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  1. My two cents here. I have had good grip since the day I started shooting. Locking the wrist while being able to move my index finger fast comes natural to me. Recently I realized this is not the case for everyone and started analyzing the situation. For me, I believe it is due to my martial arts/boxing training. See, if you have to punch something like the heavy bag, especially without gloves, you have to have locked wrists. Otherwise you roll your wrist, and it hurts like hell. So, anybody who can punch a heavy bag without hurting themselves can lock their wrists at will. Funny thing is, your
  2. yeah, we always see the sights in follow up shots and never do double taps in competition, no matter the target size and distance....i'd say slow down and get your hits
  3. oh, finally, try the gas-pedal accelerator-pedal thumb rest (or whatever it is called), helps hugely with recoil reduction and control (yes, I said reduction!), and also helps you balance the gun on horizontal axis, helping eliminate that disgusting low left shot pattern (assuming you are right handed). there are a lot of things people wont admit here, and will tell you its all training and technique. while this is mostly true, the correct equipment helps you perform better, and this game is all about extracting the most performance out of our abilities
  4. Also, grip size matters. Try to find a grip size that fits your hands well. I use the largest possible, because it has more to hold on to, and the distance between beavertail (grip tang) and trigger is larger, which results in a straight 90 degree trigger finger for me. Find what works the best for you.
  5. Here is a secret that not a lot of people here will admit to know or accept: gun and ammo does matter. You need to improve your grip technique and strength for sure, BUT, a finely tuned low bore axis gun shooting 125PF ammo does wonders to your splits! If you are using p320, consider getting a lower power recoil spring (11lb works well), the X5 tungsten grips, tungsten guide rod, and sand paper grip tape, and the grayguns competition trigger. You will see a dramatic and immediate improvement
  6. this is a factory gun, with factory parts.
  7. Is this considered normal wear on a fairly new G19? Pictures show the firing pin lug face, I can feel that line with my finger nail. Lots of dry fire and a few hundred rounds on the pistol:
  8. Not really; for example 147gr speer lawman FMJ is 145PF, and feels much more snappier than my 147gr 125PF minor rounds. Less blast because mine are subsonic. AND, factory speer will over penetrate for sure.
  9. How about 125PF minor power factor FMJ like we use in competition vs factory (full power) FMJ like you favor? Most of us are capable of putting 3-4 rounds of such ammo into the A zone in under 1 sec using small carry guns. Doing the same with full power 9mm is much harder. I am curious of the reason behind your choice of factory FMJ. Regarding penetration: I have seen FBI gel tests with 380 auto FMJ's that penetrate around 25 inches. They have the same PF as our minor competition ammo, and the same diameter. So I suspect minor PF rounds would penetrate like 380 auto. Full power 9mm
  10. What do you guys think of low power FMJ rounds for self defense? Handgun rounds just make holes, including hollow points. Low PF ammo has the advantage of low recoil and low blast, and hence better follow up shots. FMJ also feeds better. I also suspect subsonic FMJ rounds would not significantly over penetrate. Then, why bother with expensive and snappy +P hollow points that may or may not expand? This could all be a marketing gimmick.
  11. I had the fortune of shooting this once again in a match; looks like MD's just love this one. This time shot everything static, with a pretty fast run in between, and fast splits. 96% in CO. Left and entered on the partials.
  12. Does Sig sell TGX grip module in large size?
  13. Guns should be drop safe. Especially in a gun sport in which dropping a gun is highly likely. Common sense.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. How about: don't mess around with guns to the point that they are unsafe, or don't use them in a condition that they are not intended for? But no, that would make too much sense.
  15. Prior to this I didn't know that most CZ's had no firing pin block, and that they start with the hammer on firing pin. This is nuts. I have always found the "pull the trigger on a live round" method of decocking to be wrong too. Overall, this is something the users, USPSA and manufacturers should look at. I dont care who and how. Lets just agree on not running around with guns which if dropped would have a high chance of going off and killing somebody. I don't understand how some people here take this so lightly.
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