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  1. Oh yes you are correct I forgot I even mentioned that thing. I have to dig it out and compare it to the DAA, there is something different because it does not work as well as my DAA has so far. Although the Uniquetek funnel is much better build quality.
  2. 9htc-ptu.html The standard one looks exactly like the DAA one in profile. My DAA expander started flaking off the plating within a few hundred rounds, so keep an eye on that. The only funnels I have used is the Dillion funnel and then the DAA funnel. And yes, the DAA funnel I received brand new out of the box already had the plating flaking off and wouldn’t even fit in my Dillon die body without some cleanup work. I contacted DAA about these issues, they said they are aware of them but didn’t offer anything further, kind of disappointed but it’s working now so I’ll just keep an eye on it.
  3. Sorry I failed to update this post. Purchased a DAA powder funnel and that helped in regards to getting the bullet to sit right in the case without having to over flair. Was still having set back issues so got a Lee U die and problem solved. I’ve sorted out the brass that does/does not require the u die but I’ve decided that if it’s range brass I’ll use the U die exclusively.
  4. Good to know. Can’t find the Lee u die in stock but the Redding is readily available. Redding makes no mention of under sizing, but you and a few others confirm that it does so I’ll go ahead and order it in the morning. I shall see what happens. Appreciate the reply
  5. I’m loading .356 diameter DG coated
  6. Alright group, if it’s not already obvious I’m new to reloading. Took many of your suggestions and pretty much I’m convinced it’s a mixture of the operator and range brass causing all these issues. On the operator side, I believe I’m using way too much force when checking for setback on my bench top. I found a factory loaded round and checked it using my method. Compressed the bullet right to the powder. From now on I think I’ll load a mag and chamber the rounds then remeasure. While still talking about the operator, I also believe too much flare was also used, based on the suggestions here I ordered a MBF funnel On to the range brass. Wow I had no idea wall thickness could vary as much as it does between head stamps. Would i be better off using a U die exclusively if I’m going to continue using range brass?
  7. I want to thank everyone for all the suggestions and tips. I’ve got some good advice on things to check when I get home and will report what I find. I also want to add that I did reach out to Mighty Armory via email. Wayne has been great offering much of the same advice you all have offered here as well.
  8. I have a powder funnel that I believe is similar to the Mr. Bullet feeder made by Uniquetek. Makes for very easy bullet seating but neck tension is absolutely gone so it’s back in the package under my bench. I may go back and look at the Mr. Bullet funnel again. Sizing dies are kind of hard to find right now, what others do you suggest besides the U die?
  9. Yes, I had to buy all my dies individually. It seems the sizing die is what’s causing the massive back order for Dillion.
  10. That’s something else I need to do, and will do so tomorrow after work. Trust me, I’m not bragging about how much I paid for the sizing die, it’s just the only one I could find in stock.
  11. Both MA sizing dies I have are the TNT gold match dies that were bought this year, the one I’m currently using was purchased just a few weeks ago. I’m glad you posted that quote from their web site, that’s something I don’t understand how to adjust for the bullet. The only instructions I received were to screw the die down until it contacts the shell plate and lock it down. No other instructions on the web site either. As far as the Lee FCD, I agree with you on that. I tried one out on my 550 and was not happy with the results. Went back to the Dillion crimp die on that machine.
  12. Got it, I’ll give that a try tomorrow and report back. Really appreciate your help with this.
  13. I agree about the range brass and I’m sure that’s a major contributor to my problems.
  14. True, but I’m hoping for the price I paid for these sizing dies it’s not the problem. I only own 2 sizing does, both are the Mighty Armory TNT gold match dies.
  15. Ok I know this topic has been asked numerous times, I’ve searched and found many discussions but nothing answers my question that I’ve found. Quick rundown of the equipment: Dillion 750 loading Mighty Armory sizing die Dillion powder funnel Dillion seating die Dillion crimp die Loading mixed range brass, DG 135 gr coated bullets The 750 is brand new, this is my first bulk batch of reloading today. Previously used a 550. While doing some test runs on the 750 I was really slowing the process down on the bullet seating station, just could not get the bullet to stay vertical in the case. Was flaring the case to .010, figured that was not enough so slowly crept up to .019 on the flare. Loaded a few, checked for set back using my bench top and all was good. Fast forward to today, loaded the primer tubes and knocked out 230 rounds. During my checks I’m finding random rounds that I can push the bullet into the case. Not easily, but that fact that I can push the bullet back into the case is enough to cause worry in my opinion. I’m assuming this is the result of too much case flare prior to bullet seating. The MA sizing die is brand new. The crimp is at .377 but my research tells me crimp does not control bullet setback, neck tension does. Am I correct on what I’ve read so far. And finally my question: besides pulling the bullets and starting all over is there a way to save these rounds? I have a Lee FCD, would running them through this without the crimp portion help at all?
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