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  1. I like shooting with better shooters if they are nice people too, and it is very educational indeed. But i did mess up a match because i squadded up with a top GM who also happens to be insecure and overly competitive.
  2. things i am going to need to fix: 1. not relaxing my grip (especially weak hand) during shooting 2. making sure i see the dot (or the sights) even for the closest targets: shouldn't drop points for no reason 3. better stage planning and memorization 4. reloads (biggest issue for classifiers) 5. equipment issues 6. shooting sooner, moving sooner 7. attacking long/hard targets aggressively
  3. So, what are your goals for 2020? For me, becoming M (currently high B) and shooting at 90% or above in carry optics is my goal. We have a lot of M's and a few GM's in the area who are moving to carry optics, so it is a bit hard to win even the local matches. I started USPSA last 6 months ago (did IDPA for another 6 months before that).
  4. Tango

    P320 X5 Thread

    wolff spring, 13lb 5k rounds
  5. Tango

    P320 X5 Thread

    new problem with the X5: the slide is locking back prematurely (while there are still bullets in the magazine), any idea what could cause this?? I was told that longer 9mm rounds may cause this, and indeed this problem happens with one type of ammo only by the way, i am pretty sure that i am not touching the slide lock/release
  6. I don't know much about duty use or anything like that, but Staccato P is the fastest and most accurate gun I ever shot. This is the Ferrari of carry(able) guns. If safety on duty involves being safe from bad guys, this would be a perfect tool for that job.
  7. My tip on starting CrossFit if you are 50 yrs old and overweight: DON'T! I would continue doing weights (with a trainer, at least at the beginning) and throw in cardio in the mix. Lose the extra 30 you have with good nutrition. Eat lots of protein, and less carbs. After building sufficient fitness, start doing sprints and agility drills. CrossFit at this age can lead to bad injuries (think rotator cuff, ACL, etc), surgery, and ultimate decline in overall fitness.
  8. Yes, that is on me to do my homework, but it is also the responsibility of stage designers and match directors to minimize all possible randomness and unfairness in this game.
  9. yea, but even the smallest amount of jogging or small warm up exercised get the weird looks from everybody else...there is something about the shooting community and their aversion towards physical activity (except when the buzzer goes off!)
  10. This is great info, however has one major issue: your program assumes that everybody has enough and equal time to do these rehearsals, which is never true. What I can see is that the people who designed and setup the course has the most advantage in finding the best plan memorizing it, and then those who arrived early, and finally those who shoot it later in the squad....this all adds RANDOMNESS to the outcome of a match, or even leads to unfair practices and outcomes.
  11. I am relatively new to the game, but already can recognize this pattern. I dislike these kind of "memory" stages and think that they are unfair for the reasons you mentioned. There is a local club here run buy a GM, his family and his buddies. They always throw in two to three such trick memory stages in every match with huge overall points and seem to be so well rehearsed in how to shoot them....they give all the nonmember/outside shooters a total of 5 mins to walk through these stages, and no surprise everybody outside of their group make costly mistakes. The funny thing is they never shoot in any other club either. These stages are testing memory skills that are not necessarily practical for real life either, but that is a different discussion.
  12. but then, I would have to live in Florida
  13. i've heard that before, and i don't know how it works there with the 10rd mag law, but more power to you brother!
  14. and shoot low cap? nah im good.
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