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  1. I have a 5 MOA SRO and even a 10MOA RTS 2 on the Open gun, I do run it dim and only prefer the bigger dot showing less movement. YMMV
  2. I prefer a bigger moa dot. I have a tendency to sometimes overaim especially if I see a lot of dot movement with smaller dots, also I find it nicer to dim a bigger dot vs brightening a small one.
  3. Thought I'd change mine all to my Open configuration but after some dryfiring and figuring out my indexes my belts are similar to my duty rig now. Two pouches in front of hip bone and straight up for consistency.
  4. Welcome, if you go on practiscore you can find some local clubs. A lot of good clubs in FL
  5. That's awesome work! I like the checkering a lot and the SRO is a fine optic for gaming.
  6. The United States uses several. Here are some with some of their corresponding NSNs. Most standard personnel use the M9 until it gets phased out by the M17 (Army) and M18 (USN,USMC,USAF). The Mk series handguns are typically used by specialized units but in the supply system. For those concerned about this post and national security these are all easily found with the internet and .gov websites that are public. Beretta M9 NSN 1005-01-118-2640 Sig Sauer M17 NSN 1005-01-661-7317 (Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Sentries have a special M17) Sig Sauer M18 NSN 1005-01-661-7309 Sig Sauer Mk25 (P226) NSN 1005-01-613-2301 Sig Sauer M11-A1 (P228) NSN 1005-01-340-0096 (Tritium Sights) or 1005-01-336-8265 Heckler and Koch Mk24 mod 0 (45C) Heckler and Koch Mk23 1005-01-426-8951 Glock Mk27 (Gen4 G19 MOS with Threaded Barrel) NSN 1005-01-658-1930 Glock Mk26 (Gen 4 G26) (NSN 1005-01-559-0724)
  7. Nice! I got along with the CTs on my ship and that's awesome you did shore duty your time in. I just got off sea duty last year and enjoying shore duty now. Thanks for your service and hope you didn't drink too many Chu-Hi s in Japan hahaha.
  8. No problem, dont mind the dirty coveralls but this was my setup. I usually did dryfire in my stateroom or office to not cause alarm. Also the SIRT pistol was used for training some of the crew trigger control. I had Vogel sights installed on mine.
  9. C&H provides slide milling for the SIRT https://chpws.com/product/next-level-training-sirt-training-pistol-optic-milling
  10. I had this same issue at my last duty station and also going to sea. Like @rowdyb suggested the SIRT pistol is probably your best bet. I was allowed to have mine onboard along with my USPSA belt. The SIRT pistol also comes with a weighted magazine to help with reloads. If you really want to get crazy there are laser target apps for your iphone that can show hits. I used this a lot to shoot DOT torture in my state room.
  11. 3-5 at least, depending on the gun cold bore can be an issue and better safe than sorry.
  12. Some Range etiquette rambling as the 2021 season is starting to ramp up. Also for those attending their first U.S. Practical Shooting Assn. (USPSA), Steel Challenge Shooting Assn. or IDPA match. Or any practical shooting match more or less. - Know and be aware of the rules of the game and stay updated. Rules change all the time. That being said have some forceful backup in case (e-mail confirmation, rulebook in PDF, or even screenshots of rules that might throw people off). Had a competitor at one match approach me as I was about to make ready try and tell me I was breaking rules with my setup. I was able and about to provide confirmation from the rulebook and e-mail confirmation from the Match Director. It didn't come to that as the Range Officer on my squad and some other shooters corrected him. Feeling is not knowing. - Before you buy anything, do some research on the game and what is allowed and not. I've seen people show up to matches with thousands of dollars in equipment just to find out that their gear was either not legal in the game or not competitive. - If you are not running the scoring tablet or timer help paste and reset. Also extend the courtesy of the shooter on deck to not have to paste/reset and let the shooter that just finished reload mags etc. - Be cognizant of the shooter order, don't be the shooter that makes everyone wait because you forgot to get your gear in order. - If the match director, range master, range officer, or even another shooter corrects you on a ruling see at as someone helping you stay accountable and not as a personal attack. It's not personal it's just business. -Help tear down or set up when you can. Most matches are a volunteer sport. Match Directors, staff, and volunteers take time out to give a good experience. Certified Range Officers even pay their own money to attend courses. - Stay classy and practice sportsmanship. This should be a no brainer but you'd be surprised. Don't cheat, don't use your affiliated club as a personal tool, and be a good ambassador to the organization and club. - Safety, safety, safety. Be safe on the range and have an emergency medical plan if something happens. Even having a basic first aid kit and tourniquet can make a big difference. - Don't be scared to help someone if they seek it. The Bible has a verse "As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.". If I can give some good tips to someone that asks me and it pays off that's a win for me. Sorry for the long post, and if you made it this far on reading it thanks for taking time out to. Personally with my job and moving constantly I've been able to shoot at more that 20 clubs from a club to national level. It's a great community and I'm very fortunate that in practical shooting like my job I can count all the people I don't care for with one hand. Keep it safe and classy!
  13. Yes, steel sharpens steel and most are very good at helping you out and learning. Makes everyone push each other to do better.
  14. Doge

    AXG Grip?

    Mulling on an AXG grip combined with a full size slide. Any experience with them? I've typically used the tungsten infused or Wilson combat grip modules.
  15. I've just cracked down to Open and Carry Optics depending on ammunition and component availability. I am happy that mag pouch positions are not different between the two divisions now. Keeps the positions consistent between divisions.
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