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  1. I am actually shooting CO, my issue is with astigmatism. I took my slide and optic in with me when I got my prescription. So not a focus distance issue for me.
  2. So there are TONS of options out there, so I was hoping to get some opinions. I definitely want something impact rated, but maybe not as expensive as something like the HD Golds. I have had in the past the type of glasses with a prescription insert behind interchangeable lenses, but I want to go the one lens route this time. The other is just too bulky and hard to clean. Likely something yellow tinted as that seems to be the best all around option. If I can find a good deal I am not opposed to buying a couple of complete frames for different situations. Also would be nice to fin
  3. I thought I would follow up on my original post. I was originally looking for N320, but it ain't out there. I did end up going with Clean Shot, and I have been super impressed. I really don't notice much of a difference in cleanliness compared to Titegroup. It is better, but I wet tumble and never had an issue with Titegroup. Gun seems a little cleaner, but not really anything to write home about. The biggest difference I have noticed is the metering. I am spot on time after time, where as there was always some minor deviation with Titegroup. I am definitely enjoying the sph
  4. Hell, you are right. Major brain fart on my part. Thanks!
  5. So I know from looking at the rules that there is 9mm minimum on the cartridge for centerfire pistols. However, when looking through older articles online I see a lot of mention of shooting 38 super or super comp. Did the rules change at some point?
  6. Did you find that you needed to have any trigger work done?
  7. Sorry, meant I was vague, not you.
  8. Yeah, that was vague. Was referring to my other post where we were talking about putting a comp on my S2.
  9. Also, there is the whole DA/SA thing. Would be very nice in SC to have my first trigger pull be SA.
  10. I actually thought about that. I already have an optic (shoot CO with it.) I have never shot open before, so the one reason I was hesitating on that option was that I always assumed it was preferable to have your optic frame mounted as opposed to the slide so that the optic was not reciprocating.
  11. So I am looking to pick up an open gun in 9mm. I have owned and shopped many 2011s (but all limited.) Because of price and the fact that I have a line on being able to pick one up, I am considering a Czechmate. I already shoot a S2 in CO, so sticking with the CZ grip also makes sense to me. Also, this will likely be used mostly in Steel Challenge. If I decide to get something for SC only, I will probably look into a 1911 9mm build. I am curious if anyone has opinions on the pros and cons of the CZ and 2011 when compared to each other?
  12. Once you add the optic it isn't much of a difference weight-wise. I ended up with a net weight savings of .4 oz, so not much. Basically, by having the lightening done you are not adding any weight with the optic. It feels a touch faster, but not a lot. I would imagine it would be a noticeable difference if you had the cuts done without adding the optic.
  13. Damn, that's close. Is yours the battleworn finish? Same grips and everything...
  14. Load data I am using is essentially the same at Titegroup. Have only loaded 124gr so far at 2.8gr. Honestly, it is cleaner, but not a whole lot cleaner, at least from what I have seen. There are a lot of comparison photos out there, and the differences on those is pretty shocking. However, from what I have seen, it is maybe 25% cleaner than Titegroup. Still, it's cheap, and cleaner is still cleaner.
  15. Finally getting back to follow up on this. Ended up with Clean Shot, definitely liking it so far.
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