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  1. I’ve tried everything. I’ve watched tons of videos and tried every technique. It’s either really uncomfortable or I’m straining really hard. Nothing seems to be clicking. I have to re aim after every shot. Cannot track sights at all.
  2. If you join the practical shooting training group can you cancel at any time? I couldn’t find any info on it.
  3. Need help or tips with recoil management. I can’t track my sights. How do I get it to shoot flat?
  4. Just curious why do you use 11lb instead of 13lb? Is it a Glock 17? I’m about to get a guide rod for my carry optics Glock 17. I’ve never ran an aftermarket guide rod.
  5. It’s a 17 gen 3. I want to add as much weight as possible but still be legal in carry optics.
  6. Fenix has great ammo it’s a great price also. An they have a rewards program. The more you buy the more you save. I’ve went through a couple of thousand rounds and not one issue. I buy the training reloads. The 115 and 147 grain 9mm. They are great!
  7. What weight recoil spring should I get? I run 147g minor loads, front serrations, and Burris fast fire 3. The tungsten rods are pretty pricey I don’t want to get the wrong weight spring.
  8. Very well put! I am a new shooter and do not need a custom gun. It would be a waste of money for me. So I am stuck between getting 1. Upgraded rock island with 3 mbx mags $1600 2. Used sti with mags $1900 3. CZ tso with mags $1800 All basically the same price just trying to get the most for my money. In a few years I will upgrade to a custom built. I work with tools everyday. So I know you get what you pay for but my cheap ryobi power tools have never let me down for 2 years now. I bought them to just get started with and have no reason to upgra
  9. I have a glock 17 setup for carry optics. I know you can’t have anything that alters grip to form a magwell. I was wondering if I could use a grip plug weight though. Such as the glockstore thug plug. If so which do you recommend? I just want to add as much weight as possible to help balance the gun and keep the dot steady for follow up shots. Is anyone adding weight to their glocks in co? How are you doing it?
  10. I found a 550 for $490 with everything needed to run 9mm
  11. Yea that’s what I’m leaning towards. Do you guys think the 650 new reloader kits are worth it? Should I buy a used press for $500 and then get all the other necessities?
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