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  1. Tango

    P320 X5 Thread

    I have gray guns competition trigger kit in my X5, and i have noticed an uneven wear on the sear...any idea what may be causing this?
  2. Tango

    P320 X5 Thread

    how is your tungsten grip modules holding up? i noticed some major dents and scratches at the magazine insert area (not the iron magwell, but the bottom of the TXG grip)
  3. my indoors classifiers keep dragging me to C class, need to get out of that myself
  4. my plan is to brave the weather and shoot outdoors only...will shoot the matches when the weather allows, and train by myself when they are cancelled otherwise I am starting to lose motivation for shooting because of the weird results I am getting indoors
  5. yes, the difference in irons is bigger, but there is still a drop in performance with the dot if i shoot indoors my classifiers, for example, are around 65-75% outdoors, 50-60% indoors, the variability in match results or between stages is also huge indoors, i can win a stage and then completely trash another one when indoors, but outdoors it is pretty consistent....i hate indoors
  6. both, and the result is still the same, i am still significantly better outdoors
  7. Relatively new, C-B level shooter here. I noticed that my performance at indoor matches is considerably lower than it is in outdoor matches. Several indoor classifiers I shot were mid C, but if outdoors I comfortably make high B. I also noticed that other people also shoot well below their current level if they are indoors. Any ideas why this may be happening? I attribute that to the poor lighting in the indoor range I shoot at. For example, there is this particular dark corner that I always hit the no shoot, and overall I feel like I get a lot less visual info indoors than outdoors. Personally, I decided to not shoot indoors anymore. Any others that have the same experience?
  8. this is interesting, do you have more info on the procedure for how to drill?
  9. i removed it myself (on both plastic and tungsten grip), using a very sharp knife and by going slow and checking constantly for fit it is perfect now
  10. Tango

    Romeo1 Shroud

    Now that enough time has passed since last post, how do you guys like the Romeo 1 shroud? Is it worth getting?
  11. did you do anything to the holster to fit it? my comptac doesnt want to take it (the gun hangs high in the holster, almost exposing the trigger)
  12. Tango

    P320 X5 Thread

    i got the GoGun thumb rest and I like it too, except now the gun doesnt fit into my CompTac holster, how did you solve this problem??
  13. Tango

    P320 X5 Thread

    I think the dawson front sight has a thickness of 0.09, and the fiber is 0.04. Chances are you will mess it up before you can fit 0.06 fiber. Dawson has thicker front post, but their fiber sizes are always 0.04
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