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  1. here is my algorithm, please critique: 1. build a mental map of all targets and their positions 2. identify "mandatory" shooting positions (these are positions where targets are only available from, you have to go there) 3. plan the rest of targets: minimize the time to shoot the rest of the targets between mandatory positions, by: a) minimize the number of shooting positions (shoot as many targets from one position as possible) b) avoid movement without shooting or reloading c) avoid very wide transitions d) avoid very hard shots, pay extra attention to steel, no shoots etc. e) avoid moving backwards as much as possible 4. then figure out the rest: reloads (easier for high cap), DQ traps, where to shoot on the move, feet positions etc. 5. memorize, visualize, air gun Of course, this is way too complicated and takes a long time, so I typically default to doing only 1, 2 and reload positions when I dont have much time to study the stage.
  2. i dont want to be the best shooter in my squad, makes me slow.
  3. Tango

    Legion front sight

    the blade width on the trijicon is 0.11 vs the 0.09 on the dawson (which is pre-installed on X5)...and so it has a much larger fiber the thicker blade will fill the original dawson rear sight a bit more, but i dont think this will be a problem....in fact the rear notch on the dawson and trijicon are the same width, so apparently trijicon thought this configuration is fine
  4. Tango

    Legion front sight

    yes, but they all use the same size fiber, 0.04 trijicon is the only one that i find that uses a 0.06 fiber: https://www.trijicon.com/products/details/sg701-c-601050
  5. Tango

    Legion front sight

    trijicon sells a thicker front sight, i havent tried it though
  6. In my opinion, the entire p320 lineup is junk when it comes to reliability. They are just flimsy guns, parts always break. However, I still find the X5 legion to be the best CO gun for price vs performance ratio, and continue to buy parts. My tungsten grip is kind of beat up, but I already assumed it would be so. I used a knife to shave off sharp edges when I first got it, and it cuts like butter. Very flimsy.
  7. things i got from the video: 1. acceptable sight picture for the target, no more no less 2. make a habit of being low and wide (so you dont have to think about it) 3. dont fight the recoil (let the gun do its thing, but have good grip) 4. gun up (ready to shoot) 5. save time in transitions 6. see what you need to see, all the time (everything is seeable, try to see sights/dot even in fast double taps)
  8. Since I started this topic, I switched to Carry Optics. Since then, the best matches I shot have always been indoors! To me, this shows that it was my inability to see the front sight clearly indoors that made my performance suffer. Now I like indoors matches!
  9. what is the fault line rule some of you are referring to??
  10. great strategy and I am happy it worked for you, but to me it sounds too complicated and prone to getting a procedural or ten
  11. what is the implication of fault lines extending to infinity? i don't understand how you can use this to your advantage
  12. What skills and strategies are key to a great time/score in IDPA? I ask this as an A class USPSA shooter who occasionally shoots IDPA. Obviously, accuracy is king. Movement is quite different, as one needs to use cover, which makes movement a lot less fluid with a lot of stopping. Reloads are different. Stage planning is much less important, but still is a factor. What I figured out so far: 1. Clean up the stages, use make up shots if necessary (aim for zero down overall) 2. Watch for the procedurals 3. Get really low when shooting around barricades (for exploding out of position) 4. Do visualize stage plan even though it seems unnecessary 5. Practice tac reloads while retaining mags (saves a lot of time in certain situations) 6. Make up misses while on the move (after engaging targets from mandatory positions) 7. Practice shooting from awkward positions What else?
  13. 92% in CO today, 83% two months ago. Leaving and entering on the partials both times.
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