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  1. I started shooting because I always liked guns and wanted to be proficient with it. I then got hooked up and became competitive, and started having fun. So much fun that my other hobbies (like working out at the gym) went away. I also started thinking too much about it, and it became a detriment to other things that require my mental energy. It is an escape, fun, zen moment, relaxing etc etc. So, it clearly has its benefits as a hobby. However, I won't allow it to come at the expense of other things like staying healthy, spending time with family, social life, work, etc. So, at the moment I am
  2. yeah, but with the tungsten infused grip
  3. I am asking because of curiosity, I just want to understand how you think, with the hopes that it would give me motivation. Even if you have a shot at being the best, is it really worth it? All the time, money, sacrifice....last time I heard even world champions are not making much money, its not the NBA or pro-golf or anything like that. All that time...I don't know, there are more important things to do in this life than dedicating all my time to a game, a hobby in the end. Don't get me wrong, I am cheering for you.
  4. My reasons for this gun project: It would still have the nice grip, weight, balance etc. of the X series pistol, but would be shorter and more wieldy. The alternative is to go to a CZ shadow, but I dont like the DA/SA, so...
  5. oh...never thought of that! I guess you'd need a machinist or best bet is somebody already is selling one for an x-carry
  6. The grip is made of tungsten infused polymer, and is softer than the bare polymer itself. Like soap, almost
  7. I shoot a X5 legion in CO (with gray guns trigger). While I like how little recoil it has, and how nicely it returns to zero with the right spring and guide rod combo, I always thought it is too large and unwieldy. It cycles a bit slow, too. I always liked how fast the G19 sized guns can be in transitions, and in cycling (if you are curious, watch CCLASSFORLIFE's videos). I just wish the X5 was a shorter gun. No advantage to added length for CO. So, here is the idea: get an X-carry slide and barrel, and put it on my legion lower. Trim the extra inch or so from the tip of the tungst
  8. Congrats! Q: Why do you shoot?
  9. I found this. Everything is different in this style of shooting compared to the typical USPSA stage: positions, movement, cadence...lots of move, hard stop, shoot, move again, awkward positions, hard exits etc. vs USPSA you can move fluidly all the time. I think this is the main difference: having to shoot behind barriers (and slicing the pie) make the movement very choppy vs. smooth movement of USPSA.
  10. I should say, I sense a feeling of superiority here among USPSA shooters, which is not warranted at the top level. I know production GM's in USPSA who can not beat IDPA M's in IDPA. These are different games, and top level shooters exist in both games.
  11. I am M in USPSA, EX in IDPA, both CO. Not a regular IDPA shooter.
  12. raw time; i am faster in uspsa, he is faster in idpa
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