if you have acc-u-rails don't even think about it. Imagine small bits of gravel in you gun. Magnum primers and 175pf or higher it cleans up a bit. Cleanest - N320 TiteGroup - Dirty, violent, and excessively hot.
  4. There is a preponderence of evidence that indicates that something is either wrong wtih your load or your gun, or you bought some "immatators powder", there could always have been a mistake at the packager. Take the scientific approach: 1. Verify that your powder scale is accurate, by checking it against one or more scales of a different type. (electronic vs beam) 2. Now that you have verified the weight load 10 for testing. 3. Verify the diameter and weight of the Montana gold bullets. It is good that you have some loads that you can use for a sanity check however shoot those ove
  5. I run both SVI and STI Mags. In the STI mags I do run the spacers and Grams Guts, in the big sticks and STI guts in the 140's. They are all untuned and I have 3 Guns that run them all 100%. (4 big sticks and 6 140's). I run the Dawson SNL pads on the big sticks, I don't waste money on pads for 140's, if you need extra capacity whip out the big stick.
  6. My loads are 1.165 with the 124gr or 115 gr MTG CMJ RN. With the 1.140-1.138 being much shorter my load data could be just the ticket to a nice head seperation or a split case, aka Kaboom. 9 major is as everyone knows living dangerous outside the charts. SO BE ADVISED that you will need to BACK OFF from these numbers. In my gun my preferred load is Silhouette - Cold weather load is 7.4gr w/124gr OAL 1.165 w SPM (win), with a 115gr same OAL SPM 8.0gr. Silhouette is reverse temp sensative, FPS falls off as it gets hotter outside. HS6 7.8gr w/124gr @ 1.165 SPM, 8.8gr w/115gr @ 1.165 SPM
  7. I had issues with OAL with 10gr of Accurate #7, no matter how far I screwed the bullet settng die they still came out 1.175 or longer. I figured the powder was pushing them back out before they got to the crimp station.
  8. I think it is an overly ambigious statement. If you wanna save wear and tear on the machine leave it at home in the safe it will never wear out. Then again I've been bored and put a post out that was looking for trouble just to generate a little excitment. When it comes to recoil springs in general I tend to run a little heavier than most, not to protect the machine but to accomodate my lack of skill dealing with rcoil. However, that said I took my limited gun down to 12# from 14# because it allowed me to shoot faster and still be accurate. I run 10# in my open guns because it works
  9. I do not use N105, it is a real pain in the ass to load (even worse than 3N38) but if you wanna try, for example: Federal 205 or Winchester SR primer, N105 8.0 grains, 124gr MG CMJ loaded to 1.17". It is probably too light around PF 150-155 out of 5", but better start safely AA#7 @10gr w/125gr bullet set 1.17+ should perform a lot like N105 and its not bad to load, I ran that for a while till I found out Silhouette worked a lot better. It was in a 4.13" shorty so a 5" should come in a couple tenths less for PF. Used SPP and the pressure isn't bad but the corners of the primers will be
  10. I'm an open rookie and this is the only load that I have shot consistently since making the move a couple months ago. It is flat and soft in my gun. The dot tracks straight up and down and does not leave the lens. Looking to work up a N350 load to compare as well as a HS-6 load. Ncboiler - What is the set up on your gun, shorty or full size, hybrid or poppel holes etc? I have a Bedell full size gun with a Schuemmann barrel. I do not have any holes in the barrel. Bedell comp. Here is a picture... NC - That looks zakley like my gun with the Bedel only mine has a #3 hole in the
  11. I'm an open rookie and this is the only load that I have shot consistently since making the move a couple months ago. It is flat and soft in my gun. The dot tracks straight up and down and does not leave the lens. Looking to work up a N350 load to compare as well as a HS-6 load. Ncboiler - What is the set up on your gun, shorty or full size, hybrid or poppel holes etc?
