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  1. I broke 2 cheap Lee's (the frame) (they were $25.00 back in the day) then I got the RCBS jr, its done many thousands of 223 (just deprime and sizing), loading is done on the Hornady L&L.
  2. I tried a Lee Load Master so long ago I can't remember what I did with it, its at the bottom of a lake or I sold it. I did manage to crank out a few thousand rounds, but it was a constant battle against the machine, you don't forget things like that. I bought a Hornady Lock and Load, while some will bash it cause it ain't blue, I have loaded 100's of thousands of rounds on it. One day my sponsor asked me if I'd like a Dillon 650, huh, you kidding me, well I took it home and discovered the truth about big blue. It was a learning curve, I broke more parts on it than the Hornady, it took a
  3. Now to the real topic, if you have not shot open you don't really know what you want. I started that way and bought a used Tanfo Gold and it was a great gun except it hurt my hand to shoot it. I ditched it bought a used Briley (STI) for $1200(2007). In the next couple of years I bought a few guns one was a worn out SVI, I had it accu-railed, then a couple of STI competitors. I customized them aka modernized them. I had a shorty built, and a 5" built by Chris Monolito (phillipines) both great guns. I really didn't know how much I loved shorty till I sold it about 8 years ago. The Briley
  4. 3N38 is another good choice . I tried it for a while it was good, nice flames, just couldn't find it reliably. Here is a whole thread on it 38SC w/ 3N38 Load Data - 9mm/38 Caliber - Brian Enos's Forums... Maku mozo!
  5. I use the MTM plastic 100 RD ammo boxes. They cost a bit more than a sandwich bag but there are some important advantages. 1st you know how many rounds, you need 150 for a match, two cases. 2.nd - When you put the bullets in nose down you can easily see things you might have missed in the drop check, like a high primer, upside down primer, or none etc. 3rd - If a round is long or short you will see that. 4th - When loading magazines you can use the rows of ten to help you know how many are in the mag. 5th - They stack well on shelves and it is easy to take an inventory of how much am
  6. You could start at 8.0 gr crono and adjust. If you search you will probably find 100's of recipes between 8.0 and 9.0 (8 is @ 166pf 9 is @ 180 pf) standard OAL 1.245. Personally I never found the love for it, I settled in on AA#7 10.5gr 175pf to get flat with a 5" Bedel Comp and 2 holes, power factor at 10gr but love at 10.5gr with 125gr Zeros. So you have to experiment some, and evaluate the results with a timer and a standard drill to set the bench mark, how you feel could be slowing you down.
  7. I scored mine at Search results for: 'bullets' (wideners.com). I didn't buy all of them they still have some.
  8. The secret is to polish the mag outside and inside where the button rides. I used a fine diamond file. Some people also polish the button surfaces, mine have run 100% for a decade without doing that. You also need to clean them after every match, I have a stainless steel brush I use for that. You can feel the difference after the polishing and they don't make noise when the button slides.
  9. Eric they shoot pretty well, that said make sure you don't shave the coating, a little more bell, and just enough crimp to hold it in place. If you shave the coating it will deposit lead in barrel, if you crimp to much they tumble. I bought a case of MonkeyBrassBullets they are coated 125gr, loaded a sample batch just have not tested them yet. Ordered on Monday arrived on Friday about 6 cents each.
  10. Thanks for the Info. When I got the RedDot I loaded about a 1000 45's, it was ok but my goto for 45 is Clays (200gr SWC).
  11. I hear you I just paid $85 for two pounds of N320, the last two within 100 miles. When it runs out I'm going use some of the 16#s of WST I bought during the OBAMA decade. Now if I could just find a use for 8#'s of RedDot.
  12. Something new I learned. The 6 moa dot in my new Romeo 1 is super bright compared to my 5 C-more sights, 4 being 8 moa and one being 6 moa. The size of the Romeo 1 6 MOA is about the same as the C-more 8 MOA. With the sight at full brightness I aim it at a 60 watt equivalent LED bulb about 2 feet away the 6 moa C-more is so pale I have to hunt for it, the 8 MOA C-more is pretty washed out but easily visible, the Romeo 1 has to be turned down it is too bright. Sunday I totally tanked a stage with the 6 moa, facing the morning sun the dot was so washed out I had a hard time finding it.
