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  1. I had the fortune of shooting this once again in a match; looks like MD's just love this one. This time shot everything static, with a pretty fast run in between, and fast splits. 96% in CO. Left and entered on the partials.
  2. Does Sig sell TGX grip module in large size?
  3. Guns should be drop safe. Especially in a gun sport in which dropping a gun is highly likely. Common sense.
  4. Thanks for the suggestion. How about: don't mess around with guns to the point that they are unsafe, or don't use them in a condition that they are not intended for? But no, that would make too much sense.
  5. Prior to this I didn't know that most CZ's had no firing pin block, and that they start with the hammer on firing pin. This is nuts. I have always found the "pull the trigger on a live round" method of decocking to be wrong too. Overall, this is something the users, USPSA and manufacturers should look at. I dont care who and how. Lets just agree on not running around with guns which if dropped would have a high chance of going off and killing somebody. I don't understand how some people here take this so lightly.
  6. THIS! Why trade safety with a half pound reduction in trigger pull? Its not gonna make you a champion shooter or anything like that.
  7. i will stay clear of those who shoot these guns for sure
  8. yes but it allows the shooter to start in a much more dangerous position (hammer resting on pin), and hence a design flaw it really doesn't matter, it is just dangerous to use these guns in this way
  9. yes those are design flaws, and no you can not find such flaws in just about anything
  10. the flaw is the design with high possibility of a gun going off when dropped on the ground without a part being broken. hammer resting on the firing pin, without a pin block, is a design flaw...the gun goes off when dropped, this is the 21st century we are not talking 1900's firearms here why is this so hard to accept?
  11. These guns are not drop safe, plain and simple. Use them at your own risk. I won't.
  12. It is always a combination of design flaw and operator error that causes bad accidents. In this case, it is an inherently unsafe equipment and operation mode being accepted in a sport that prides itself with safety that caused this "accident".
  13. I wonder what is the number of dropped guns going off during matches in a given year. This must happen more frequently than one would think. I think we hear about them only when something really bad happens.
  14. This sounds to me like Boeing's explanations/excuses after 737 Max crashes. A clear design/safety flaw masquerading as an accident. Guns are not supposed to go off without pulling the trigger, unless a part is broken. Not an acceptable situation and warrants rule/equipment changes IMHO.
  15. congrats man! perhaps we will meet at the next nationals.
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