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  1. Larger Frame on the 17/34 makes handling a bit easier compared to the 19. I used a 17MOS for CO with Delta Point Pro but eventually went 34 with 13lb recoil spring and I like the heavier slide. A larger frame for grip makes a difference for dot tracking and grip for some people.
  2. How a lot of times the support hand is not untilized to it's full grip potential
  3. PM Sent, also if any team members want Red Hill Tactical holsters or mag pouches I am sponsored by them and use the code "msantos" for 10% off. Go Navy
  4. Wilson Combat CQB 9mm for Single Stack Minor/ ESP G19 for EDC/ESP/CCP Wilson Combat tuned 92A1 for Production/SSP check out my range journal page! https://www.facebook.com/MarcSRangeJournal/
  5. I had a SIG Traditional Tacops and used it for a couple USPSA matches and was a great gun. Right now I'm playing Single Stack Minor with a Wilson Combat CQB with dawson ice magwell and front sight. For the 1k-1.5k ish range I suggest the Springfield RO, Springfield Loaded, STI Trojan, Sig Traditional Match, Sig Max Michel model (already comes race ready but you might prefer different basepads as the Wilsons fit flush with the Ice Magwell). Another option abeit rough is a Rock Island FS 1911 with Novak dovetails so you can slap on some Dawsons and a magwell of your choice. You'll have extra money to spend on quality mags and even more ammo. Lots of great options!
  6. Hello, Shooter in FL that's been playing IDPA and USPSA for a couple of years when time allows. Long time lurker on the forums and finally made a profile. Have a great weekend!
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