  12. Ok tupperware shooter, my STI Edge is the most normal USPSA Limited gun there is, problably more shot in Limited Division than any other gun. I think you could be ok with a shorter OAL but you will need to adjust the powder down a few .10 and then work it up over a crono. You could go with a little slower powder like WST, IMR7625, or 3N37 if you get pressure signs before you get to power factor. Switching from N320 to N340 is an example, definately not N310, or Clays. Just kidding about the tupperware
  13. I think its on every shooters bucket list. I went to the Limited in 2009 and the Open in 2010. The 2010 match was worthy of the title Nationals title, the stages were tough, I saw props I'd never seen anywhere else. At my level I could have skipped the prize table but went for the expierence and had a lot of fun and met a bunch of nice shooter and had a good time. The Orleans is a nice hotel but there are much cheaper ones but its nice to stay where everyone is. For me it was a learning expierence and I came away humbled but a better shooter. By all means go. Good Luck Coco
  14. BigPops - You need to get a drive way monitor, for thier drive way when they leave its time to practice when they come back its time to stop. I'm a live and let live kind of guy so my neighbors get to do what ever they want on their property and like wise.
  15. The shorty tends to flip more than a full size so it becomes more about being able to track dot movement, and getting the palm slap down to a tolerable level. 124/125gr My shorty likes 7.7gr of Silhouette, not a lot different than AutoComp just a lot smoother dot movement. The shorty also responded well to 10gr of AA#7 but the OAL needs to go to 1.180 as its a lot of powder like 3N38. And the 115gr w HS6 at 9.0gr is a nice load. OAL @ 1.165 unless other wise stated, and SPP. I currently use Magnum Pistol primers as the gun runs cleaner and I've dropped about .2 gr off the loads. You mi
  16. Interesting numbers. I just did an HS6 Test last week at about 60f. Oal was 1.165 MTG 124gr CMJ, 5" barrel with Dawson DP-2 ConeComp, the Barrel is a Clark with round count at 1425. 10 rd Average - 7.7gr of HS6 with CCI Small Pistol Magnum Primer Avg 1403 FPS ES 5 SD 2. The ES and SD are phenominal. 174pf 7.9gr of HS6 with Win Small Pistol Primer Avg 1338 fps ES 40 SD 13 The ES and SD are typical. 166pf Loaded on Hornady Lock N Load - charge weight check Hornady 750 electronic and verified on Dillon Beam Scale. The neat thing was that after 100 rounds of testing the gun was sq
  17. Nice looking gun, smells like Canyon Creek.
  18. I'm running Magnum Primers with Silhouette at 7.4gr @1.165 w/124gr RN with 1408 fps aka 175 pf. I was running 7.7gr but the Magnum Primers make a big difference and it runs much cleaner. Just a thought. I tried 3n37 way back maybe I'll give it another run, still got some. 3n38 yeah makes a nice flame thrower! I just get tired of sweeping it up.
  19. Major = 4 EXTRA GRAINS OF POWDER, 124gr at 1378 fps and 115gr at 1500 fps versus minor at 1000 fps for 124gr or 1140 for 115gr.
  20. Eric - That's a basic looking lead flinging tool. Some serrations and some hog nostrils would give it some personality!
  21. This is my first New Custom Built Gun. It is my design (ok not really John Browning did most of the design) but I picked all the parts after spending 2 years shooting and dinking around with old used open gun. This is a HOGS gun. Which stands for Ho Guns Sporting in San Antonio. 9 major with all the right stuff that works for me. http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=788 http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=791&g2_imageViewsIndex=1 http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=797 http://www.sashooter.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=7
  22. That Quinn I sure is nice, oooh and I'm digging the slide cuts and the paint job as well.
  23. Quit a stage you kidding me. I was on the 3rd shot of a 32 round COF, the barrel link on my open gun broke, I had to switch hands and hit it to eject each round, at the end of the COF there was a port you had to hold open and shoot strong hand. I finished it in 1:43:25 for a whopping 1.06% but I finished it. Stars can give you a fit at times but if you are going to quit then get some crotchet hooks and stay home and make a sweater.
  24. Just came back from my range test of both new Clark Barrels. The Crono results were suprising, my good gun with sti bull barrel averages 1376 and with the same load the Clark averaged 1426 a nice 50 fps increase. The old Briles Barrel I replaced averaged 1301 with this same load. I don't have another full size to compare the 9 major barrel but it averaged 1416 fps with a Zero 125gr and 7.7gr of Silhouette this is nearly 35 fps faster than my nearly new 4.25in Clark shorty barrel. 178 pf is a little hot but its 172 pf in my primary gun so I will probaly just stick with the load so I have
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