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  1. I was taught at an early age to shoot 'traditional', i.e. using one eye open. I'm a lefty, and back then my right eye was my dominant eye. I shot rifle right handed and pistols left handed. When I had to qualify with a 45 in the Corps, a shooting instructor taught me to shoot a pistol with both eyes open, and to shoot right handed. Seemed very natural to me. Now I shoot pistols with either hand, and either eye, although I've trained my left eye to be my master eye now and use it almost exclusively as I have some damage to my right eye's cornea and it messes with my RMRs.
  2. I'm Bill. Just joined again to see what's changed since I stopped shooting USPSA in the early 2000s. I shot in the 80s and 90s, mostly in SoCal and AZ (sectionals). I built many of my competition pistols and shot exclusively Open. Now I just build what I can (retired, broke), when I can for carry and range toys. The shooting range near Sierra Vista AZ doesn't shoot USPSA, and the Tucson match is 3 hours each way. I'm too old and too slow nowadays anyway. :D Now I'm just a hobby machinist who tinkers with firearms and casually shoots at the local range. Looking forward t
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