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  1. I recommend the dawson basepads as they're a bit longer and you can have them seat. I've had mixed luck with Wilson ETM basepads with different magwells.
  2. Pretty cool that you run Rhinos in competition. Got any match footage by any chance?
  3. I've done self reflection and to clarify on the bold parts they did this to other competitors they felt were "improving too fast" that's why that individual is no longer a MD and as for the IDPA club well all I'm gonna say is that I was the new guy and just stopped shooting there. For the first guy that tried to get me banned the Area Director did not appreciate his arguement and when the Assistant MD told the MD what he was doing was wrong the MD doubled down and tried to call the cops on him and "fired" him. Luckily the good part that came from it was we made another USPSA club in the local
  4. I read it a couple years ago and really helped me focus and improve. Any chapters inparticular you recommend I look at again?
  5. I had a streamlight as a hand held until switching to a Surefire Stilletto. Good light for the money.
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crab_mentality#:~:text=Crab mentality%2C also known as,are trapped in a bucket. People can have a fascination watching someone progressing or doing well break down. With winter being at my new place I have more time to think as matches are not happening. I started shooting seriously in 2015 along with getting a new job. This job has me moving a lot (5 times) and while I've been able to participate at a lot of clubs the last place I was stationed frustrated me a bit. Most clubs I got to were generally supportive but some of the shooters at that area are comp
  7. I've told myself that efficiency stage execution is much more important and try not to focus too much on splits.
  8. I like to pack my range bag and prep my stuff the night before. That way I can just wake up and throw it in my car and not worry if I forgot to pack anything.
  9. Use the dot exclusively and it will carry over to irons, especially with presentation and recoil control.
  10. Wow that looks great and the checkering looks well done! can't wait to see the finished product.
  11. I've only seen it with a shooter that lost their index finger in an accident.
  12. Got a pic of the CO Hi-Power? Love those guns a lot.
  13. Well lurked a long time but since my last introduction I've mad A Class in Steel Challenge, and also B class in several divisions. Locking down on Open and on the cusp of A in Carry Optics. Good to be back and will comment more and ask more questions.
  14. Cardio (running and biking for me), stretching, and not to forget hydration and if you're motivated being a bit more mindful of diet.
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