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  1. I've got something like 5k rounds through my BUL Trophy SAW (9mm Minor PF) I think it's a lot of bang for the buck - but not perfect. I swapped out the mag release for a Dawson. The factory release can trap a mag if you caveman the reload. The OEM guide rod was plated and began to fleck off. I replaced it with a Dawson FLGR A corner of the MIM firing pin stop chipped. I bought an EGW and hand fit a replacement.
  2. I called. The answer was "the magazines will tell you. When you have issues feeding the last round or second to last round - it's time to replace" In general, they believe the 9mm magazine springs are good for 10-15k rounds
  3. How often should you replace the magazine springs in a 9mm single stack gun? I checked my maintenance logs and I have north of 5k rounds in one set of magazines that's 3 years old. Another batch of mags is newer, but shares similar round count. Since they only run about $8ea, it's pretty cheap insurance. (until I did the math on a dozen mags!) I'm a big fan of the Dawson Precision 9mm 10 round magazines. I've been using them for a couple of years now and find them to be very reliable.
  4. My dry fire practice paid dividends. I was able to acquire the dot quickly and didn't twist the gun around trying to find the dot. Precision shots on 5" wide knockdowns with a dot was a lot easier than with irons. In really quick transitions with multiple targets in the same port I did lose the dot. ...but it didn't seem to matter much since they were close enough to just slap the trigger at keep moving. I didn't take time to find the dot, I just relied on skeletal alignment. It was good time - great practice!
  5. Thanks guys - I found a holster that it would fit in and shot it at a local match. It was my first time running a gun with a dot under match conditions. I was impressed!
  6. I want to get some mileage on a new Staccato C2 DUO I picked by shooting a couple of local matches with it. The new 2021 rules changes prompted me to download the updated the rulebook and it still looks like an single-action only gun with a red dot is still only allowed in the open division. ....am I right about that? - No red dots in the limited division - Production excludes guns single-action only and guns with magwells - Carry optics still excludes SAO I guess that leaves the "concealed carry" Staccato C2 running in the open division with full blown race guns. I suppose coming in dead last isn't so bad if I'm getting valuable trigger time and experience.
  7. Thanks for the tips guys! I'm going to give it a go!
  8. I'd like to try my hand at fitting a new firing pin stop onto one of my single stack guns. The factory part is MIM and fits rather loosely. ....and an oversized EGW part is only like $20 - so what have I got to lose? Having never tried something like this before, I'm wondering how you keep the firing pin hole "centered" when removing material from the left & right sides of the stop? Is it just a case of making sure you make an equal number of passes on each side when removing material? ....or are you using a mic to ensure each side is equal?
  9. I have a BUL single stack gun with about 5k rounds through it. I recently installed one of their adjustable triggers. Overall I'm pretty happy. I was able to minimize the travel / slack and now have a nice crisp 2.5# break.
  10. Thanks for this link. It's a great reference. I've booked marked it
  11. I have been in touch Gilbert @ GP Arms - the BUL distributor. He imports guns with bushing barrels for USPSA single stack competition. Although 95% of the BUL 1911 photos on the web show a bull barrel, bushing guns are available for the asking. Here's a screen cap of bushing trophy SAW ripped from Shooters Connection.
  12. BUL Armory's 1911 pistols look very interesting. They certainly are unique. They are promoted as being an IPSC competition gun. but I guess their bull barrel's make them illegal in the USPSA single stack division. Would it fly in Limited 10 or another division?
  13. Did anyone have a chance to check out the new Safariland Model 015 competition holster at SHOT? Their website says that it should start shipping in March. [link]
  14. I fondled one at ShotShow and was impressed with the build quality. I liked the flat trigger, fit & finish were nice, trigger broke clean. I think the MSRP is a little silly. I'd buy one at the right price.
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