  13. That Butt Slam is no joke, it can drop check and still not feed, been there done that. You will be shocked how much a tenth of a grain can change the grouping.
  14. I actually have a 9 mm throat reamer, and have used it on my STI Open guns, I'm way more concerned with OAL on 9 major. When you stuff 10grs of powder in a 9 mm case you can't make short bullets, and if you did it might not be wise. FMJ and JHP's work at normal OAL in the CZ, its just the coated round nose that are fatter towards the point that need to be loaded short. The CZ is very accurate and if it ain't broke don't fix it.
  15. Plated bullets take a little extra care in loading. Do a search here, belling and crimping.
  16. A plunk checker is almost useless with my CZ SP01 Shadow. When I load any new "bullet" I pull the barrel out and make up a test round and drop it in the barrel, but the true test is getting it out! When pulling it out if it resists at all that's a problem. The ACME 125gr is a good example, I loaded 1,000's at 1.135 shot them in Glocks, my Carry gun Kahr PM9, PCC, Sig P226, etc. I take the CZ to range and shoot a 100 work good. I go to a match, and its all good till unload and show clear, I can't open the slide. Not every round is like that that small variance in the bullet and the OAL
  17. In 38 Super my favorite loads were AA#7 10.5gr with 124gr JHP, or 11.3gr with 115gr. OAL was standard 1.245. Out of my guns it ran 175pf, I didn't like 10gr because it didn't produce enough gas, so gassed it up. 5" 2 holes and a Bedel Titanium Comp. I liked N105 just never could get it when needed.
  18. As always, Open the Registry Editor and navigate toHKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetControlPrintIf you see a key named PostSPUpgrade, right-click and click on Delete.
  19. I took the plunge into the PCC pool. Bought a used stock Freedom FX9 gun from a guy that shot it in matches. It has been a disaster. Today 4th time to a match it ran and the dot stayed on. I had trouble with double feeds, my trusty old EOTec would go lights out after a few shots. The recoil wasn't exactly pleasant, but nothing like my 30-06 deer rifle. The trigger wasn't very good, ok it sucked. I took it to 3 matches, and had trouble every time as stated above. Yesterday the mail man brought the parts, I installed the CMC Trigger, and I installed the Blitzkrieg
  20. The only place I found Jacketed bullets in stock is Weidners, they had ArmsCor 115gr and 124gr FMJ, I'm saving my MG JHP's for the more important matches.
  21. The most important aspect of any Rim Fire in SC, is that it runs 100%, everything else becomes a mood point if it don't run. My RFPO has a rail mount C-More in 6 moa, my open guns are side mores, the rail mount works fine for SC. Finding the dot lol, just lock on to it while at low ready, arms up bang, not like drawing an open gun where muscle memory is everything. When it comes to dots Buy once cry once. C-More is a good solid choice, however it is old school and not sexy like the new micro dots. I have a Romeo 1 on my CO gun, so far it is excellent. Carry extra C-more batt
  22. Sweet, there is just something about the clean simple look. It needs some holster wear marks to make it a classic!
  23. HOLA my favorite bullet for 9 mm minor is the 135gr, a good reduction in recoil from the 125gr, the 147gr seem sluggish, you stand there waiting on the slide to cycle, seems like it anyway. IMHO TiteGroup is harsh, nasty, and hot, but it might slightly edge out 231/WST which don't over heat the gun, and don't coat it in gunk. My go to powder for 9 mm minor is N320, it even smells good. IMR 7625 was my favorite but they quit making it. I tried Clays, yes I like to live dangerous, it was like shooting mouse fart loads, way low on recoil, but I gave it up because the accuracy was horrible.
  24. That must be a good Para! Don't see many Para's these days. Load sounds good, I've shot a lot of WST at 4.3 gr with Precison 125gr bullets and they were accurate and it makes minor 130-135pf. Never loaded anything that short mostly 1.130 to 1.175 depending on the bullet. My guns run better with a longer OAL.
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